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The Worst Post-World War II President: Ivan Eland
Dj Vu in Gaza: Sandy Tolan & Tom Engelhardt
A Nuisance, Not a Threat: Ted Galen Carpenter
Reaffirming the Paris Accord -- Not: Gordon Prather
Fear as a Weapon: Glenn Greenwald

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Updated July 11, 2006 - 11:24 PM EDT
Iraq Wants to End US Criminal Immunity
Attacks Across Iraq Kill 60
Bombs Hit India Trains; 174 Dead
60 Afghan Civilians Reported Dead in US Strikes
Novak Reveals Some Sources on Plame
Pentagon: Gitmo Detainees Now Have Rights
Iraq Shi'ites See Reasons for Death Squads
Al-Qaeda Blasts Iran Over Iraq Policy
UN Delays N. Korea Vote, Japan Suggests Attack
Tokyo and Seoul Lock Horns Over North Korea
Video Shows Bodies of GIs, Killed as Revenge for Rape
Leaders of Israel and Hamas Sound Far From Deal
Israel Batters Gaza as Death Toll Hits 52
A Nuisance, Not a Threat
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Reaffirming the Paris Accord – Not
by Gordon Prather
History Repeats in Afghanistan
by Ben Macintyre
Déjà Vu in Gaza
by Sandy Tolan and Tom Engelhardt
Grounding US Intelligence  by John Prados
Who Started?  by Gideon Levy

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The Fight Over Presidential Power
Bush's Shift: Being Patient With Foes
GOP Congressman Says Program Was Disclosed by Informant
Rumsfeld: Drug Money Fueling Taliban Resurgence
Afghanistan's Girls' Schools Under Siege
Ground Commanders' Questions About Detainee Treatment Not Answered
US Releases Names of GIs Charged in Death of Iraqis
Children Caught in Iraq's Bloody Crossfire
Today in Iraq
Brazen Daytime Violence Continues in Baghdad, 30 Killed
As Violence Increases, Iraqis Turn to Fake IDs to Hide Their Religion
Mindless Slaughter a Calculated Tactic
In Iraq's Mayhem, Town Finds Calm Through Its Tribal Links
Stubborn Man Tries to Govern in Violent Iraq
General: Security Better in Northern Iraq
Children Suffer From Dearth of Entertainment, Say Health Experts
Developments in Iraq on July 11
Developments in Iraq on July 10
Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam, Lawyers Will Boycott Rest of Trial
Verdict Nears in Saddam Trial
Global Iraq Fallout
Australian Iraq Shooting Inquiry Reopened
Islamic Conference Steps in to Try to Prevent Sectarian Clashes in Iraq
Iraq Security Meeting Wraps Up in Iran
War in Afghanistan
UK to Send More Troops to Afghanistan
US: 40 Taliban Killed in South Afghanistan
Afghanistan Stretches Brits to Limits
Pakistan Warns West on Afghan Security
Top UN Envoy in Afghanistan Asks for More Anti-Terrorism Support
UN Says Backing Away From Afghanistan No Option
Canadian Killed in Afghanistan Was Desperate to Come Home, Says Dad of Girlfriend
Return of the Taliban
Bombs and Threats Shut Down Schools
Taliban Use Beheadings and Beatings to Keep Afghanistan's Schools Closed
Afghans Wary of Returning Virtue Police (audio)
Backstory: A Burqa's-Eye View
Kabul Uneasy After Series of Bombings
India Suffers Two Rocket Setbacks
Bush Administration Leans on Congress to Pass India Nuclear Deal
Top Guerrilla Killed in Kashmir
Nepal Troops Accused of Killings
Maoists Won't Surrender Weapons
Sri Lanka to Talk Constitution Change, Tigers Out
Acehnese Rebels Question New Bill
Chechen Warlord Killed
Chechen Warlord Basayev Killed in Southern Russia
Deceased Chechen Warlord Tormented Russia
Warlord's Death Likely Won't Stop Rebels
Caucasus Renegade Dies, and His Cause May Die, Too
Major Attacks Linked to Basayev
An Increasingly Confident Russia Poses Problems for US
US Seeks Ways to Route Natural Gas Around Russia
Dissidents Push for a Different Russia
Chess King Kasparov Goads Putin With 'Alternative Summit'
Russia's Easy Oil Money Thwarting Tough Reforms
Five Muslim Teens on Trial for Terrorism in Russia
Top Serbs Tried for Kosovo 'War Crimes'
Serbia Takes Case for Keeping Kosovo to US and UN
Bloody Battle in Northern Darfur
Darfur's Once-United Rebels Are Now Fighting Each Other
Chad Seeks to Resume Ties With Sudan
Uganda Extends Deadline for Rebel Peace Talks
Cabinda Nationalists Call Truce With Angola
Amnesty Accuses Algeria of Torture
UN Resolution on Hold While China Talks to North Korea
In Japan, Tough Talk About Preemptive Capability
US North Korea Envoy to Head Back to China
Were North Korean Missile Tests Failure or Success?
Why Missile Tests Worked for Kim Jong Il
Japan: 80% in Poll Favor Strong Reaction to North Korea's Missile Launches
White House: Clinton's North Korea Policy Was 'Flowers and Chocolates'
Rice Says It's Time for Iran to Give Nuclear Reply
EU Pushes for Iran Nuclear Reply Before G8 Deadline
Iran Bars Visits by UN Nuclear Inspector Critical of Its Government
The War at Home
Republican Lawmakers Still Claim WMD Found in Iraq
Detroit Man Arrested for Protesting Against War in Iraq
Troops Home Fast: Nationwide Hunger Strikes Protest Iraq War
Family of Slain al-Jazeera Reporter to Sue President Bush
Snow Confuses Iran, Iraq, Blames Spat With Helen Thomas
US Military
Can a Soldier Turn Down Call to War?
Army Upbeat on Recruit Numbers
US 'War on Terror'
Tunnel Plot Suspects Linked to al-Qaeda
Administration Rethinking Embattled Tactics in Terror War
Terrorism Fight on Congress' Front Burner
White House Asks for Dismissal of NSA Wiretap Suit
Battles of Britain
British Foreign Secretary Makes No Waves in US Visit
Britain Plans to Replace Militaristic Northern Ireland Murals
UK ID Cards Doomed, Say Officials
UK to Adopt Public Terror Alert System
Blair's Plan to Speed Up Extradition in Terrorism Cases Is Shelved
UK Tories Propose New Agency to Fight Terror
Assault on Gaza
Olmert Says No Deal With 'Bloody' Hamas
Israel Refuses to Negotiate Over Captured Soldier
Olmert Says Israel Isn't Seeking to Topple Hamas Rule
Israel Denies 'Excessive Force'
Three Teens Killed in Israeli Strike on Gaza Town
Both Sides Talk Tough in Standoff Over Captive Corporal
Europe Reduces Criticism of Israel
Palestinians in Crisis
Arm-Wrestling Within Hamas on Talks With Israel
Hamas Blames Israel Over Soldier Standoff
Gaza Civilians Caught in the Middle in Fighting Between Israel, Militants
US Tells Exiled Hamas Leader Not to Dictate to Palestinians
Gaza Offensive's Target Safe in Damascus
Israel Bars Palestinian Americans for First Time Since 1967
Red Cross: Hundreds Stranded for Weeks at Egypt-Gaza Border
EU Mulls Redirecting Aid Amid Worsening Gaza Plight
Jordan Suspends Board of Main Islamist Charity
Jordan MPs' Remand Renewed Over Zarqawi Visit
Middle East
Egypt's Press Law Amended Over Jailing of Journalists
Opposition Wary About New Kuwaiti Cabinet
64 Presidential Hopefuls in Yemen
Last Secular Somali Warlord Falls to Islamists
Violence Wracks Somali Capital; 25 Dead
US in $80m 'Cuba Democracy' Plan
Mexico Moving Toward Two-Party System

Justin Raimondo
Closing In on the
Niger Uranium Hoax

Ivan Eland
The Worst Post-World War II President?

Praful Bidwai
North Korean Missiles May Ease Indo-US Nuke Deal

Alan Bock
Reality-Based Recommendations

Doug Bandow
Can't We Drop Even One Alliance?

Charles Pea
Wile E. Coyote's Fourth of July

Nebojsa Malic
Crime and Punishment

David R. Henderson
The Meaning of July 4th

Ran HaCohen
The Ideology of Occupation Revisited

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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