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States of Denial: Justin Raimondo
Readings in the Age of Empire: Doug Bandow
Lunch in Damascus: Uri Avnery
Bush the Nation-Builder: Paul Sperry
War or Rumors of War?: Frida Berrigan

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Updated October 6, 2006 - 9:27 PM EDT
Al-Qaeda: Iraq Occupation Essential for Jihad

US: Battle for Baghdad 'a Critical Point' in the War


Friday: 56 Killed, Including Kurdish Politician, 2 GIs, Danish Soldier


Thursday: 73 Killed, 58 Wounded Across Iraq


US Envoy: Arrogant Officials Made Mistakes in Iraq

British: No Evidence of Arms Traffic From Iran

  UN to Discuss Sanctions Against Iran

Israeli Bomblets Kill 18, Hurt 109 Since War End

  Israeli General Fired Over Calls for Leaders to Quit Over Lebanon

New Lawsuits Challenge Congress' Detainee Act

UN 'To Drop' North Korea Sanctions Threat

  North Korea 'Could Test Bomb This Weekend'
Welcome to Fascist America!
by Gene Callahan
Al-Qaeda's Fragile Foothold
by Robert Parry
Waterboarding Republic
by James Abourezk
Lunch in Damascus  by Uri Avnery
Bush the Nation-Builder  by Paul Sperry
War or Rumors of War?  by Frida Berrigan

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Iraq Still Issue Number One for US Voters

Navy Medic Makes Plea Deal in Iraq Killing

Confusion Over Fate of al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader After Four Die in Raid

Congressman Pushes for New Hunt for WMDs in Iraq

White House Defends Bush 'Comma' on Iraq War

Behind the Victory Money Lies Vietnam

Ashcroft Blasts 9/11 Commission

US Faces Dilemma Over Thai Coup
Russia Piles More Pressure on Georgia but Rules Out Force
Iraq Today

Casey: Iraq Entering 'Decisive' Six Months

PM to Iraqi Parties: Disband Militias or Quit Politics

Video: Iraq Death Squads Use Hospitals for Torture, Executions

Iraq: Palestinians Targeted With Death Threats

Australian Acquitted of Iraq Assassination Plot

How al-Qaeda Views a Long Iraq War

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 6

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 5

Occupying Iraq

Rice Arrives in Baghdad Amid Continuing Political Instability, Violence

Navy Corpsman Will Testify About Marines' Role in Iraqi's Killing

Military Hones a New Strategy on Insurgency

Rice's Baghdad Commute


6 Taliban Killed in Clash in Southern Afghanistan; Suicide Bomber Targets Police Chief

NATO's Mission Expands to Cover All of Afghanistan

Kabul Wakes Up to Suicide Attacks

No Meaningful Reinforcements in Afghanistan Until Next Year

Canadian Soldier Wounded in Afghanistan

NATO Commander: US Exit Strategy From Afghanistan Depends on Reconstruction

Latvia Extends Afghanistan Mission for 1 Year


Rockets Found Near Parliament in Pakistan Capital

Speculation Rife on Another Musharraf Assassination Attempt

South Asia

Sri Lanka Suggests Date for Rebel Talks

Ten Killed, 22 Wounded in Indian Kashmir Gunbattle

Air India Acquittals 'Worse' Than Bombing, Witness Says


US Softens Warning to North Korea on Nuclear Test

South Korea, Russia Try to Stop North Korea

Russians 'in North Korea Test Talks'

US Discusses Giving Seoul Command of Combined Forces

Analysts: Heavy-Handed Russian Response Helping Georgia's Image in the West

Russia Plans Tighter Banking, Immigration Controls on Georgia

Russia Turns Screw on Georgians

Saakashvili: Russia Sanctions Won't Break Georgia


Thai Army, Muslim Rebels to Hold Talks

Thai UN Candidate Dropping Bid for Job


1937 Invasion Casts Long Shadow on China-Japan Ties

Myanmar Accuses Arrested Dissidents of Terrorism


China Jamming Test Sparks US Satellite Concerns

Tibetan Refugees Shot Dead by Chinese Army as Everest Climbers Watch


West Should Be Open to More Iran Talks, Says Solana

Russia Still Opposes Iran Sanctions

Japan-Iran Oil Deal in Doubt as Deadline Expires

Belgian Police Hold Iranian Claiming Bomb Plot

British Find No Evidence of Arms Traffic From Iran


Report: Turkey to Deploy Troops in Lebanon

Report: Syria Passes Intelligence to Hezbollah


DM Peretz: In Israel's Interest to Ease Conditions in Palestine

Israeli Held for Vowing Attack at Muslim Shrine

Mubarak Says Snap Palestinian Polls Possible

US Backs Expansion of Abbas' Enforcers

Hamas in Israel Fuel Deal


Israel Placates Rice by Loosening Gaza Closures

Gazans Take Advantage of Rare Opportunity to Leave

Israel Kills Three Palestinians in Gaza Strip

In Palestinian Territories, Crime Is on the Rise

Gunman Kills Fatah Man in Gaza, Hamas Man Critically Wounded

'War on Terror'

ACLU Gets OK to Pursue PATRIOT Act Suit

DHS Funded Software to Track Those Who Disagree With Government Policy

Unlikely Terrorists on No-Fly List

Former 9/11 Detainee Accuses US of Abuse

Detention Continues for Alleged Cuban Airline Bomber

Seizures of Radioactive Materials Fuel 'Dirty Bomb' Fears

UN Warned on Geneva Attack Threat

EU, US Try to Nail Down Agreement on Sharing Air-Travel Data

The War at Home

Senate Armed Services Chief Wants 'Change of Course' if Iraq Govt Can't Stabilize Country in 2-3 Months

Troops Polled Say Armed Forces Stretched Too Thin Overseas

Generals Oppose Enhanced Status for National Guard

Army, Marines Write New Field Manual With Civilian Considerations

Middle East

Saudi Arabia Starts Militant Trials

Turkish Court Urges Change in Rights Law


US Evangelists 'Join Campaign to Keep Kosovo Within Serbia'

ETA Terrorist Jailed for 41 Years Over Plan to Kill the King of Spain

Three Men Arrested Over Muslim Dairy Firebomb

French Admit Nuclear Test Fallout Hit Islands

UN Torture Investigator Hopes to Visit Chechnya Soon


US Calls Emergency Security Council Meeting Over Sudan Letter

Uganda Resumes Anti-Rebel Drive, Effect on Peace Talks Unclear

Mau Mau Veterans to Sue Britain Over 'Torture'

Nigerian Army Raids Oil Militants


Justin Raimondo
States of Denial

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Back to the Beginning

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Hits Doldrums

Ivan Eland
Kissinger Still Giving Bad Advice

Alan Bock
Much Ado Over Not Much

Charles Peņa
Know Thine Enemy

David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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