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The Facts on the Ground: Tom Engelhardt
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence: Alan Bock
US-Iran Shootout Is Inevitable: Leon Hadar
More Bush Diplomacy: Gordon Prather
As Crazy as It Sounds: Charley Reese

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Updated September 23, 2006 - 8:50 PM EDT
US War Death Toll US Equal to 9/11
  Need for Troops in Iraq, Afghanistan Greatly Exceeds Past Expectations
  Nationwide Actions 'Declare Peace,' Raise Pressure on Congress
  French Officials Want Probe of Unverified bin Laden Death Report Leak
  Gen. Pace: 'We Need to Do Something' About Forces Unfriendly To US
Sadr City Blast Kills 37, 15 More Bodies Dumped
  Al-Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Video Is of 2 GIs
  General Casey: Iraq War Becoming Internal Fight
  Can a City of 5 Million Be Cordoned Off?
  US General Needs Thousands More Iraqi Troops in Baghdad
  Marines Mulled Bombing Haditha Home: Officer
US-Pakistan Relationship Getting Shaky
  Armitage Denies Threatening to Send Pakistan 'Back to the Stone Age'
  Musharraf: Leave bin Laden to Pakistan
  Bush 'Taken Aback' About Report on Pakistan, 9/11
General: No US Troop Cuts in Afghanistan Soon
  NATO Chief Says Still More Troops Are Needed in Afghanistan
  19 Afghan Construction Workers Killed After Militants Ambush Bus
Differences Settled in Deal Over Detainee Treatment
  Detainee Deal Comes With Contradictions
  On Rough Treatment, a Rough Accord
US-Iran Shootout Is Inevitable
by Leon Hadar
Keep a Cool Head About Iran
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Senators Won't Authorize Torture, but They Won't Prevent It, Either  Washington Post
The Facts on the Ground  by Tom Engelhardt
As Crazy as It Sounds  by Charley Reese
More Bush Diplomacy  by Gordon Prather

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Hamas Rebuffs Palestinian President Over Israel
Secret CIA Prisons in Your Backyard
Foreign Leaders’ Theatrics Enhance Bush’s Status at Home
UN Report Details Human Rights Violations in Iraq
Text: Bush, Musharraf News Conference
Anti-Americanism Is Providing a Glue
Western Nations Block UN Condemnation of Israeli Nuclear Weapons
Hundreds of Thousands Attend Hezbollah Rally as Nasrallah Declares Victory in Rare Public Appearance
Violence Continues
Iraqi Shi'ite Parties Unite to Demand Release of Sadr Aide
Iraq President Won't Give Timetable for US Withdrawal
Pressure for Iraqi Leader to Act on Militias
Iraq Leader Urges Neighbors to Stop Border Infiltrations by Rebels
In Iraq, a Journalist in Limbo
Songs of Peace and Love Find Renewed Popularity in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Iraq Engulfed by Tide of Violence
48 Bodies Found Dead in Baghdad
Mosques Attacked on Muslim Holy Day, 20 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 23
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 22
Detaining Justice
US Defends Secret CIA Prisons
Breaking Prisoners, but Not the Case
Groups Denounce Deal on Detainee Rights
EU Official: Secret Prison Plan 'Undermined' US
GOP Upbeat on Terror-Trial Bill
Poll: Americans Want POW Rights Respected
Interrogations Deal Grants Bush Much Leeway
ACLU: New Military Commissions Compromise Gives License to Abuse Prisoners
The War at Home
House OKs Another $70b for Iraq and Afghan War Funds
One in Three in Poll Still Think Saddam Was Involved in 9/11
Poll: Americans Regard Iraq War as Ineffective
Libby Plans to Testify in CIA Leak Trial
War Injury Now Tears Family
Tampa Demonstrators March Against Bush and Iraq War
US Military
Mental Disorders Plague More Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans in US
New York City’s Reservists Are Asked to Return Iraq Pay
Rumsfeld Favors US Military Command for Africa
As Army Adds Interrogators, It Outsources Training
Enlistee Flees Return to Iraq
B-52 Bomber Takes Test Flight Using Synthetic Fuel
'War on Terror'
Canada Seeks 'Urgent' Talks With US After Arar Case
Capitol Police Were Warned of Holes in Security
Feds Drop Count in Hamas Terrorism Trial
Miami Police Chief Defends Terror Arrests
Prosecutor: Man Wanted to Join Taliban
Norway Foils 'Embassy Bomb Plot'
Battles of Britain
UK Politician: Pro-Israel Lobby Controls West
'One-Sided' UK Middle East Policy Attacked by Labor Arab Group
UK Army Chief 'Allowed Iraqi Abuse'
Prosecutors Show Letter at Court-Martial
UK Minister: Voters Should Have More Say in Foreign Policy
US Sees Diminishing North Korea Threat
South Korea to Resume Aid if North Returns to Talks
US Analyst Visits Industrial Complex in North Korea
Thai Coup Leaders Set to Name PM
US May Consider End to Direct Funding of Thai Military
Thai Coup Leaders 'Progressing' on Handover
A Coup in the Making?
Protesters: Thailand Coup Undemocratic
Poll: Thais Appear to Support Coup Leaders
Canadians in Afghanistan
PM Says Canada Anticipates Staying in Afghanistan Longer
Afghan Mission Costs Canada $3.5 Billion and Counting
Karzai Urges Canada to Stay On, Resist 'Dark Ages'
Canada Readies Fighter Jets
RAF 'Utterly Useless' in Afghanistan Says Major
Taliban Not Gaining Power in Afghanistan: Karzai
Afghan President Sees 15-Year Fight Against Opium
EU Wants Quick Military Success in Southern Afghanistan
EU Envoy Backs Call for More NATO Troops in Afghanistan
'Refugee' Is Back Ruling Afghan District
Police Say 25 Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Girls, Back in the Shadows
Oil Tankers Arriving From Pakistan Attacked Near Jalalabad
Afghanistan Names Candidate for UN Post
Questions Grow Over Strength of US-Pakistan Ties
White House: Not US Policy to Threaten Pakistan
Bush Seeks Increased Pakistani Cooperation
Bush Says US Prepared to Play Role in India-Pakistan Peace Process
Musharraf, Meeting With Bush, Defends Deal With Tribal Leaders
Musharraf Uses Book Deal to Dodge 'Bomb' Spat
Bush: US Can't Force a Kashmir Solution
Indonesian Christians Riot After Executions of Militants
Vietnam Frees Political Writer From San Jose
Major Powers Try to Narrow Gap Over Iran Sanctions
Russia: Iran May Return to Nuclear Talks
Bolton: US Going the 'Extra Mile' to Help Settle Nuclear Standoff With Iran
Iran Warns of 'Lightning' Response to Any Attack
Iran Cleric: Suspending Enrichment 'Unacceptable'
US Cautions Europe on Iran Investment
Iran Shows Off Missiles in Parade Commemorating Iran-Iraq War
Iran Leader, at UN, Skirts Issue of Hezbollah’s Disarmament
Hezbollah Won't Disarm, Has 20,000 Rockets: Nasrallah
Israel Plans Full Lebanon Pullout Within Days
Israel Leaves Behind Deadly Traps in South Lebanon
Lebanon’s Future: Bending Toward Hezbollah or Leaning to the West?
Lebanon's Divided Christians Feel Rudderless
Jumblatt Lashes Out at Hezbollah
US Stands by Hamas Conditions
Israeli Forces Raid Gaza Again
Israel Reopens Gaza-Egypt Border for Two Days
Palestinian Police Defend West Bank Church Against Assailants
Israel Bombs House of Suspected Palestinian Weapons Dealer
Israel Plans More New Homes in West Bank Settlements
Palestinian Farmers Fear Advance of West Bank Wall
Saudi Minister Urges Palestinian Unity Over Israel
Palestinian Rappers Live to the Beat of Conflict
Olmert Ratings Plunge as Right Surges Ahead
War With Hezbollah Has Left Jewish, Arab Israelis More Divided Than Ever
Kidnapped Israeli Soldier's Brother: Speak to Hezbollah
Israelis' Main Fear Is a Nuclear Iran: Poll
Secret Contacts Between Israel, Saudi Arabia
Middle East
Rousing Speech by Mubarak's Son Raises Issue of Succession
Yemen Opposition Says Vote Rigged, Calls Protests
Jailed Syrian Rights Activist on Hunger Strike
Clashes After Turkish Novelist 'Insult' Case Dismissed
Saudi Arabia to Free Gitmo Returnees
Pope Inflames Muslims
Pope to Meet Muslim Envoys
Papal Invitations to Muslim Envoys Draw Mixed Reactions
Thousands of Muslims Demonstrate Against Pope in Jerusalem, Elsewhere
Rice, Others Press Sudan to Open Darfur to UN Force
UN Rights Monitors Accuse Sudan of Bombing Darfur
More NATO Support for Darfur Sought
Somalia Denies CIA Presence in Suicide Bombing Probing
Islamists Tighten Grip on Somalia
Militant Leader Says War-Ravaged Somalia Will Close Its Border With Kenya
Somali Islamists Stage Execution
Congo Convenes First Free Parliament in 40 Years
A Stormy Test for Democracy in South Africa
Russia Offers Amnesty to Chechen Rebels
Georgia's Accession to NATO Affects Russian Interests, Ministry Says
Hungary Protests Pass Peacefully, Seen Growing
Fiery Chávez Aims for a Global Role
Chavez to Double Energy Subsidies to Needy in US
Peru Ex-Spymaster Sentenced to 20 Years for Aiding Colombian Rebels
US Embassy Warns Citizens in Colombia Capital of Bomb Threat
Brazil Tries to Ease Bolivian Gas Dispute
Nepal Agrees to Foot Maoist Guerrillas Upkeep

Nepal Tightens Civilian Control Over the Army

Sri Lanka
Six Civilians Killed in Sri Lanka Violence
Rights Groups Demand UN Probe Into Sri Lankan Abuses
UN Investigator on Killings Urges Move on Sri Lanka
Travellers Warned After New Sri Lanka Violence
Freedom After 17 Years for Two Tiananmen Democracy Protesters
China Accused of Reneging on Rights Pledge
US Trains Chinese Air Marshals to Protect Planes
Weekend Reviews
War Tapes Sheds New Light on Iraq
The Emperor Has No Sense
Why We Are Really in Iraq
Daydream Believers
Shooting Sgrena
Permission to Speak Freely
The Path to 9/11
Why We Can't Win the 'War on Terror'
The Ground Truth: The Toll of the War in Iraq, From Those Who Are Still Paying It

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World Politics and Show Biz

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Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

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A Foreign Policy of Failure

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What to Do About Iranian Nukes

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Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peńa
Remembering 9/11

David R. Henderson
Centanni and Wiig Escape: A Celebration and Lessons Learned

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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