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Updated August 11, 2006 - 10:58 PM EDT
UN Security Council OKs Cease-Fire Plan
Olmert Likes UN Deal, but Continues War
UN Force to Receive 'Very Robust Mandate'
  Israel Attacks Convoy Fleeing South Lebanon, 7 Killed
  Text of Draft UN Resolution on Lebanon War
  Israel Asks US to Speed Shipment of Cluster Bombs

Israeli Air Strike Kills 12, Wound 18 in North Lebanon

  Israeli Officers Angry: Diplomacy May Cost Them Military Victory
  Olmert's Popularity Plunges in Israel: Poll

Bush Seeks Political Gains From Foiled Plot

  Pakistan Says al-Qaeda Leader Planning Attack Against US
  40 Islamists Arrested Across Italy

Britain Names Suspects in Airline Bomb Plot


Authorities Traced Plot Network Since July 2005

  FBI Investigates US Connection to London Terror Plot
  Plotters Were Middle-Class and British
  US: Airline Terror Plot 'Close to Execution'
  US Embassy Warns of Terrorist Attacks in India
  Pakistan Holds Seven in Foiled UK Bomb Plot
General: US Clash With Sadr Forces a 'Defining' Battle
  Shi'ite Mob Torches Kurdish Party Office, Bodies of Missing GIs Found
  Iran Urges Foreign Forces to Leave Iraq After Najaf Attack
AIPAC Espionage Case Dismissal Gambit Fails  by Grant F. Smith
Misplaying the Islamic Power Game  by David Gardner
Lebanon, Not Israel, Faces a Threat to Its Existence  by Ahmad Samih Khalidi
Chaos Theory and the Middle East
by Mark LeVine and Tom Engelhardt
Collapse of the Flanks  by William S. Lind
Extraordinary Precision  by Ramzy Baroud

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Veteran Policy-Makers Fear Disaster in US Course

South Beirut: Before and After

Israeli Soldiers Take Lebanese Barracks, Seize 350 Lebanese Soldiers

Is Lebanon the 'Trigger' for US War With Iran?

Olmert's Popularity Plunges in Israel

Poll: 40% of Israelis Support Negotiations With Hezbollah

Lieberman: Primary Winner's Strategy Victory for Terrorists

US Pays Blackwater $320 Million in Secretive Global 'Security' Program
Red Cross: Israeli Attacks on Bridges Hurting Relief Effort
UK Terror Plot

A Terror Plot, 24 Arrests, and the Day When Chaos Reigned

UK Parties 'United' by Terror Plot

Plot Echoes One Planned by 9/11 Mastermind in '94

Dry Run Was Planned in Bomb Plot, Officials Say

Pakistan Claims Credit for Foiling Bomb Plot

Signs Point to a Surviving Terror Network

Neighbors: Suspects Had Converted to Devout Form of Islam

Statement by London's Metropolitan Police

Bomb Detection at Airports Little Changed in 30 Years

Plot Fallout

US Uses 'Red' Alert for First Time: UK Flights Only

National Guard to Provide Security in Boston in Wake of Terror Plot

Armed Police Sent to UK Sea Ports

No Liquids Allowed on US, UK Flights

Luggage Ban Hits UK Business Travelers

Travelers Endure Long Waits With Weary Goodwill

Liquids, Carry-On Luggage Banned as Security Level Raised

Most European Flights to UK Canceled

Left Grounded in Center of the Storm

UK Arrests Reinforce Terror as Campaign Topic in US

Muslims in the Crossfire

UK Muslims Fear Yet Another Backlash

Britain's Muslims Skeptical Over Airline Terror Plot

Muslims Bristle at Bush Term 'Islamic Fascists'

US Muslims Face Distrust, Discrimination

Gallup: Many Americans Harbor Strong Bias Against US Muslims

'War on Terror'

Passenger on Qatar Plane Held After 'Hijack Bid'

Two Detroit Men Linked to Terrorism for Buying Cell Phones

Democrats Say Plot Shows Iraq War a Diversion From 'War on Terror'

Airlines an Industry in Recovery but on Watch

GOP, Democrats Clash Over War on Terror

UK Police to Broaden Phone-Tapping Inquiry

Iraq Attacks Continue

Blast Kills 35, Wounds 120 Near Shi'ite Shrine in Iraq

54 Killed in Bloody Thursday in Iraq

Iraq: Fear Rises Along With Death Tolls

The Deadliest Bomb Attacks in Iraq

Security Incidents in Iraq, Aug. 10

Iraq Today
One Killed, 16 Injured in Iraq Demos Over Fuel, Power Shortages

Ministry Says 300 Academics and 720 Medical Personnel Killed Since US Invasion

Life in Hell: a Baghdad Diary

Fledgling Iraqi Navy to Buy New Boats

UN Extends Aid Mission in Iraq for Another Year

On Patrol, Iraqis Prove Eager, Erratic, and Green

Iraq's Handling of Oil Wealth Faulted

Iraq Occupation

US, Iraqi Forces Seal Off Baghdad District in Crackdown

Ring of Steel Protects Iraqi Oil

El Salvador to Send 380 Soldiers to Iraq

Army Engineers Taste History, Humility as They Explore Ur


Iran Rejects 'Illegal' Nuclear Demands

Ahmadinejad: Bush Building an Empire

Iran Outlaws Human Rights Group in New Crackdown


British Troops 'in Worst Fighting Since Korea'

UK General: Afghan Fighting Intense, Prolonged

Two NATO Soldiers Killed in Accidents, One Wounded in Clash

Southern Afghanistan Violence Kills 20

UK Source: 50,000 NATO Troops Needed to Subdue Taliban

Romanian President to Send More Troops to Afghanistan

3/4 of US Aid to Afghanistan Goes to Security

112-Year-Old Afghan Man Okay With US, but Shakes His Cane at Occupation
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Rebels Say Army Offensive Kills 50 Civilians

UN Urges Sri Lanka Air Worker Murder Inquiry


Nepal Peace Process Back on Track With Arms-Monitoring Deal

Analysts Hail Nepal Arms Deal but Warn of Tough Days Ahead

Nepal Pact to Protect Election


Militant Group Founder Under House Arrest in Pakistan

'US Spy' Shot Dead in Pakistan Tribal Area

South Asia

Protests in Indian Kashmir as Four More Die in Violence

India, Bhutan to Discuss Rebel Infiltration


South Korea Wary of Sanctions Against North

Seoul to Resume Rice Shipment to North Korea


Congo Tense as Vote Count Moves Forward

Congo Count Slips Into Chaos as Monitors Depart

President, Ex-Rebel Lead Congo Presidential Polls


Ethiopian Commander Joins Rebels

Ethiopia Rebels 'Ready for Talks'

Buildup Brings Ethiopia, Eritrea Back to the Brink


African Union Lacks Cash to Pay Troops in Darfur

Report: Somalia on Brink of New War


US Court Upholds Cuban Spy Convictions

Cuba Slams US Ruling in Espionage Case

After Fidel, US-Cuba Trade Will Take an Act of Congress

Will US Businesses Be Cuba's New Compadres?

Cuba's Fidel Castro Turns 80 Unseen, but Still Making Waves

Chávez: Castro Is in a Battle for Life

Face-to-Face With Fidel Castro

Russia Calls for 72-Hour Truce

Israel Faces Hostile UN Human Rights Session Over Lebanon

Moscow Presses UN for 72-Hour Humanitarian Truce

Indonesia to Send Elite Troops to Lebanon

Malaysia May Send Peacekeeping Troops to Lebanon

Finnish FM: Israel Destroying Lebanon, Not Hezbollah

UN Relief Coordinator: Middle East Fighting 'a Disgrace'

Analysis: Olmert Must Swallow His Pride, Adopt UN Resolution

Lebanese Anger at America

Lebanese Direct Growing Anger at US

Driven From Homes, Lebanese Blame America for War

Lebanon Gripped by Anti-American Sentiment

Assault on Lebanon

Israel Seizes South Lebanon Town

Vicious Fighting in Lebanon Despite Israeli Assault 'Delay'

Official Lebanon Civilian Toll Hits 1,000

Israel Warns Some Lebanese to Flee Homes

Israelis Seize Christian Towns

Israel Still Not in Control of Border Strip With Lebanon?

Israeli Soldiers at the Front Ask, 'What Cease-Fire?'

Battle Rages at Border Town of Metulla

Old Feud Over Lebanese River Takes New Turn

Israeli Airstrikes Several Roads to Syria, Kill at Least 1 in Separate Attack

Israel vs. Hezbollah

Two Israeli Soldiers Killed in South Lebanon Fighting on Thursday

Israeli Military Supremacy Thrown Into Doubt by Hezbollah Tactics

Hezbollah Fights Israeli Push

Hezbollah Says They Blasted 13 Israeli Tanks in a Day

Hezbollah's Iron Discipline Is Match for Israelis

Surviving in Lebanon

Shebaa Farms Is Nub of Conflict

Lebanon Hospitals Cut Off by Destruction, Israeli Threats

Death Bursts Into Suburb Thought Safe

Walking in Fear in Lebanon's No-Drive Zone

Red Cross: Israeli Attacks on Bridges Hurting Relief Effort

Lebanon Aid Group Boldly Defies Israeli Vehicle Curfew

Jordan's Air Force Making Aid Trip to Beirut

Israel at War

Israeli Ministers Explain Their War Positions

Israel's New Weapon: Snipers Who Fought in Chechnya

Israeli DM Peretz and Former DM Mofaz Tensions Boil Over

Israeli Reservists: Our Missions Are Unclear, Our Combat Equipment Is Antiquated

'We Thought Gaza Was Pretty Tough...'

Hezbollah Rockets Kill Israeli Arab Boy, Mother

Israeli Arabs Worry After Nasrallah Warns Them to Flee Haifa

Feelings Mixed for Israeli Mothers as Sons Go to War

Listening to Radio a Matter of Life, Death

Former Gaza Settlers Feel Vindicated as War Rages

Israelis Against the War

Tel Aviv Rally Voices Opposition to War

Israel's Meretz, Peace Now to Join Antiwar Protest

Activists Protest Against 'War Crimes' at Israeli Air Base

Prominent Israeli Authors Say Oppose Expansion of IDF Assault
Some Israelis Criticizing War in Lebanon

Leading Israeli Commentator Breaks Ranks to Urge Caution


Two Israeli Bedouin Men Charged With Spying for Hezbollah

Lisbon Tight-Lipped About Israeli Aircraft

Gaza Deaths in July Highest Since '04, Report Says

Gaza Hopes in Ruins a Year After Pullout Began

Annan: Lebanon Should Not Distract From Gaza Situation

More Homes Destroyed in Gaza

Almost Half the Fatalities in the Gaza Strip in July Were Civilians

Expert: Gaza Children Are 'Losing Childhood'

Gaza-Egypt Border Reopens, but Briefly


Inside Hezbollah's Southern Lebanon Supply Lines

Hezbollah's Lack of Structure Its Strength

Hezbollah’s Grip Tightens on Shrinking Bekaa Stronghold

Syrian Ambassador Denies Reports Hezbollah Using Russian Weapons


Syria's Price for Peace: The Golan Heights

UN Estimates Number of Lebanese Refugees in Syria at 180,000

Global Lebanon Fallout

UK Labor MP Quits Defense Role Over Lebanon

'New Mideast' May See Stronger Extremists

Mubarak: US 'Losing Credibility' in Mideast

The War at Home

Bush Admin Calls for Retroactive War Crime Protection to Avoid Criminal Charges

Iraqi Refugees Seek Safe Harbor – in US
Many in State Dept. Can't Talk the Talk

Shock Wave From Lieberman Race

US Military

Rumsfeld Wants to Pull Army Helicopters From Drug War

Active Recruiting Up in July; Guard and Reserve Miss Goals


Poles Oppose Hosting US Missile Base

US Secretly Took Uranium From Reactor in Poland


Big Army Cuts Planned by Turkey


US Seeks Chinese Activist's Release

Russia and Her Neighbors

EU 'Deeply Concerned' by Georgia-Russia Tensions

Boeing Fears US Sanctions Can Damage Its Business in Russia

Local Prosecutor Targeted in South Russia Terror Attack, Brother Killed


Chávez Foes Call Off Primary, Unite Behind One Candidate

Colombia Launches Investigation Into Murder of Journalist


Justin Raimondo
Bush vs. Condi

Doug Bandow
Paying a Political
Price for Empire

Ivan Eland
9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit to Whitewash

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Alan Bock
Cuba: Same as the Old Boss

Praful Bidwai
India Hamstrung on Israel by Nuclear Deal With US

Charles Peńa
The Lebanon Conundrum

Nebojsa Malic
Serbia's Choices

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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