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Gaza Beach Party Massacre: Justin Raimondo
Afghanistan Slides Away: Doug Bandow
The Dems' Election Year Stunts: Joshua Frank
Pentagon Fireworks: Ward/Engelhardt
Nucleoholic: Jorge Hirsch

One certain effect of war is to diminish freedom of expression.
Howard Zinn
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Updated June 30, 2006 - 11:15 PM EDT
Israel Threatens to Assassinate PM
US Probes GIs for Rape, Murder of Iraqi Family
Sunni Rebels Reject Iraqi PM's Deal
Israel Bombs PA Interior Ministry
Egypt: Hamas Agrees To Release Hostage
Israel Arrests 64 PA Lawmakers, Ministers
14 Iraqis Killed in Attacks, 10 Bodies Found
Court: 'Unlawful Combatants' Do Have Rights
Is Bush Signing Away the Constitution?

Shi'ites Clash With Sunnis, and GIs Join Fight in Iraq

Egypt to Israel: Don't Take Treaty for Granted
Israeli AG Rejects Use of Hamas Officials as Barganing Chips
Nucleoholic, Hypocritical,
and Dangerous
 by Jorge Hirsch
The Democrats'
Election Year Stunts
 by Joshua Frank
Who's Afraid of the
Big Bad Brother?
 by Bob Murphy
Pentagon Fireworks
by Chip Ward and Tom Engelhardt
Playing Politics With Timetables
by Marjorie Cohn
When the FBI Raids The Times
by Dennis Persica

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New bin Laden Tape: Osama on the Death of Zarqawi
Rights Groups Urge US to Release Iraq Casualty Stats

Supreme Court Rebuffs Bush's Governing Philosophy

Libby Lawyer Wants Delay in CIA Leak Trial

Supreme Court Ruling Won't Close Gitmo Soon

Americans Regret Iraq War for Third Year in a Row

Rice and Russian Caught Bickering Over Iraq

G-8 'Disappointed' With Iran on Nuclear Offer

Leader of Iraq's Badr Group Sees Ba'athists in Police
Attacks Continue

Thursday Iraq Violence Claims 64 More Lives

US, Iraqi Forces Clash With Shi'ite Militia

Suicide Bombing Kills 15 in Northern Iraq

Nine Bodies Found in Iraq Rivers

Al-Qaeda in Iraq Denies Role in Mosque Bombing

Developments in Iraq on June 29

Coalition of the Fleeing

Romania PM Orders Iraq Pullout

US Surprised at Reports Romania Wants to Leave Iraq

Is Japan's Support for US on the Wane?

Occupying Iraq

Iraq War Backfiring on US, Experts Warn

Iraq War Ends Silently for One American Soldier

Military Claims Gains on Iraqi Terrorists

Japanese Unmanned Copter Crashes in Iraq, No Injuries

20 Held in US Soldiers' Slaying

US Raids in Iraq Generate Questions, Resentment

Iraq Today

Iraq's Militias a Conundrum for PM Maliki

Iraq Leader Meets Rebel Groups to Talk Peace

Iraq PM Has Special Email Account for Talking to Insurgents

Most Foreign Fighters in Iraq Come From Egypt: US Military

In Today's Iraq, Lying Is a Matter of Life and Death

Poor Sanitation in Iraq Poses Serious Health Risks, Say Experts

Buried, but Not Nameless, in Iraq's Desert

Oil Flows Freely Again in Northern Iraq


G8 Wants Iran to Reply Next Week to Nuclear Offer

Iran Says No Answer to Offer Until August

Iran-Iraq War Memories Fuel Tehran Vision

British MPs: Dispute With Iran Could Lead to Terrorist Attacks

China Wants Quick Iran Response


29 Taliban Killed in Afghan Attacks

Soldier in Afghanistan US-Led Force Killed by Mine

Rice Promises More Support for Afghanistan

Canada's Afghanistan Mission Under Fire

Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan President Consolidates Power

EU Countries Urge Tigers to Rethink Demand for Monitors to Leave

Sri Lanka Truce Monitors Hold Talks

South Asia

Pakistan FM Slams Rice Call for Democratic Elections

Is Pakistan Ready for Democracy in '07?

Pakistan Frees 50 Tribesmen to Calm Militancy

US Sells F-16s to Pakistan

Congressional Panels Back US-India Nuclear Pact

Pakistan, India to Swap Prisoners Today


Bush Says Unacceptable for North Korea to Test Missile

North Korea Faces Choice Between Food and Arms

North Korean Defectors Seek Refuge

Court Told Korean Asked Iraq for UN Chief Bribes


US Nuclear Deterrent Was Used to Defend Hong Kong in the 1960s

Hu Calls for Build Up of Strategic Missile Forces

Tibet's Last-Known Female Political Prisoner Freed

Vietnamese Leader Wants Closer US Ties

Philippines Rebels Attack Despite Ceasefire

Kuwait Votes

No Women Chosen in Kuwait Vote

For Women in Kuwait, a Landmark Election

Kuwait Women Cast First Parliament Votes

Kuwaiti Woman's Campaign


Somali Militia Claims Total Authority

US: Saudi, Yemeni Funds Prop Somali Courts Union

Somali Islamists Slam Ethiopia for Occupying Ogaden


AU Leaders Face Big Decision Over Sudan

Congo Readies for Landmark Election

Mugabe: Zimbabwe Doesn't 'Need Rescuing'


Venezuela Seeks Security Council Seat

Envoy: US Doesn't Back Venezuela Boycott


Argentina Renews Campaign Over Falklands Claim

Chávez Influence Dominates Vote in Bolivia

Gaza Reinvasion?

Israel's Return to Gaza: Multiple Motives

War Fears Rise as Israel Sends Another Tank Column to Gaza

US Presses Israel to Use Restraint in Gaza

Witnesses: Israel Bombed University in Gaza

Israeli Aircraft Strike Car in Gaza

Target: Hamas

Offensive Pushes Hamas Government Near Collapse

Israeli Troops Kidnap One Third of PA Cabinet: 20 MPs

Israel Goes After Both Hamas Leaderships

Palestinians Demonstrate in Support of Hamas

Civilians Suffer

Gazans Fear Worse to Come as Power, Water Dwindle

In Rafah, Palestinians Have 'Nowhere to Run'

In Gaza, Foes and Families Can Only Dig in to Wait for Attacks — or Talks

In Gaza, Seeking Shelter From Israeli Fire

UN Warns Gaza Nears Humanitarian Crisis

Buzzing Syria

Syria Vows to Defend Itself After Israeli Overflight

Lebanon, Jordan Unite Behind Syria in Condemning Israeli Flyover

Israel on Alert for Hezbollah Strikes After Warning to Syria

Syria Backs Hamas Despite Renewed Israeli Threat

Israeli Attacks: Reactions

Israel Offensive Stirs Anger in Egypt

Arab Anger Flares at Israeli Incursion

Israeli-Palestinian Crisis Alarms Arabs

Kidnapped Soldier

Past Kidnappings Bode Ill for Israeli Soldier

Israel Rejects Mubarak Deal on Soldier

Egypt Says Hamas Agrees to Free Israeli

Other Mideast News

Iran Calls for UN Meeting on Gaza, Border Change

Mine Blasts Hole in Gaza-Egypt Border

War on Terror

Amid War on Terror, a War With the Press

Methods Questioned in Investigation Leading Up to Sears Tower Arrests

New Chapter in Battle of Words Over Tracking Terrorist Financing

The Drawbacks of Fighting Terrorism With Torture

Lift Airline Ban on Lighters, TSA Urges

London Police Chief: Intel That Led to Failed Raid 'Credible'

UK: Detained Iraqis 'Were Planning Terrorist Attacks'

Turkey Tightens Anti-Terrorism Law


Bush: Supreme Court Decision Won't Set Anyone Free

US Military: Gitmo Inmate Can Be Told of Supreme Court Decision

Osama's Driver Ruins Bush Case

Supreme Court Relies on Geneva Conventions in Ruling

UN Rights Office, Jurists Welcome Guantanamo Ruling

Rights Groups Hail Gitmo Ruling

Gitmo Aussie May Be Sent Home in Prison Exchange Plan

War at Home

10 'Grannies for Peace' Arrested in Philadelphia

Why the Flag Amendment Hasn't Cleared Senate Hurdle

States Balk at Sending Guards to Stop Mexicans at the Border

Bush Sharpens His Attack on Democrats

US Military

Pentagon Spying on Gay, Antiwar Groups More Widespread Than Previously Acknowledged

Fort Commander Apologizes After Neighborhood Rattled by Howitzers

Jury Acquits Iraq War Veteran of Shooting

Feds Recover Stolen Computer With Data on Vets, Military Personnel

FBI Says Data on VA Laptop Not Accessed


Other Cases Being Tried in the Hague

Milosevic Death Hangs Over Hague Trials

Spain Starting Peace Talks With ETA Guerrillas

Ukrainian Opposition Blocks Parliament

Official Asserts Russia's Rights

Middle East

Yemen's President Reneges on Democracy

UN Official: Jordan Should Outlaw Torture

Lockerbie Victims Press US to Keep Squeeze on Libya

In Other News

Fewer Wars, but What Is a 'Conflict'?


Justin Raimondo
The Gaza Beach Party Massacre

Doug Bandow
Fiddling While Afghanistan Slides Away

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Nebojsa Malic
End of Delusions

Ivan Eland
Give Iran Positive Incentives to Halt Its Nuclear Program

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Charles Peña
Why Liberals Can't Win the War on Terror

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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