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Rise and Fall of the Neocons: Lobe/Flynn
Iraq's White-Collar Crime: Juan Cole
Winning by Losing in Vietnam:Jerry Silverman
Imperialism and Isolationism: Jeff Taylor
Torture in Iraq, Intimidation at Home: J. Holland

War...should only be declared by the authority of the people...instead of the government which is to reap its fruits.
James Madison
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Updated November 23, 2006 - 9:23 PM EST

Iraq Civilian Slaughter Grows


249 Dead After Deadliest Attack of Iraq War


US Forces Fire on Iraq Minibus, Kill 4 Workers, Wound 8


More Than 140 Bodies Turn Up on Baghdad Streets


Report: US to Negotiate With Insurgents, Ba'athists


Iraqi PM to Hold Talks With Insurgent Leaders


3,709 Iraqis Slain in October; Highest Toll Yet

  Wednesday: 5 US Troops, 106 Iraqis Killed
Dem Politics May Prevent Focus on Withdrawal

More Marines May Be Needed in 'War on Terror'


Democrats Unlikely to Block Gates Nomination for Pentagon


British Troops May Start Leaving Iraq by Spring

Former KGB Agent Dies in London Hospital

Iran Touts Own Iraq Summit Ahead of US


Expert: Bush Can't Attack Iran

Huge Crowds Gather for Funeral of Slain Lebanon Minister
  New Iraq Ties Gives Syria More Say With US
  Syria Decries Slaying, Says It Wasn't Involved
  Britain Holds Fire on Syria Over Lebanon Killing
Winning by Losing in Vietnam
by Jerry Mark Silverman
Washington's Iraq Chimeras
by John Brown and Ray McGovern
CACI: Torture in Iraq, Intimidation at Home  by Joshua Holland
Imperialism and Isolationism
by Jeff Taylor
Iraq's White-Collar Crime  by Juan Cole
Al-Jazeera: The No-Fluff Zone
by Pierre Tristam

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This Thanksgiving, Bush Team and Iraq Leaders Face Range of New Realities

Pentagon Cites Alternative to Baker Report

White House Hopefuls Vary on Iraq Policy

UN to Freeze Iran Atomic Aid

Iraqi General, Aides Arrested in Corruption Probe

Iraq Says UN 'Misleads,' 'Exaggerates' Death Toll

Key Facts About UN Report on Iraq Violence

Dems Want to See Extent of Citizen-Monitoring Database

Violence in Iraq Increasingly Targeting Women
Iraq Today

Iraq's Government Hampered by Suspicions

Saddam's Demise Could Be Televised

Iraq Court Condemns Militant for Beheading Japanese Tourist

Iraq, Reversing Course, to Keep UN Oil Watchdog

Bitter Winter for Iraq's Swelling Refugee Camps

Iraq: Hard Lessons for Baghdad Teachers

Doctors Are Reportedly Fleeing Iraq

Iraq Opens Talks With EU on Trade Deal

Occupying Iraq

Under Fire, US Marines Hand Off Battered Fallujah

Nov. Blast That Claimed Two Army Officers Highlights Danger

Millions Spent on Thanksgiving in Baghdad

Officer May Stand Trial for Abu Ghraib Role

Australian Opposition: No More Troops for Iraq

Indonesian FM Offers to Send Troops to Iraq

In Iraq, Football Battles Are Diversion From War

Iraq Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 106 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 23

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 22

Global Iraq Fallout
Australian Wheat Board Was Told of Iraq War Plans a Year Before Invasion

Scotland Yard: Fake Iraqi Artifacts Sold in UK to Fund al-Qaeda

Olmert: Iraq War Was Good for Israel

The War at Home

War Correspondent Finds Key Links in Iraq and Vietnam Coverage

Draft Viewed as Impractical, Unnecessary

ACLU Protests Pentagon Surveillance of US Antiwar Groups

Watada: It Was My Duty to Refuse to Go to Iraq

Elected as a War Critic, He Was Part of Prewar Errors

'War on Terror'

Gitmo Prisoner Says Medical Procedures Botched

US to Implement Passport Requirement

Airline Checks Claim of 'Flying While Muslim' Discrimination


Afghan Army to Double in Size by 2008

Merkel Signals Germany Won't Send Troops to Southern Afghanistan

US Urges NATO Allies to Drop Limits on Forces in Afghanistan

More Equipment Needed in Afghanistan, US Commander Says

British Troops Pressured to Join Afghan Drug War

Afghanistan's Only Female Minister Presses for Women's Rights

Afghanistan's Hated Sikhs Yearn for India

Top Prosecutor Targets Afghanistan's Once-Untouchable Bosses


Nepal Celebrates Peace Deal With Rallies

Activists Cite Flaws in Nepal's Peace Deal

South Asia

Donors Slam Sri Lanka Foes

Two Men Carrying Explosives Arrested in Delhi

Hu Offers 'Constructive Role' for South Asia Peace


Mexican Report Cites Leaders for 'Dirty War'

Divided Venezuelans United on Costly Policy of Cheap Gas

Gemayel Assassination

Leaders Call Lebanese to Slain Minister's Funeral

US Plans to Boost Military Help for Lebanon

Expert: Lebanon Killing May Halt US-Syria Talks

Gemayel's Mourners Know in Lebanon Nothing Is What It Seems

Tension in Lebanon Leads to New Exodus of People

Lebanon Cancels Independence Celebration

More Lebanon Assassinations Possible: Analyst

Events in Lebanon Since Hariri's Killing


France Authorizes Troops to Fire at Israeli Jets Over Lebanon

IDF to Train UN Troops to Clean Up Israeli Mess in Lebanon


Israeli Troops Advance Into Northern Gaza Towns

Israel Adds Gaza Force but Forgoes Big Escalation

Peretz Considers Retaking Parts of Gaza

'More of the Same' Expected in Gaza

Five Palestinians, Including Two Civilians, Killed by Israeli Troops

American Nun, Priest Join Gaza 'Human Shields'

Red Cross to Remain in Gaza Despite Kidnappings

Israel's War at Home

Officials: Secret Contacts Towards Peretz Resignation

Poll: More Than 50 Percent of Israelis Support Renewed Syria Talks

West Bank Settler Leader Denounces Peace Now Over Land Ownership Report


Aides of Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Meet

Hamas Leader in Cairo to Discuss Prisoner Exchange

Israeli Cabinet Approves Targeted Killings of Palestinians

Middle East

Cheney to Visit Saudi Arabia

Egypt Denies Visa to Pakistani Islamist Leader

The Wall

North Korea Won't Give Up Nukes

Watchful Eye on Taiwan's Embattled Chen


Russia Eyes Exiles After Extradition Deal With UK

Kremlin Tightens Grip on Russian Media

Russia Police 'Regularly Torture'


US Seeks Higher European Military Spending

Northern Ireland Foes Edge Toward Sharing Power


Some Sudan Refugees Prepare to Head Home

Chased 'Like Animals,' CAR Villagers Live on Roots, Leaves

Sudan MPs Urge End to Ugandan Army Presence


Ethiopian Deaths Spark Fears of Devastating War

Ethiopian Troops Patrol in Somalia to Protect 'Government'

Ethiopia Border Impasse Unsustainable, Says Eritrea


Gunmen Seize Several Oil Workers Off Nigerian Coast

British Oil Worker Killed in Bungled Rescue


Congo Delays Ruling on Vote Fraud Trial

Congo Leader Wants Rival's Troops Moved

United Kingdom

UK Protester Marks 2,000-Day Antiwar Vigil

UK's Brown Wants the Most Expensive Nukes Money Can Buy


Justin Raimondo
Poisonous Propaganda

Charles Peņa
Worse Than Staying the Course

Ivan Eland
'Cutting and Running' Preferable to 'Staying and Praying'

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
The Battle for Kosovo

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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