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The Struggle for Palestine's Soul: Jonathan Cook
Bush's DPRK Follies: Gordon Prather
Coup in Iraq?: Robert Dreyfuss
Denial of the Obvious: Alan Bock
Bush's Terrorism Hypocrisy: Jim Lobe

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Updated October 7, 2006 - 9:27 PM EDT
4,000 Iraqi Police Killed in Two Years
  91 Dead, 41 Wounded, Including US Soldier, in Saturday Iraq Violence
  Death of a Soldier: US Losses Mount in Battle of Baghdad
  Soldier: British Reporter Was Shot by US Military on Way to Hospital
  Iraq Murder Case Witness: 'I Knew What We Were Doing Was Wrong'
Bush Says He Can Edit Privacy Report
  Warner's Iraq Remarks Surprise White House
  GOP Sen. Hagel Criticizes 'Unwise Decisions' in Launching Iraq War
Chinese Report: NK Nuke Test 'Just a Day Away'
  Shots Fired Along Korean Border
  North Korean Nuclear Test Would Be 'Incendiary': White House
  UN 'To Drop' North Korea Sanctions Threat
New US Missile Could Trigger Accidental Nuclear War
The Struggle for Palestine's Soul
by Jonathan Cook
The Cost of War: Hidden From Purview  by Gordon Adams
Meet the 'Whack Iran' Lobby
by Daniel Schulman
Bush's DPRK Follies  by Gordon Prather
I Ain't Paying for That!  by Tom Chartier
American Show Trials  St. Petersburg Times

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Protests in 230-Plus Cities Against Bush War and Terror Policies
Taliban Official Warns of Ramadan Attack on US
9/11 Widows Blast Bush Administration Over Rice, Tenet Meeting
Bush's Terrorism Hypocrisy
Appeals Grow For Comprehensive Mideast Settlement
A Letter From Iraq
Report: Presidential Signing Statements
Marine: Gitmo Guards Bragged of Beatings
Today in Iraq
Kurds Show Signs of Seceding From Iraq
US Role Stiffens Iraq Political Gridlock: VP

US General Says Extent of Infiltration of Iraq Police 'Unknown'

Iraq Occupation
Medic Gets a Year in Prison in Iraqi's Death

DNA Tests to Check if al-Qaeda in Iraq Head Is Dead

Rice Meets Iraqi Kurdish Leader Barzani
US General: Police Brigade Suspension Shows Determination to Build Quality Force in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Friday: 56 Killed, Including Kurdish Politician, 2 GIs, Danish Soldier
Roadside, Car Bomb Attacks in Iraq at 'All-Time High'
Lifelong Pals Killed in Iraq War
Danish Soldier Killed in Southern Iraq
Kurdish Lawmaker Kidnapped and Killed in Baghdad
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,738
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 7
Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 6
The New Iraq
Iraqi Prisons See a Few Improvements
Iraqi Comedy Show Pulls No Punches
Reporter Returns to Iraq, Finds Changing Attitudes
Iraq to Open New Refinery Near Shi'ite Holy City
Americans Protest the War
Poll: Americans Question Link Between Iraq and Safety
Antiwar Protesters Gather in New York
Kansas Group Protests Iraq War
Antiwar Protesters Arrested Outside Santorum Office
Three Arrested at Antiwar Demonstration in Seattle
US Politics
Top US War Supporter Calls for Rethinking Iraq

Report on Possible Abuses by Former Member of Intelligence Panel Is Held Up

Biden: GOP May Split on Iraq After Election
Bushies 'Used' Colin Powell, Wife Says
White House Aide to Rove Resigns
The War at Home
GAO Report on Iraq Reconstruction Contracts
Grisly Videos Showing American Deaths in Iraq Available Online

Secret Papers Could Halt CIA Case

Prosecutor: Libby Wants to Load Up Trial

US Military

For Recruiter, Saying 'Go Army' Is a Hard Job

Picking Up the Pieces of Slain Troops' Lives
Military Veterans Once Again Say Insurgency Getting Desperate
PTSD Can Take Months to Strike Wounded Iraq and Afghanistan Vets
Abusing Justice
Pentagon to Probe Gitmo Beatings Claim
UK Group: US Using Secret German Prison
Germany Denies New Allegations on US Secret Prison
European MPs: Hoon 'Unhelpful and Evasive' About Rendition Flights
Ottawa to Protest US Treatment of Canadian Sent to Syria for Torture
'War on Terror'
Saddam, 9/11 Hijackers Top US No-Fly List
Bush Balks at Criteria for FEMA Director
Smuggled Nuclear Waste Cases Double
Probe of Anthrax Attacks Casts Shadow on Brothers
Security Barriers of New York Are Removed
Passenger Data Deal for US and EU
Britain Mulls Defense Limits as Terror Trials Drag On
Battles of Britain
Inquest Wait for Families of Dead UK Soldiers
Britain to Step Up Security for Hospitalized Troops
Afghanistan, Five Years Later
Canada PM: Deaths of Soldiers in Afghanistan Is Price of Leadership
Afghan Terror Training Comes Home to Roost
Karzai Calls for Tribal Council to Crush Taliban
Suicide Bomber Kills Policeman, Wounds 17 People in Eastern Afghanistan
Clash Leaves Six Militants Dead in South Afghanistan
In Afghanistan, Hot Place to Shop Is Bush Bazaar
Blair: Troops in Afghanistan Will Get 'Whatever They Want'
NATO Commanders Want Governments to 'Get Tough' on Pakistan
US Senators Ask Pakistan to Seal Border With Afghanistan
At Least 13 Killed in Pakistan Violence
Musharraf: Waziristan Truce Progressing Well
Pakistan Detains Several Over Rockets in Capital
Fearful Pakistan Villagers Rebuild Homes
Sri Lanka
49 Rebels Killed as Clashes Erupt in Sri Lanka
Charities Demand Access to 200,000 in Sri Lankan War Zones
Aceh Enforces Sharia Law With Lash of Cane
Thai Military, Muslim Rebels to Hold Talks
US Official: Nepal Maoists Must Change to Get Off Terror List
Militants Kill 11 in Northeast India
Weekend Reviews
The Fatherland Protection Racket
Working as a 'Hired Gun' in Iraq
No Writing on the Wall
Acclaimed Documentary Shows Iraq Through Soldiers Eyes
US Says It Has Deal With Other UN Nations to Penalize Iran for Nuclear Drive
Rice to Meet Resistance in Iran Sanctions Bid
Rice Says Time to Decide on Iran Sanctions Is Near
Meeting on Iran Disrupted by Rice Delay
Iran Nuclear Talks Move to London
A Fragile Cease-Fire
Lebanese PM: Army to Seize Any Weapons Found in South
Turkey Confirms Frigate, Engineers En Route to Lebanon
Lebanese Army Denies Report That Turks Will Provide Training for Its Soldiers

Israeli Planes Overfly Eastern Lebanon

Parliament Approves Bulgarian Participation in Lebanon Operation

UN Troops Breathe Life Into South Lebanon Economy

Siniora Vows to Remain in Office, Insists He Is Premier 'Of All the Lebanese'
Lebanon Riot Leaves 1 Dead, 16 Injured
Petra Tourism Decline Sharply Following Lebanon War
Senior Hamas Official: Shalit Deal to Be Finalized Within 2 Weeks
Haniyeh Says Hamas Will Join Govt, Will Not Recognize Israel
Haniyeh Promises Right of Return
PA Official: Early Elections Amount to Civil War
Thousands of Hamas Supporters Rally in Gaza Stadium
Palestinian PM Collapses at Rally
IDF Kills Three Islamic Jihad Operatives in Gaza
Israel's Government Again Vows to Dismantle West Bank Outposts
US Pledges Fall on Deaf Palestinian Ears
Israel Seals West Bank, Gaza for Jewish Holiday
Hamas' 'Executive Force' Gains Strength in Gaza
Israeli Supreme Court Deals Blow to Govt Investigation of Lebanon
State Comptroller Assigns 50 Officials to Probe War in Lebanon
Poll: Israelis Would Welcome Negotiations With Syria
India Close to Missile Deal With Israel
IAF Mulls Purchase of French Mirage Fighters
Syria Says US Embassy Attack Planned in Saudi Arabia
Syria: US Embassy Attackers Not Linked to Terror Groups
Assad to Arab States: Let's Talk
Egypt Faces Uncertain Political Future
Sadat Nephew 'Defamed Egypt Army'
Sudan Warns UN Against a 'Hostile Invasion' of Darfur
Sudan's Envoy Doesn't Back Down on Warning to UN
US: Sudan Backs Down on UN Troop Warning
Latest Annan Report: Darfur 'Is Again on the Brink of a Catastrophic Situation'
Sudan Dismisses Charges Against US Envoy
UN Moving Some Refugees in Chad Due to Darfur Risk
Sudan Divestment Effort Gains Momentum at State Level
East Africa
Somalia Militia Advance to Kenyan Border
Somali Islamists Say Facing Off With Ethiopia Troops
16 Ethiopian Raiders Shot Dead in Kenya
UN: Somalis Flee Conflict to Kenya, Yemen
Ugandan General: Army Won't Derail Talks
Mau Mau Veterans to Sue Britain
Nigerian Army 'Razes Oil Village'
Niger Delta Militants Announce Temporary Ceasefire
Al-Qaeda in Ghana?
Armed Groups Continue to Target Aid Workers in Eastern Chad, UN Agency Reports
Africa Leaders Seek Ivorian Peace
North Korea
Japan Mulling More Sanctions Against Pyongyang
Kim Seeks Military Support for Nuke Test
North Korea Leader Rallies Army Commanders
North Korea Urged to Cancel Nuclear Test
New UN Leader to Tackle North Korea
North Korea: US 'War on Terror' a Pretext for Aggression
Japanese Brace for North Korea Nuke Test
1937 Invasion Hinders China-Japan Ties
Abe: Japanese War Criminals Should Have Been Pardoned

Abe's BMD Boost for Bush

The Israel Connection Across the Taiwan Strait
Georgian-Russian Tensions
Russian Police Hunt Georgians in Schools as Spy Row Intensifies
Russia Deports Georgians Amid Rising Diplomatic Tensions
Georgia Accuses Russia of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
Saakashvili Slams Russia's 'Imperialist Attitudes'
Opposition Cites Georgia Election Fraud
Report of Plot to Attack Jews Prompts Terror Alert in Prague
Spaniards Gloomy on ETA Peace Process
UN and Rights
UN Council Fails to Agree on Abuses
Human Rights Watch Blasts New UN Rights Watchdog

UN Warcrimes Prosecutor Attacks International Double Standards


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David R. Henderson
George Shultz's Unconvincing Case for the War on Terror

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China's Little Capitalists

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The End of Lebanon?

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