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Seven Iraq Facts: Michael Schwartz/Tom Engelhardt
The Cult of the Offensive: Ivan Eland
Playing Cowboy – and Falling Off the Horse: Hadar
A Proportionate Response: Kathy Kelly
Eugene Siler Remembered: David & Linda Beito

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Updated August 22, 2006 - 8:45 PM EDT
Europe Balks at Troops for Lebanon
  Olmert's Coalition Partner Balks at Lebanon War Funding
  Confusion Deepens in EU Over UN Lebanon Force
  US Wants New UN Resolution to Disarm Hezbollah
  Israeli Panel Suspends Investigation Into Conduct of War
  Olmert Rejects Syria Talks, Dismisses Soldiers' Protests
  Israeli Soldiers Shoot Three Hezbollah Gunmen
  Hezbollah Eyes Recovery, Not New War With Israel

Iran Seeks Fresh Nuclear Talks With West

  Iran Denies UN Inspectors Access to Site
  Bush Wants UN to Act Swiftly Against Iran
  Iran-Watchers Predict an Apocalyptic Day
  Cabinet Minister Says Israel Must Be Ready for Iranian Attack
Marines to Issue Involuntary Call-Ups
  Bush: US Won't Leave Iraq While He Is President

Tuesday Iraq Attacks Kill 13

  Poll: American Opposition to Iraq War at All-Time High
N. Korea Threatens to Attack South Over War Drill
Judge Dismisses Terror Charge Against Padilla

Afghan Bombing and Clashes Kill 15

At Press Conference, Bush Stays the Course  by David Corn
Making Sense of Our Iraq Disaster
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
The Christian Conservative Who Opposed the Vietnam War  by David T. and Linda Royster Beito
Iraq: Time for Plan B
by Andrew Murray
A Proportionate Response
by Kathy Kelly
The Brits Want to Split  by Gordon Prather

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'I Was a Propaganda Intern in Iraq'
UK Officers Get $200,000 to Bribe Iraqi Fighters
Behind the Dispute Over Sheba'a Farms
US Extends Time on $9 Billion Credit Line to Israel
Lebanon Spy Agency Led Germans to Bombmaker
Palestinian Drowns Trying to Save Israeli Teenagers
Calendar May Offer Key CIA Leak Clue
US Charges 8 for Trying to Supply Missiles to Tamil Tigers
Saddam Refuses Plea as Second Trial Begins
Today in Iraq
Monday Attacks Kill at Least 10 Iraqis, 4 US Troops Across Iraq
US Forces Kill 7 'Insurgents,' Arrest 126
Iraqi Forces Detain Hit Squad Leaders: US Military
Iraq’s Petrol Stations Fuel Turf Wars
Iraq, Afghanistan Lure Poor Latin American Guards
Iraq: Laughter Eases Pain of Child Patients

Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 22

Trying to Try Saddam
Saddam Threatens Prosecutor Over Rape Claim
Day of Retribution for Kurds as Saddam Stands Trial for Genocide
Saddam Dismisses 'Laws of Occupation'
A Quiet Iraq Stops to Watch Saddam Trial on TV
Jill Carroll Saga Continues
Jill Carroll's Captor Claims to Be Insurgency Chief
Carroll Suspects Politician in Abduction
Did a Sunni Politician Set Jill Carroll Up - or Pay $1.5 Million to Free Her?
Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story - Part 6 - Reciting Koranic Verses
Hostage: The Jill Carroll Story - Part 7 - False Hopes
An Interview With an Iraqi Insurgent
UK 'War on Terror'
Pakistanis Find No Evidence Against 'Terror Mastermind'
11 London Airline Suspects Charged With Conspiracy
Raids Revealed Bomb-Making Equipment and Martyr Videos
Terror Charges Unlikely to Reassure the Public
Britain's Muslim Outreach Hits a Rough Patch
Security Turmoil Cuts Passenger Numbers
US 'War on Terror'
US Looking to Emulate British Terror Laws?
A Man, a Plan, a Dam. Then, an FBI Call
Officials Seek Broader Access to Airline Data
The War at Home
Bush: Iraq Straining US Psyche, Major Issue in Election
Americans Demand Iraq War Timetable
Soldiers' Families Forced to Quickly Adjust to New Orders
US, South Korean Troops Start Military Drills
North Korean Spy Arrested in South
Afghanistan Destroys Over 100,000 Acres of Poppy Fields
Afghanistan: Increased Opium Farming Reported in South
Three Policemen, Five Suspected Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Clashes Highlight NATO Challenge in Southern Afghanistan
Maoist Rebels Spread Across Rural India
Muslims Help Rebuild Hindu Temples in Kashmir
In Pakistan, Quiet Town of Violent Undercurrents
Pakistan Proposes Reforms to Islamic Laws
Sri Lanka
Cease-Fire Monitors Retreat in Sri Lanka as Fighting Rages
Former Tamil MP Killed in Sri Lanka
Another Aid Worker Shot Dead in Sri Lanka
Diplomats in Sri Lanka Peace Bid as Relief Ship for Thousands Is Delayed
Red Cross Ship Hopes to Rescue Hundreds From Sri Lankan City Under Siege
China Sets Friday Hearing for NY Times Researcher
Nepal Maoists Disrupt Hindu Protest
Philippines Sets Up Panel to Probe Political Murders
10 People Dead in Moscow Market Bombing, Terrorism Not Suspected
Oil Profits Help Russia Pay Off Soviet-Era Debt
DR Congo
Gunfights Erupt Between Congo Election Rivals
Peacekeepers Rescue Foreign Diplomats in Congo
Rush to Spend Old Zimbabwe Money
Chaos as Zimbabwe Switches to New Currency
Somalia PM Names New Cabinet
Oil Delta Operations Spur Escalation Fears in Nigeria
UN Lebanon Force
Greece Won't Contribute Troops to UN's Lebanon Force
Italy Offers to Lead UN Force in Lebanon
International Force Urgently Needed in Lebanon: Bush
Bangladesh Sets Out Condition for Troop Deployment to Lebanon
Germany to Offer Ship for UN Lebanon Force
Merkel Urges Rapid UN Deployment to Lebanon
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Israeli Warplanes Roar Over Lebanon
UN: Israeli Raid Violated Cease-Fire
Hezbollah Denies Israeli Claim About Killing Guerrillas
For Israelis, Truce With Hezbollah Is Unrealistic
Israel Will Prevent Arms Reaching Hezbollah, Maintain Blockade
Status of Lebanon Cease-Fire
Olmert Tries to Defuse Public Anger
Israeli Reservists Slam Leaders
Policing in Gaza Has Blunted IDF Fighting Abilities
Israeli Govt to Give More War Compensation to Jews Than to Israeli Arabs
Reservists Call on Olmert, Peretz to Resign
Media Watch Group: Arab-Israeli Lawmakers Support Hezbollah
Many Lebanese Fear Next Conflict Will Be With Hezbollah
Funerals in Lebanon's South Foster Culture of Martyrdom
Donors May Insist on Lebanese Economic Reforms
Israel Insists Beirut Flights Go Via Jordan
Lebanon Sees Two-Year Reconstruction Effort
Lebanon Aid Teams Demand Building Supplies
US to Boost Aid to Lebanon to $230 Million
Seizure of Hamas Officials May Portend Deal for Israeli Soldier
Israeli Forces Kill Unarmed Palestinian, Capture Hamas Lawmaker
Israelis Abduct PA Parliament Official and Deputy Premier
25% of Palestinian MPs Detained by Israel
Abbas: Prisoners' Document Cannot Be Basis for Unity Govt
Israel Bombs Islamic Jihad House, Two Bystanders Wounded
Palestinians Hail Hezbollah as Heroic
Gaza Swelters Through Summer Without Power
Iran Seeks 'Comprehensive' Nuclear Solution: Minister
Iran Nuclear Gauntlet Is in US Court
Sanctions Scenarios Over Iran's Nuclear Quest
A Look at Nuclear Incentives for Iran
Chronology: Iran's Nuclear Program
Iran Aims to Boost Renewable Energy
Israel Humbled for the First Time in Mideast: Iran FM
Former President of Iran Invited to Speak at National Cathedral in DC
Olmert: Syria Most Aggressive Member of the Axis of Evil
Peres Dismisses Thaw With Damascus
Israeli Minister Calls for Talks With Syria
Turkish FM to Visit Syria for Lebanon Talks
Global Lebanon Fallout
Hezbollah Night-Vision Equipment Still a Mystery in UK
Turkey Searches Iranian Trucks for Hezbollah Arm Shipments
Saudi Arabia Urges US to Restrain Israel
'Get Rid of Israel': Leading Egyptian Opposition Figure
Qatar Hails Lebanese for 'First Arab Victory' Over Israel
Qatar Says Peace Chances Better After Lebanon War
Pope Laments Length of Mideast Conflict
Saudi Arabia
New Saudi Opposition Group Rallies for Reform
Two Militants Slain in Saudi Arabia
Venezuela to Reconsider Anti-Drug Accord With US

US Ramping Up Its Spying: Venezuela's Chavez

Raul Castro Says Cuba Open to Normalized Relations With US
Mexican Leftist Inches Ahead in State Election
NATO's 21st-Century Task: Going From 'Europe' to 'Global'

Justin Raimondo
What Does Israel Want?

Ivan Eland
The Cult of the Offensive

Alan Bock
The Police-State Impulse

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Doug Bandow
Abetting Catastrophe in Lebanon

Nebojsa Malic
Things Fall Apart

Charles Peña
Flying the Unfriendly Skies

David R. Henderson
Are You Being Served?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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