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End of Another Year in Iraq: Riverbend
Dictator Created Then Destroyed by America: Fisk
Ends and Means in the New Year: Alan Bock
Preserve, Protect and Defend: Gordon Prather
End Draft Registration!: Sheldon Richman

We thought, because we had power, we had wisdom.
Stephen Vincent Benét
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Updated December 30, 2006 - 9:29 PM EST
Saddam Hussein Executed
  Poll: 90% of Iraqis Say Worse Off Than Before Invasion
  Saturday: Attacks Kill 110 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier as Saddam Executed
  Friday: 66 Iraqis, 6 GIs, UK Soldier Killed
Dec. in Iraq the Deadliest Month for US in 2 Years
  Pentagon Maps Plans for Iraq Surge
  Military Poll: More Troops Unhappy With Bush’s Course in Iraq
  US 'Angered' as Iraq Expels 2 Captured Iranian Agents
Somali PM: Ethiopian Troops Will Remain
  US Backs Ethiopian Invasion of Somalia
  Somalis Split as Fighting Halts and Hint of Insurgency Looms
  Ethiopians Are Split Over Their Foreign Invasion
A Dictator Created Then Destroyed by America  by Robert Fisk
Iraq: A Nation Soaked in Blood Tears Itself Apart  by Patrick Cockburn
Preserve, Protect and Defend
by Gordon Prather
End Draft Registration!  by Sheldon Richman
'Surge' Protectors  by Greg Mitchell
You Call That a Secret?  by Jacob Sullum

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Bush Iraq Choices Get Tougher
Few New Ideas in Army's Surge Options for Iraq
US Urges Vigilance Against Terrorism
Analysts Doubt Bush Will Benefit From Saddam's Execution
After Saddam’s Execution, Outlook for Iraq Grim
Military Families Weigh Saddam Execution
Nuclear Disarmament Gets Critical
Biographer: Saddam Knew Losing Power Would Cost Him His Life
Execution of Saddam
Saddam's Fate Divides a City Torn Apart by Conflict
Saddam Daughter Asking Body Be Buried in Yemen
With Hussein Dead, Iraqis Consider Fate of His Body
Flurry of Confusion Greets Saddam's Execution
Saddam Trial Verdict Tarnished by Iraqi Court's Failings
Saddam Death Verdict Gets Frown From European Governments
Timeline: Saddam Trial
American Reaction
Joy of Capture Muted at End
Bush Calls Saddam Execution 'Important Milestone'
Bush: Execution Will Not Halt Violence
Will Newspapers Show Photos of Saddam Hanging?
TV Executives Debate Whether to Show Execution
Today in Iraq
US Miltary Hints at Changes in Baghdad
Iraq Oil in '07, Bleak as '06
US General: 'You Cannot Solve This Problem Militarily'
Friday: 66 Iraqis, 6 GIs, UK Soldier Killed
US Forces Kill Six in Raids in Iraq
Iraqi River Police Patrol the Tigris
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan to Seek Extending Iraq Mission Beyond July
British Soldier Is Killed in Iraq
Turkish FM Sees Less Risk of Iraq Breaking Up
The War at Home
Bush Tops bin Laden, Saddam as Villain of the Year
Sen. Lieberman Seeks 'More Troops' for 'Winnable' Iraq War
Cheney Faces Troubled New Year
Democrats to Hold Hearings on Iraq
Security Effort by Coast Guard Is Falling Short
Two Die as Crewmen Are Swept From US Nuclear Submarine
Mullah Omar Pledges to Expel NATO
Troops Kill Seven Rebels in Afghanistan, Child Dies in Bombing
Canadian NCO Sent Home After Afghanistan Incident Described as 'Desertion'
Dutch Solider Jailed Over Afghanistan Refusal
Estonian Soldier Wounded in Afghan Insurgent Attack
South Korean Report Calls North Korea a Threat
Vietnam Bank Tightens Screw on Pyongyang
China’s Military Spending to Reach $36bn
China Offers Glimpse of Rationale Behind Its Military Policies
China Pledges Peaceful Growth of Army
US Marine in Philippine Rape Case Transferred to US Embassy
Ex-Rebel Leader Named Governor in Aceh
Japan to Sign Military Data Pact With US
Myanmar Cracks Down Against Indian Rebels
Turkmen Exile Urges Interim President to Step Down
Bangladesh Opposition Calls Fresh Protests
Thai Insurgency Targets Buddhists
One Killed, Three Hurt by Kashmir Roadside Bomb
Fiji Coup Leader to Seek Chinese Support
The Sanctions, According to Iran
Iran Defense Industry Unharmed by Sanctions: Minister
Khamenei Calls for Unity Among Sunnis, Shi'ites
Israel Escorts Egyptian Arms Delivery to Abbas
Israel Won't Free Palestinian Prisoners
Army Denies Israeli Settlement Report
Israelis Oppose Negotiations With Syria
Israel Plays Down Letter From Assad to Olmert
10 Qassams Fired at Israel
Israeli Military Ethicist: Restraint Policy Is Legit
Israeli Probe Raps Army's Handling of Lebanon War
Gazans Fear Influential Faction Radios May Lead to Civil War
200 New Trailers Placed in West Bank Settlements Since June
Palestinian Death Toll Triples This Year
A Lean, Gloomy Eid for Muslims of Gaza
'Gaza Is No Longer Safe for Journalists'
Isolation Produces Generation of Bitter Children in Gaza
Growing Up Angry in Gaza
Floods Cut Gaza Into Two
Protestors Vow to Stay in Beirut's Tent City Despite Cold
Cluster Bomb in South Lebanon Wounds Two Belgian Troops
MP: Hezbollah Involved in Lebanon Assassinations
Saudi Arabia
Revered Saudi Cleric Denounces Shi'ites as Infidels
Horn of Africa
Islamic Leader Vows to Stay in Somalia
Somali PM Claims 'Total Victory'
President Says Somalia Will Not Be Like Afghanistan and Iraq
Somalia's PM Promises Peace, Stability
Red Cross: Somali Clashes Have Killed Hundreds
Eritrea and Ethiopia Top Africa in Army Sizes
AU Affirms Ethiopia's Right to Attack Somalia
Anxious Times for Somali Capital
Conflict May Affect Food Availability in South Sudan
Battles of Britain
UK Army Shrinks After Over 14,000 Soldiers Quit
Author of Error-Ridden Iraq War Dossier, Is Knighted
British Police to Get Dirty Bomb Protection
UK Settles WWII Debts to Allies
Sinn Fein Vote for Watershed Conference on Northern Ireland Policing
Russian Denies Role in London Murder
Second 'Dirty War' Witness Missing in Argentina
Argentine 'Death Squad' Man Held
Chavez to Shut Down Opposition TV
Regime Slowly Lifts Veil Over State of Castro's Health
Weekend Reviews
No Slave Armies
New Book Reveals Long-Suppressed First Dispatches From A-Bombed Nagasaki
Outstanding Films Show Savagery of War in Pacific
Fouad Ajami, or the Dangers of the Foreigner's Gift
'Good' Films Offer a Less-Than-Romanticized Side After WWII

Justin Raimondo
Somalia: US Foreign Policy and Gangsterism

Alan Bock
Ends and Means in the New Year

Praful Bidwai
Nuclear Disarmament Gets Critical

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
The Year Everything Changed

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Ivan Eland
Another Civil War Exacerbated

Charles Peña
Another Year,
Another Iraq Plan

David R. Henderson
How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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