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Liberating Ourselves: Paul W. Schroeder
Kissinger Still Giving Bad Advice: Ivan Eland
Pentagon Befriends MySpace: Turse/Engelhardt
'Quagmire' Isn't the Right Word: Norman Solomon
A Disaster by Any Measure: William Pfaff

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Updated October 3, 2006 - 9:19 PM EDT
Bloody Day in Iraq Leaves 263 Dead
  17 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Saturday

Tuesday: 61 Dead, 80 Injured in Attacks Around Iraq

  Beatings, Abductions, Shootings: On Patrol With the Mahdi Army
  Iraq PM Announces Plan to Unite Parties
Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Rice Were Warned of Attack
  Records Show Tenet Briefed Rice on al-Qaeda Threat
  Rice: No Memory of CIA Warning of Attack
Musharraf: Ex-ISI Could Be Running Taliban
  Musharraf: Alleged Pearl Killer MI6 Spy
  Al-Qaeda HQ 'Based in Pakistan'
Sen. Frist: Taliban Should Be in Afghan Govt
  Eastern Afghanistan Fighting Kills 4 Afghan, 2 US Troops

North Korea Says It Plans to Stage Nuke Test

The Pentagon Befriends  by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
'Quagmire' Isn't the Right Word
by Norman Solomon
Like the Soviets Before, NATO Losing in Afghanistan  by M.K. Bhadrakumar
A Disaster by Any Measure  by William Pfaff
Myths Perpetuate a Failed War
by Nikolas Gvosdev and Ray Takeyh
RIP, Bill of Rights, RIP  by Richard Kim

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Inquiry Blasts 'Able Danger' Source
Rumsfeld Has Had Bumpy Ride as Defense Chief
In Fog of War on Terror, Few Rules Set
Preemptive Lawsuit Challenges Bush Interrogation Plan
Kurdish Rebels Hated by East and West
Pakistan Reaches Into Afghanistan
British Board Game Brings Satire to War on Terror
In a Reversal, Taiwan Officials Seek to Block US Spy Investigation
Attacks Up, American Casualties in Iraq on the Rise
Today in Iraq
State of Emergency Extended in Iraq
Sectarian Violence Dominates Life in Baghdad
Iraq War Draws Foreign Jihadists, but Not in Droves
Iraq's Leaders Announce Plan to Curb Sectarian Violence
Iraqi Troops Take Over Security in Anbar Province
Sadr Followers: US Invaded Iraq to Prevent Return of Imam
Baghdad's Last Rabbi Observes Yom Kippur
Hostage Crises
Uniformed Gunmen Snatch 14 at Baghdad Stores
Three US Marines Killed in Western Iraq
British Soldier Killed in Iraq
Threatened by Soldiers, Iraqi Doctors 'Don't Feel Safe'
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,719
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 3
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 2
Global Iraq Fallout
80 Percent of Australians Believe Iraq War Has Failed
Australia Dismisses Iraq Poll Findings
Poor Planning in Iraq to Blame for UK Soldiers' Deaths, Says Coroner
Iraqi President to Visit Iran After Ramadan
US Eyes Latin America's Help in Iraq, Afghanistan
50 Years On, Algiers Bomber Sees US 'Error' in Iraq
Rice Seeks Saudi Help to Stabilize Iraq
The War at Home
Two-Thirds of Americans Say Iraq Is in Civil War
9/11 Panelists Say Woodward Book's Claims News to Them
How Military Credentials Play in November Elections
US Military
New Chapter at Alaska Nuclear Blast Site
US Soldier to Face Trial in Murder of Two Officers
Longer Iraq Tour Means Extension in Family Anxiety
Treating War's Toll on the Mind
Army Medic Awaits Possible Court-Martial for Fleeing
Air Force Seen Cutting Northrop Radar Program
'War on Terror'
Merger With al-Qaeda Deepens Threat From Algerian Radicals
Italy Police Say Smash Algerian Terror Cell
Homeless Iranian Woman Charged in NY Terror Case
Wait Ends for Father and Son Exiled by FBI Terror Inquiry
Approval Paves Way for US Trial of Cleric
Afghanistan: Over 300 Schools Closed in South
13 Killed in Attacks on NATO, Afghan Troops in Afghanistan
Suicide Attack on NATO Afghan Convoy Injures Six
Poll: War in Afghanistan Rejected in Britain
Afghan Politics - One Chicken Dinner at a Time
After Afghan Battle, a Harder Fight for Peace
US Forces Fighting With New Approach in Afghanistan
Pakistan to Help if India Gives Evidence of Spy Role in Mumbai Bombings
Pakistan, US Sign Warplanes Deal
Nuclear Scientist's Daughter Attacks Musharraf's Nuclear Claims
Clashes Continue in Indian Kashmir Over Man's Death Sentence
Sri Lanka
Fresh Shelling as Norway Envoy Seeks Sri Lanka Talks
Sri Lanka Expels Aid Doctors From Jaffna
UN Asked to Investigate 1,000 Sri Lanka Killings
Japanese Mayor Protests US Missile Defense
US in Final Stages of Installing Missile Defense System in Japan
Japan’s Opposition Calls Abe Authoritarian
Japan Negotiating Summits With China, South Korea
North, South Korea Resume Military Talks
Philippine Mayor: Island Could Become Another Iraq
Nepal King in Rare Public Speech
Thailand's New Leader Starts Work
Colombia Rebels Say Hostage Swap May Lead to Peace
In Brazil Balloting, Leader Finds His Base May Turn to Sand
United Nations
Security Council Backs South Korean to Lead UN
The Quiet Diplomat Who May Lead the UN
Iran Says It Won't Suspend Atomic Work
Sanctions Will Threaten US Interests, Not Iran, Tehran Officials Say
Iran Island Defies Nation's Conservatism
Iran to Back Any OPEC Measure in Raising Oil Prices
Iran Warns Japanese to Act on Oil Deal Soon
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Lebanon Raises Flag After Israeli Pullout
Lebanon Army Guards Israel Border After 40 Years
Syria Moves Troops From Border With Iraq to Boost Positions Near Lebanon
Looking Back Warily, Israel Exits Lebanon
UN: Israeli Military Won't Answer Probe
Lebanon PM Hails Exit of 'Disappointed' Israeli Troops
Israel's Lebanon Bombardment Visible From Space
Israeli Troop Pullout: Soldiers Leave, but Deadly Duds Remain
Lebanon Economy Reels Under Hardships Since War
UN to Study Lebanon Environment
Palestinian Group Threatens to Kill Hamas Leaders
Hopes of Palestinian Unity Are Shattered
2 Killed, 14 Injured in Gaza Gunbattles
Tensions Flare in Gaza Despite Calls for Calm
Militants Warn Israel on Soldier, Said to Shun Deal
Hamas Militia Leaves Gaza's Streets, but Sporadic Violence Still Flares
Gaza Fisherman Killed by Israeli Naval Gunfire
Palestinian Factions Clash as Government Stops Work
Hamas Forced to Close Its Ministries
Rice to Ask for 'Creative Moves' to Bolster Abbas
Gazans Bury Dead After Clashes
Turkish Military in New Power Play
Turkish General Rejects Kurdish Rebel Cease-Fire
West Turkey Cafe Grenade Attack Injures 15: Sources
Bush Backs Turkey's Bid to Join EU
Egypt Nuclear Bombshell: New Era or Marketing Ploy?
Even the Poor Dine During Ramadan
Middle East
Report Cites Bid by Sunnis in Bahrain to Rig Elections
Arab Nations to Meet With Rice for Talks
Rice Faces Calls for Progress in Mideast
Iran-Turkey Gas Pipeline to Restart After Blast
Georgian-Russian Tensions
Russia Cuts Links to Georgia Despite 'Spy' Release
Georgia's Release of Officers Fails to Placate Russia
Russian Troops on High Alert
Russia Slaps Georgia With Sanctions
Russia Severs Transport Links With Georgia
Serbia Calls October Kosovo Referendum
Kosovo War Killings Trial Begins
Bosnians Split on Whether to Unify
Bosnia Elects Men With Clashing Visions of Future
Hungarian Socialists Suffer Big Poll Losses
Hungary’s Premier Schedules Vote on His Future
Commission Delivers Confidential Report to British and Irish Govts
Philosophers Demand Help for Teacher on Run From Muslim Threats
Ancient Spanish Festivals Neutered to Appease Muslims
Bush Says UN Should Not Wait on Darfur
Sudan Opposes Unlimited Extension of AU Troops
DR Congo
14 Killed in Eastern DR Congo Attack
Cuba Says Embargo Costs Billions
US Creates Five Groups to Monitor Cuba
US General Says Chávez Worries Region
Rumsfeld: Venezuela Buildup Is Concern
DM: Venezuela Buildup Isn't a Threat

Justin Raimondo
Are You an 'Unlawful Combatant'?

Ivan Eland
Kissinger Still Giving Bad Advice

Alan Bock
Much Ado Over Not Much

Doug Bandow
Normalizing Relations
With Japan

Nebojsa Malic
A Desperate Push

Charles Peńa
Know Thine Enemy

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Praful Bidwai
Blasts Test India's Counter-Terror Strategy

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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