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Syria, US in the Fog of War: Sami Moubayed
Who Blew Off bin Laden?: Paul Sperry
Going Far, Far Beyond the NPT: Gordon Prather
Neocons Amid Lebanon's Rubble: Leon Hadar
Bush's Evasion: Sheldon Richman

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Updated September 17, 2006 - 9:28 PM EDT
Iraq Fails in Bid to Purge Rogue Police
  Sunday Attacks Leave Another 61 Dead
  Iraqi Death Squads Murder 200 in 5 Days
  US Denies Plans to Build Baghdad Trench
  James Baker Leads Attempt to Salvage Iraq Mission
  New Leaders, Similar Story at Iraq's Abu Ghraib
  Ties to GOP Trumped Know-How Among Staff Sent to Rebuild Iraq
Bush: Protecting Suspects' Rights Risks Attacks
  White House: Deal on CIA Interrogations 'Possible'
  Bush Proposal May Slow Abuse Prosecutions
  CIA in Middle of Election-Year Battle
In a Replay of Iraq, Battle Brews Over Iran Intel
  Europeans May Meet With Iran, Without US
7,000 Troops Launch New Afghan Operation
  UK Commander: Taliban Fight Could Last Another 10 Years
  Britain May Send More Troops to Bolster NATO in Afghanistan
  Karzai Blamed for Afghan 'Hellhole' Strategy
Pope Says He 'Deeply Sorry' for Muslim Outrage
  Pope Apology Fails to Stop Backlash
  Arab Newspaper: Pope's Remarks May Lead to War
Neocons Amid Lebanon's Rubble
by Leon Hadar
Plastic Sheeting and Duct Tape: The Keys to the Midterm Elections?  by Jeff A. Taylor
John Lennon, Still a Security Threat  by Jon Wiener
Who Blew Off bin Laden?  by Paul Sperry
Bush's Evasion  by Sheldon Richman
Going Far, Far Beyond the NPT
by Gordon Prather

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Antiwar Group Wins Permit to Protest Bush at UN Tuesday
Exiting Iraq: Gen. Odom's View
Bush Sees Fewer Foreign Policy Options
Iraq: The Insurgency Outlives al-Qaeda
US Casualties Cut by Half as Baghdad Tears Itself Apart
Foiled Hit Shows Syrian Intelligence Service Clout
Korean Farmers Continue to Protest US Base Expansion
North Korea Says No Nuclear Talks Under US Sanctions
Bush: Powell's Criticism 'Flawed, Unacceptable'
Iraq Attacks Continue
47 More Bodies Found; 10 Die in Iraq Clashes
Violence Surges in Baghdad After Lull
Three Dead as Trio of Car Bombs Rock Baghdad
Roadside Bomb Rocks US Convoy in Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,681
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 17
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 16
Today in Iraq
More Corpses Found as US Pledges More Troops for Baghdad
As Deaths Rise, Sunnis Criticize Baghdad Plan
US Frustrated by Pace of Change in Iraq
Training Iraqi Troops a Logistical Feat
Inside Baghdad: Last Battle of a Stricken City
Iraqi PM Promotes Reconciliation Plan
Saudi King Says Civil War in Iraq Not on Cards
Iraq Occupation
Navy Getting Back Into the Riverboat Patrol Business in Iraq
US Uses Ink-Drop Strategy to Contain Rebel Iraq Town
UK's Armor Hit by Rivalry for Iraq Security Contracts
Women Raise Money to Fly Soldiers Home Before Iraq Service
Battles of Britain
UK Defense Ministry Defends Use of Experimental Drug on Troops
Injured UK Troops Put Into Mixed Civilian Wards
Blair Fails to Back Brown
Glasgow Protesters Call on UK Not to Replace Aging Nukes
'Green' Munitions Designed to Kill Without Polluting
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier (CA) Killed by Bomb Was Disillusioned by War, Mother Says
Yuba City (AZ) Soldier Killed One Month Before End of Tour in Iraq
Reservist, 52, (TX/WI) Killed in Afghanistan, Felt She Lacked Training and Was Too Old
Soldier (TN) Reported Being Caught in Crossfire Hours Before He Died
Marine (MN), Wounded in June, Dies in Army Hospital
Williamsfield (OH) Soldier Killed by Landmine in Iraq
Family Honors Guardsman (OR) Killed in Afghanistan
An Intense Life Cut Short in Afghanistan (OR)
GI From Miami (FL) Killed in Iraq
Second Las Vegas (NM) Soldier Dies in Middle East
Ironwood (MI) Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Parents of Fallen Soldier (TX) Say Their Son Didn't Die in Vain
Soldier 'Died for a Country He Loved' (LA)
Soldier (OK) With Ties to Pennsylvania Killed in Iraq
Soldier (MO) From American Samoa Killed in Afghanistan
Southeastern Indiana Soldier Killed in Iraq
Imperial County (CA) Loses Another Soldier in Iraq
Ohio Paratrooper Shot Down in Iraq
Oklahoma Army Sergeant Killed by a Bomb in Iraq
Tough Times for Frontline Troops in Afghanistan
Afghanistanís New Leaders Emerge From the Rubble
Western Afghanistan Calls for Help Against Taliban 'Increase'
Some Doubt NATO's Optimism for Afghanistan
Canadian Forces: Use of Tanks Should Really Intimidate Taliban
17 Insurgents, Coalition Soldier Killed Afghanistan
Kabul Blast Kills Three Afghan Aid Workers
Four Taliban Militants Die in Afghanistan
UK Soldiers' Families Call for More Troops for Afghanistan
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy
Pakistan Taliban Advised Not to Fight Army
Indian, Pakistani Leaders Hold 'Historic' Talks on Kashmir
India, Pakistan Agree to Restart Talks
Indian Military Kills Second Top Rebel in Kashmir
Singapore Agrees to Admit Globalization Foes
Singapore Stops Opposition Protest at World Bank-IMF Meeting
Japan Flexes Its Military Muscles
Japan's Premier Race Lacks Competition
Bombs Kill Four in Thai Department Stores
Seven Shot Dead in Sri Lanka
Myanmar Opposition Welcomes UN Debate on Junta
Bangladesh Opposition Accepts Offer for Talks
UN Envoy: Kosovo Talks in Jeopardy
US, Russia Resolve Plutonium Dispute
In Other News
UN Troop Numbers Across Globe to Hit New High
Anti-US States Try to Cement Accord at Cuba Summit
Latvian President Bids to Be First Female UN Chief
Nobel Laureates Ask Youth to Push Peace
Bush Challenged on Rights
Dispute Centers on Reading of Geneva Convention
How Three GOP Veterans Stalled Bush Detainee Bill
GOP Divisions Widen Over War
CIA's Suspect Interrogations Scrutinized
Britain Warns US Not to Violate Geneva Convention
The War at Home
IRS Investigating 'Liberal Church' Over Antiwar Sermon
Fort Lewis War Objector Faces New Charge
De-Recruiter Wins Long Haul Prize
'War on Terror'
Lack of Any Evidence Means Cell Phone Buyers 'Unlikely' to Be Charged as Terrorists
The $13,000 Terror Plot
Europe, US Deadlocked on Air Security
Arar Report Expected to Be Censored: Newspaper
Two Tracks on Iran: Keep Talking, and Weigh Penalties
Major Powers Mull Meeting to Break Logjam With Iran
US Religion Report Politically Motivated, Says Iran
US Asks Finance Chiefs to Limit Iranís Access to Banks
Non-Aligned Summit Backs Iran
Petrol-Hungry Iran Still Eyeing Rationing
Treasury Warns G-7 About Iran
Indian PM: Iran Issue Should Be Solved Via Talks
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Hezbollah: UN Should Stick to Defending Lebanon From Israel
Hezbollah Sends UN Peacekeepers Veiled Warning
Rice: Lebanon, Israel Could Be Partners in Fighting Terror
Report: Russian Battalion to Spend No More Than Three Months in Lebanon
Lebanese PM Lahoud: Lebanon Ended 'Myth of Israel's Indestructible Army'
Spanish, French Troops Arrive in Lebanon Amid Logistical Problems
Lebanon Slams Merkel Over Comments on UN Mission
Lebanese President Seeks Resolution Against Israel at Non-Aligned Summit
Hezbollah Fighters Return to Civilian Life ... for Now
Rapid Lebanese Recovery Allows Charity to Wind Up Operations
Bombs Shatter Lebanon's Roman Legacy
Britain Amends Lebanon Travel Advice
Red Cross Says It Met Hezbollah Guerillas Held Captive in Israel
Israelis Lose Faith in New Generation of Leaders
Israeli Police Apologize for Using Derogatory Term for Arabs
Israeli Arab MPs: We May Visit Syria Again
Israeli Arabs File Appeal for Equal War Compensation
Haniyeh Sees 'Lots of Movement' in Talks on Shalit's Release
Abbas and Bush to Meet on UN Sidelines
Poland Offers Help to Foster Middle East Dialogue
IDF Nabs 3 'Infiltrators' Near Israel-Egypt Border
Pope Inflames Muslims
Five Palestinian Area Churches Attacked After Pope's Comments
Iraq Calls for Calm After Pope's Remarks
Egypt Islamists Say Vatican Statement Not Enough
Islam Vents Rage at Pope
Pakistan Summons Vatican Envoy
Text of Vatican Statement on Pope Speech
Security Around Pope Beefed Up
Yemen Authorities Arrest Four Militants Planning Attacks
Yemen Says Oil Site Attacks Linked to al-Qaeda
Jordan's Abdullah Warns US Mistakes Since 2001 Fueling Terrorism
Jordan's King Admits Difficulties in Syria Ties
Arab 'Ideas' Agreed to Revive Peace Process: Jordan King
We Don't Want UN in Darfur, Says Sudan's Defiant Leader
Bush Hints at Use of Force in Darfur
Sudan VP Open to UN Force
Blair Wants Incentives for Sudan on UN Troops
Security Costs Threaten Oil Contractors in Nigeria
Algerian Program Offers Amnesty, but Not Answers About Past
Ivory Coast Names New Government
US Condemns Zimbabwe's Violent Clampdown of Planned Marches
Claiming Fraud, Mexico Left Names Own 'President'

Mexican Left Must Decide on Post-Election Tactics


Former Haitian Army Colonel Fatally Shot


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The Hoekstra-Harman Hoax

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Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

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Remembering 9/11

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Fear Mongering on the Anniversary of 9/11

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Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

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Reverting to Form

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China's Little Capitalists

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The End of Lebanon?

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