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Iraq Is Beyond Repair: Rosa Brooks
Boogeymongering: Charley Reese
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope: Nebojsa Malic
Bonkers Diplomacy by Gordon Prather
The Quiet Day We Lost the War: Boris Johnson

Mankind deserves sacrifice - but not of mankind.
Stanislaw Jerzy Lec
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Updated November 25, 2006 - 8:59 PM EST
Violence Spins Out of Anyone's Control
  Attacks Leave Hundreds Dead in Iraq
  Saturday: 114 Iraqis, 2 US Troops Killed
  'In Saddam's Time I Never Saw a Friend Killed in Front of My Eyes'
  More US Troops Dying in Anbar Province
Nearby Nations Dreading Iraq's Disintegration
  US: Recent Iraq Violence Aimed at Toppling Govt
  Iraq a Moral Blunder, Says Australian War Hero
Israel, Palestinian Militants OK Gaza Ceasefire
NATO Chief: Taliban Could Regain Power in Afghanistan
  Taliban Comeback Traced to Corruption
  NATO May Move Troops Into Afghan Danger Areas in Emergencies
The Democrats Have No Iraq Solution  by Mustafa Malik
Head for the Exits, Now!
by Alexander Cockburn
After the Rain of Death
by Gideon Levy
Iraq Is Beyond Repair  by Rosa Brooks
Boogeymongering  by Charley Reese
Bonkers Diplomacy  by Gordon Prather

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US Helicopter Fires on Iraqi Funeral Party
Syria Is Wild Card in Dueling Meetings on Iraq
Marine Seeking Discharge Sent to Iraq
Northrop Grumman Engineer Could Get Death Penalty for Selling Classified Info
Ex-Employee Says FAA Warned Before 9/11
'State Secrets Privilege' Blocks Fired Translator From Suing FBI
Al-Sadr Threatens to Withdraw From Government if Maliki Visits Bush
Today in Iraq
White House Confirms Bush-Maliki to Meet as Iraq Violence Spirals
In Iraq, Reprisals Embolden Militias
Sadr a Key Player in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Army Expands Training for Advisers Who Will Try to Improve Iraq’s Security Forces
Search for Missing Reservist Unsuccessful
Searing Memories of a Brush With Death in Iraq
Iraq Strategy Takes Page From Vietnam Playbook
Attacks Continue
Friday: 98 Iraqis, 1 UK Soldier Killed; 93 Iraqis Injured
Shi'ites Burn 6 Sunni Worshippers Alive, Kill 19 Others in Mosques
British Soldier Shot Dead in Basra
Chronology: The Worst Terror Attacks in Iraq Since 2003
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 25
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 24
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi President Postpones Iran Visit
Iraq's Bid for Neighbors' Help Shows Desperation
Cheney Eyes Diplomatic Swing as Iraq Violence Spirals
US Tries to Enlist Arab Nations to Help Solve Iraq Conflict
Iran: US Stood Idle During Baghdad Bombings
Palestinians on Iraq-Syria Border
US Sabotaged Australian Wheat Deal in Iraq
Australia PM Braced for Onslaught Over Report Into Oil-for-Food Scandal
The War at Home
US Laments Escalation of Iraq Violence
Dems Won't Find Enacting 9/11 Ideas Easy
Arms Transport Probe Zeros in on Pennsylvania Store
Brzezinski Calls Idea to Boost US Forces in Iraq a 'Gimmick'
SEC Asks Ford to Detail Ties With Sudan, Syria, Iran
NY Times Asks Court to Limit Leak Probe
Burlingame Attorney Prepares for Plame Case
Group Offers Free Counseling to Troops, Family Members
'War on Terror'
NATO Set to Expand Role to Tackle WMD and Terrorism
Despite a Year of Ire and Angst, Little Has Changed on Wiretaps
TSA Sets Price for a Faster Trip Through Airport Security
US Interference 'Allowed UK Terror Gang to Escape'
Swift in Post-9/11 Privacy Breach
US Envoy Says Afghan Unrest Wil Be Just as Bloody Next Year
Afghanistan Wants More US Military Aid
On the Ground in Afghanistan: 'You Can't Tell the Lads One Thing and Then Not Produce'
Italy FM: More Troops Won't Solve Afghan Crisis
Afghanistan: Behind the Burqas
Rocket Explodes Near Canadian Base in Afghanistan
Coalition, Afghan Forces Kill 7 Suspected Taliban Insurgents in Southern Afghanistan
Taliban Minelaying Tactic Worries NATO
Berlin Sends Roadmakers, Not Troops, to South Afghanistan
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka's Undeclared Civil War Escalates
30 Killed in Fresh Sri Lankan Violence
Many Fear Sri Lanka on Path to War
Sri Lanka Seeks Foreign Help to Supply Jaffna Civilians
Maoist Excesses in Nepal: Officially Over, Unofficially Continues
Maoist Camps Await UN Monitors
Pakistan Hands Over Taliban Suspects to Afghanistan
Islamabad, Beijing to Boost Defense, Energy Ties
Azeri Independent Channel Closed
Gadfly or Hero? Former Pilot Fights on Against Vietnam
Indonesia Warned Against Sharia Law
Seven Killed in Thai Muslim South Despite Fresh Peace Effort
Uzbeks Slam US Over Religion Intolerance List
Myanmar Wages Offensive Against Karen Minority
Recall Bid Against Taiwan Leader Fails
Fury as Hong Kong Journalist's Appeal Fails
Back Off, Fiji Army Chief Tells Pacific Neighbors
Death of a Spy
Ex-Spy Accuses Putin From Beyond Grave
Who Killed Litvinenko? Many Possibilities, Little Evidence
High Levels of Radiation in Ex-KGB Man's Body
Radioactive Metal That Killed Litvinenko
Key Questions Surrounding Spy's Death
London Police Trace Slain Spy's Last Steps
Text of Statement Made by Former Spy
Putin: No Proof Death Unnatural
Russian-Born Businessman: I Met Ex-Spy Litvinenko in Israel
Russia Selling Missiles to Iran
Iran Makes Concession to UN Nuclear Investigation
Iran Signals Its Defiance – and Conciliation
Iran Negotiator: Israel in No Position to Attack
Japan Mulls Options for Iran Oil Project
Iran Reportedly Moving Arms to Hezbollah
Lebanon's Crisis Worsens With Strike
Hezbollah Protesters Block Beirut Airport Road
Lebanon's Political Crisis Heading for Showdown
Aoun: 'I Won't Quit the Agreement With Hezbollah'
Lebanon Has Record of Assassinations
Cluster Bomb Blast Wounds Mine Clearing Experts in Lebanon
A French Colonial Legacy of Despair
Briton Hurt Clearing Mines in Lebanon
Tense Environment Spawns Lebanon Exodus
UN OKs Report on Somali Hezbollah Links
Hamas PM Says Factions Agree on Truce
Hamas Official Blames Fatah for Delay in Forming a New Govt
Hamas Women Seek Bigger Political Role
Israeli Troops Kill 10-Year-Old Boy in Gaza Town
Israel Kills Two Palestinians in Gaza Clashes
Olmert Struggling in Israeli Opinion Poll
Poll: Israelis Want DM Gone
Sunnis in Bahrain Threatened With Iraq-Style Chaos if Shi'ite Majority Elected

Discord Accompanies Bahrain Vote

Somali Islamists Accuse Ethiopia of War Threat
Somalia Braces for War as Residents Flee
Somalia Rivals Massing Troops
UN: Sudan Armed Forces Deliberately Attacked Darfur Civilians
Ugandan Army Pulls Out of Rebel Camps in South Sudan
World Court Official Reports Evidence on Darfur Criminals
UN Says 55 Civilians Killed in Uganda Army Sweeps
Rwanda Cuts Ties With France Over Effort to Prosecute Leader
Rwandans Protest Probe of Leader
Chad Extends Emergency to Tackle Ethnic Violence
UN Finds Mass Grave in East Congo
Legacy of Famine Divides Ukraine
Belarus Opposition Leader Detained
Bomb Threat Empties Northern Ireland Assembly
Latvia: Moscow Release of Documents Meant to Harm NATO
UN Panel Cites Abuses in Chechnya
Chavez Recalls Argentina Envoy
Twelve South American Countries Sign Deal on Passport-Free Travel
Chile's Student Activists: a Course in Democracy
Colombia's Warlords Call for Truth Commission
Bolivia Divided Over Morales' Reforms
Weekend Reviews
Iraq: The War of the Imagination
The Antiwar Songs Our Great-Grandparents Sang
Three Movies to Be Thankful For

Justin Raimondo
Poisonous Propaganda

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

Doug Bandow
Who Decides on War With Iran?

Charles Peña
Worse Than Staying the Course

Ivan Eland
'Cutting and Running' Preferable to 'Staying and Praying'

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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