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Nice Try, Daddy: Alan Bock
Impunity and Immunity: Greenberg/Engelhardt
Democrats Let Gates Slide: Aaron Glantz
None Dare Call It Treason: Mark Rothschild
Remember Pearl Harbor: Gordon Prather

I hope our wisdom will grow with our power, and teach us, that the less we use our power the greater it will be.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated December 9, 2006 - 8:54 PM EST
GOP Senator: War Is 'Absurd,' May Be 'Criminal'
  Bush Targets Iraq Policy Change by Christmas
  Bush Reaction to Report Worries Father's Aides
  US Commander: Combat Troops May Be Able to Leave Iraq in 2008
  Bush's Iraq Approval at New Low: 27%
Iraqis: New US Raid Killed Children, Women
  Saturday: 59 Iraqis, 1 Marine Killed; 38 GIs Killed in 9 Days of Dec.
  Iraqis Near Deal on Distribution of Oil Revenues
  'You Must Leave in 24 Hours or Your Heads Will Be Cut'
UK Troops Probed for Kandahar Shooting Spree
  NATO Air Support May Have Killed Brit in Afghanistan
Impunity and Immunity
by Karen Greenberg and Tom Engelhardt
The Iraq Study Group: None Dare Call It Treason  by Mark Rothschild
The Iraq Study Group's Very Bad Idea  by John Nichols
A Civil War – and Worse  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Becoming What We Despise  by Robert Scheer
Remember Pearl Harbor  by Gordon Prather

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Rice Cool to Idea of Talks With Iran About Iraq
Public Found Likely to Support Baker Report
Democrats Let Gates Slide
Kurds Reject US Study Group's Report
Iraq Strategy Talks Focusing on 3 Main Options
With 3 Iraq Reports to Come, Bush Plans Week of Scrutiny
Chilling Threat of Dirty Bombs
One-Man Jihad Targeted Illinois Mall
US Missile Test Fails Off Hawaii
Iraq Insurgents’ Bombmaking Gets More Lethal
Iraq Study Group
Generals Say Plans Won't Work in Field
Iraq Panel Assails Bush Use of 'Emergency' War Budgets
Bush: Democrats Must Reach Out on Iraq
Return Fire From the Right
McCain Hits Report as 'Recipe' for Defeat
Some Analysts Hoped for More – Others Say Report Is a Start
Some Senators Are Highly Critical of the Iraq Study Group Report
Bush Living LBJ's Lesson
Iraq Report Hits Online Bestseller Lists
Rumsfeld Warns Against Precipitous US Withdrawal From Iraq
ISG: Global Reactions
Iraq Report Gives Some Lebanese Cause to Sweat
Saudi Intelligence Chief Wants US Pullout Timetable for Iraq
Arab League Slams Baker Report as Face-Saving Bid
UN Envoy: Iraq Report's Core Premise Flawed
Israeli Premier Dismisses Some Iraq Panel Findings
Australia Spurns US on New Iraq Role
Blair Plans Mideast Visit After Iraq Report
Today in Iraq
US, Iraqi Troops Seal Off Haditha
British Troops Swoop on 'Rogue' Militia Suspects
US Targeting Shi'ite Militia Strongholds
Al-Zarqawi Said Shi'ites More Dangerous Than US, Saddam
Q&A: Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, Shiite Leader
Iraqis Line Up to Put Hussein in the Noose
Anfal Anguish Revisited at Trial
Attacks Continue
Friday: 78 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed; 37 GIs Killed in First Week of December
Mortar Attack Kills 25 Near Baghdad
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,928
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 9
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 8
Global Iraq Fallout
Blair Was Overruled by Bush on Post-War Strategy, Says Hoon
Tories Call for PM Iraq Statement
Indonesia Proposes Muslim Force in Iraq
Polish Defense Chief Signs Motion Prolonging Mission to Iraq
Japan Extends Iraq Air Force Deployment
Freed Iraq Hostages Forgive Captors
Man Sentenced in Jill Carroll Extortion
The War at Home
US Congress Saves Watchdog on Iraq Reconstruction
AP Stands by Disputed Iraq Story on Iraqis Burned Alive
Top Democrat Questions Blackwater Deals in Iraq
US Military
Antiwar Activists, Youths, Military Agree: No Draft
A Still-Serving Rumsfeld Is Set for Mustering Out
Rumsfeld's Last Day Trumps Pentagon Christmas Party
UK Warning Over US Fighter Deal
Reservists Facing Job Woes
Billions Later, Plan to Remake the Coast Guard Fleet Stumbles
Detaining, Torturing Justice
Abu Ghraib Whistleblower Worries
Judge Skeptical of Rumsfeld Torture Suit
US Military Transfers First Detainees to New Prison at Guantanamo Bay
Islam Advisor Cites 'Calmer' Guantanamo
Mountie Resignation Not Enough, Canada's Arar Says
'War on Terror'
'Lone Wolf' Charged With Plotting Attack During Christmas Rush
Dubai Ports Participating in US Security Plan
TSA May Let Non-Fliers Go to Gates
Inquiry Clears Ian Blair in Menezes Killing
Islamic Militiamen Fighting Ethiopian Troops in Southern Somalia Town
Anti UN Demo in Mogadishu as Fresh Fighting Erupts
Militants Claim Nigeria Oil Raid
Nigerian Navy Deploys 16 Combat Ships in Niger Delta
Sudan Accuses World Powers of Supporting Darfur Rebels
14 Islamists Jailed in Morocco
Gunfire Heard From Inside Fiji's Main Army Barracks
Howard: Australia Never Considered Intervention in Fiji Coup
Fiji Suspended From Commonwealth
Global Arms Trade
US Casts Sole 'No' Vote Against Proposed Treaty Restricting Arms Trade
US Suggests Deal to Impose Sanctions on Iran Is Near
Major UN Powers to Resume Bargaining on Iran Sanctions Monday
Annan Urges Inclusion of Iran in Talks
Iran Nuclear Program Also a Threat to Europe: Israel General
Olmert Rules Out Dialogue With Syria
Olmert Chastises German FM for Syria Visit
Syrian FM: No Solution to Iraq's Problems Without Iran and Syria
Analysts: US at Root of Effort to Topple Lebanese Government
Lebanon's Army Denies Receiving PM's Order to Disarm Hezbollah
Hezbollah Calls for Big Protest as Lebanese Official Holds Fast
Hezbollah 'Coup Attempt' Will Fail, Says Lebanese PM
Founder Lashes Out at Hezbollah
Protests Blow to Beirut Economy
Christian Protesters Return to Beirut Square
Lebanese Opposition to Put on Show of Muslim Unity
Pro-Opposition Sunni Sheikh Leads Prayers for Protesters in Beirut
Abbas Aide: To Join Unity Govt Hamas Must Recognize Israel
Palestinian PM Vows Not to Recognize Israel
Hamas Supporters Demand Haniyeh Remain PM
Israeli Troops Shoot and Wound Two Palestinians in Gaza
Israeli FM Arrives in US Amid Fears of Policy Shift
Israel Blocks Tutu Massacre Inquiry
Poll: Israelis Reject New Conflict With Hezbollah
Saudi Intelligence Chief Says Israeli Nuclear Arsenal Is Provoking Arms Race
UN Rights Council Slams Israel
Middle East
Egypt Expels 2 Belgian, 8 French Suspected Terrorists
Arab States Seize on Call for Peace Drive
Rice: 'Freedom Deficit' Harming Mideast
Spy Intrigue
Moscow Opens Murder Probe, New Poisonings Emerge
'I Was Poisoned and Russia’s Political Enemies Were Surely Behind It'
Intrigue Grows in Case of Ex-Spy's Poisoning
Russian Billionaire's Bitter Feud With Putin a Plot Line in Poisoning
Hotel Bar Is Focus of Ex-Spy Death Probe
Elite Kremlin Guard Figures in Ex-KGB Spy Murder Case
Russian Regime Is Accused of Intimidating British Interests
In the Polonium Poison Mystery, an Odd Italian Footnote
Youth Group Hounds UK Moscow Ambassador
Armed Group Surfaces in Kosovo
Serb Suspect Ends Hunger Strike
EU President Says Turkish Offer Not Enough
Prosecutors Accuse Five – including American – of Spying for North Korea
US Imposes New Sanctions on North Korea
No US Nukes in South Korea: Roh
US Anti-Drug Efforts in Afghanistan to Be Bolstered
Afghanistan Is at a Crossroads, Head of UN Mission Says
UK Armed Forces Probe Possible 'Friendly Fire' Death in Afghanistan
26 Afghans Released From US Military Prison in Afghanistan
US Defends Killing of Kyrgyz Civilian
Kyrgyz President Protests Shooting
Hill Accord Reached on Nuclear Fuel for India
Pakistan's Musharraf Says No Regrets Over Rebel Chief's Death
Pakistan Wants 2.5 Million Afghan Refugees to Leave
Indonesia Truth Commission Ruled Illegal
Indonesians Pin High Hopes on Elections

Aceh Wary Over New Sharia Police

Nepal's Maoist Chief Eyes Presidency
Japan Defense Chief Hedges Support for US
China Admits Social Unrest Threatens Party's Iron Grip
Bolivian Troops Defend Federal Offices From Separatists
Brazil: No Evidence of Terror Links in Border Area

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Nice Try, Daddy

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China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

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Who Makes the Middle East?

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Milton Friedman: A Tribute

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China's Little Capitalists

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