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Reenacting War: Doug Troutman & Tom Engelhardt
Goodbye, Rummy: Charley Reese
War of Aggression Thwarted?: Gordon Prather
Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword: Leon Hadar
More Work Ahead: Alan Bock

Our "neoconservatives" are neither new nor conservative, but old as Babylon and evil as Hell.
Edward Abbey
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Updated November 11, 2006 - 9:26 PM EST
A Staggering New Bill for Iraq
  US Military Chief Signals Changes Ahead in Iraq Strategy
  Antiwar Voters May Get Less Than They Bargained For
  Democrats, Engaging Bush, Vow Early Action Over Iraq
  Vote Opens Door to Iraq Change but Presidential Politics May Shut It
Sunni-Shi'ite Mortar War Marks Escalation
  Iraqi Govt Fears It Is Too Late to Curb Militias
  UK Military: Iraqi Terrorists Supplied From Iran
  Al-Qaeda in Iraq Threatens to Blow Up the White House
  Saturday: 54 Iraqis KIlled, 50 Kidnapped; Polish, Slovak Soldiers Killed
Lebanese Government Breaking Apart
  US Vetoes Condemnation of Israel for Killing Gaza Civilians
  Official: Israel May Be Forced to Attack Iran
  Hamas Offers to End Rule if Aid Resumes
Rumsfeld May Face Charges Over Prison Abuse
Military Service Linked to Lou Gehrig's Disease
Afghanistan Expects No Changes With US
  The Face of Afghanistan Five Years After Fall of the Taliban
Reenacting War
by Doug Troutman and Tom Engelhardt
Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword  by Leon Hadar
The Bush Administration's Torture of a US Citizen  by Glenn Greenwald
Goodbye, Rummy  by Charley Reese
War of Aggression Thwarted?
by Gordon Prather
US Must Get Out of Iraq – Now
by Rory Stewart

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Iraq Rows Simmer Beneath Washington Civility
UN Post Will Test Bush on Pledge for Consensus
Official: Chances of Bolton's Confirmation Are 'Nil,'
US Intelligence Reveals Extent of Iraq Carnage
Neocons Divided, Except in Denial
Rights Group Seeks Charges Against Rumsfeld
Democrats Still Face Hurdles in Enacting 9/11 Panel's Ideas
UN: Israel Killed 116 Children in 2006
MI5 Tracking '30 UK Terror Plots'
National Guard Units Face 2nd Tours in Iraq
A New Iraq Strategy?
Bush to Meet With Iraq Study Group
GOP, Democrats Attempt to Form Plan for Iraq
Blair to Give Iraq Evidence to Baker
Gates' Views Have Differed From Bush
Gates 18 Months Ago: Iraq Pullout May Be Possible Before 2008 Vote
Eagleburger to Join US Iraq Study Group
Rumsfeld Blames Others for Iraq Failures
Old Hands From the Family Business
Today in Iraq
Purported Iraq al-Qaeda Tape Wants US to Stay in Iraq
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Claims to Have Mobilized 12,000 Fighters
Tall Afar's Long Road Back
Iraq: One Year On, Still No Justice for Torture Victims
Austrian Airlines to Fly to Northern Iraq as First European Commercial Carrier
Attacks Continue
Friday: 62 Iraqis Killed; 5 GIs Killed; US Death Toll at 26 for November
Blasts End 'Lull' in Iraqi Violence
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 11
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 10
Iraq Occupation
British Troops to Continue to Stay in Iraq
South Korea to Reduce Troops in Iraq
UK Army Blamed for Iraq Heat Death
US Troops Fighting Against the Cycle of Revenge in Adhamiyah
What Is the Iraq War Really Like? the Veterans Tell Their Stories
Using Airmen for Army War Missions Costly, Air Force General Says
At Dusty Outpost in Iraq, Cake Is Cut for Marines Young and Not So Young
Can Boot Camp Prepare Recruits for Iraq?
Third Son Deploying to Iraq Four Months After His Twin Brothers
Global Iraq Fallout
MI5 Chief: Iraq War Is Driving British Muslims Into Terrorism
US Aiding Germany in Contractor Probe
Saudi Radical Sentenced to Death for Joining Iraq Insurgency
Reid in Prison U-Turn to Keep Soldiers Happy
Spanish Judge Jails 2 Accused of Forging Papers for Iraq Insurgents
The War at Home
Activists Urge Pelosi to Halt War in Iraq
Antiwar Group Renews Iraq Pullout Call
US Lawyers Try to Prevent Execution of US Citizen in Iraq
Rove Off the Hook as Party Blames Iraq
City Will Stop Deducting From Reservists’ Pay
UK 'War on Terror'
Blair: Fight Against Terror Will Last a Generation
MI5 Warning Will Be Used to Justify New Terror Laws
UK Security Chief Spells Out Terror Threat
Blair Backs MI5 Terror Warning
UK Woman Charged as a Terrorist for Hard Drive Contents
US 'War on Terror'
Poland Said Not Helping CIA Jail Probe
Egyptian Claims Torture After CIA Kidnap in Italy
Judge Lets Guilty Plea Stand in Terrorism Case
Former Aerospace Engineer Pleads Not Guilty to Selling US Military Secrets to China
EU Considers Greater Role in Afghanistan
Afghans Hunt Commander Over Rape of Girl, 11
Afghanistan Takes Tough Measures to Counter Narcotics: Official
Poland to Have 1,200 Troops Deployed in Afghanistan by February
Italy Wants Review of International Strategy in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Shows Challenges for More Global NATO
272 Former Soviet Servicemen Still Missing After Afghan War
In Pakistan, Recent Attacks Shred Hopes for Regional Peace Model
Bomb Kills Pakistani Elder, 8 Others
Envoy: US Eager for India Nuke Deal
Five Dead, 50 Wounded in Kashmir Mosque Blast
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan MP Killed in Colombo
Sri Lanka Says Sinks Rebel Boats
UN Chief 'Disturbed' by Rising Civilian Casualties in Sri Lanka
Talks to Begin on US Dirty Money Claims on North Korea
China Anticipates Bumpy Road With US
Nepal Rebels Rally to Celebrate Peace Deal
Vietnam to Deport Three US Citizens After Conviction on Terror Charges
Iran Hints at Kicking Out Inspectors
Iran Will Not Back Down on Nuclear Program, Says Top Negotiator
Khamenei Calls Bush Defeat a Victory for Iran
Iran State Media Plays Down Argentina
12 Israeli Jets Violate Lebanese Airspace as Paris Seethes Over Mock Attacks
France Wants Explanation From Israel on Lebanon Overflights
Israel, US Look for Ways to Spy on Lebanon Besides Violating Airspace
US Helps Lebanon in Equipping Military
Indonesian Contingent Arrives in Lebanon to Join UN Peacekeepers
UN Hands Lebanon Draft on Hariri Murder Tribunal
Cluster Bomb Kills Hezbollah Guerrilla in Lebanon
UN Bemoans Slow Lebanon Cluster Bomb Clearance
Lebanon on the Brink of Change
Clan That Once Was Above the Violence Enraged by Israel's Deadly Artillery Strike
Gaza: While the World Looked Elsewhere, Another Week of Death
Gazans Debate Response to Killings
Israeli Envoy: Deaths of All Those Civilians We Killed Are Hamas' Fault
2,000 Attend Nazareth Rally Condemning Beit Hanun Deaths
The Israeli Nerve Center Watching Gaza's Every Move
Senior IDF Officer to Face Dismissal for July Kidnappings
Italy Calls on the US to Press Israel on Palestinian Conflict
Middle East
Relief in Mideast Over Rejection of US Hawkish Policies
Egypt Uncovers Gaza Arms Tunnel
Saudi and Iranian Oil Output Falls
Islamic Hip-Hop Artists Are Accused of Indoctrinating Young Against the West
Brother of Late Syrian Interior Minister 'Commits Suicide'
Berlin Aims to Revive Mideast 'Quartet'
US Fears Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia
11 Nations Feed Somalia War Build-Up, Say Experts
US Official Offers a Bleak Assessment of Somalia
Aid Group Quits Darfur Amid Over Sudan Govt Interference
UN Human Rights Chief Warns of More Darfur Attacks
Uganda Optimistic Over Talks With Northern Rebels
UN Humanitarian Chief Willing to Meet Uganda Rebels
Central African Republic Rebels Capture Second Town
Congo Warlord Accused of Using Child Militia
Ambush Kills 7 Soldiers in Algeria
Catholic Nun Gets 30 Years for Rwanda
US, Russia Urged to Talk About Scrapping A-Bombs
Russia: New Trial Is Ordered in Killing of US Reporter
Russia Makes Deal on Entry Into Trade Group
Kosovo's Albanians Consider Go-It-Alone Move on Independence
UN Delays Report on Kosovo Future
Serbia to Hold Early Elections in January
Georgian Breakaway Regions Aim for Recognition
Many Europeans Take Delight in Rumsfeld's Departure
Northern Ireland Deal Advances
New Srebrenica Mass Grave Found
Army 'Gives Up' on Fiji Rulers
Ortega Redux: a History Smolders on Cold War Embers
White House Watches Ortega
US Waives 2002 Military Law to Aid Latin American Militaries
Wanted Mexican Leftist Says Oaxaca Rebellion Will Spread
Thai Govt Tries to Quell Muslim Insurgency
Militants Kill Two Soldiers in Thai Muslim South
Weekend Reviews
Iraq in Fragments
Moving Pictures: Iraq Documentary Is Stirring, Poetic
Soldiers for Hire
Ethical Realism

Justin Raimondo
Does Father Know Best?

Alan Bock
More Work Ahead

Doug Bandow
The Wreck of the War Party

Nebojsa Malic
The Battle for Kosovo

Charles Peña
The Mother of All Defense Supplementals

Ivan Eland
Disregarding Democracy

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?
Part Two

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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