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Time for Rumsfeld to Go: Army Times
Missing the Fundamentals: Alan Bock
Who's Targeting Iran – and Why?: Gordon Prather
An Empire of Liberty?: Ryan McMaken
The More-Than-$2-Trillion War: Bilmes/Stiglitz

I think that people want peace so much that one of these days government had better get out of their way and let them have it.
Dwight D. Eisenhower
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Updated November 4, 2006 - 9:28 PM EST
Iraq on Alert Ahead of Saddam Verdict
  Iraqi Leaders Try to Keep US at Arm’s Length
  84% of Iraqis Have Little or No Confidence in US Troops
  Saturday: 89 Iraqis Killed, 65 Injured
  Friday: 132 Iraqis Dead, 14 Wounded
Military Newspapers Call for Rumsfeld's Head
  Top Neocons Now Regret Supporting Iraq War
  Cheney: American Public Be Damned, 'Full Speed Ahead' on Iraq
US Speeds Attack Plans for North Korea
  North Korea Nukes Won’t Upset Power Balance: Roh
Six Arab States Join Rush to Go Nuclear
  Nuclear Steps Put Region on Brink of Most Fearful Era Yet
  Serious Security Breach at Los Alamos: 'Could Be Devastating'
42 Palestinians Dead as Israel Bombards Gaza
  Why Israel Will Go to War Again – Soon
  Israeli Army Opens Fire on Crowds of Unarmed Women in Gaza
  Activists: Troops Fired Live Ammo at West Bank Barrier Protesters
What to Do Before Tehran Gets the Bomb  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Suicide Terrorism and Democracy
by Robert A. Pape
Who's Targeting Iran – and Why?
by Gordon Prather
Time for Rumsfeld to Go  Army Times
An Empire of Liberty?  by Ryan McMaken
Better Late Than Never?  by Matt Taibbi

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Ahmad Chalabi Says, 'The Real Culprit Is Wolfowitz'
Key Figures About Iraq Since War Began
Iraqi Govt Negotiations With Sunni Guerrillas
Iraqi Insurgent Group Unveils New Rocket
For US and Top Iraqi, Animosity Is Mutual
UN: Nearly 100,000 Flee Iraq Monthly
Pentagon Widens Its Battle to Shape News of Iraq War
US Qatar Base Population Hits 7,000
High Schoolers' Parents Ask Schools Not to Give Data to Recruiters
Poll: Bush Policy Threatens World Peace
Scores of Bodies Found in Baghdad Taken to Holy City of Karbala to be Laid to Rest
Preparing for the Verdict
Hussein Verdict Near After Trial With 'Serious Shortcomings'
In Violent Iraq, Fear Over What Saddam Verdict May Bring
Saddam Says His Sentencing Timed to Boost Bush
Iraq's Defense Minister Cancels Leave for Army Officers
Lawyers for Saddam Want Verdict Delayed
Iraq Occupation
Sniper Attacks Adding to Peril of US Troops
In Reversal, Convicted Abu Ghraib Abuser Won't Train Iraqi Police
US Intelligence Chief on Unannounced Visit to Iraq
US Contractor Withdraws From Iraq After Bloody Three-Year Spell
US Says Iraqi Bodyguards of Fallujah Mayor Detained
Bechtel Leaves Iraq in Bittersweet Exit
US Troops Kill 13 in Iraq Raid
Attacks Continue
Iraq Sees Spike in Violence Before US Polls
Friday: 132 Iraqis Killed, 14 Wounded
Iraqi Police Find 56 Bodies in Baghdad
Kidnapped Iraqi Journalist Found Dead
South African Killed in Iraq
Iraqi Kidnappers Free Greek Woman
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 4
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 3
The New Iraq
War Ravaged Iraq 'Faces Mental Health Crisis'
Iraqi President Meets French Presidential Hopefuls
Global Iraq Fallout
UN Gulf War Body Admits Overpaid $60 Million
UN Raps Donor Countries for Response to Iraq Crisis
The War at Home
Schwarzenegger Wants Deadline for Iraq Troop Withdrawal
Leading House Republican: Iraq Not a Reflection on Me
Bush: Only Republicans Can Handle Iraq
For One California Profiteer, Iraq Is Going Great
More Wisconsin Referendums on Iraq War on November Ballot
Kissinger Meets With US Jewish Leaders on Iranian Threat to Israel
Senators: Keep Iraq Watchdog Office
Attorneys: No Backstory in CIA Leak Case
US Military
US Denies Japanese Missile Defense Reports
'Fragging' Case Heads to Military Court
ROTC Applicants' Data on Stolen Computer
Pentagon Late to the Information War
US Air Force Prepares to Fight in Cyberspace
'War on Terror'
US Analysts Had Flagged Atomic Data on Web Site
Many Fear FBI's Anthrax Case Is Cold
First Known Video of 9/11 Suspect Moussaoui
German Detainee Questions His Country’s Role
Anthrax Vaccine Testing Called Off
Britain at War
British Foreign Secretary Says US, UK Underestimated Violence in Iraq
UK Judge Denies Whitewash on WMD Suicide
Poll: No Clear Strategy in Afghanistan, Say Britons
British Believe Bush Is More Dangerous Than Kim Jong-Il
Six Killed in Afghanistan Taliban Ambush
Italian Photographer Freed in Afghanistan
Foreign Hostages in Afghanistan
Afghan Conflict: Reporter's Diary
Thousands Protest Deadly Madrassa Airstrike, as Pakistan TV Airs Its Surveillance Footage
Pakistani Tribals Vow Revenge Over Madrasa Strike
Militants Initiate Steps to Curb Crime in Wana
Police Hunting Three Afghans Over Quetta Blast
India Says Kashmir Insurgency Deaths Drop Sharply
Indian Army Cautions Govt Over Siachen
Kyrgyzstan Gov't Alleges Coup Planned
Protesters Urge Kyrgyz Leader to Quit
Chinese Court Denies Public Hearing for NY Times Researcher
Chinese Fugitive Breaks Silence on Politburo Member
Sri Lanka Jets Bomb Tiger Rebels for Third Day
Media Muzzled and Opponents Jailed, Tajikistan Readies for Vote
Militants Strike in Muslim Thai South
Rice to Raise Fate of Arrested US Dissidents on Vietnam Visit
Myanmar, the World's Landmine Capital
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round
North Korea Says It Wants Japan Out of Six-Party Nuclear Talks
North Korea Says Progress Depends on US
Poll: South Koreans Reject US Attack on North Korea
PCs, Steel Among Goods Banned From Export to North Korea
Poll: US Backs Inspections, Not War, With North Korea
Iran Fires Missile Able to Reach Israel
Rice Calls Iranians a Threat, Slams Missile Test
Israel Urges World Action After Iran Missile Test
Russia Says Iran Sanctions Draft Goes Too Far
Russia Demands Revision of European Proposals for UN Sanctions on Iran
Iranian Companies Pay the Price for Tehran's Defiance
Overflights Meant to Goad UN Into Action on Hezbollah: Israel Army
Germany Expects No More 'Incidents' Off Lebanese Coast
US Officials Demand IAF Cease Overflights in Lebanese Airspace
Lebanon Caught in Tug-Of-War With Syria and US
Envoy: Hezbollah Wants 'Price' for Info
After a Ruinous War, a Troublesome Peace
After Lebanon War, Israelis Rebuild Burnt Forests
Number of Dead in Gaza Reaching Historic Levels
US: Deaths of Gaza Innocents 'Self-Defense'
Annan, US Disagree on Cause of Rising Violence in Gaza
Palestinian PM: IDF Operation Is Massacre
Israel Steps Up Effort Against Gaza Tunnels
Israel Arrests Yet Another Palestinian Minister
Fatah Members Arrested in Hospital
Gaza's Pain: 'We're Bored of This Life and Want to Die'
Pro-Settler Party Leaves Israeli Coalition in Doubt
Israeli PM Ratings Continue to Tumble
Sharon Admitted to Intensive Care
Israelis Criticize Egyptian Border Guards
Middle East
Egypt Police Find Two Tons Explosives in Sinai
Bahraini Opposition Group Cries Foul as Ministry Shuts Down Web Site
Sudan's Beshir Says UN Troops Would Create Iraq-Style Debacle
Militias Kill 63, Many of Them Children, in Darfur
US Envoy Says Sudan President Refused to See Him
East Africa
Terror Attack Warnings Raise Fear in East Africa
Somali Speaker to Meet Islamists
Somali Islamists Deny Suicide Attack Order
Somali Parliament Leader to Seek Peace
US Urges Caution in Kenya, Ethiopia
US Officials: Nigeria Militants Planning New Wave of Attacks
Nigeria Army Colonel Emerges as New Sultan
Reaction to Botha's Death Shows Changes
China to Double Its Aid to Africa
Zimbabwe Government Withdraws Communications Interception Bill
Burundi Army Begins Demobilization of Handicapped Soldiers
EU Wants to Guide Kosovo Free of Serbia
Kosovo PM Guarantees Serbs Minority Rights
Moscow Ban Defied on Nationalist Parade
Draft EU Report: Turkey Reforms Slowing
Italian Court Convicts 86-Year-Old Ex-Nazi in Absentia for 1944 War Crime
Ortega Poised to Take Helm in Nicaragua
Ortega Race Brings Back the Past
Neighbors Endorse Panama for UN Council Seat
In Colombia, Songs Too Hot for the Mainstream Sizzle Underground
Oaxaca Governor Pledges Not to Quit
Fiji PM Holds Crisis Talks With Military
Fiji PM, Army Dampen Coup Fears Amid Tight Security
Weekend Reviews
A Fanciful Neocon Version of Our Expansionist History
McGovern's New Book Focuses on War That Has Been a 'Disaster'
Book Clubbed
Documentary Blasts Iraq War Profiteering

Translating Virgil's Epic Poem of Empire


Justin Raimondo
The Neocons, Undaunted

Alan Bock
Missing the Fundamentals

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Doug Bandow
The Painful Death of Humanitarian Intervention

Ivan Eland
Filling the Spin Vacuum

Nebojsa Malic
Inventing Irrelevance

Charles Peña
Fish or Cut Bait in Iraq

David R. Henderson
Oil, Nuclear Power, and Iran:
A Lesson in Opportunity Cost

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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