Politicians of both parties are beating the war drums, their ominous rhythm drowning out voices for peace – in spite of polls that show most Americans want out of Iraq and oppose sending more troops anywhere in the Middle East. Yet the high-pitched drone of the War Party's rhetoric is escalating as we inch closer to war with Iran and Syria. The war propaganda, too, is getting louder and more insistent – and, just as in the run-up to war with Iraq, the "mainstream" media is a more-than-willing conduit.

That's why it's a good thing we have – to counter the lies, dig out the truth, and spread the word far and wide.

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Updated August 8, 2006 - 11:20 PM EDT
Israel Threatens to Attack UN Troops
Israel to Expand War if No Truce Soon
Israelis Hit Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Fighting Rages as UN Debates Cease-Fire
  Leaders of US and Lebanon in Rift on Truce Deal
  Lebanon Pleads for Cease-Fire as Israeli Blitz Kills 69
  14 in Village Killed as Residents Bury Their Dead From Yesterday
  Olmert: Lebanon Troop Offer Worth Considering if Hezbollah Disarmed
  Lebanon Says 1,000 Dead or Presumed Dead
  Captured Hezbollah Man Paraded on Israeli TV, Implicates Iran, Syria
Lieberman Concedes – Antiwar Challenger Wins
Iraq PM Slams Deadly US-Led Attack
  Sunnis Form Their Own Militias in Fight for Baghdad
  Iraq Attacks Leave at Least 33 Dead Tuesday
  Report: Military Officers Attempted a Coup in Iraq
  Gen. Casey: Iraq Civil War 'Possible,' Troop Reductions Less Likely
  US Troop Scandals: Is Iraq Different?
  Soldiers Played Golf, Drank Before Raping, Killing Girl and Family
Brutal US Attack on Unarmed Afghans Captured by Photos
Condi's 'New Middle East'
by Patrick Buchanan
The Wisdom of Cutting and Running  by Thomas Gale Moore
Pay No Attention to All Those Americans Still Dying in Iraq  by Jimmy Breslin
Nonsense on the Inevitability of Democracy  by James Bovard
The End of Lebanon?
by Ran HaCohen
The End of Illusions  by Jonathan Cook
How the US Fired Jack Straw
by William Rees-Mogg
The UN on Trial  by Gordon Prather

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Bush’s Hard Line Hampers Diplomacy, Ex-Officials Say
Hezbollah Rides a New Popularity
Toll of a War That Shames the World
Lebanon Commits 15,000 Troops to South if Israel Withdraws
Israeli Doves Challenge the War
Congo Denies Alleged Uranium Shipment To Iran From 2005
Egyptian Militants Deny Joining al-Qaeda
Reuters Withdraws All Photos by Lebanese Freelancer
Rescuers Dig for Survivors as Israel Bombs Apartment Building in Christian District of Beirut
Today in Iraq
Pressure Mounts for Strikes Against Kurds in Iraq
Firebrand Iraqi Cleric More Powerful but More Cautious
4 GIs Tell of How Iraqi Raid Went Wrong
Court Told US Troops Gang-Raped Iraqi Girl
Soldier Who Testified on Killings Says He Feared for His Life
Half of All Christians Have Fled Iraq Since 2003, Says Baghdad Bishop
US Troops Endure 125 Degrees in Iraq
Attacks Continue
25 Killed in Iraq as Violence Grows
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 8
Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 7
North Korea Claims Capture of US Submersible
New Plan Would Lead to US Troop Cuts in South Korea: Official
River Journey Shows Stark Differences Between China, North Korea
CIA Contractor Goes on Trial Over Afghan Abuses
UK Says Controls Afghan Valley After 10-Hour Battle
British Forces in Afghanistan Need Backup: Former Colonel
War on Drugs in Afghanistan Needs a Change of Strategy: UN
Afghan Parliament OKs Karzai's Cabinet
Soldiers Recall Bloodiest Day in Afghanistan
US Official Says Indian Nuclear Deal 'On Track'
Fresh Violence in Kashmir Kills Seven, Civilians Held Hostage
Two Dead in Assam Rebel Attack
Pakistan Tribal Elder Beheaded
Battling Stress, Indian Soldiers Tap Yoga
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Deaths Stun Aid Agency
Sri Lanka Says Violence Eases
Peace Process Stalled in Nepal Over Rebel Arms
Nepal Talks 'Stall on Monarchy'
Peace Talks in Nepal Are Close to Collapsing, a Rebel Leader Says
Philippine Troops Capture Terrorist Camp
Kyrgyz Forces Kill Popular Imam
Sanctions Threaten Russian Ties: Analysts
4 Russian Soldiers Wounded in Chechnya Blast
New Round of UN-Led Kosovo Talks Fails
Russia Supports Serbia's Kosovo Solution
Croats, Serbs Still Nurture Antagonisms
UK Survey Reveals Shades of Islam
Iraqi Woman's Blog Taken on Stage
East Sudan Peace Talks Begin, Long Road Ahead
Chad Drops Taiwan for China
Uganda Team Heads for Rebel Talks
Observers Call Congo Vote-Counting Chaotic
Somalia's 'Govt' Sacks Cabinet
Zimbabwe, Subtracting Zeros, Adds to Discontent
'War on Terror'
UK Terror Laws 'Fueling Extremism'
Transatlantic Flight Turns Back to London Over Security Alert
Italian Denies CIA Link
2001 Anthrax Mailer Remains at Large
Despite $28 Billion Program, US Remains Vulnerable to Bioterror Attack
Search Under Way for Egyptian Students
9 Killed, 12 Injured Trying to Elude Border Patrol
Tasks Are Workaday for Guard Troops on Border
British Biometric Passport Hacked
The War at Home
Classified Intelligence Bills Often Are Unread
Alleging Lack of Cooperation, Prosecutors Seek to Void Plea in Classified-Document Case
Americans Doubt That the US Effort in Iraq Is Improving
Americans See Blame to Share in Israel-Hezbollah Conflict
Poll: Americans Fed Up With Congress
Iranian Jews in US Grapple With Crisis
US Military
A Lie Kept 2 Charged in VA Data Theft Free
VA: Data for 38,000 Veterans Missing
Army Ponders Military Theme Park
Killer May Be Unearthed From Arlington Cemetery
Administration Shifting Cuba Policy
Surgeons Fought for Hours to Save Castro's Life
Some Doubt Castro Will Return to Full Role
Dissidents See Slow Change in Cuba
Falkland Islands Dispute Heats Up
High Alert for Uribe Inauguration
War or Peace for Lebanon
Lebanon Proposes Plan to End Violence
UN Resolution Delayed Amid Diplomatic Chaos
Bush Wants Fast UN Vote but No Israeli Withdrawal
Transcript: Bush, Rice News Conference
Lebanon Wants Shebaa Farms in UN Mideast Draft
Hezbollah Backs Decision to Deploy Lebanese Army in South
Arabs Unite With Beirut Against UN Resolution
Diplomacy Over Lebanon Boosts Political Fortunes of French Leaders
Mideast Conflict: Who Stands Where
Arab FMs Meet in Beirut, Defy Israeli Attacks
UN Troops Complain About Peacekeeping in Lebanon
UN Calls for End to IDF Attacks That Hinder Relief Aid
Lebanon Under Siege
Death Toll in Lebanon Reaches 1,000; Humanitarian Crisis Mounts as 1/4th of Lebanese Residents Are Displaced
Israeli Army Declares Curfew in Lebanon
Israel Intensifies Airstrikes in Lebanon
Israel Widens Targets to Hit Civilian Sites
Israeli Raids Cut Tyre Off From the World
Israel Cuts Main Artery for Aid Into South Lebanon
Red Cross: Israel Denying Safe Passage
'My Son Wakes Up and Screams'
Lebanese Assess Their Losses
Crisis in Lebanon: Q&A With Larry Cox of Amnesty International
After Bomb Kills Loved Ones, Life Turns Ghostly
Baby Winning Fight for Life in Lebanon
Israel vs. Hezbollah
Israel Shoots Down Hezbollah Spy Drone
Damaged Militarily, Hezbollah a Formidable Foe Despite Israel's Seeming Edge
Israeli Troops Complain They Reach Battle Without Proper Equipment
Two More Troops Killed in 'Israeli-Controlled' Bint Jbeil
Israeli Soldiers Find a Tenacious Foe in Hezbollah
How Long Can Hezbollah Hold Out
Mystery Cloaks Raid on 'Empty' Hospital
Israel Under Siege
Three Wounded as Hezbollah Gunners Pound Targets Across the North
Hospital in Haifa Sees Influx of War Casualties
Warplanes Hover Low Over Central Israeli Cities
Israeli Cabinet to Meet Over Expansion of Ground Operations
In Haifa Too, There Is No Peace as the Rockets Fall
Rockets Hit Israeli-Arabs, Too
Exhausted Israelis Dream of Life Outside Bomb Shelters
Olmert Meets With Spokespeople to Sharpen PR Message
Israeli Reservists Put Lives on Hold to Join War
Israelis United in Support of Military Offensive
Kibbutz in Anguish Over Soldier Killed in Lebanon
Fleeing Hezbollah Rockets, Israelis Find Beach Refuge
Witnesses: Hezbollah Rocket Lands Near Tulkarem
Security Officials Deny Hezbollah Rocket Landed Near Tulkarem
Israelis Seize Another Hamas Politician
Hamas Official Detained by Israel Taken to Hospital
Nearly All Palestinians Back Hezbollah: Poll
Long Refugees Themselves, Palestinians Now Play Host
Israeli Arabs Seek Refuge in Bethlehem
Seven Ill in Letter Scare at Palestinian PM Office
Settlers Suspected in Drive-By Killing of West Bank Palestinian
Hezbollah Fighters Resume Beirut Patrols
Hezbollah's Relief Efforts Reach Thousands in Lebanon
Russia Denies Supplying Hezbollah With Anti-Tank Armaments
In One Lebanese Town, Anger Converts Some to the Hezbollah Cause
Iran Still Plans Reply to Atomic Incentives Deal
Iran Says US or Israeli Attack Will Face 'Raging Sea'
India Rejects US Ban on Firms Dealing With Iran
US: Iran Can Still Make a Deal
Syria Calls for Israeli Pullout
Syria's US Ambassador: Syria Can Play 'Constructive Role' in Resolving Lebanese War
Nasrallah CDs, Mementos Sell Like Hot Cakes in Syria
Syria Leaders Hold Talks on Lebanon Conflict
Mourners at Mass Funeral Bemoan 'Israel’s Crimes’
Global Lebanon Fallout
Olmert Tries to Drag Foreign Jews Into Israeli Conflict
British Jews Endangered by Israel's War on Lebanon
Annan Says Qana Killings May Be Breach of International Law
Arabs' Anger at Their Governments Grow
Beirut Oil Slick Devastates the Mediterranean
Peace Rally Draws 15,000 in Montreal
The War of Images That Draws on Years of Bitter Resentment
UK Antiwar Protesters Board US Plane to Search for Weapons for Israel
Candle-Lit Vigils Held Across the World for Middle East Cease-Fire

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9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit to Whitewash

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The End of Lebanon?

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Cuba: Same as the Old Boss

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India Hamstrung on Israel by Nuclear Deal With US

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Readings in the Age of Empire

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The Lebanon Conundrum

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Serbia's Choices

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Remembering Hiroshima

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Getting a Piece of the Pie

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