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Kim's Rockets Clear the Air: Pat Buchanan
Say 'No' to War Candidates: Daniel Ellsberg
Rove's Scheherazade Strategy: Chernus/Engelhardt
Another Red Herring: Charley Reese
Reality-Based Recommendations: Alan Bock

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Updated July 9, 2006 - 10:38 PM EDT
Shi'ites Kill 42 Iraqi Sunnis in Attack
US Officers Ignored Massacre Reports
5 More GIs Charged in Iraq Rape-Slaying Case
US Military Ready for 'Pain' Over Iraqi Killings
Rapist's GI Comrades Targeted for Revenge
West Mounts 'Secret War' Against N. Korea, Iran
Family Killed as Israel Tightens Grip on Gaza
Sources Say No Serious Plot for NYC, Just Hate Chatter
Iraq Police Force Rife With Abuse, Documents Say
US Hints of North Korea Talks but Sanctions Push Continues
UK Troops in Afghanistan Have 'Energized' Taliban: Defense Secretary
Kim's Rockets Clear the Air
by Patrick J. Buchanan
North Korean Missile Test:
Another Red Herring
 by Charley Reese
Theodore Roosevelt Is No One
to Emulate
 by Sheldon Richman
Say 'No' to War Candidates
by Daniel Ellsberg
Karl Rove's Scheherazade Strategy
by Ira Chernus and Tom Engelhardt
Subverting IAEA-NSG Regime
by Gordon Prather

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Israel Returns From Gaza With Little
Israel Rejects Palestinian Call for Truce
Top bin Laden Hunter Criticizes CIA
Landmark al-Qaeda Trial Collapses
Gitmo Suicide Probe Finds Hints of Plot
Russia Secretly Offered N. Korea Nuclear Technology
US Offers to Meet North Korea on Sidelines
Massacre Probe Finds Leadership Negligent
US Military Braces for Flurry of Criminal Cases in Iraq
With Few North Korea Facts,
a Rumor Got Launched
Today in Iraq
US Asks to Exhume Body of Iraqi Rape Victim
Iraqis, US Military See Possible Pullout: Senators
Baghdad Buzzing With Talk About 'Shi'ite Zarqawi'
L.A. Filmmaker Detained in Iraq Sues US
Most Baghdad Security Under Iraqi Control: US Report
Iraq Releases More Than 350 Detainees
Baghdad Faces Water Crisis Despite New Plant
Attack Continues
Three US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Battle
US Convoy Attacked, Three Iraqi Soldiers Killed
Developments in Iraq on July 9
Developments in Iraq on July 8
Global Iraq Fallout
Iran Says 'Terrorists' Should Not Be Let Into Iraq
Relatives of Dead Troops to Contest UK Ministers’ Seats
In Arabs' Eyes, the US Is on Trial, Not Hussein
Americans Keep Dying
Maryland Soldier May Have Been Killed by Friendly Fire in Afghanistan
Parents Say Son (NJ) Could Have Been Killed by Comrade
Soldier From Fort Wayne (IN) Killed by Sniper in Iraq
Soldier's Kin Grieves: Proud, Numb, Mad (NY)
Plymouth (IN) Police Officer Killed Serving in Afghanistan
Texas Soldier Falls in Attack
Marine From Vinita (OK) Killed in Iraq
Slain Soldier's Mother Speaks Out (CA)
Memories of Soldier (FL) Ease Grief
Milan (TN) Soldier Dies in Helicopter Crash in Afghanistan
Fairbanks (AK) Contractor Shot, Killed in Iraq
Sylvester (GA) Man Killed in Iraq
Valley Marine (TX) Newest Casualty in Middle East War
Baltimore (MD) Soldier Killed in Iraq Is Laid to Rest
Afghanistan Bomb Kills Peruvian Soldier
Spanish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Eight Coalition Soldiers Wounded, Six Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Extra UK Troops Head for Volatile Afghan Region
A Drive to Root Out the Resurgent Taliban
Hunt for the Taliban Trio Intent on Destruction
5 Killed, 46 Injured in Kashmir Attack
Kashmir Woman Leader Survives 6th Attempt on Life
US Navy Missile Destroyer Arrives in Japan
Pakistan Nabs Six Militants Plotting Attacks on Elite Polo Festival
Russia Bans 'Extremism'
Polish Leader's Twin Tapped to Become PM
UK Defense Minister Backs Nuclear Arms
Madrid Bombing Case Sent to Trial
Passenger Carried Bomb Onto Moldova Bus
Al-Qaeda Suspect Held in Germany
Cyprus Leaders in Peace Moves
IRA Insists Victim Was Informer
In Other News
UN Conference on Arms Control Ends in Failure
North Korea
UN Resolution on North Korea to Be Put to Vote Monday: Sources
Allies Must 'Plan for Worst' From North Korea, Bush Says
North Korea Offers to Resume 6-Way Talks With Conditions: Report
North Korea Says It Wants Its Money Back, Then It'll Talk
Japan Defense Chief: North Korean Missile Launch Not Imminent but Expected
Japan Won't Compromise on North Korea UN Resolution
Dealing With North Korea May Prove Tricky
North Korea Knows How to Get Attention
Markets Take Fright After Missile Tests
UK 'War on Terror'
British Afghan Hunted as the Link Between Tube Bombers and al-Qaeda
Islam UK: Made in Britain
Police Scour 'Voice of Terror' Video
Joking Muslim Cleric Mocks Victims of London Blasts
July 7 Ringleader Linked to Tel Aviv Suicide Bombers
MI5 Unveils Public Warning System for Terror Threat
US 'War on Terror'
Recent Arrests in Terror Plots Yield Debate on Pre-Emptive Action by Government
FBI Plans New Net-Tapping Push
Bush Is Pressed on Reporting Domestic Surveillance
Ally Told Bush Project Secrecy Might Be Illegal
Tax Dollars to Fund Study on Restricting Public Data
UN Experts Renew Call to Shut Down Gitmo
Canadian Linked to New York Terrorism Plot
13 Cited for Protesting Outside NSA Offices
US Military
Army, Taxed by War Costs, Struggles to Pay Bills at Home
Is US Ready for Wave of Iraq Vets?
Local Recruiters Find Urge to Serve Waning
An Internet Lifeline for Troops in Iraq and Loved Ones at Home
Navy Settles Sonar Dispute Over Whales
Israelis Withdraw From North Gaza, Leave 40 Dead
Israeli Forces Open New Eastern Front in Assault on Gaza
Palestinians Scramble for Rations as Aid Runs Low
Palestinians Say Their Rockets Create a 'Balance of Fear'
British FM Expresses 'Deep Concern' at Gaza Airstrike
Syria Holds Israel Responsible for Gaza Escalation
Middle East
Terror Suspects Flee Saudi Jail
Egyptian Papers Protest Over Law
At Least Four Killed as Rival Militia Clash in Southern Somalia
Somalia's UN-Backed Government Struggles
Somali Islamic Militiamen Break Up Wedding
DR Congo
Experts Say EU Mission in DR Congo Is Merely Symbolic
Congo Peacekeepers Are Freed
DR Congo Journalist Shot Dead as Election Looms
In War-Torn Congo, Going Wireless to Reach Home
Hundreds of Thousands Protest Outcome of Mexico's Presidential Vote
Contender Alleges Mexico Vote Was Rigged
Mexico Genocide Charges Against Ex-President Dropped

Justin Raimondo
What Does North Korea Want?

Alan Bock
Reality-Based Recommendations

Doug Bandow
Can't We Drop Even One Alliance?

Charles Peña
Wile E. Coyote's Fourth of July

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

Ivan Eland
Pols, Not the Press, Should Exhibit Prior Restraint

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Clears First Hurdle

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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