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The War Party, Then and Now: Justin Raimondo
Balkans Nation-Destroying: Doug Bandow
Halting the Deluge: James Reilly
Beware Empires in Decline: Michael T. Klare
A Reporter's Influential Death: Robert Bruce Ware

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Updated October 20, 2006 - 9:23 PM EDT

Bush Bars Courts From Detainee Review

White House Rejects Course Change in Iraq
  Shi'ite Militia Takes Over Iraqi City
  Iraq 'Hiding True Casualty Figures' From UN
  Friday: 40 Iraqis Killed, 115 Injured as Police Battle Militia
  UN: 914,000 Have Fled Homes in Iraq
  US Army Concedes Failure in Baghdad
  DC's Worst-Kept Secret: Changes Are Coming in Iraq Policy

GIs Face Worst Iraq Toll in 21 Months

North Korea Promises No More Nuke Tests

  Rice Presses South Korea to Pursue Full Sanctions
  Signs Point to Korea Blockade
  Iran Asserts Nuclear Work Is Unaffected by North Korea
Did Hezbollah Fire Cluster Bombs at Israel?
  UN: Force May Be Needed to Guard Lebanese Airspace Against Israel
  Israel Expands Fight on Border in Gaza

Israel to Approve Unauthorized Settler Outposts?

Beware Empires in Decline
by Michael T. Klare
The Security-Industrial- Congressional Complex (SICC)  by Robert Higgs
What Will Come of Anna Politkovskaya's Death?  by Robert Bruce Ware
Power and Responsibility
Tony Jones interviews Daniel Ellsberg
Halting the Deluge  by James Reilly
José Padilla and You  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Govt Death Squads Ravaging Baghdad

White House Defends Bush's Iraq-Vietnam Comment

General Pace: Rumsfeld 'Is Inspired by God'

GOP Congressman Believes US Will Find WMD in Iraq

40% in US Believe Israel Lobby Key to Promoting Iraq War, Iran Tensions

BBC Poll: World Against Torture, Israel in Favor

Iraq Threatens to Cripple the GOP
Iraq Attacks Continue

Thursday: 73 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq

Iraq's Violence Heading Toward Two-Year High

US: 22% Jump in Attacks During Ramadan

Medics Beg for Help as Iraqis Die Needlessly

Video Shows Snipers' Chilling Work in Iraq

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 20

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 19

Iraq Today

Iraqi Christians Live in Fear of Death Squads

Militias Hold Iraq in Fearsome Grip

Shi'ite Militias Have to Go, Experts Say - but How?

Judge: American to Be Handed Over to Iraqi Govt

Iraq Kurdistan Launches Tourism Campaign

Several Hundred Palestinians Living in Tents on Iraq-Syrian Border Hoping to Cross Into Syria

Overwhelmed Iraqi Doctors Need Training, Supplies

Millions Stolen From Iraq's Treasury

Occupying Iraq

US Review of Baghdad Crackdown Ordered

Insurgency Continues to Challenge US Troops in Anbar Province

White House Nixes Partitioning Iraq

Pentagon Says Propaganda in Iraq Was Legal

UK Soldier Slain in Iraq Was Killed by Friendly Fire


NATO Troops Among Dead in Afghan Suicide Raid

Assassination Attempts on Afghan Leaders Spike

NATO Chief: Suicide Bombers Won't Stop Us in Afghanistan

5 Years After US Invasion, Afghanistan Unsettled

Hastily Trained Afghan Teens to Stand Guard for Canadians

'War on Terror'

UK 'Number One al-Qaeda Target'

Senior British Judge Warns Ministers: Protect Muslims' Rights or Face Terrorism

Ex-Chef Who Trained a 'Terror Generation'

US Holding Spanish Terror Suspect

Parts of Canada Secrecy Law Struck Down

US 'War on Terror'

Gitmo Terror Suspect Sends Kin a Message

US Anti-Terror Law Concerns Red Cross

GOP to Air Ad Warning of Terror Attacks

FBI Probes Milwaukee Man in Threat Against NFL

Ghost Plane: The True Story of the CIA Torture Program

War at Home

Bush Tries to Impose New Terms of Victory

Echoes of the Tet Offensive, When US Became 'Mired in a Stalemate'

Columnist Jonah Goldberg Admits: Invading Iraq Was a 'Mistake'

FBI Investigating Boeing Scientist

Judge Orders Cheney Visitor Logs Opened

US Country-Music Singer Casts Somber Light on War

Loss of Life in Iraq Upsets 60% in US

US Military

Bush: US Can Deny Adversaries Access to Space

Breakthrough Could Lead to New Warhead Technologies

Tougher Stance on Crimes of US Troops?

Troops With Stress Disorders Being Redeployed

South Asia

Nepal's Maoist Rebel Chief Makes Rare Home Visit

Scheduled Hanging of Muslim Puts India in No-Win Situation

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Antiwar Rally Attacked by Unruly Mob

Sri Lanka on Edge Over Fear of More Rebel Violence

Sri Lanka Army, Rebels Trade Fire


US Accuses Eritrea of Arming Somali Islamists

Somali President Says Islamists Plot Assassinations

Ethiopia Military Trainers Sent to Somalia

Ethiopia Says Military in Somalia


Gunmen Kill 38 in South Sudan Attacks, Officials Say

Eritrea Accused of Opening Second Front Against Ethiopia

Ethiopia Row Over 'Massacre' Leak

North Korea

North Korea's 'Mr. Bomb' Remains Mystery

North Korean General: 'War Is Inevitable'

North Korea Sanctions Hang on Bridge Across the Yalu

US Seeks to Search North Korean Ships

US: Not Looking to Dominate North Korea

China Envoy Delivers Message to North Korea

South Korea

US Promises Nuclear Umbrella for South Korea

For Rice, Seoul Proves a Cautious Ally

Nuclear Menace Spreading?

Nuke Watch: The Game's Getting Tougher

Rumsfeld: Nuclear Arms Spread 'Hard to Stop'

Campaigners: Evidence UK Is Planning Nuke Test


Sanctions on North Korea Unlikely to Sway Iran, Experts Say

Iran's Ahmadinejad Lashes Out at Israel Again

Putin Cool to Olmert's Iran Plea


Lebanon Mines 'Continue to Kill'

UN Spokesman: Troops Can't Fire on Israeli Planes Without Secretary-General's Permission

Israel Finds 39 Russian Missiles in Lebanon

Lebanon: Fishermen Survive on Handouts

Lebanon Receives $300 Million From Kuwait for Rebuilding

First Turkish Troops Set Sail to Join UN Forces

Rebuilding a War-Ravaged Country - One Apple at a Time


Key Hezbollah Ally: Now Is the Time for Peace Talks With Israel

Annan Presses Lebanon on Disarming Hezbollah

Hezbollah Rhythm Shoots to Commercial Success

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Envoy Accuses Iran of Blocking Shalit Release

Israel Military Probes War 'Leaks,' Press Protests

Pollard Slams Olmert for Not Including Him in List of 'Captured'

Palestinian Politics

Hamas 'Shocked' by Global Opposition to Its Power

Abbas to Take Key Decisions Over Palestinian Govt

Fatah, Hamas Agree to Defuse Internal Violence


13 Tunnels Uncovered in Gaza

Alleged Hamas Conspiracy Trial Opens in Chicago

Even Palestinian-Americans Are Being Turned Back at the Border

Closure Keeps Palestinian Academic From Finishing Doctorate in Israel

Palestinians Flock to Al-Aqsa Mosque

UN: Israeli Aims in Gaza Fall Short Despite Siege

Mideast Peace?

Lebanese Politician's Call to Revive Arab-Israeli Peace Talks Draws Welcome From Israel

Israeli DM: Syria Must Cut Contacts With Iran Before Peace Talks

Olmert: Abbas Must Act, or All Hope Is Lost!

Russia and Her Neighbors

More Georgians Deported From Russia as Diplomatic War Heats Up

Georgians Endure Painful Russia Blockade

Sanctions Begin to Bite in Georgia

Hail of Bullets Ends Russian Mayoral Bid

About 100 NGOs Suspended in Russia


Top UK Judge Backs Human Rights Act

UN Extends Kosovo Envoy's Contract Until June 2007

Polish Patrol Boat Opens Fire on German 'Tax-Free' Cruiser


UN Seat Stalemate Seen as a Defeat for Venezuela

US Blocks Spain's Sale of Military Planes to Venezuela

Caracas 'Eyes Arms From China, Russia'

Canadian PM Promises Continued Support for Israel

Car Bomb Hurts Five at Colombian Army School

Guatemala 'May' Abandon UN Race

In Other News

After 25 Years, Egyptians Wonder Who Will Succeed Hosni Mubarak

OPEC Says It Will Cut 1.2 Million Barrels a Day

Muslim Gunmen Free 4 Captives in Philippine South


Justin Raimondo
The War Party, Then and Now

Doug Bandow
in the Balkans

Nebojsa Malic
The Edge of Madness

Ivan Eland
Stop Training Iraqis
for Civil War

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Charles Peņa
Co-Dependency in Iraq

David R. Henderson
The Nuclear Taboo

Alan Bock
Denial of the Obvious

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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