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'Support the Troops' in Bolivia?: Jacob Hornberger
Blair's Folly: Bahlol Lohdi
The Year Everything Changed: Nebojsa Malic
When Iraqis Gave Up on Govt: Jamail/al-Fadhily
In Somalia, a Reckless US Proxy War: Salim Lone

The time not to become a father is eighteen years before a war.
E. B. White
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Updated December 28, 2006 - 9:25 PM EST
NBC: Saddam to Be Hanged by Sunday
  Many GIs Say Troop Surge a Bad Idea
  Tensions Boil in Najaf After GI Kills Sadr Aide
  Thursday: 77 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 110 Iraqis, 1 GI Wounded
  Wednesday: 134 Iraqis, 7 GIs, 2 Latvian Soldiers Killed
Bush Digging in Heels on Iraq Course Change
  Gerald Ford Disagreed With Bush About Invading Iraq
  Bush Staff Bristles at Troop Level Criticism
  US Expects Saddam Hussein's Hanging to Trigger Reprisals
  US Soldiers Divided Over Saddam Execution Order
US Scolds Israel on Plan for W. Bank Settlement
  Olmert: No Pressure From US to Hold Off Syria Talks
  With Israeli Blessing, Egypt Transfers Arms, Ammunition to Fatah
US Tries to Assure Allies Extraordinary Renditions Are Over
  US Pursues Financial Strategy Against Regimes It Can't Otherwise Corral
Bush's Great Leap Forward
by Chris Floyd
In Somalia, a Reckless
US Proxy War
 by Salim Lone
Blair's Folly  by Bahlol Lohdi
Boomeranging Sanctions on Iran
by Hossein Askari

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When Iraqis Gave Up on Government
UK General 'Unrepentant' Over Iraq Station Raid
Ba'ath Party Threatens to Hit US Targets if Saddam Executed
Facing Shi'ite Baghdad
FBI Says Files in Leak Cases Are 'Missing'
Assad Inspires 'Flip' Theories
Iran’s Strong Ties With Syria Complicate US Overtures
Nuke Missile Testing Galore
US 'Joe Blow' Keeps Track of Iraq War Dead
Saddam Offers Himself as 'Sacrifice,' Tells Iraqis Not to Hate US Invaders
Saddam Hussein
Saddam Letter: Key Excerpts
A View to a Kill on US-Made Gallows
Hundreds of Iraqis Apply to Kill Saddam Hussein
Iraqis Split Over Death Penalty for Saddam
Iraqi Govt: Saddam Execution Might Not Need President's Approval
Iraqi Govt Silent on Conduct of Saddam Hanging
Arabs Say Iraqi Violence Overshadows Fate of Saddam
Bush's Support for Death Penalty Opens Rift With UK
Italian PM Condemns Saddam Death Sentence
Today in Iraq
Abducted Contractors Appear in Videotape
Sectarian Ties Weaken Duty’s Call for Iraq Forces
Iraq: Stress of Violence Leads to More Suicides
Basra Prisoner Tells of His Detention
Increasing Numbers of Palestinians Leaving Baghdad
Iraq Occupation
US Confirms Holding Two Iranians in Iraq
Mortars Are a Constant Presence at Forward Operating Base in Iraq
Paratroopers to Replace Marines as 'Call-Forward Force' in Kuwait
Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 134 Iraqis, 7 GIs, 2 Coalition Soldiers Killed
Car Bomb Kills Eight Near Restaurant in Baghdad
Two Latvian Troops Killed in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 28
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 27
Global Iraq Fallout
Poll: Six Nations Want All Troops Out of Iraq
Prince Harry Will Go to Iraq, Says Girlfriend
Iraqi Refugee Family Traverses Half the Globe Seeking a New Home
The War at Home
White House to Joe Biden: Hold Your Horses on Rejecting Iraq Troop Surge
Bush to Convene Top Aides Ahead of Decision on Iraq
Democrats Will Soon Get a Say on Iraq
Art Exhibition on Torture 'Opens Abu Ghraib Wounds'
Grieving Mom Creating Refuge for Iraq War Vets
'War on Terror'
UK Fighter Jets Scramble Over Airline Terror Alert
Hunt for CIA 'Black Site' in Poland
Handguns Missing From Homeland Security Vault
Guantanamo Needs Courthouse, Pentagon Says
Battles of Britain
British Aide Sent for Trial, but Denies Iran Spying Claims
Support Is Lacking for British Troops, Commander Says
Britons Apply to Army in Australia
Russia Links Israeli Businessman to Murder of Ex-Spy Litvinenko
Yukos Probed Over Ex-Spy's Death
Russia May Back Off Requiring Churches to Report Sermons to Govt
Kosovo President Sees Ruling on Province Final Status Early '07
Gazprom Warns of Wider Cutoffs if Belarus Interferes With Gas
Trial Reveals How Serbian Fugitive Hid
Australian Environmentalists Call for Army to Declare War Against Toads
Iran Lawmakers Vote to Revise UN Nuke Ties
US Warns Iran Over 'Downward Spiral' With UN Nuclear Watchdog
Iran Fury at Blair 'Tirade of Allegations'
Pope Meets With Iranian FM at Vatican
Moussa's Return to Lebanon 'Not Guaranteed'
Hezbollah Rises From Ruins of Its Beirut Home
Israel 'Committed to Truce', Will Start Attacking Gaza Again Anyhow
Egypt: Captured Israeli Soldier Is Alive
Olmert Assures EU That Syria Doesn't Mean Peace Overtures
Abbas to Mubarak: PA Ready for 'Backdoor' Talks With Israel
Islamic Jihad Says Qassam Fire Is Bid to Sabotage Gaza Truce
Abbas Advocates Intensive Talks Ahead of Rice Visit
Middle East
13 Turkish Villagers Acquitted in Attack on US Troops
Muslim Pilgrims Gather for Hajj
Ethiopian Forces Advance on Mogadishu
Somali Pro-Govt Forces to Encircle Mogadishu
Islamists Seem to Give Up Grip on Somali City
Somali Islamist Forces Await Siege
UN Envoy Calls Somalia Situation Grim
African Union Urges Ethiopia to Leave Somalia
Arab States Urge Foreign Forces to Leave Somalia
Red Cross to Fly Medical Aid to Somalia
Annan Says Sudan’s Overture Could Pave Way for Peacekeepers
Congo Soldiers Tried for Murder of Women, Children
Burkina Faso: Fragile Democracy Being Tested
Taliban Confirm Top Commander Killed in US Strike
Afghanistan Says Pakistan's Mining of Border Not Enough
German Government Considers Deploying Air Force in Afghanistan
German Soldiers in Afghanistan Come Under Small Arms Fire
Pakistani Driver Killed in Rocket Attack in Afghanistan
Ex-Guantanamo Detainee Held by Pakistan Over Book on Intel Service
UN Voices Concern Over Pakistan Plan
Fatwa: Death to UN Workers Urged in Pakistan
One Killed, Dozens Hurt in Nepal Clashes
Curfew Imposed as Violence Hits in Nepal
South Korea: US Made North an Offer
Turkmenistan Limits Election to Soviet-Style Slate
Military: Abu Sayyaf Chief Remains Found
In Japan, New Nationalism Takes Hold
Experts Gloomy on Outcome of China, Japan's History Talks
In Aceh, Building Peace Amid Building Pains
Colombia Rebels Free Kidnapped Police in Gesture
Ecuador Names 1st Female Defense Chief
Violence Plagues Guatemala Decade After War's End

Justin Raimondo
Did the Russian Mafia Kill Alexander Litvinenko?

Nebojsa Malic
The Year Everything Changed

Alan Bock
Study War for Peace

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Ivan Eland
Another Civil War Exacerbated

Doug Bandow
Losing Lives or Face: Time to Leave Iraq

Praful Bidwai
India Split Over US Nuke Deal

Charles Peńa
Another Year,
Another Iraq Plan

David R. Henderson
How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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