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What a Fine Mess: Charles Peña
Olmert's Folly?: Brian M. Downing
Enrich Iranians, Not Uranium: Roger Howard
Instigating a Wider War: Paul Craig Roberts
No, We're Not 'All Israelis Now': Peter J. Lynch

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Updated July 20, 2006 - 11:28 PM EDT

Israel Hints at a Full-Scale Invasion

Israel: Need 2 Weeks to Finish Lebanon

Thousands of Israeli Troops Invade Lebanon

UN: One-Third of Lebanon Casualties Are Kids
House Overwhelmingly Backs Israel in Vote

Lebanon: Destruction at $2 Billion

Israel Bombs Christian Area of Beirut

US at Odds With Allies on Mideast Conflict

GOP Lawmakers Edge Away From Optimism on Iraq

Iraq: 38 Tortured Bodies Found, 7 Killed Elsewhere

Israeli Censor Wielding Great Power Over War News

Brits Slam Israeli Celebration of 1946 Terror Attack

No, We're Not 'All Israelis Now'
by Peter J. Lynch
A Handful of Neocons Are Instigating a Wider War  by Paul Craig Roberts
Don't Forget the Bloodletting in Iraq  by Katrina vanden Heuvel
American Newspapers: Bombs Away!  by Greg Mitchell
Olmert's Folly?  by Brian M. Downing
Israel's Maximal Option  by Juan Cole
Enrich Iranians, Not Uranium
by Roger Howard
It's Not Too Late to Say 'Enough'
by Yitzhak Laor

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House Vote on Support for Bombing Lebanon
'The Israel Lobby' Revisited
In US, Not All Casualties Are Equal

Battle Looms in Congress Over Military Tribunals

Egypt Opposition: End Peace With Israel

US Delayed Evacuation for Israel's Sake

Peres: Too Busy Attacking Lebanon to Attack Iran

Turkish PM Slams US for Supporting Israeli Attacks (and Opposing His)

In Break With Bush, Iraqi Leader Assails Israel

Frantic Lebanese Pour Across Border Into Increasingly-Crowded Syria
Attacks Continue

In Iraq, Civil War All but Declared

Wednesday in Iraq: 49 Killed, 20 Kidnapped

Assailants Kill Mom, 3 Children in Iraq

Iraqi Official: Killer of Kidnapped US Troops Killed in Clash

Al-Qaeda Group Claims Iraq Market Bombing

Danish and Lithuanian Soldiers Injured in Southern Iraq

Developments in Iraq on July 20

Developments in Iraq on July 19

Iraqi Politics

Iraqi President: I Will Never Make Anti-Iran Statement

Iraq PM Accuses Iranian Muslim-Marxist Group of Meddling

Foreign Minister Insists Iraq Is Not Yet 'Hopeless'

Poll: Iraqis Oppose Splitting Up the Country

Murdering Iraqis

Iraqi Mayor: No Exhumation in US Troops' Rape Case

Marine Cleared in Shooting Death of Iraq Ambassador's Relative

Iraqis: US Shares Blame for Death Toll

Iraq Today

Price Tag to Rebuild Iraq Rises by $50 Billion

Turkey Moves Forward on Push Into Iraq

Four More Released From Iraq Olympic Committee Kidnapping

Renewed Sabotage Blocks Iraq's North Oil Exports

Baghdad Families Arm Themselves as Death Squads Stalk Neighborhoods

Saddam Gets Counseling to End Hunger Strike


FBI Looks for Hezbollah in US as Tensions With Iran Rise

Russia to Mull Sanctions if Iran Fails to Respond: Report

Deep Debate in Iran Leadership Over Nuclear Offer

Iran Announces Boycott of 'Zionist' Soft Drinks

Iran's Ahmadinejad Sends Letter to Germany's Merkel


North Halts Inter-Korean Reunions

South Korean President Warns Against 'Excessive' Response to Missile Tests

North Korea Faces New Food Crisis

China Can't Force Change on North Korea - General

Japan to Launch Spy Satellite After North Korea Missiles

US Suggests Returning Wartime Troop Control to S. Korea by 2010

Venezuela's Chavez Says Visit to North Korea Planned, No Dates


Taliban Vows to Intensify Attacks in Afghan South

Afghanistan See-Saw: Soldiers Reclaim Town From Taliban


India PM Says Pakistan Peace Process Not Stopped

Indian Police Say Group's E-Mails a Hoax

India Bloggers Angry at Net Ban


Nepal Plans to Hold Constituent Assembly Elections by Mid-April: PM

Nepal Peace Talks May Be Postponed, Rebels Pledge to Extend Ceasefire

South Asia

North Waziristan Militants Demand Prisoners Release, Checkpoints Removal

Sri Lankan Soldiers Die in Blast

Middle East

Mauritania Charges Five With Coup Plot


Japanese Iraq Troop Exit Came With Media Gag Order

Australians Begins Withdrawal From East Timor

US to Deploy Missile Interceptors at Japan Base

Malaysia Moving Backward on Human Rights

Rumsfeld Hosts Chinese General

Taiwan-China Cargo Flights Begin

Kyrgyzstan: Suspects in Uzbek Uprising Arrested


Uganda Refuses Rebels a Ceasefire

Islamists in Somalia Deploy Militia Near HQ of the Interim Government

Ethiopia Prepared to Invade Somalia

Gunmen Kill Several at Congo Election Rally


US Stance Against Venezuela Has Dangers

Press Freedom Group Accuses Venezuela Govt


Presidential Dispute Splits Mexico City

Citigroup Branch Blocked by Mexican Protesters


Reports: Russia Ready to Conduct Nuke Test

Chechen Rebels Spurn Russia Offer


Serb President, Kosovo Albanians to Talk

Ukraine Seeks to Honor Anti-Soviet Troops

In Neutral Switzerland, a Rising Radicalism

'War on Terror'

UK Judge: Blair-Bush Talk on Iraq Must Remain Secret

US Charges Briton With Conspiracy to Support Terrorists

Former Spiritual Advisor Doubts Miami Group Really Planned to Attack Sears Tower

British Company Touts New Anti-Terror Silverware

Georgia Pair Charged in Plot to Strike Capitol, World Bank

War or Diplomacy

US, Israel Face Spreading War

Hezbollah 'Capable of Sustained Missile Campaign'

Hezbollah Talks Tough as Others Search for Cease-Fire

Lebanon Offensive Shows Hezbollah's Resilience

Hezbollah Is Still Showing No Signs of Breaking

To Disarm Hezbollah, Israeli Air Power May Not Be Enough

Britain Fears Assault on Hezbollah Will Backfire

France Calls for UN Force to Disarm Hezbollah

Israeli Cabinet: No Time Limit for Wars

Israel's Attack Is Three-Pronged

Horrors of 1982 Put Brakes on Lebanon Ground Offensive

US Draws Parallel Between Lebanon Conflict, 'War on Terror'

Lebanon-Israel Developments, July 19

Lebanon Under Attack

Israel Hits Hezbollah Bunker; No Leaders Killed

Israel Targets, Flattens Beirut TV Station HQ

Israeli Warplanes Strike Lebanon Airport Again

Israeli Shells Hit UN Posts in Lebanon

Israeli Strikes Flatten Lebanese Villages

Six Brazilian Citizens Killed by Israeli Strikes on Lebanon

Lebanese Arrest 20 for Spying for Israel

No Haven in a City Paralyzed by Dread

Lebanese Short of Food, Water Under Israeli Bombs

Israeli Offensive Kills Beirut's Nascent Joie de Vivre

Lebanon Crisis Escalates as Food, Medicines Run Low

Israeli Attack Ends Recovery of Lebanon Tourism

Israel Under Attack

Hezbollah Rocket Kills Three in Nazareth

Hezbollah's Rockets Have Muslims and Jews in Their Sights

Israeli Arabs Caught in Web of Conflicting Emotions

Haifa's Frontline Role Tests Tolerance of Citizens

Some Haifa Residents Willing to Endure Missiles to Keep Israeli Offensive Going

Two Israeli Troops Killed in Border Clashes

International Outrage

Protests Around the World Call for End to Attacks on Lebanon

10,000 Rally in Detroit in Support of Lebanon

Jewish Groups Protest Israel's Military Actions

Poll: Americans Reject Involvement in Mideast War

Syria, Turkey Deplore Slow World Response to Conflict

Sistani Issues Statement on Lebanon

UN, Defying US, Urges Quick Middle East Cease-Fire

UN: Indiscriminate Shelling of Cities May Be a War Crime

Egypt Protest Signals Arab Mood

South Africa Condemns Israeli Attacks on Lebanon

Italian FM Slams Israeli Attacks

Experts: Bombing Civilians Probably Not Making Israel Any Friends

Supporting Israel

Evangelicals Urge US Not to Restrain Israeli Attacks

Israel Exposes US House Split

Canadian Opposition Slams PM's Support of Israel

Blair Rejects MPs' Call for Israeli Cease-Fire

Evacuating Lebanon

Ship Leaves Beirut With Americans Fleeing War-Torn Lebanon

Flood of Refugees Brings Lebanese Sects Closer

Police: 70% of Southern Lebanese Population Has Fled

At Lebanon Port, War's Displaced Wait for Boat That Doesn’t Come

Cyprus Wants Swifter Action on Lebanon Crisis, Afraid of Being Overwhelmed by Refugees

Americans Took Evacuation Into Their Own Hands

Australian Troops Head to Lebanon to Evacuate Citizens

Aussie Student Took a Cab to Flee Beirut

First British Refugees Arrive in Cyprus

Organization Problems Spur Resentment Among Evacuees

Evacuation Plans for Foreigners in Lebanon

Syria Reaches Out

Syria Ramps Up Humanitarian Efforts in Lebanon Crisis

Syrians Open Homes to Help Lebanese Refugees

Tens of Thousands Pour Into Syria From Lebanon


15 Killed in Israel Incursions in Gaza, West Bank

Police Arrest Israeli Soldier Suspected of Faking His Own Abduction

Families of Israeli Captives Fear 3 Men Will Be Forgotten

Europeans Agree on Plan to Send Money to Palestinians

Hamas, Egypt Resume Talks Over Release of Israeli Corporal

Preoccupied With Fighting, Israelis Put Aside Plans to Withdraw Settlers From West Bank

Mideast Politics

Bush's Vision, and the Region, Appear to Be Near Collapse

US Recruits Arab Allies Over Middle East Conflict


Detainees Used al-Qaeda Prison Manual, Report Says

Major Australian Papers Run Ads Calling for Return of Gitmo-Held Suspect

War at Home

GOP Freshman Senator Distances Himself From Bush on Iraq

DHS Gave Pentagon Data on War Protesters


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