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Terror in the Levant: Justin Raimondo
Remembering 9/11: Charles Peña
Losing the War on Terror: Ehsan Ahrari
Is There an Islamic Fascism?: Peter Casey
9/11-Iraq Link (Finally) Revealed: Tom Engelhardt

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Updated September 13, 2006 - 9:23 PM EDT

Over 100 Dead in Bloody Day Around Iraq

  At Meeting, Iran Offers Iraq 'Full Support'
  Marines Deny Losing Iraq's Biggest Province
  Accused Marine Won't Face Death Penalty

Federalism Plan Dead, Says Iraqi Speaker

Iran Still Refuses Enrichment Halt Without Talks
  US Says There Is No Iran Suspension Offer

Hezbollah Ahead of Lebanese Govt in Rebuilding

  Israel Fired Over a Million Cluster Bombs in Lebanon

Israeli General Resigns Over Lebanon War

Hamas Gives OK for Negotiations With Israel

  Israel Rejects 'Insufficient' Palestinian Unity Govt
  Hamas MPs May Be Part of Shalit Deal

Federal Study: Gulf War Syndrome Doesn't Exist


Air Force Chief: Test 'Nonlethal' Weapons on Testy US Mobs


Limits to Surveillance Bill Blocked by Senate Republicans

The Real Link Between 9/11 and Iraq (Finally) Revealed  by Tom Engelhardt
The Folly of Exporting Democracy
by Anatol Lieven and John Hulsman
Torture Yields Plenty of Intelligence – Bad Intelligence  by Matthew Yglesias
The US Is Losing the War on Terror
by Ehsan Ahrari
The Phony War  by Robert Dreyfuss
Is There an Islamic Fascism?
by Peter M. Casey

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Americans Split on Iraq as Part of War on Terror

Republicans, Facing Tough Elections, Question Bush Policies on Iraq

Blair's Mideast Tour Marred by Protests Over Support for US

Democrats Question NSA's Pro-Wiretapping Maneuvers

Cuban Plane-Bomber Suspect to Be Released From Texas Immigration Jail

Wars Prevent 43 Million Youths From Attending School

UN Calls on NATO Forces to Destroy Afghanistan's Opium Industry
Iraq Today
At Least 27 People Killed in Tuesday Iraq Violence

Iraqi Editor Killed in Baghdad

Internally Displaced Iraqis Start Returning Home

In Flash of Chaos, a Glimpse Into Iraq's Woes

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 13

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 12

Iraq-Iran Ties

Iraqi PM Makes First Visit to Iran

Iraq Asks Iran to Stop Flow of Militants

Iraq, Iran to Sign Deal on Shared Oilfield

US Wary of Iran Offer to Help in Iraq


Kurds and Saddam Trade Accusations at Genocide Trial

Despite Senate Report, White House Continues Pointing Press to Saddam-Zarqawi Link

US Denies Closely Linking Saddam to Zarqawi

Occupying Iraq

Iraq Commander Plays Down Grim Report

General: US Marines Face 'Challenge' in Iraq's Sunni Bastion

US Battalion Gets a Hostile Reception at Sadr City

Can US Forces Hand Over Captured US Citizen to Iraqi Court?

Lawyers in Iraq Murder Case Ask for New Hearing

5 Years After

This War Is Just Beginning, Bush Insists

Democrats Say Bush Is Politicizing 9/11

Serious Gaps Seen in Airline Security Since 9/11 Attacks

History by Miniseries: Too Fast, Too Loose?

'War on Terror'

Bush Sees Convergence of Terror War, Religious 'Awakening'

Cheney, Senators Discuss Detainees

Half Think UK 'Losing Terror War'

Lawmakers Back Ban on Liquids on Planes

Why British Cellists May No Longer Fly to New York

Professor of Arabic Barred From Returning to US From Canada

Nonaligned Want Terrorism Redefined

Saudi Arabia Warns Against Abuses Under the Guise of War on Terror

Pope Invites Dialogue With Muslims

English Woods a Suspected Cover for Terror


Guantánamo Trials Seen Soon, but Not for Big Fish

UK Minister to Slam Guantánamo


Bomb Kills 7 in Turkey's Kurdish Region

Bush, Turkish PM to Discuss Iraq, Kurds

West Losing Its Allure Among Turks


Australian Troops Claim More Than 150 Kills in Southern Afghanistan

Ten Militants Killed, 28 Arrested in Afghanistan: Officials

Taliban Adopting Iraq-Style Jihad

Gunmen Kidnap Aid Workers in Afghanistan

Afghan Troops Retake Town From Insurgents

Soldiers Reveal Horror of Afghan Campaign

Rice Warns Against Afghanistan Pullout

Finnish and Swedish Soldiers in Firefight in Afghanistan

UN Official Urges NATO to Destroy Afghan Poppy Crops

Musharraf: Taliban More Dangerous Now Than al-Qaeda


India 'Admits to Kashmir Abuses'

Human Rights Group Says Rights Abuses by Both Government and Rebels in Indian Kashmir

Pakistan: Peace With India on Kashmir 'Within Reach'

Indian Christians Up in Arms After Hindu Attack

Sri Lanka

Tigers Ready for Talks, or Wider War

Sri Lanka, Tamil Tigers Agree to Hold Peace Talks


UN Presses Nepal's Maoists Over Human Rights Violations

Peace Process Fails to Take Speed in Nepal

United Kingdom

Cameron's Criticism Gives US Jitters Over a Future Tory Government

Officer in Charge of Menezes Slaying Promoted


Iran Rejects US Blacklist of Its Bank

Iranian Daily Slams 'Pro-US' Khatami

Lebanon UN Force

French Troops Get Equipment in Lebanon

Italian DM Visits South Lebanon as Israeli Army Pursues Withdrawal

UN Envoy Still Hasn't Contacted Hezbollah About Prisoner Swap

Hezbollah Leader Predicts Talks on Prisoner Swap With Israel Next Week


Annan: Israel Makes 'Significant Progress' in Lebanon Withdrawal

Hezbollah Calls on Lebanon Government to Resign

Lebanese Finance Minister: Economic Recovery From War Will Take Years

Lifting of Blockade Brings Hope to Beirut

Reports: Israeli Troops Moving Border Barrier Deeper Into Lebanese Territory

Lebanese Aid 'Only Reaching Political Supporters'


Israel Leans Toward Compromise in Lebanon Probe

Israeli Analysis Shows Soldiers Wounded at Time of Kidnapping

Likud Chairman: Ahmadinejad Even More Dangerous Than Hitler


Hamas Militants Kill Israeli Soldier

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Boy in Bethlehem

Israeli Aircraft Fires at Building in Gaza City

Palestinian Economy on Verge of Collapse, UN Warns

Palestinian Govt

Israel Orders Release of 21 Detained Hamas Officials

US Eyes New Palestinian Govt Warily

Palestinian Leaders Urge World to Accept Unity Govt

Hamas Forced to Give Ground in Fight to Keep Territory Afloat


Assad to Israeli Arab MPs: Syria Ready for Peace, but Israel Unwilling

Annan Pushes Syria, Lebanon on Ties

Syria Accuses US of Fueling Terrorism After Embassy Attack

US Thanks Syria Over Embassy Raid

Report: China Diplomat Shot in Damascus Attack

Embassy Attack Puts Syria on Alert

Syrian Security Put to the Test in Embassy Attack

Cyprus Holds 'Syria Arms Cargo'


Critics Dispute Impact of China's Revised Media Rules

Beijing Ignores Attacks Over Censorship Rules

China Reins in Reach of Foreign News

Israeli MPs Cause Diplomatic Incident With China


North Korea Faces Tougher Sanctions

South Korea to Bulldoze Village So US Can Expand Military Base

Middle East

Kuwaiti PM Calls on France to Expand Role in Mideast Peace Process

Widespread Detentions Take Place in Egypt, Syria, and the UAE

US Military

Navy Officials Tried to Fire Chaplain Prior to Charges

Mystery Lingers in Kyrgyz 'Kidnapping'


Uganda Drops Peace Talks Deadline

Somali Islamists Lift Radio Ban

Rwandan Ex-Commander Gets 25 Years for Genocide


Sudan Sticks to Its Guns in Face of World Pressure

Sudan Accuses Annan of Doing America's Dirty Work, Defies UN Resolution

Man Claims Beheading of Sudan Editor for al-Qaeda


Colombia Military in Bomb Scandal

Venezuela Locks in UN Security Council Seat: Diplomat


Justin Raimondo
Terror in the Levant

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The Korean Imbroglio: Disengage and Ignore

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War on Terror Leaves
World in Turmoil

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Nebojsa Malic
True Colors

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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