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Israel, Alone: Justin Raimondo
They Only Look Dead: Scott McConnell
ISG: Too Little, Too Late?: Leon Hadar
USA: Center of the World?: Norman Solomon
Guam Natives Decry US Plan: Aaron Glantz

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.
Abraham Lincoln
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Updated December 13, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Army Wants 'Full Access' to Guard, Reserves
  Bush Says Won't Be Rushed Into Iraq Decision

US Commander: No Withdrawal Soon

Florida Senator Defies Bush, Visits Syria

Wednesday: 123 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed
  Iraqis Protest Against US Iraq Study Group Report

Saudis Give a Grim What-If Should US Opt to Leave Iraq

14 Killed in Afghanistan Raid, Bombing
  Afghan Leader Blames Pakistan for Taliban Violence
  Canadian Troops Accidentally Kill Afghan Civilian
ISG Whispers the Truth With Its Hands Over Its Ears  by Matthew Yglesias
The Baker-Hamilton Recommendations: Too Little, Too Late?  by Leon Hadar
There's No Stopping the Dominoes
 by Richard Gwyn
A Fraudulently Financed War
by Marie Cocco
Is the USA the Center of the World?
by Norman Solomon
A Devastating Indictment  by Hendrik Hertzberg

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Most Americans Support ISG Proposals

Natives of Guam Decry US Expansion Plan

Congress Wants Answers on Anthrax

Pope's Message Contains Veiled Criticism of US 'Terror' Tactics

Rumsfeld Hasn't Read Iraq Study Group Report

Wolfowitz Clashes With World Bank Staff, Appoints GOP Advisers

Australian FM Defends Annan in US Attack

Bush to Sign India Nuclear Deal Into Law on Monday

Displays Spark Emotional
War of Interpretations
Iraq Attacks Continue
Tuesday: 158 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed; 287 Iraqis Injured

Bomber Lures 70 Workers to Death in Baghdad

Five US Troops Killed in Iraq

Sadr Militia Headquarters Briefly Stormed by Gunmen

AP Cameraman Killed by Insurgents in Mosul

Four South Africans Kidnapped in Iraq

Chronology: Deadliest Bomb Attacks in Iraq

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 13

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 12

Iraq Today

Reveal Yourselves, Insurgents Urged

Allawi Calls for Martial Law

Official: Saddam to Be Executed Quickly, May Be Buried in Secret

Iraq Army Plans for a Wider Role in Securing Baghdad

US General Says Jobs and Services May Curb Iraq Violence

Rep. Reyes: Duke of Dumb
Queries Vex New Chair of Intelligence

Congressman Flunks His First Intelligence Test

Intelligence Chief's Dumb Answers

UK War at Home

UK 'Won't Cut and Run' From Iraq

Britain Agrees to Stay in Joint Strike Fighter Partnership

'War on Terror'

Spain Arrests 11 Terror Suspects

Canada to Probe Allegations Three Canadians Tortured by Egypt, Syria

UK Police Stop-and-Search Powers Questioned

Reid Proposes Terror Department to Create 'Seamless Intelligence'

Al-Qaeda Affiliate Claims Algeria Attack


Taliban Rising in Pakistan, Group Warns

The Taliban's Book of Rules

Pakistan Defends Waziristan Peace Pact

US Joins Chorus of Concern Over Waziristan

Four Killed in Karachi Blast

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Power-Sharing Moves Hit Major Snag

UN Fears for Sri Lanka Civilians


Somali Islamists Give Ethiopia One-Week Deadline to Withdraw Troops

Islamic Militants Surround Somali Govt's Last Town


Ivory Coast Army Says Uncovers Coup Plot

Ethiopian Communist Dictator Found Guilty of Genocide


Mourners Defend Pinochet as Ardent Foe of Communism

Troops Dispatched to Corral Peru's Guerrillas


Reports: Interpol Joins Investigation Into Killing of Former Russian Agent

Kremlin Frets About Blame in Litvinenko Case

Litvinenko Witnesses Run for Their Lives

Two Old Friends at Center of Poison Mystery

Putin Signals End to Foreign Ownership of Russian Energy

Israel's Nukes...?

Olmert Backpedals on Israeli Nuclear Capability

Peres: Nuclear Ambiguity Has Achieved Its Goal

Olmert Urged to Quit After Letting Slip What Everyone Knows: Israel Is a Nuclear Power

Gulf States Demand UN Action on Israeli Nukes

State Dept: No Change in Policy Over Israel's Nukes

Killing Kids in Palestine

Gaza Children Protest, Plead With Adults: Let Us Live in Peace

6-Year-Old Survivor Discusses Gaza Shooting Deaths


Palestinian Forces Deploy in Gaza After Killings

Poll: Israelis Content With Gaza Strip Cease-Fire

Report: Haniyeh Says Israel More Flexible on Shalit Prisoner Swap

Palestinians Win Legal Right to Sue Israel for Damages

Rights Group: Hundreds of Family Members of Slain Palestinians to File Compensation Claims
Four Fatah Demonstrators Hurt by Hamas Gunfire in Gaza Strip

US Agrees to Double 'Emergency Equipment' in Israel

IDF: Role Playing Gamers Unsuitable for Sensitive Positions


Rice: Direct Talks With Iran, Syria Not on US Agenda

Israel and Germany Call for Tough Line on Iran

Merkel: Attacking Iran 'Not on the Table'

Court Overturns EU Freeze on Accounts of Iranian Exile Terrorist Group

Iranian Conservatives Expected to Win Polls

Blair Blasts Iran Ahead of Middle East Trip


Rice Warns Syria and Iran Over Lebanon Protests

Arab Diplomats Struggle to Halt Lebanon Crisis

Lebanese Cabinet Approves Tribunal Plan

UN Official Says Lack of Security Harms Hariri Assassination Inquiry

UN Reports on Inquiry Into Hariri Assassination
Middle East

Egyptian Police Scuffle With Opposition During Protest

Kuwait Signs Security Agreement With NATO

North Korea

North Korea Might Disarm With Incentives

China Sees No Deadline for North Korea Talks

Rice Wants North Korea Denuclearized Within 24 Months

US Wants to Block All of North Korea's Financial Deals


Ousted PM: Fiji Sliding Toward 'Worst Kind of Dictatorship'

Fiji Coup Leader Vows to Crush Bid for Alternative Govt

Fiji Coup Leaders Sack More Civil Servants


Vietnam's Internet Freedom Dilemma

Pro-Democracy Candidate Running in Hong Kong


CIA Officials May Be Indicted in Italy

Study: Sarajevo's War Damage Totaled $18.5 Billion

Erdogan Slams EU Decision, Vows More Reforms


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NATO's Poisoned Chalice

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Two Pair of Twos

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Who Makes the Middle East?

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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