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Imperial Dreams: Alan Bock
So Much for Inalienable Rights: Gordon Prather
Take This War and Shove It: Ron Jacobs
Put No Faith in the UN: Charley Reese
The Trap of Recognizing Israel: Jonathan Cook

There never was a good war or a bad peace.
Benjamin Franklin
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Updated December 16, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Bush Set to Send More Troops to Iraq
  White House OKs $469 Billion Military Budget, Not Including Wars
  Pentagon Moving Troops Into Kuwait to Prepare for Iraq 'Surge'
  White House Weighs Options for Surge of GIs to Iraq
  Rice Hints Baker Report to Be Snubbed
  Poll: Only Nine Percent of Americans Foresee Iraq Victory
Tribal Leaders Don't Trust Iraq Soldiers
  They Saw the Uniforms and Knew to Run
  How Violence Is Forging a Brutal Divide in Baghdad
  December Among Deadliest Months in Iraq for US Troops
  Saturday: 75 Iraqis, 4 GIs, New Zealand Contractor Killed
Rendition: Military Taking a Tougher Line With Detainees
  Terror Suspects From Gitmo Routinely Freed by Other Countries
Challenging Hamas, Abbas Calls Early Elections
  Hamas, Fatah Clash After Haniya Assassination Bid
Saddam Seen as No Threat – Then Politicians Got to Work  by Anne Penketh
The ISG: Illusions Surrendered Group  by Antony T. Sullivan
Put No Faith in the United Nations
by Charley Reese
The Trap of Recognizing Israel
by Jonathan Cook
So Much for Inalienable Rights
by Gordon Prather
Take This War and Shove It
by Ron Jacobs

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Republican Sen. Specter Plans Syria Trip
Witnesses in Libby Trial All Expected to Testify
US: Arms Technology 'Being Diverted From Dubai' to Iran and Syria
The Pentagon's New Fighting Manual for Iraq
Iraq Violence to Persist or Worsen
Iran Worried by Saudi's Pro-Sunni 'Iraq Plans'
Bush's Reaction Alarms Iraq Panelist
EU Wants a Middle East Free of WMD
Testimony Helps Detail CIA's Post-9/11 Reach
Arar Still on US Watchlist
In Colorful Sendoff, Cheney Calls Rumsfeld 'The Finest Secretary of Defense This Nation Has Ever Had'
Reconciliation Conference
Iraqi Conference Seeks to End Sectarian Bloodshed
Reconciliation Hard for Iraq Government
Olive Branch for Ba'athists at Iraq Peace Talks
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Red Crescent Accuses US Forces of Attacks
Iraq VP: Bush Pushing for New Iraqi Govt
White House: Iraq's Maliki Promises to Target Insurgents
Attacks Continue
Friday: 60 Iraqis, 2 Marines Killed; 51 GIs Killed in December
Gunmen Kill Shi'ite Tribal Sheik in Iraq
Car Bombs Explode Outside US Bases in Iraq
US Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,942
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 16
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 15
Iraq Occupation
US to Armor-Plate Iraqi Police Vehicles
Hard-Charging US General Takes Charge in Iraq
New US Commander Calls Iraq 'Dangerous'
Georgia-Based Troops Who Led Iraq Invasion Prepare for Third Tour
Troops in Iraq to Get Fire-Resistant Uniforms
The New Iraq
Women Lose Ground in the New Iraq
Iraq in Rare Show of Unity as Football Dreams Dashed
Global Iraq Fallout
Ex-Military Bosses in Australia Urge Truth on Iraq
Iraq and Syrian Minister Discuss Security Cooperation
Battles of Britain
John Major Leads Calls for Inquiry Into Iraq
Whistleblower That UK Ministers Tried to Muzzle
Blair Sidesteps Inquiry Calls After WMD Claim
Army Chief Accused of Lying About UK Readiness for Iraq War
Blair Defends Move to Halt BAE Inquiry
British AG 'Uncomfortable' After Saudi Threat Ends Inquiry
Bye-Bye Rummy
The Curtain Is Drawn on the Rumsfeld Era
In Farewell, Rumsfeld Warns Weakness Is 'Provocative'
Rumsfeld Sends Out Last Memo
Pentagon Debates Strategy as Rumsfeld Leaves
The War at Home
Sen. Graham: 20,000 More Troops Needed in Iraq
Incoming Chairmen Ready to Investigate on Iraq
Poll: 52 Percent Want Syria, Iran in Iraq Talks
Americans Want Congress Hearings on Iraq War
Peace, Love, Exams – US Student Antiwar Movement Quiet
Reporter Summoned to Testify Against War Resister
Poll: Americans Support Independent Palestinian State
US Military
Panel Seeks Consensus on US Nuclear Arsenal
Military Wants to Test Fake Blood on Civilian Trauma Victims Without Consent
California Man Charged in Theft of Military Secrets
US Air Force Looks to Outsource Casket Duty
From Head Scarf to Army Cap, Making a New Life
US Orders Rockets for Hypersonic Tests
$275 Billion Fighter Project Completes First Test Flight
'War on Terror'
Report: Germany Knew of Rendition Flights
German FM: We Did Not Help in CIA Kidnapping
Government Proposes Rail Security Plan
Homeland Security Chief Defends 'Real ID' Plan
Aussie High School Teacher Demands Proof He Is a Terrorist
North Korea
US, North Korea to Resume Nuclear Talks
Report: US Offers North Korea Written Promise Not to Attack
New Mexico Governor Meets North Korea Officials
Fresh Fighting Is Expected to Break Out in Afghanistan: US Official
Bombers Hit Afghanistan as NATO Launches Operation
Canada Faces Possible March Elections Over Afghanistan Mission
Canadian General Says Reinforcements in Afghanistan Would Shorten Conflict
Risks High for Canada's Air Force in Afghanistan
EU Leaders Agree to Intensify Support to Afghanistan
Politician Says Pakistan Backing Taliban
'Violations' Seen in Waziristan Deal
Musharraf: Militancy Afghanistan's Problem
'Taliban Law' Blocked in Pakistan
Five Killed as Sectarian Groups Clash in Bara
Two Killed, 10 Wounded in Violence in Karachi
Sri Lanka
Negotiator's Death a New Blow to Peace in Sri Lanka
Thousands of Sri Lankan Refugees Flee Rebel-Held East
Britain: Iran Sanctions Deal 'Emerging'
Iran Could Hide Sensitive Nuclear Work if Attacked
Iran Warns of Painful Revenge if Sanctions Imposed
Iran: 'Shameful' That World Is Ignoring Olmert's Comment on Israeli Nukes
One Killed in Iran Car Bomb Blast
Big Voter Turnout Seen in Iran, Giving Reformers a Boost
Litmus Test for Ahmadinejad as Iran's Moderates Battle to Win Back Voters
Ties Cut With Iran Institute Over Holocaust
Lebanese Premier Says Russia Could Help Settle Relations With Syria
EU Leaders Demand That Syria Stop Meddling in Lebanon
Report: Syria's Assad Calls for Dialogue With Israel
Syrian Workers Lie Low, Hope Lebanese Can Settle Crisis Peaceably
Beirut Deal Eludes Arab League Chief
US Mulls Increasing Aid to Lebanese Army
Poll: Lebanese Want National Unity Government
In Increasingly Elaborate Tent City, Faith Come Together – Sort Of
Hezbollah: 250 Members Killed in War With Israel
Hezbollah Seeks More Power in Lebanon
Korea Assembly Panel Endorses Troop Deployment to Lebanon
Clashes Between Groups of Palestinians Raise Fears of a Civil War
Defiant Hamas Rejects Call for Elections
Hamas Cabinet to Boycott Upcoming Abbas Speech
Hamas Demands Simultaneous Prisoner Swap
UN to Set Up Registry for Complaints Against West Bank Barrier
Israel PM Strives for Abbas Talks
Israel to Refuse Egyptian Troop Request
Israelis Warned to Avoid Goa, a Longtime Favorite Tourist Destination for Young Travelers
Egyptian Police Arrest Students Thought to Be Part of Islamist Group
Egypt Arrests Leading Islamist
Middle East
Rice Questions Why Saudis Might Need Nuclear Energy
Rice Lying Low at the Middle East Crossroads
Blair Seeks Alliance With Turkey
Somali Govt Rules Out Peace Talks
Somali Leader: Peace 'No Longer Possible'
Islamists, Army Face Off in Somalia
Somalia on Verge of All Out War
Somalis Brace for War, Troops Test Weapons
US Condemns Somali Islamists' War Ultimatum
Somalian Islamists Reject US Accusations
Somali Islamists Vow Not to Attack Government
US Insists al-Qaeda in Control of Mogadishu
Somali Islamic Courts Deny al-Qaeda Operatives in Country
Aid Workers Quit Darfur Over Rising Violence
Chadian Army Chases Rebels in Sudan
EU Leaders Prepare Statement of 'Concern' on Darfur
Gunmen Invade Nigerian Shell Oil Facility
Uganda MPs Attack Govt Over Choppers
Thousands Protest Against Putin in Moscow
Russian Military Chief Warns of US Anti-Missile Shield Impact
Report: Russia to Refit Nukes
26 Bosnian Serbs Arrested in US on War Crimes Charges
Bosnian Serb Jailed for 20 Years for War Crimes
Germans File WWII Claims Against Poland
Summit Plans to Salvage EU Constitution
Belarus Opposition Leader Ends Protest, as US Offers Support
UN Troops to Stay on Cyprus Another Six Months
10 US Congressmen in Rare Cuba Trip

Castro Near Death: Negroponte

Chavez: Castro Fighting Against 'Great Battle Against Serious Illness,' but Denies He Has Cancer

Bolivia: East Marches for Autonomy
Sign of Hope in US-Venezuela Ties
US, China Agree to Cooperate on Trade, but Frictions Remain
Japan Upgrades Military's Status
Kyrgyzstan Threatens to Evict US Troops
Nepal Parties, Maoists Say Deal in Sight
Celebrities Seek Action Against Myanmar
Bhutanese King Steps Down Early

Justin Raimondo
The Urge to 'Surge'

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Imperial Dreams

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Libertarian Warmongers?

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Indo-US Nuclear Deal Done; Pleases Few

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NATO's Poisoned Chalice

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Two Pair of Twos

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

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China's Little Capitalists

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