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The Right Men, the Wrong President: Leon Hadar
Democrats Set to Fund Longer War: Alex Cockburn
Is Bush Up to History's Challenge?: Jeffrey Langan
The Long Defeat: Nebojsa Malic
Who Will Pay For Haditha? by Mark Weisenmiller

Although tyranny...may successfully rule over foreign peoples, it can stay in power only if it destroys first of all the national institutions of its own people.
Hannah Arendt
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Updated December 21, 2006 - 9:05 PM EST
Bush Rejects Generals on Iraq
  Bush Warns of More US Losses in Iraq
  Pentagon Wants $99.7 Billion More for Wars
Bush's Move to Supersize US Military
  A Soldier's Soldier, Outflanked
  Long-Rumored Shuffle of Generals Expected
8 Marines Charged in Murder of 24 Iraq Civilians
  Report: Al-Sadr Agrees to End Boycott of Iraqi Government
  Sadr Weighs 1-Month Cease-Fire in Iraq
  Thursday: Attacks Kill 59 Iraqis, 3 GIs
  Shi'ite Clerics' Rivalry Deepens in Fragile Iraq
Syria in Bush's Cross Hairs
  Ahmadinejad: Iran Now a Nuclear Power
  US and Britain to Add Ships to Persian Gulf in Signal to Iran
  British Soldier Charged With Passing Army Secrets to Iran
North Korea Nuclear Talks Deadlocked
Zawahiri Vows New Attacks on US, Takes Swipe at Hamas
  Al-Qaeda Warns US on Fighting in Muslim Lands
  Europe Said to Face Rising Risk of Attack
Democrats Prepare to Fund
Longer War
 by Alexander Cockburn
The Right Men,
the Wrong President
 by Leon Hadar
Anti-Americanism and the Rise of Civic Diplomacy  by Nancy Snow
Bush, Asleep in the Bunker  by David Corn
Is Bush Up to History's Challenge?
by Jeffrey Langan
A Subpoena in Service of Secrecy
Orange County Register

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Zawahiri Hails 'Islamic State' in Iraq
Enlarging Military Poses Challenge
Inspector General Report: Berger Hid Archive Documents
Interview With Pres. Bush
Transcript: President Bush's News Conference
Gates Visits Baghdad Where He Finds Commanders Wary of His Proposal for 'Surge' of US Troops in Iraq
Today in Iraq
In the Minority, Iraq's Sunnis Lack Clear Leadership
Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Frowns on Plan to Cut Out Sadr
Iraqi Government Reshuffle Leaves Critics Dissatisfied
'I Never Made So Many Coffins a Day'
Lawyer Predicts Bloodshed if Hussein Is Executed
General: Iraq Recruitment Target Will Be Met
Mandatory University Attendance in Unstable Iraq Angers Many
Iraq Occupation
'Top al-Qaeda Member' Seized in Iraq
Iraqi Soldiers Eat Frogs, Rabbit at Handover Ceremony
General: Iraq Recruitment Target Will Be Met
Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 132 Iraqis, 3 GIs Killed
Iraqi Comedian Shot to Death in Baghdad
32 Journalists Die in Iraq in 2006
US Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,955
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 21
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 20
Global Iraq Fallout
US Suspends Australia Wheat Board After Iraq Probe
Australia: Iraq Kickbacks Not Bribes, but Tax Deductions
Poland to Keep Troops in Iraq Through 2007
The War at Home
A New Phrase Enters Washington’s War of Words Over Iraq
Poll: Americans Would Begin Iraq Withdrawal in 2007
US to Declassify Secrets at Age 25
Ex-Ambassador Wilson Asks Not to Testify in Libby Trial
GOP Sen. Coleman Says He's Against Sending More Troops to Iraq
Home in Illinois May Lure Fugitive Former Iraqi Minister
Iraq War Voted Top News Story of 2006
Iraq Vets Falling Through Health-Care Cracks
Controversial California Memorial Vandalized
US Military
Repeated Tours Raise GIs' Stress, Army Says
Leaned on as Never Before, Reservists Weigh Re-Enlistment
Pentagon Faulted for Lax Oversight of Contractors
US Army Officer Who Refused to Deploy to Iraq Rallies Support
Anthrax Vaccine Contract Voided, Thwarting Administration
Battles of Britain
Blair: All Progress in Foreign Policy Must Involve US Support
'Brainwashed' Blair Losing Battle to Prove His Influence
Iran and Iraq Unite in Criticism of Blair
US to Discuss UK Trident Lifespan
'War on Terror'
Pakistani in NY Found Guilty of Funding Sikh Militants
Is $100m Guantanamo Courthouse Necessary?
FBI to Release Last of Its John Lennon Files
The Lennon Files: The FBI and the Beatle
UN Approves Appeals for al-Qaeda Sanctions List
Dutch National Faces US Terror Trial
UK Home Secretary Axes Plans for New ID Computer
US Negotiator Notes an Improved Tone in Talks on North Korea
North Korea Sticks to Demand for Lifting of Financial Restrictions at Nuke Talks
Korea Truce Village at Peace
NATO Forces Say They Killed 50 Militants in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Kandahar Residents Support UN Call for NATO to Do More to Avoid Civilian Casualties
Flu Knocks Out British Commander Sent to Tame the Taliban
Afghanistan Releases 10 Detained Pakistanis
Pakistan Wants End to Criticism From Afghanistan
New Aid Crisis in Pakistan
Bicycle Blast Injures 11 in Quetta
India Split Over US Nuke Deal
India's Singh Urges Lasting Peace With Pakistan
India Reasserts Right to Nukes
Sri Lanka War Refugees Emerge to Uncertain Future
Bangladesh Government Makes Opposition Concessions
Colombian Militia Leader Comes Clean for Peace Deal
Action Against Iran?
Britain Predicts Vote on Iran Sanctions Friday
Russia Hits Back at Western Criticism, Iran
Russia Objects to Travel Ban for Iranian Officials
Europeans Offer Compromises on Iran UN Resolution
Blair Urges Muslim Nations to Form Alliance Against Iran
Iran President Facing Revival of Students’ Ire
Ahmadinejad Allies Defeated in Tehran Elections
Cleric's Star Rises in Iran After Vote
Tehran Mayor Flying High in Iran Vote
Ahmadinejad: Britain, Israel, US to 'Vanish Like the Pharaohs'
Iran Denounces Blair Speech as 'Hostile'
Video Shows US Embassy in Syria Terror Attack
Olmert Envoy Meets With Syrian Ambassador to US
Italian Foreign Minister Warns Damascus to Meet Demands of World Community
Iran May Hold Talks With Saudis on Diffusing Lebanon Crisis
Israel's Peretz Vows to Respond Harshly to Any Hezbollah 'Provocation'
Bush 'Proud of Lebanese PM'
Cracks Begin to Appear in Support for Hezbollah
A Key Player in Lebanon Alters His Part
Arab Mediator Focuses on Written Lebanon Deal
First Arab Peacekeepers Deploy in Lebanon
Hezbollah Says One of Its Fighters Killed in Cluster Bomb Explosion
Lebanon: Rate of Cluster Bomb Casualties Falling
Palestinian Faction Fight
Abbas Pleads for Restraint to Shore Up Gaza Truce
Rice: US Won't Wait for Elections, Will Step Up Support for Abbas
Uneasy Calm in Gaza Offers Respite Despite Fatal Clashes
Factional Battles in Gaza Leave at Least Six Dead
Abbas: Unity Government Still Possible Despite Election Call
Fire-Fight Breaks Fragile Gaza Truce
Angry Palestinians Feel Truce Is Brittle
Olmert Expresses Hope for Cease-Fire
Israeli Military Warns Against Restraint in Gaza
PA Accuses Israel of Using Banned Chemical Weapons
From the West Bank, a Circuitous Road to Market
Israel May Release Tax Funds to Abbas
Sheep Provide a Lifeline on West Bank
Two Islamic Jihad Men Killed by Israel in West Bank
Israeli Colonel Freed by Hezbollah in 2004 Admits Being Drug Dealer
Meeting Between Israeli Religious Leaders Ends With Spat Over Occupation
Father of Girl Slain by Israeli Troops Not Allowed to Attend Funeral
US Court Won't Hear Civil Suit Regarding 1996 Qana Killings
Middle East
Ohioan Held in Egypt: Suspected Terror Link
Saudi Arabia Set to Name Jubeir as Ambassador
Turkish Author Cleared of Insulting Ataturk
Pope Urges Peaceful Solutions to Mideast Crisis
Fighting May Be Outbreak of War in Somalia
Somalis Agree to Peace Talks Despite Clashes
Somali Islamist Downplays War Fears Amid Clashes
UN Chief Calls for Troops in Chad as Darfur Violence Spreads
South Sudan Army Holds Officers From Mutinous Unit
US Gives Sudan Until Year-End to Accept UN Force
UN Envoy in Talks on Darfur Force
Over 1,000 Rebels Join Congo Army in Disarmament Plan
VP Chosen by Nigerian Opposition
Sierra Leone Angry About Hollywood Portrayal in 'Blood Diamond'
Report: Spanish Government Holds First Talks With ETA
US Announces Sanctions Against Fiji Coup Leaders

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How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

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Libertarian Warmongers?

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Who Makes the Middle East?

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