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The Embarrassment of the Wretched: Ran HaCohen
Who Might Be Shooting at Both Sides?: Jon Utley
The Meaning of the UNSC Iran Vote: Jorge Hirsch
A Grim Christmas for Iraqi Children: Jamail/Fadhily
2007 Promises More of the Same: Rep. Ron Paul

Good leaders serve the interests of their people, while unfit leaders exploit their citizens to serve their own.
Ramman Kenoun
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Updated December 26, 2006 - 9:19 PM EST
Court: Execute Saddam Within 30 Days
  Talabani: Iranians Arrested by US Were Invited
  US Says Arrest of Diplomats Highlights Iran-Meddling Charge in Iraq
  Basra Govt Furious Over Deadly UK Raid on Police Station

Tuesday: 75 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 145 Iraqis, 3 GIs Wounded

Troop 'Surge' Plan Faces Growing US Opposition
  US Deaths in Iraq Exceed 9/11 Count
  Generals Give Way on US Troop Numbers in Iraq
  Old Iraq Strategy Lives on in Weekly Progress Reports
Israel to Remove Some West Bank Roadblocks
  Olmert: Palestinians Will Soon Feel Major Improvement in Daily Lives
  Israeli DM, Military Oppose Olmert Plan to Remove Checkpoints
  Israeli Military Intel Official: Syria Is Serious About Peace Talks
  Olmert Sets Demands for Syria Talks
Who Might Be Shooting at
Both Sides?
 by Jon Basil Utley
Iran Backed Dangerously Into a Corner  by Linda S. Heard
US: What's Good for Beirut Is Bad for Gaza  by Nicholas Blanford
The Meaning of the UNSC Iran Vote
by Jorge Hirsch
2007 Promises More of the Same
by Rep. Ron Paul
The Evil Within the Innocence
by Georgie Anne Geyer

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Iran Oil Revenue Quickly Drying Up, Analysis Says
Ethiopian Fighter Jets Bombard Somali Airports
A Grim Christmas for Iraqi Children
Troop Push Is Personal for McCain
Justice Dept. Database Stirs Privacy Fears
Britain's Fears Over Secret EU Terror Targets
Senate Report Says 9/11 Claim Is Baseless
British Troops Demolish
Iraqi Police Station, Kill 7 Police
Today in Iraq
Shi'ite-on-Shi'ite Violence Racks Southern Iraqi City
Iran Furious at Iraq Arrests
Hundreds Disappear Into the Black Hole of the Kurdish Prison System in Iraq
Iraq: Smuggled Oil Hampering Reconstruction
Less Aid Going to Iraq Refugees
Turkey Left Out of Iraq Conference
Attacks Continue
Monday: 83 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed; 46 Iraqis, 5 GIs Wounded
9 Americans Killed in Iraq Over Christmas Weekend
Suicide Bomber Kills Three in Iraq
Ten Killed in Baghdad Car Blast
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 26
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 25
Iraq Occupation
US Troops in Iraq Doing Their Best to Get in the Holiday Spirit
In Baghdad, a Christmas Patrol
Camaraderie Key for US Blacks Fighting in Iraq
UK Troops in Iraq Plan Festive Hunt
Taliban Find Support in Pakistan, Documents Say
Pakistan FM: Karzai Blaming Pakistan for His Own Problems
Afghanistan to Suspend Diplomatic Missions in 3 Countries
No Christmas Break for Troops in Afghanistan
Christmas From Connecticut to Afghanistan
Troops Celebrate White Afghan Christmas
Turkmenistan Dictator's Grip Firm – Even in Death
Turkemenistan to Plan for Selecting Leader
Indian Army to Be Sent to Guwahati After Blasts Kill More Than 20
Car Bomb at Pakistani Airport Wounds 3
Sri Lanka Rebels Free Captured Crew

Philippines on Alert Ahead of Communist Anniversary

UN Monitors to Arrive in Nepal This Week
Support Falls for Japanese PM
Six Activists Seized in Fiji
Iran: Missile Industry Won’t Be Hurt by Sanctions
US Sanctions Allow Russia to Honor Iran Deals, Says FM
China Urges More Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program
Egypt Slams Ahmadinejad for Saying Iran Is a Nuclear Power
Iran Puts 17 Oil Blocks Out to Tender
Iran Academics Warn on 'Wrong' Agriculture Policies
Talks Emerge Out of Gaza Conflict
PA Official: Haniyeh, Abbas Will Meet in Jordan Later This Week
Israel Court Deliberates Hamas Residency
US, European Officials Visit Fatah Base in Jordan
Israel Seizes Top Palestinian Militant in West Bank
Poll: Most Israelis, Palestinians in Favor of Comprehensive Agreement
Will Papa Noel Make It to Gaza?
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem Hits Out at Palestinian Infighting
Bethlehem Marks Another Gloomy Christmas
Two Settlers Given Jail Terms for Attack on Palestinian Shepherds
Middle East
Christmas Sermons Urge Peace, but Mideast Violence Rages On
Egypt Wants End to 'Nuclear Double Standards'
Five Wounded in Cluster Bomb Explosions in Southern Lebanon
Ethiopia Intervenes in Somali Civil War
Ethiopia to Use 'Any Appropriate Means' Against Somali Islamists
Airport Attack Opens New Chapter in the Miserable History of Mogadishu
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Set on Selling More Weapons
Militant Suspect Killed in Russia
Under Merkel, Russia Policy Takes a Turn
Russian Troops Leave Georgian HQ
In Bolivia’s Affluent East, Anger at Morales Is Growing
Bolivia's Morales Faces Biggest Test

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Another Year,
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How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

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