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The Urge to 'Surge': Justin Raimondo
Libertarian Warmongers?: Doug Bandow
US Losing Arab Hearts and Minds: Jim Lobe
Dems May Hike Military Spending: Aaron Glantz
The GOP's Iraq Two-Step: Harold Meyerson

War is the continuation of politics by other means.
Karl Von Clausewitz
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Updated December 15, 2006 - 9:25 PM EST
Bush Weighing Deeper Iraq Commitment

Dems Expected to Hike Military Spending

  General Says Army 'Will Break' Without More Reserves

Specter of Saudi-Iranian Proxy War in Iraq Spooks US

90% of Iraqis Say 'Worse Off Than Under Saddam'
  Friday: 56 Iraqis, 2 Marines Killed; 51 GIs Killed in December
  Iraqi Red Crescent Accuses US Forces of Attacks
  US General Puts Onus on Iraqis to End Slide Into Chaos

Rice Rejects Overture to Iran and Syria

Top Israeli Court Upholds Killing Policy
  US Training Fatah in Anti-Terror Tactics
  Hamas Accuses Rivals of Bid to Kill Palestinian PM
Survey: US Losing Arab Allies' Hearts and Minds
Went to War? Good President! Kept the Peace? Not So Hot  by Gene Healy
Why Was José Padilla Tortured?
by John Grant
Government Spying Goes Global
by Maureen Webb
Bush vs. the Two Majorities  by Robert Dreyfuss
Why States Want War  by Ralph R. Reiland
Mugged by Reality  by Sidney Blumenthal

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US Troops Raid Fallujah Hospital Again

Saudis Planning to 'Clean Up' al-Qaeda in Anbar

Diplomat's Suppressed Document Lays Bare the Lies Behind Iraq War

US Soldiers Lead Iraqi Children in Obscene Chant

Fitzgerald Mum on Cheney in Leak Case

Terror Fears as Blind Sheikh Faces 'Medical Emergency'

'Gitmo Is Like Being Alive in Your Own Grave'

Ban Sworn in as UN Secretary-General


McCain, in Baghdad, Says Military Considers Sending as Many as 35,000 More US Troops to Iraq

Iraq Today

Could Iran Help the US Stabilize Iraq?

Syrian President Agrees to Control Border Traffic With Iraq

Iraqis Flee War, Run Into Hostility

UNHCR Asks World to Help Palestinians Flee Iraq

Sectarian and Ethnic Lines in Sand Stall Provision of Iraqi Oil Law

Bitter Detour for Expatriate Back in Iraq

Occupying Iraq

New Commander in Iraq Has a Reputation for Aggressive Action

Would-Be Embassy Workers Unready for Jobs in Iraq

US Teams to Watch for Sectarianism in Iraqi Forces

US 'Pressed British in Iraq to Toughen Up Interrogations'

Missing Soldier Classified as Captured

Attacks Continue
Thursday: 110 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; Dozens Kidnapped

Iraq Kidnap Gang Releases 29 Shi'ites

Gunmen Attack Iraq Vice President Convoy, No Injuries

Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 14

The War at Home

Rumsfeld: Troop Levels Were Franks' Call

Pelosi Wants to Create New Intel Committee

US Spy Agency Answers Iraq Study Group Report

Unpopular Iraq War Still Has Supporters

White House Defends Bush Use of Iraqi Body Counts

Shi'ite? Sunni? Some in US Learn Who's Who

Democrat Leahy Vows to Repair Bush 'Damage to System of Govt'

Truman's Trials Resonate for Bush

UK War at Home

Blair Bows to Pressure to Hold Iraq Debate in Parliament

Menezes Family Loses Court Bid to Hold Officers Accountable for Killing

War on Terror

State Dept: Gitmo Detainees Will Stay Regardless of Evidence

16 Gitmo Detainees Held in Saudi Arabia on Return

Majority Think Terror Inquiries Invade Their Privacy, Poll Says

US to Retry Colombian in Terror Case

US Is Dropping Effort to Track if Visitors Leave


Four Civilians Killed, Dozens Wounded in Suicide Attack in Afghanistan

Pakistan Says They've Arrested 500+ Taliban This Year, Most Handed Over to Afghanistan

Czechs Eye an Increase of Troops in Afghanistan


Nepal Government, Maoists Still Talking on Constitution

Nepal's Monarchy Facing the Boot as Talks Continue

Nepalese See Peace Accord Bringing New Era

Sri Lanka

Brain Behind the Tigers' Brawn


UN: Looming Somalia War Menaces Whole Region

US Envoy: Al-Qaeda Cell Controlling Somali Islamists


Pentagon Calls for New African Command

France Says Finding Too Many Chinese Arms in Africa

Sudan Dismisses Blair Threats, Welcomes UN Mission

Mugabe to Extend Rule Without Vote


Serbia and Bosnia Sign Up for NATO

Spain Debates Civil War Victims' Reparations Law

Gaza Border Brawl

After Border Standoff, Hamas Leader Enters Gaza

Haniyeh Bodyguard Killed as Convoy Comes Under Fire Entering Gaza

Hamas in Control of Gaza Border Crossing

Free-for-All Breaks Out After Israel Closes Gaza to Haniyeh


Abbas' Deployment of Fatah-Led Troops in Gaza Raises Fears

Man Held Over Gaza Child Killings

UNICEF: 2006 One of the Worst Years for Palestinian Children

Gaza City's Feminist Hub

Violence Drives Palestinians From Homes

Targeted Killings

Court Emphasizes Not All Assassinations Are Legal

Israeli Military Official 'Relieved' Targeted Killings Can Continue

Israeli Arab MPs Slam Court Authorization of Assassinations


Israeli Troops Shoot Indiscriminately in West Bank, Kill Two

Court Orders Criminal Probe Into IDF Killing of Rafah Girl in 2004

Poll Adds to Pressure on Israel

Israeli Military Told to Dismantle Small Barrier Hampering Palestinians


Arab League Chief Sees Progress in Lebanon Talks

Lebanon Pins Hopes on Arab Solution to Crisis

Lebanese Government Issues Own Warning

In Lebanon, Hezbollah's Rise Provokes Shi'ite Dissent

At Protest in Beirut, New Alliances: Muslims and Christians

Beirut Protesters Make Novel Pick From Array of Party Options: None of the Above

Who's Running Lebanon?

Apparent Land Mine Kills Lebanese Soldier

Hezbollah Out to Develop New 'Cold War,' Some Say


EU Freeze on MEK Accounts 'Invalid'

Tehran Reformists Move to Rebuild From the Local Level

Netanyahu Demands Ahmadinejad Be Tried for War Crimes

US, Russia Tangle, Stalling Iran Debate


US Senator Defends Travel to Syria

White House: US Lawmaker Visits to Syria Unhelpful

Pope Appears to Support Syrian Role in Middle East

Middle East

US Official Warns UAE on Trade With Iran, Syria

Turkey Sentences Woman for Pro-Kurdish Party Comments

British Drop Inquiry Into Saudi Arms Deal

Egypt Arrests Opposition Leaders After a Protest


US Negotiator Predicts Progress in Upcoming North Korea Talks

Japan to Pass Bill to Create Defense Ministry

Coup Leader: Fiji Army Could Rule for 50 Years

Myanmar Junta Allows Red Cross to Reopen

US, China Clash on Currency

Russia and Her Neighbors

Putin Inspects Russia's Latest Missiles

Georgian PM Says Has US Support Against Russia

In Russia, Mixed Signals on Search for Radiation

Russia 'Doesn't Murder Spies Any More'

Russia Says It Will Test Planes for Isotope in Poisoning Case


Justin Raimondo
The Urge to 'Surge'

Doug Bandow
Libertarian Warmongers?

Ivan Eland
More Cheer for the
Holiday Travel Season

Praful Bidwai
Indo-US Nuclear Deal Done; Pleases Few

Alan Bock
Nice Try, Daddy

Nebojsa Malic
NATO's Poisoned Chalice

Charles Peņa
Two Pair of Twos

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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