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Could Bush Start Another War?: Scott Horton
A Bad Year for Empire: Jim Lobe
Condi's Diplomatic Triumph: Gordon Prather
Win the Space Race by Not Running It: F. Berrigan
Iraqi Hopes Dim in Worst Year of War: Jamail/Fadhily

We must not only cease our present desire for the growth of the state, but we must desire its decrease, its weakening...
Leo Tolstoy
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Updated December 24, 2006 - 8:38 PM EST
Sistani Rejects US Plan, Supports Sadr
  Christmas Under Siege: Baghdad Tree Tradition Dies
  Residents Blame US for Deadly Attack in Baquba
  US Contractors Say Supervisor Fired on Iraqis Unprovoked
  Sunday: 68 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 134 Iraqis, 2 GIs Wounded
Commander Is Now Open to Troop Surge
  Bush, Gates Confer on Iraq Amid Talk of Troop Surge
  Bush to Announce $10 Billion Jobs Program for Iraq
  US Trainers Skeptical on Iraq Training
US Says UN Iran Resolution Not Enough
  Iran Warns UN to Expect Reaction Over Sanctions
  Gates Denies Naval Buildup in Gulf Is Meant as Threat to Iran
Ethiopia Launches Airstrikes Against Somalia
  Ethiopian PM: Country at War With Somalia Islamists
Glimmer of Hope After Israeli-Palestinian Summit
  Olmert Frees $100 Million to Abbas, Palestinians
Italian Contact of Ex-KGB Spy Arrested
North Korea Says It Is Not Afraid of War After Impasse
Pick a Horror: Iraq Toll or Dubya's Lost Goal  by Geoff Elliott
Drug War, Taliban, Poppies All in Full Flower  by Ann Jones
An Executive Branch Assault on the Constitution  by John Nichols
How Bush Can Make Iraq Disappear
by Rosa Brooks

Condi's Diplomatic Triumph
by Gordon Prather

Win the Space Race by Not Running It  by Frida Berrigan

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Iraq Envoy: US Unlikely to Change Strategies
Goals Set by US Unworkable, Says Iraq Contractor
Iraq Massacre: US Marines 'Will Point the Finger of Blame at Senior Officers'
What Surrounds the Iraqi Tinderbox
Iraqi Government, Resisting Change, Seeks Aid
US Says Key Taliban Leader Killed but Militants Disagree
Aiding and Abetting the Taliban?
As Holidays Near, US Death Toll Nears 3,000 in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Keeping Christmas Alive on a Baghdad Street Corner
Iraqi Insurgent Snipers Gaining Skill
December Is Already Second-Deadliest Month for US Forces in Iraq in '06
An Army Christmas in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 79 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed, 26 Iraqis Wounded
Gunmen Slay Iraqi Intelligence Officer
Clashes in Southern Iraqi City Kill 5
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 24
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 23
Global Iraq Fallout
Volcker Probe on Iraq to Be Kept at UN
Bush Thanks El Salvador for Extending Troop Presence in Iraq
US Military
Officers to Be Held Liable After Haditha Killings
Army Subpoenas Journalists Over Officer's Quotes
Holidays Bring Little Relief to Families of Fallen Soldiers
In Army’s Locker Rooms, War’s Toll Hits Close to Heart
With Bigger Army, a Bigger Task for Recruiters
Iraq's Wounded Veterans Learn to Live With New Disabilities
The War at Home
Congress Less Than Keen on Iraq 'Surge'
Media Want Documents in CIA Leak Case
Americans Send Tokens From the Home Front
Battles of Britain
Anglican Head Slams Britain and US Over Iraq War
Government Slaps Down Anglican Leader for Middle East Outburst
One in 10 of Glasgow Homeless Is a Former Soldier
UK Army Saves by Topping Up Tanks With Chip Oil
'War on Terror'
Homeland Security Admits It Did Not Follow Privacy Law
Blair Shelves Islamic Group Ban
English Channel Tunnel Is Terror Target
North Korea
North Korean Army Chief of Staff Vows Strong Countermeasures Against US Sanctions
North Korea Blames US for Impasse
Doubts Voiced Over Effectiveness of 6-Party Talks
Elders Support Karzai's Stance Against Pakistan
Kill or Be Killed a Reality in Afghanistan
Azerbaijan Protests Prompt Fears of Iranian Influence
Talks With Russia Over Gas Price Stalled: Azerbaijani President
No Successor After Turkmen Leader Dies
Turkmenistan Official Pledges Calm
Police Hunt Launched After Uranium Stolen in India
Indian Commandant Killed, Four Soldiers Wounded in Kashmir
Indonesia Defends Decision to Acquit Militant Cleric in Bali Bombing
Acquittal an Act of Defiance Against US: Bashir
Outrage Over US Snub on Bashir Case
Philippine Army Wants Holiday Truce With Communists
China Tests Security Against Terror Attack
Nepal's Maoists Call Off National Strike Plan
Japan Emperor Urges War Lesson
More Misery Rains on Timor Refugees
First Tsunami, Now War: Sri Lanka Survivors Can't Win
Russia & Her Neighbors

Russia: Nostalgia for USSR Increases

Putin Visit Reveals New Power Over Ukraine

Tiny Montenegro Booms, and Eyes the Russian Hand That’s Feeding It

Cuban Eyes Focus on Leader Who Isn’t There
US Officials Meet Over Cuba
Raul Castro Says No Excuse for Cuba's Transportation, Food Problems
Ecuador's Leader to Oust US From Base
Colombia Spraying Feud With Ecuador Escalates
Old Enemies Unite to Govern Nicaragua
Mexican Soldiers Try to Kill Herbicide-Resistant Marijuana
Chile’s Leader Attacks Amnesty Law
Venezuela Blasts US Senate's Criticism
Suspected Gangsters in Haiti Attack 4 Filipino Peacekeepers
Attacks on Journalists
Security Council Unanimously Approves Resolution Condemning Attacks on Journalists in Armed Conflicts
Iran Calls UN Resolution 'Invalid' and 'Illegal'
Iran: UN Ignoring Israeli Nuke Program
Hardline Daily Wants Iran Out of Nuclear Treaty
Iranian Entities and Individuals Targeted Under UN Sanctions

Iran's Nuclear Network

US Hopes UN Action Against Iran Clears Way for Tougher Measure for Individual Countries
US: Make UN Iran Sanctions 'Immediate'
Putin, Bush Stress Importance of 'Unified Position' on Iran
No Deal Reached on Lebanon Crisis
Lebanon PM, Hezbollah Spar Over Failure to Resolve Crisis
Lebanon's Slow Slide From Hope to Deadlock
Beirut Street Protests Enter Fourth Week
Israel-Palestinian Summit
Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Hold Long-Awaited Summit
Knesset Divided Over Olmert-Abbas Meeting
Hamas Describes Olmert-Abbas Meeting as 'Political Blackmail of PA by Zionist Enemy'
Olmert and Abbas Posing for Bush and Blair
Palestinian Faction Fight
Chances Recede for Early Meeting Between Abbas, Haniya in Jordan
A Tired Fatah Struggles
Gaza Cease-Fire Number 2
Palestinians See Echoes of Crackdown in Election Plan
Death of a Student Stirs Revolt in Gaza
Abbas Loyalist, Civilians Wounded in Southern Gaza Ambush
Christmas in Bethlehem
'What Would Happen if the Virgin Mary Came to Bethlehem Today?'
West Bank Town of Bethlehem Experiences Little Peace – or Commerce
Violence, Economic Hardship Accelerate Exodus of Bethlehem's Christians
'Bethlehem Is Being Starved to Death'
Bethlehem Awaits Christmas Pilgrims
200 Israelis, Palestinians Protest New Israeli-Only West Bank Road
Israeli Army Sets Sights on Missile Defense
Germany to Launch Joint Initiative for Mideast Peace
France Says Egypt Breached Accords in Arrest of French Nationals
Rights Group Demands Prosecution of Egypt Torturers
Middle East
Deputy PM: Syria's Isolation Over
Yemeni Antiterrorism Forces Receive US Training
Islamic Forces Expand Attacks and Urge Muslims to Join War on Somalian Government
Ethiopia Scoffs at Somali Islamist Jihad Appeal
Sudan Officials to Implement 1st Phase of UN-AU Force Tuesday
Sudan Stresses Commitment to Darfur Peace
Nigeria Ruling Party Expels VP Over Candidacy
Militants Stage Car Bombing of Nigerian Government Headquarters
Bomb Explodes in Nigeria's Oil Capital
For Young, Justice as Impoverished as Africa
UN Extends Sierra Leone Mission
Verdicts in Morocco Terror Trial
Madagascar Confirms Poll Result
Americans Keep Dying
Tragic Way to Learn Son Is in Iraq (CO)
Hilo (HI) Soldier Dies on 4th Tour in Iraq
Newlywed GI (FL) Killed in Iraq
St Louis (MO) Soldier Killed Three Months After Arriving in Iraq
Family of Newark (NJ) Soldier Killed in Iraq Devastated
Sad Season for Family of Slain Soldier (NH)
Michigan Marine Was 'Proud of What He Was Doing'
Family, Friends Fondly Recall Big Spring (TX) Soldier
Crowd Turns Out to Honor Soldier Killed in Iraq (CA)
Slain Marine (CA) Remembered as a 'Fun Kid'
Brighton Township (MI) Family Loses Son in Iraq
Military Service Was His Calling (TX)
Parents in Arizona Mourn Soldier (CO) Killed in Iraq
Colorado Springs (CO) Loses a Son
Military Family Bears Up After Soldier (CT) Killed in Afghanistan
59-Year-Old Army Sergeant (WY) Dies From Non-Combat Cause
Family Mourns Major With St. Louis (MO) Ties
Funeral, Burial in Montana for Slain Colorado Marine
Hundreds Turn Out to Honor Slain Kingwood (TX) Marine
West Bend (WI) Soldier Killed in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
An Anniversary

Doug Bandow
Losing Lives or Face: Time to Leave Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
The Long Defeat

Praful Bidwai
India Split Over US Nuke Deal

Charles Peña
Another Year,
Another Iraq Plan

Ivan Eland
Top 10 Things Not to Do in Iraq

David R. Henderson
How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

Alan Bock
Imperial Dreams

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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