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The good news: our last minute appeal for funds garnered over $25,000 in a single day – and we couldn't be more grateful.

The bad news: We're still not done…

Look, we didn't just arbitrarily pick a number as our fundraising goal: the truth is, if we don't raise $70,000 by the end of the week, we'll be laying off employees and making other cutbacks – noticeable cutbacks in our coverage and a reduced level of service in general.

We know many of you have come to rely on Antiwar.com as an invaluable resource, but its continuity is by no means assured. Unlike the War Party, which commands virtually unlimited resources, we scratch by on a relative pittance. It's amazing that we're able to get by on so little, but then again we run a tight ship. It'll be a lot tighter if we have to lay off half our staff, or fire our regular columnists because we can't afford to pay them. And that new computer Justin Raimondo's been asking for – his computer has taken to spontaneously shutting down – will just have to remain a distant dream.

Because of your generosity, Antiwar.com has averted complete disaster, i.e., nonexistence. But we aren't out of the woods yet. Failure to meet our goal means that, sometime very soon, we'll be handing out pink slips and burdening the few survivors with an impossible workload. The quality of our coverage will drop, and you'll notice it right away. We want to avoid this, and there's only one way to do it.

You can help put us over the top by contributing as much as you can as soon as you can. Your donation is 100% tax-deductible, and you have the satisfaction of knowing that, instead of going to the war machine, your dollars are going to the cause of a more peaceful foreign policy. Don't delay – make your contribution today.

In the first five days of our drive, 1,089 of you gave a total of $49,905. We are getting back on track to reach $70,000 to keep Antiwar.com running for the next quarter. Please help make our goal.
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Updated November 18, 2006 - 9:16 PM EST
Bush's Vietnam Lesson: Don't Quit
  Cheney Rejects US 'Retreat' From Iraq
  General: Cut Iraq Strength by One-Third to Keep Army From Breaking
  Bush to Ask for Another $127 Billion for War Push
  Senate Leader Vow to Stand in the Way of Sending More Troops
  Report: How Rice Convinced Bush to Back Baker Group on Iraq
Iraqi Cabinet in Crisis Over Arrest Warrant
  Major Battle in Iraq's Baqouba Kills 18
  Iraqi Police Hunt for Seized Americans, Austrian
  Arrest Warrant for Iraqi Cleric Enrages Sunnis
  Sunni Leader Denounces Arrest Bid, Urges Other Sunnis to Quit Govt
  57,000 US Troops Get Iraq Deployment Orders
  Not Waiting for Washington, Marines Already Expanding Adviser Teams
  Saturday: 63 Iraqis Killed, 50 Injured
Iraq Invasion a Disaster, Blair Admits on Arab TV
  British Court-Martial Told of Iraq 'Torture' Sanctioned From Above
  Dutch Troops Abused 15 Iraqi Prisoners
Pentagon to Build Mini-City for Terror Trials
  Judge: Detainee Can't Speak to Attorney
  Homeland Sec. Chief Says Foreign Courts Inhibit US Security Efforts
South Korea Won't Back Bush on Inspections
NATO Trains for Possible Nuclear Attack in Afghanistan
The Korea, Vietnam, Iraq Syndrome  by John V. Walsh
Misplaced Nostalgia for the Bush I Team  by Sheldon Richman
Democrats and Withdrawal From Iraq: Asking Too Much?  by David Corn
Hollow Visions of Palestine's Future
by Jonathan Cook
Al-Jazeera and the Truth  by Charley Reese
Is the Next Congress For Sale?
by Gordon Prather

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Locals Accuse US of Massacre in Ramadi
Gates to Make Iraq Priority if Confirmed
Shifting Enemy: US Generals Say Civil War, Not Insurgency, Is Greatest Threat
US Lawyers: Libby May Have Disclosed Iraq Secrets
US Pastor's Trip to Syria Draws Criticism
Sen. Leahy Requests Bush Torture Documents
Putin Calls for Strong Nuclear Forces
Suspicion Abounds as US Marines Arrive in Kenya
Iraqi Lawyer Says US Army Seized 211 Iraqi Homes, Evicted Families
Today in Iraq
Coalition Forces Are Dwindling as US Mulls Next Move in Iraq
Abduction of Americans Reflects Fraying Security in Iraqi South
Confident of Iraq PM Disavows Warrant
Raids Follow Abduction of Iraq Convoy Guards
Kurdish Rebels Defiant in Northern Iraq Mountains
Coalition Forces Probe Hijacking in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Friday: 59 Iraqis, 2 Foreign Contractors Killed
Heavy Fighting Where American Contractors Were Abducted
UK Worker Feared Killed in Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,863
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 18
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 17
Global Iraq Fallout
Baker Met Syrian Envoys to Urge Cooperation Against Iraq Unrest
UK Minister Attacks Iraq 'Mistake'
Iraq Torture Claims Disrupt Dutch Election Campaign
Bush Reassures Friend-in-Arms on Iraq
UK Soldier in Iraq Awarded £375,000 for Stress
Road to Peace in Iraq Is Through Jerusalem and Beirut
The War at Home
Bush Echoes His Earlier Commitment to Stay the Course in Iraq
Analysis: Bush Echoes Familiar Refrain
Poll: Only 31 Percent of Americans Approve of Bush on Iraq
Poll: Two-Thirds in US Okay With Rumsfeld Quitting
Protest Sheds Light on Role of Ft. Benning School
US Vets Make Vietnam-Iraq Generational Transition
Police Remove Protesters From Speech on Iraq
Antiwar Protest Flick Will Open Sundance

US 'War on Terror'

Man Acquitted in 9/11 Perjury Case
US Identifies al-Qaeda Leader as Key Informant in Padilla Case
Senate Dems Plan Overhaul of Military Tribunals Bill
Guantanamo Hearings 'Shams,' Lawyers Find
3 Detainees at Guantanamo Are Released to Albania
Half-Baked Attempt to Kill Supreme Court
Muslim Detained by CIA Granted US Visa, but Might Still Not Be Let In
San Francisco Airport Security Tests Were Sabotaged
UK 'War on Terror'
British Govt Warns of Jihadist Undergrads
UK's New Computer-Chip Passports Easily Hacked
How Radical Preachers Turned a Young Man Into a Suicide Bomber
London Cops Hunt Fake Bombs
North Korea
Blix: North Korea Will Perfect Nuclear Bomb
North Korea Calls on US to Move in Standoff
Canada Says Could Help Patrol Seas Near North Korea
UN Panel Approves North Korea Resolution
China's Military Development 'Outsized', Rice Says
Navy to Deploy Aegis Destroyer in Japan
Japan, China Agree to Conduct Joint Study of Wartime History
Aso, Rice to Put Missile Shield on Fast-Track Status
Vietnam Rolls Out Red Carpet for Bush
Vietnam: Internet Battlefield Pits Dissidents Against the State
NATO Chief Bemoans Limits on Troops in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Asks Pakistan to Do More to Hunt Islamic Militants
NATO Chiefs to Urge World Re-Think on Afghanistan
Twenty Nations Meet in India to Deepen Cooperation for Afghanistan
New Afghan Police Force Deployed
Afghanistan Food Shortage Threatens Regional Security
Pakistan Frets About War Spilling Over
Suicide Bomber Dies Attacking Pakistan Police
24 Hurt in Lahore Blast
Afghanistan to Top Agenda on Blair Pakistani Visit
US Denies India Nuclear Deal Will Encourage Iran, North Korea
India Cautiously Welcomes US Senate Nuclear Pact Approval
Tibetans in India to Protest Over Hu's Visit
Sri Lanka
Rebels Reject Sri Lankan President's Call to Surrender Arms
Sri Lanka Says Sinks 3 Rebel Boats in Sea Battle
Arms on Menu as Sri Lanka Defense Spending Rises 28 Percent
Nepal Maoists to Stay on US Terror List Despite Peace Deal
Nepal Maoists 'Still Recruit Children'
Indonesia Urges Peaceful Anti-Bush Rallies
1 Killed, 30 Injured in Thailand Attacks
Tajik Border Guard Kills Uzbek Guard
Iran Needs 'Practical' Moves by US Before Talks Over Iraq
Iranian Nuclear Facilities Open to Tourists
Bush May Limit Scope of Iran Sanctions
Russia Doesn't Want Iran Punished in Nuclear Stand-Off
US Chides Russia, China Over Slow Pace of Iran Sanctions Negotiations
Ahmadinejad: Ready to Consult With Italy on Mideast Issues
Iran Says Had No Role in 1994 Bombing of Argentina Jewish Group
Iran Slams US Military Strategy in Iraq, Afghanistan
Former Iran Leader Urges Bush Not to Attack
Iran Blacklists Bestsellers
UN Force Protests About Israeli Flights Over Lebanon
UN Troops 'Prepared Guns' for Israeli Jets
Israeli Aircraft Continue Lebanon Overflights
US Contradicts UN Pessimism on Lebanon Munitions Removal
Lebanese Sunnis Urged to Confront Hezbollah
Lebanese Christian Leader Predicts Assassinations
Beit Hanoun
Israeli Envoy Walks Out on UN Session on Gaza Shelling
Israeli Envoy: Evil Forces Responsible for UN Probe Into Gaza Attacks
UN General Assembly Votes to Probe Beit Hanoun Shelling
Jimmy Carter May Head Beit Hanoun Probe
Diplomats Fear US Wants to Arm Fatah for 'War on Hamas'
Palestinian Unity May Be Delayed
Palestinian Leadership Denies Rift Over Unity Premier
Israeli Troops Open Fire on West Bank Protesters, Killing One and Wounding 30
Islamic Jihad Says Will Consider Abbas' Request for End to Rocket Fire
Israel PM Against Large Gaza Operation
Israeli Military Attacks Gaza Buildings
Haniyeh: Israel Showing It Doesn’t Want Peace
3 Killed, Dozens Wounded in West Bank Raid
For West Bank, It’s a Highway to Frustration
Nine Israeli Human Rights Organizations Speak Out About Gaza
Price of Guns Soars as Rival Palestinian Groups Arm
Leaked Docs Blame Israeli Attack on UN in Lebanon on 'Errors', Poor Planning
Rights Group: Israel Engaged in 'Willful Killings'
Israel Developing Killer Robot Hornets
US Jews 'Angered' by Pro-War Olmert
Canada's UN Votes Signal Pro-Israel Shift
Middle East
Jordan Fears Growing Shi'ite Influence
Shi'ites Stage Protest in Bahrain
Six Kurdish Rebels, Soldier Killed in Clashes in SE Turkey
US Makes New Push to Revive Middle East Peace
Turkey Severs Military Ties With France
NATO: No Quick Reduction of Kosovo Troop Levels
Dutch Government Proposes Ban on Veils
Italy Extradites Madrid Bombing Suspect
EU Presidency Fails to End Polish Veto on Russia Talks
Howard Orders Australian Troops to Tonga to Quell Protests, Immediately Rejects Timetable for Withdrawal
Egypt Rejects UN Report It Broke Arms Embargo on Somalia
Libya Denies Arming Islamists in Somalia
Syria Denies Arming Somali Islamists
Uganda Denies Violating UN Arms Embargo on Somalia
Sudan Agrees to Joint Peacekeeping Force
Sudan Still Disagrees on Detail of Darfur Force
Chad Proposes Anti-Sudan Alliance
Chad Deploying More Troops as Sudan's War Spreads
Chad Calls Up Troops as Villages Burn
Embattled Chad Offers to Send Troops to Central African Republic
End to Darfur Crisis in Sight, Benn Claims After Troop Deal
Former Rebel Soldier Kills Five Police in Khartoum
Uganda Rebels Split on Peace Talks
Rwanda Major General Sentenced to Life for Genocide Related Crimes
Colombian Government Shaken by Lawmakers' Paramilitary Ties
Uruguay's Ex-President Arrested
Cluster Bombs
New Drive Against Cluster Bombs

Norway Pushes to Ban Cluster Bombs Despite US Objections

Britain 'Dragging Its Feet on Treaty to Ban Cluster Bombs'

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North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

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Good News From Gaza

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China's Little Capitalists

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