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What Is Victory?: Thomas Gale Moore
Bush Yields to Geneva Convention: Jim Lobe
Soldier Who Chose Jail Over Iraq: Aaron Glantz
From Republic to Empire?: Ronald Bailey
Adrift in a Complex War: Martin Sieff

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Updated September 7, 2006 - 9:14 PM EDT

Bush Plays Down al-Qaeda as Threat

  Video Shows bin Laden Meeting 9/11 Hijackers

Bush Admits Secret CIA Prisons, Pushes for Military Tribunals


Military Lawyers Slam Bush Plan to Hide Evidence in Tribunals


Pakistan Agrees to Amnesty for al-Qaeda, Taliban

  Pentagon Strategy Chief: 'War' Language Boosts Terrorists

In Europe, Detainee Decision Greeted Skeptically

44 Die as US Gives Iraq Command of Its Military

  Iraq Deaths Multiply in New August Count
  Sunnis Enraged as Iraq Prepares to Split

'We Were Not Forced Out,' Britain Tells Iraqi Town

Israel Accuses Lebanon of Violating Cease-Fire

Lebanon Demands Prisoner Swap With Israel

  Unwillingness to Attack Civilian Planes Forces Israel to End Blockade
Iran in Breach of UN Demands, 6 Powers Say
  French, Americans Back Last-Resort Iran Strike
  Russia: Iran Sanctions Must Exclude Force
  Iran Abruptly Postpones Talks With EU

Blair Says He Will Quit Within a Year

Poll: For Americans, No Side Wins in Afghanistan

US Launches Attack in East Afghanistan


Afghanistan: Thousands Displaced by Fighting in Kandahar

Adrift in a Complex War
by Martin Sieff
Afghanistan: High on Opium, Not Democracy  by Robert Scheer
Talk to Mullah Omar, if It Saves British Soldiers' Lives  by Simon Jenkins
What Is Victory?  by Thomas Gale Moore
Preaching, Pondering, and Predicting  by Karen Kwiatkowski
Al-Qaeda's 'Simon Says'  by Robert Parry

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Gonzales Backs Military Tribunals, Secret Evidence

Bush Ranks Iran and Hezbollah With al-Qaeda

Déjà Vu: Now It's Iran That Does or Doesn't Want Nukes

Iraq Hangs 27 on Terrorism Charges

Soldier Who Chose Jail Over Iraq Goes Home

Vote on Rumsfeld Fizzling Out in Senate

Former PM: Japan Should Consider Getting Nukes

Closed Hearings Ordered in Libby CIA Leak Case

UN Chief: Troops Not There to Disarm Hezbollah
Violence Continues

12 Killed in Iraq Bombings, 19 Tortured and Bullet-Riddled Bodies Found

Iraqi al-Qaeda Kills National Guards, Posts Web Video

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 7

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 6

Iraqi Politics

Shi'ites Submit Draft Law to Divide Iraq

Speaker Warns Iraq Has Months to Avert Collapse

A Third of Lawmakers in Iraq Skip Session

Iraq Today

To Stay Alive, Iraqis Change Their Names

Iraq Deregulates Fuel Imports and Distribution

Iraq, US to Sign Military Handover Pact on September 7

Slow Reconstruction in Iraq Blamed on Corruption

Oil-Rich Iraq Forced to Import Fuel to Beat Shortages

US 'War on Terror'

Bush Plan Would Allow Terror Trials Based on Secret Evidence

Bush Says Catching bin Laden Still Matters

$250 Million Later, Questions Still Remain on Michigan's Terror Preparedness

Anti-Terror Fish Guard San Francisco's Water

CIA Officials Relieved Secret Is Shared

Names of the Detained in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba

Global 'War on Terror'

Americans, Europeans United in Rejection of 'War on Terror'

UK Charges Two More Over Alleged Airline Bomb Plot

President Bush's Speech on Terrorism

Typical of a New Terror Threat: Anger of a Gunman in Jordan


Mastermind of 9/11 'Planned Attack on Heathrow'

Clinton Administration Officials Assail ABC Program on 9/11

9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and Biased

War at Home

Senate Rejects Ban on Use of Cluster Bombs Against Civilians

Book: Cheney Aides Mistook Watering Hole for WMD Hiding Place

Expert: Bush Withholding Facts on Iraq

Poll: Iraq War Could Wound GOP at Polls

Father Recounts Burning Marine Van and Himself After Learning of Son's Death in Iraq

President Shifts Argument, Catches Critics Off Guard

US Military

Formal Charges to Be Brought Against Navy Sailor

Pentagon to Release Manual With Prison Interrogation Techniques

Army Bans Some Interrogation Techniques

Friendly-Fire Lessons Not Learned, Says US Pilot


Both Taliban and NATO Say They Will Win in South Afghanistan

Three British Soldiers Die in Afghanistan

Calls Grow in Canada for Rethink of Afghan Mission

NATO Pledges Long-Term Commitment to Afghanistan

Taliban Suspected in Cleric Killings in Southern Afghanistan

Pakistan Makes Nice

Pakistan Vows to Help Kabul Crush Taliban

NATO Chief: Pakistan Not Sheltering Militants

Pakistan President Defends Cease-Fire

US Cool to Pakistan-Taliban Border Deal

Sri Lanka

Norway Bids to Save Sri Lanka Peace Process

Aid Group Criticizes Sri Lanka Probe

South Asia

Nepal's Sidelined Monarch Makes Rare Public Appearance

Clashes Erupt in Bangladesh Capital


Africa Force to Pull Out if Sudan Bars UN Troops

Fighting in Darfur 'Threatens Three Million Lives'

Kidnapped Sudan Editor Beheaded

Sudan Cracks Down on Protests, Violence Escalates

Rights Group Says Sudan Bombing Darfur Civilians

US Ups Pressure on China, Russia Over Iran

Ahmadinejad Offers Bush Debate at UN General Assembly

Germany Says Iran Can't Be Allowed to 'Harm' UN

Khatami to Speak at DC Cathedral

Khatami's Visit to US Outrages Former Hostages

US to Encourage Iranians to Visit

Iran Says Develops 2,000-Pound Guided Bomb

Iran Unveils Locally Made Fighter Plane

A Fragile Cease-Fire

Annan Urges Israelis to Wrap Up Withdrawal From Lebanon

Annan: Force Would Compound Mideast Problems

Turkey Claims Mideast Peacemaker Role

French Peacekeepers on Lebanon Patrols

Italy: Troops Will Respond if Attacked

UN Experts to Probe Alleged Rights Violations in Israel and Lebanon


Minister: War Added $1 Billion to Lebanon's Public Debt

Arab Gulf Countries Race Hezbollah to Rebuild Lebanon

Lebanon's Magazines Maneuver in a War-Torn Landscape

Farmers Reap Bitter Harvest From Conflict in Lebanon


Nasrallah: Build a Strong State, Then Discuss Hezbollah Disarmament

Hezbollah Uses Ads to Spotlight US Role

Nasrallah: 'Even I Don't Know Where My Hideout Is'


Peres: Moscow Asked Syria to Explain Why Hezbollah Had Russian Missiles

Syrian Delegation Visits Beirut to Show Solidarity With Lebanese


Israel: Lebanon Conflict Cost $2.5 Billion in Military Expenses Alone

EU Calls on Israel to Free Hamas Ministers

Arab States to Push Mideast Peace Plan

Palestinian: Soldiers Stepped on My Face, Said They Would Kill Me

Four Israeli Troops Admit to Beating Palestinian, Get 63 Days in Jail

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Assumes Missing Israeli Airman Is Dead

EU Urges Israel to Call Off West Bank Settlement Plans


IDF Kills Seven in Gaza; Top Islamic Jihad Militant Killed in Jenin

UN Official: Gaza Miserable and Dangerous

Many in Palestinian Security Forces Join Strike Over Pay

Sinn Fein Leader Meets Hamas Lawmaker

In Hamas Schools, Every Child Has a Computer

North Korea

US Says Has It Has Limited North Korean Missile Sales

China, US Consider Warning for North Korea

Democracy Can Wait, Declares Chinese PM

China Urges EU to Lift Arms Embargo

Mao's Victims Tell of Resentment

China Police Detain Dissident, Family Says

Russia and Her Neighbors

Outcries Delay Joint US-Russian Exercises

'Coup Plotters' Held in Georgia

US Air Force Officer Missing in Kyrgyzstan

United Kingdom
Blair Tries to Contain Revolt as 8 Quit Government

Measures to Keep Peace in Congo Draw Fire

Interim Agreement Gives Islamists an Edge in Somalia


Calderón Inherits Divided, Mistrustful Mexico

Mexico Vote Gives Bush New Amigo in Latin America


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Pawns of the War Party

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Bush vs. Ahmadinejad:
A Mock Debate

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China's Little Capitalists

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Invoking the Past

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The Faux Liberal Foreign Policy Debate

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True Colors

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Backdoor Draft

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Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

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Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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