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Supremes Uphold US Republic: Martin Sieff
Karzai Revealed: Bahlol Lohdi
Bush's Assault on Freedom: Paul Craig Roberts
Interdicting Proliferation Potential: Gordon Prather
Count on Misinformation: Ramzy Baroud

One is left with the horrible feeling now that war settles nothing; that to win a war is as disastrous as to lose one.
Agatha Christie
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Updated July 2, 2006 - 11:25 PM EDT
Baghdad Attacks Rise Since Crackdown
More Than 1,000 Iraqis Killed in June
92 Dead in Sadr City Car Bombing, Other Attacks
Soldier Deal Elusive as Israel Turns the Screws
Israel Threatens to Hit Damascus
Abbas Confident of Deal on Israeli Soldier
GIs May Have Planned Iraq Rape, Slayings
US Probes Possible 'Friendly Fire' Death in Afghanistan
US Will Pay $48M to Repair Gaza Power Station That Israel Bombed
Blair Laid Bare: The Article That May Get You Arrested  by Henry Porter
Karzai: Revealed, Reviled, Orphaned, and at Bay  by Bahlol Lohdi
Pentagon Misinformation the Only Sure Thing in This War  by Ramzy Baroud
Bush's Assault on Freedom: What's to Stop Him?  by Paul Craig Roberts
Ephemeral Empire  by William Marvel
Interdicting Proliferation Potential
by Gordon Prather

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Palestinian Official: Israeli Soldier Okay
Egypt Sets Sunday Deadline for Hamas Reply to Offer
California Anti-Terrorism Agency Denies Tracking Political Rallies
Calif. Tracked Protesters in the Name of 'Security'
The Court Enters the War, Loudly
US Army Says Policy Violated in Soldiers' Deaths
US Seeks Redesign to Make 'Safer' Nukes
Worn-Out Gazans Fear War
Today in Iraq
Baghdad Gunmen Kidnap Sunni Woman MP, 7 Bodyguards
Iraqi Govt Seeks Support of Sunni Tribal Leaders
Sunni Group Claims Iraq Market Blast
Concern Over Reports of Child Trafficking in Iraq
Iraq Issues Third Kirkuk Oil Tender, Eyes Term Sales
Developments in Iraq on July 2
Developments in Iraq on July 1
Iraq Occupation
Australian Govt Decides How Much an Iraqi Civilians Life Is Worth
US Envoy Promises More Iraq Releases as 495 Detainees Freed
Suddenly, Sand Bags and Potshots at Post One
Global Iraq Fallout
Slovak Election Winner Says Withdrawal From Iraq Being Readied
Romanian PM Demands Referendum on Troops Withdrawal From Iraq
Iraq PM Wins Saudi Backing for Peace Efforts
Americans Keep Dying
Marine (MI) Who Appeared in Fahrenheit 9/11 Killed in Iraq
Army Medic (FL), a New Father, Killed in Afghanistan
Gravely Hurt Soldier (WA) Loses Long Fight for Survival
Guardsman, (MN) Killed in Iraq
Winnsboro (LA) Soldier, Father of Five, Killed in Iraq
Combat Medic (MO), Killed in Afghanistan, Remembered at Emotional Service
Iraq War Ends Silently for One American Soldier (NY)
Joyous Leave Awaited Soldier Killed in Iraq (TX)
Chicago (IL) Army Sergeant Killed in Iraq
Soldier From Baltimore (MD) Killed in Iraq
Guardsman (FL), Killed in Afghanistan, Always Dreamed of Being GI
California Marine, Killed in Iraq, Loved Baseball
Kirksville (MO) Marine Killed in War on Terror
Antelope Valley (CA) Soldier Dies From Iraq Bomb Wounds
Wife Mourns GI (IL) Killed in Iraq
Family Says Soldier Never Doubted His Mission (ND)
Family, Town (WA) Remember Dreams of Son Lost to War
'Gentle Ben' (OH) Had Impact on Many Lives
Marine (MA) Killed in Iraq
Special Forces Soldier (PA) Killed in Afghanistan
Nebraska Soldier Remembered
Nokomis (IL) Man Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
British Generals Say They Need More Planes, Choppers in Afghanistan
Blair Wants More NATO Troops in Afghanistan
Suicide Attacks Rising in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Five American and Two Canadian Soldiers Among 10 Wounded in Attack
'Have You Ever Used a Pistol?'
Saboteurs Narrowly Miss Blowing Up Pakistan Train
Pakistan, India Quarrel Over Prisoner Swap Deal
Three Sentenced to Death for Indian Temple Massacre
Indian DM Delays Visit to Israel Due to Gaza Crisis
Indian Army Poachers Wipe Out Kashmir Trout With Grenades
Protesters Rampage in Indian Kashmir Over Musician's Killing
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Navy Says Sinks Rebel Vessel in Sea Clash
Rebels Say Sri Lankan Military Launch Artillery Fire on Muttur East Villages
North Korea Says to Bolster Deterrent Against US
North Looks to Divide Tokyo and Seoul Over Abduction Issue
Rebels Accuse Philippines Army of Breaking Truce
Nepal to Ask UN to Monitor Maoist Rebels
Thousands March for Democracy in Hong Kong
Chavez Looms Over Latin American Elections
Posada's CIA Ties Uncovered in Papers
Bolivia's Morales Pushes Radical Overhaul
Cuba Concern Over US Castro Plans
2nd Bin Laden Message
2nd Message From bin Laden Posted
US Counters New Message From bin Laden
Bin Laden Tape Urges Insurgents to Forgo Talks
Bin Laden: Shi'ites Waging Genocide Against Iraqi Sunnis
Bin Laden Endorses al-Zarqawi's Successor
Osama Warns Against Sending Troops to Somalia
Found: 'Non-Contactable' Witnesses Who Could Free a Guantánamo Detainee
Gitmo Win Likely Cost Navy Lawyer His Career
Hurdle to Closing Guantánamo: Where to Put Inmates
Gitmo Officials Seize Papers From Detainees in Suicide Probe
Lawmakers Move to Revamp Guantánamo
Lawyers Urge Canada to Lobby for Toronto Teen's Release From Gitmo
'War on Terror'
Gonzales Defends Secret Rendition of Terror Suspects
Airport Security Slammed in Congress
7/7 One Year On: Why Did It Happen?
Anti-Terror Police Keeping an Eye on Scottish Freemason Lodges
Iran to Continue Uranium Enrichment Program: Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad Slams West's 'Bullies'
Iran Threatens to Retaliate if US Auctions Off Treasures
Gaza Assault
Israeli Aircraft Strike Palestinian PM's Office
Gaza Suicide Bombers Prepare to Hit Israeli Tanks
Israel Bombards Gaza With Sonic Booms and Artillery Fire
Israel Squeezes, and Gaza Strip Adapts to a Vise
Israel Steps Up Pressure With Shells, Tanks and Air Strikes
Israel's Gaza Offensive Earns Shrugs From Many Israelis
Palestinian 'Solidarity'
Rival Palestinian Factions Close Ranks to Fight Israel
Israel Accused of Plan to Topple Hamas
Hamas: Rivalry Breeds Extremes
Global Gaza Fallout
US Warns Against UN Debate on Israeli Action in Gaza
Bush Imposes, Then Waives, PLO Sanction
Freeing Israeli Soldier Key to Ending Crisis: Bush
Egypt Deploys 2,500 Along Gaza Border
Thousands Protest Across Mideast Against Gaza Offensive
Thousands of Palestinians Stuck at Border
Arab League Urges US to Stop Blaming Syria for Kidnapping
Syria Detains Iran Arab Rebel Leaders
'Unfair Trial' in Syria for Asylum-Seeker Deported From Britain: Amnesty
Middle East
Kuwait's Cabinet Resigns After Elections
Turkey 'Covers Up Bombings' to Protect Tourist Industry
Somalia Warlord Surrenders Arms to Islamists
Somalia's Links to al-Qaeda Questioned
Witnesses: Ethiopian Troops Enter Somalia
Ethiopia Denies Invading Somalia
Sudan Squabbles Over UN Troops
Sudan Expels Chadian Military
Reclaiming the Past in Southern Sudan
African Summit
Darfur and Somalia Dominate Africa Summit
Unite Against US, Chavez Tells Africa
African Summit Fosters Anti-US Sentiment
New UK Laws to Punish Whistleblowers
Ukrainian Opposition Leader Urges Protests

Netherlands, UN Face Suit Over Srebrenica, Magazine Reports

Middle East
The Fantasy Worlds of War-on-Terror Novels
Challenging Gitmo
Getting the Left Into Fighting Shape
House of War: The Pentagon and the Disastrous Rise of American Power
Filmmaker Puts Movie in Hands of Soldiers
Soldiers With Cameras Reveal Themselves, the War

Justin Raimondo
The Gaza Beach Party Massacre

Doug Bandow
Fiddling While Afghanistan Slides Away

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Nebojsa Malic
End of Delusions

Ivan Eland
Give Iran Positive Incentives to Halt Its Nuclear Program

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Charles Peña
Why Liberals Can't Win the War on Terror

David R. Henderson
Why I Won't Renew With Amnesty International

Alan Bock
Another Dubious Turning Point

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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