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Consult America – Before the Next War: Buchanan
Negroponte Tries to Cloud Terror Report: Ivan Eland
Coming Soon: Gulf War III: Gordon Prather
Media Tall Tales for the Next War: Norman Solomon
Why Bush Will Nuke Iran: Paul Craig Roberts

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Updated September 26, 2006 - 9:26 PM EDT
Bush Releases Part of Iraq Intel Report
  Intel Report: Iraq a 'Cause Celebre' for Militants
  Text of Declassified Section of NIE on Iraq
  White House Admits Iraq Fuels Extremism
  Negroponte: Iraq Spawning New Terror Leaders, but US Safer
  Retired Generals Slam Rumsfeld on Iraq, Terrorism
Army Warns Rumsfeld It's Billions Short

Iraq, Overstretched Army Bring Bush New Grief


US Upping Forces in Iraq Well Above 140,000


Top General: Increase Army by 60,000 Troops

  40 Iraqis, US Soldier Killed in Tuesday Iraq Violence
  Iraqi President Seeks Long-Term US Base Presence
  US: Sadr City Again a Militants' Haven
The Return of the Taliban

Bombings Rock Afghanistan, Killing 19 Afghans, Coalition Soldier

  Foreign Jihadists Seen as Key to Spike in Afghan Attacks
  Gunmen Kill Director of Women's Affairs in Southern Afghanistan
  Army Investigates Afghan Prison Deaths
In Pakistan, the Delicate Dance of a Key US Ally
  Pakistan Weighed Chances Against US Before Backing 'War on Terror'
  Karzai Tells Pakistan to Shut Extremist Schools, Arrest Operators
GOP Sources: Congress Unlikely to Pass Wiretap
Consult America – Before the
Next War
 by Patrick Buchanan
The United States of Barbarism
by James Bovard
Media Tall Tales for the Next War
by Norman Solomon
Big News: The War Failed  by Lew Rockwell
Why Bush Will Nuke Iran
by Paul Craig Roberts
Coming Soon: Gulf War III  by Gordon Prather

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Senators Call for Release of Intelligence Estimate on Terrorism
Hamas and Fatah Call Off Unity Talks
Hamas Lawmakers to Remain in Jail
Terrorist Who Escaped US Custody Reported Killed in Iraq
UK Officer: Afghanistan Policy 'Barking Mad'
Press Freedom Another Casualty in Chechnya
Singaporean Tells of US, Others' Aid to Bloody Khmer Rouge
Nasrallah's Popularity Climbs to New Heights
Today in Iraq
Saddam Judge to Guards: 'Get Him Out!'
Pact Defuses Iraq Crisis Over Autonomy
Three US Marines to Be Tried for Murder in Iraq Case
Talabani Expects Turkish Kurd Rebels to Call Ceasefire
Baghdad Queries Validity of Kurds’ Oil Deals
Iraq's Talabani Warns Neighbors to Stop Interfering
Iraq Occupation
Tour of Duty Extended for 4,000-Strong Army Unit in Iraq
US Army Looks for Ways to Send More Troops to Iraq
Iraq War Fueled Islamic Radicals: Retired US General
Lawyer: UK Soldiers Charged With Iraq Abuse Shouldering Blame
Two Senior Commanders in Iraq Reassigned
Attacks Continue
8 Killed, 14 Corpses Found in Iraq as Monday Marks Start of Ramadan
US Military Deaths in Iraq Pass 2,700
Two Bomb Explosions Wound Three Policemen in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 25
The War at Home
Bush's Church Urges Pullout of US Troops From Iraq
Security and War Take Center Stage as Campaign Break Nears
Democrats Focus on Terrorism Report in Attacks on Bush
Lieberman Calls for Having More US Troops Training Iraqi Forces
Supporters of ACLU Call for the Ouster of Its Leaders
Gen. Abizaid Briefly Hospitalized
'War on Terror'
The Wanted Man, the Heathrow Plot, and the 7/7 Bombers
Anthrax Not Weapons-Grade, Official Says
Lawmakers Agree to Spend $1.2 Billion on Tightening Border
Europe Panel Faults Sifting of Bank Data
DHS Grants $191 Million to Defend Cities
US Eases Rules on Gels and Liquids in Carry-Ons
Senate Panel Debates Bill on Treatment of Detainees
Detainee Legislation Deal Draws Protests
CIA Stand on Harsh Interrogations Reflects Agency's Unique Culture
FBI Probes Islamic Charity Group in Detroit
Muslim Scholar Barred by US Denies Support for Terrorism
Fears Over Thai Constitution Plan

Thai Coup May Ease Violence in South

Thailand Faced Untenable Choice

Junta to Press UK to Deliver Thaksin

Thai Junta May Freeze Ousted PM's Assets

In Afghanistan, More Involvement of Veterans of Iraq Insurgency

Carrier Aircraft Join Afghanistan Fight

Two Deaths Were a 'Clue That Something's Wrong'

Afghanistan, 5 Years Later: US Confronts Taliban's Return

She Defied the Taliban, and Paid With Her Life

Wiping Out 'Drug Menace' Key to Afghanistan's Future: Karzai

NATO Troops in Afghanistan Try to Adapt to Local Culture

Afghanistan: Rights Watchdog Alarmed at Continuing 'Honor Killings'

After the Bombs, Reconstruction for Ex-Taliban Stronghold

Armitage: US Did Not Threaten to Bomb Pakistan
In Book, Musharraf Expands on North Korean Nuclear Link
Musharraf Guesses bin Laden Is in East Afghanistan
Pakistan Is No 'Banana Republic,' Says Musharraf
India and Pakistan Agree to Resume Talks
Policewoman Killed in Kashmir Attack
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Navy Says They Killed 70 Rebels in Sea Battle
Tigers Deny Forcing Muslims Out of Sri Lanka Town
The 'Disappeared' in Sri Lanka
Japan’s New Leader Vows Wider Role for Military
Abe's Rise Could Increase China Rivalry
Japan's Unorthodox Reformer Steps Down
Japan, China to Discuss Fence-Mending Summit Talks
Top Shanghai Leader Removed From Office
Chinese Communist Leader Highest-Level Purge in Years
South Korea to Build Firing Range After US Ultimatum
US Troops in Charm Offensive on Philippine Rebel Isle

US Pursues Closer Ties With Kazakhstan

US Gives Boats, Gear to Tajik Guards

Lawyer: Five Sentenced for Dhaka Bombings

Serbs Reiterate Hold on Kosovo
UN Reopens Bridge That Divides Kosovo's Troubled Town
Israel Seen Lifting Nuclear Veil in Iran Standoff
Olmert Says Bush Won't Allow Nuclear Iran
Iran Says Nuclear Talks 'On Track'
Iran Nuclear Chief in Moscow for Talks on Bushehr
Iran Warns It Can Finish Nuclear Plant Without Russia
Canadian Teens Join Iranian Exile Terror Group
Lebanon Occupation
UN Troops Wary of Attack in Lebanon
UN: Israel Still Occupies 10 Areas of Lebanon
IDF Says 90% of South Lebanon in Hands of UN, Lebanese Army
Israeli Soldiers Spend New Year Holiday in Lebanon
Israel Pullout From Lebanon on Track for This Week: UN
Peacekeepers Have 'Robust' Mandate, Rice Says
IDF: Sorties Will Continue Over Lebanon
Spanish Peacekeepers Patrol Hezbollah's Turf
Israel-Hezbollah War
Lebanon: We Need Missiles Against IAF Aircraft
Report: Israel Intended to Assassinate Nasrallah After Cease-Fire
Hezbollah Arms Widen Lebanon Political Divide
UN: New Leads in Hariri Probe
Bush Wants Firms to Clean Up Lebanon Mess
Southern Lebanese Live in Fear of One Million Cluster Bombs
In Lebanon, a War's Lethal Harvest
ArmorGroup Wins Lebanon Bomb-Clearing Contract
Clearing Lebanon's Residue of War
Israeli Court Turns Down Bail for Hamas Officials
Israel Rejects Prisoner Swap Offer
In Palestinian Ballot, Fatah Would Beat Hamas
Islamic Jihad Claims Responsibility for Launching Rockets at Israel
Israel Lifts Closure on West Bank, Gaza After Jewish New Year Holiday
Israel Detains 800 Palestinians After Soldier Kidnapped in Gaza
Gunmen Kidnap Palestinian Journalist
Israeli Intellectuals Petition for Contacts With Syria, Hamas
Saudis and Israelis Deny Secret Summit Took Place
Hamas and Hezbollah 'Basic Obstacle': Peres
Israel Navy Eyeing New US Warship
Israeli Arabs See Bias in War Benefits
Rice Mission to Mideast Hinges on Palestinian Unity Talks, Israeli Flexibility
Syria Frees Critics of Its Lebanon Strategy
Report: Syria Calls for Peace With Israel
Assad Wants US to Listen to Fight Terror
Syria Denies Report on Meeting With Israel

Top Turkish General Warns of Islamist Threat

Kurdish Group Takes Credit for Bombing

Egypt Unveils Nuclear Power Plan

Speculation After Egypt Revives Nuclear Plans

Olmert Unfazed by Egypt's Plans to Build Nuclear Plants

Egypt Bans Papers Over 'Anti-Islam Articles'

Yemeni Tribesmen Free Kidnapped French Tourists
The Pope
Pope Sees Islamic Envoys in Attempt to Heal Rift
Pope Stresses Respect for Muslims
Pope Says Two Faiths Must Overcome Enmity
AU to Increase Darfur Troop Strength to 11,000
Sudan Limiting US Officials' Travel
Schwarzenegger Signs Sudan Divestiture Bill
Islamist Takeover Sparks Violence in Somali Port
Somali PM Warns of Terror Threat
Mugabe Says Assaulted Unionists Deserved the Beating

South Africa's Firms Trigger Backlash in Region

Canada's PM Warns US Against Border Crackdown
US Companies Flock to Cuba
UN: 2.5 Million Displaced in Colombia's Northeast
Norway Accuses Four of Planning Terrorism
Islamist Group Banned From Rights Meeting
Britain's Brown Makes Case to Party
Breakaway Georgian Provinces Spark War of Words
Bulgaria, Romania to Join EU 2007
EU Chief Urges Enlargement Pause
Russia Arrests Dozens of Leftist Protesters
Ballot Boxes Replace Barricades in Hungary Protest

Justin Raimondo
Osama bin Laden, R.I.P.?

Ivan Eland
Negroponte Tries to Cloud Terror Report

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Alan Bock
Torture Chic: Sign of Decadence

Doug Bandow
A Foreign Policy of Failure

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Nebojsa Malic
Belgrade Says 'No'

Charles Peña
Remembering 9/11

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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