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A Monster of Our Creation: Robert Scheer
The Democrats' Agenda: Thomas Gale Moore
Iraq Vets Come Home Butchered: Aaron Glantz
Death Threat Wrapped Around a Bullet: Kathy Kelly
US Hypocrisy Reaches All-Time High: P.C. Roberts

Everybody's worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there's a really easy way: stop participating in it.
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Updated January 4, 2007 - 9:01 PM EST
Bush Mulls 40,000 Iraq Troop Surge
  Key Democrat May Back Troop Boost in Iraq
  White House Won't Condemn Saddam Taunts
  Poll: US Troops Lose Confidence in Bush
  Former Officers Warn 'Surge' Could Place Fatal Strain on US Military
  Iraq Vets Come Home Physically, Mentally Butchered
Bush Picks Generals to Replace Abizaid, Casey
  Bush to Name Iraq Envoy Khalilzad as New UN Envoy
  Bush Picks Retired Admiral for Top Spy as Negroponte Moves to State
Official: Militiamen Took Over Saddam Execution
  Iraq Battles Fallout From Saddam Video
  Iraq Prime Minister Wishes He Could Quit
  A Promising Iraqi Province Is Now a Tinderbox
  Thursday: 85 Iraqis, GI Killed; 70 Iraqis, 5 GIs Wounded
US: No Evidence of Imminent N. Korea Nuke Test
US Navy Deployed to Capture Somali Islamists
  Battle for Somalia Nears Kenya Border
Pentagon Plans No Action on FBI Report of Gitmo Abuse
  FBI Reports Duct-Taping, 'Baptizing' at Guantánamo
NATO: Hopefully Next Year We'll Kill Fewer Afghan Civilians
Why Saddam's Execution Clouds Bush's Iraq Plan  by Tony Karon
A Death Threat Wrapped Around a Bullet  by Kathy Kelly
Attack on Iran Could Bring Devastation to Arab World  by Patrick Seale
The Democrats' Agenda  by Thomas Gale Moore
The War on Terror Hits Africa  by Nick Dearden
US Hypocrisy Reaches All-Time High  by Paul Craig Roberts

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Top US Intel Chief to Switch Jobs
Official: Escalation 'More of a Political Decision Than a Military One'
Sheehan Leads Antiwar Protest of Democrats During News Conference
Pat Robertson Says God Told Him of 'Mass Killing' in US in 2007
Iraq Move May Quash 'Bipartisan' Congress
In Padilla Wiretaps, Murky View of 'Jihad' Case
The Relics of Humanity's First War
Iraqi Officials Say Saddam Video Meant to Stir Trouble
Saddam Execution
Iraqi PM's Aide Taunted Saddam
US General Slams Iraqis Over Saddam Hanging
Iraqis Makes Arrests Over Saddam Hanging Video
US Raised Concerns Before Saddam Execution
Prosecutor Denies He Accused Iraqi Official of Taking Saddam Execution Video
Iraq PM Worried Saddam Would Avoid Hanging
Iraq Postpones Execution of Saddam Aides
Saddam's Goodbye
From Hussein, a Florid Farewell to the Iraqi People
Hussein Poem: Ba'athists Bloom, Enemy Is Hollow
Saddam Bid 'Courteous' Adieu to US Captors
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Sunni Chief Thrown to His Death
New Video Shows 5 Security Contractors Who Were Kidnapped in Southern Iraq
Iraqi Court Sentences Dozens of Insurgents to Jail, Death
Iraq Sentences Three Foreigners to Death
Wednesday: 34 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Military Planners Assess Options for Iraq
Soldier Reaches Plea Deal in the Killing of 3 Iraqis
US Raids in Western Iraq Capture 23 Suspects
UK Helicopter Pilots in Iraq 'Were Not Warned They Were on Collision Course'
Soldier Killed in Iraq Just Visited Home
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 3,005
Global Iraq Fallout
Pro-Saddam Memorial Rally in Amman Attracts 2,500 Jordanians
Deaths Spark Little Debate as Latvians Head for Iraq
UN Rights Chief Asks Iraq Stop Executions
The War at Home
Words Show Iraq Fraying 'Code of Silence'
Awaiting Bush’s Iraq Plan, Democrats Weigh Replies

McCain: 'I'll Sleep a Hell of a Lot Better' if We Stay in Iraq

US Military
Former Joint Chiefs Chairman No Longer Opposes Letting Gays Serve Openly in Military
Foreign Spying on US Defense Technology Seen Rising
Hearing in Two Days for Antiwar Officer
General Dynamics Gets Army Contract
'War on Terror'
Leahy's Request for White House Detainee Docs Denied
Report: Only Four Big US Cities Ready for Crisis
New Croatian Contingent to Join Mission in Afghanistan
Good Morning Afghanistan: Canadian Radio to Hit Airwaves in Kandahar
Twenty Insurgents Killed in Afghanistan: Officials
Militants Kill Police Officer in West Afghanistan
Arizona Army National Guard Battalion Heads to Afghanistan
Pakistan Begins Fencing on Its Border With Afghanistan
US Urged to Suspend Aid to Pakistan Police
North Korea
US-North Korea Talks on Financial Sanctions in Limbo
How Kim Jong Il Controls a Nation
North Korean Foreign Minister Dies at 78
Taiwan Prepares to Allow Currency Exchange With China
China Reassures US on Military, Energy
History, North Korea Set to Test Japan-China Ties
Report: Japan to Drop Woman Monarch Plan
United Nations
At Least 22 UN Staffers Killed in 2006
Iran to Launch Production of Industrial Nuclear Fuel
US to Launch Campaign to Isolate Iran Financially: Report
Atom Watchdog Reviews Iran Aid Amidst UN Sanctions
Iranian Official Urges New Nuclear Talks
Iran Parliament Defies Govt, Raises Voting Age to 18
Iran Leader Says Believes Israel Will Soon Collapse
Israeli Minister Urges UN Chief to Revoke Iran Membership
Five Killed as Factional Violence Renews in Gaza
Hamas Claims Shalit Progress, Israel Says It's All 'Spin'
Foreigners Warned to Leave Gaza After Kidnap Threats

Gaza Police Search for Kidnapped Peruvian

Haniyeh Cuts Short Tour of Arab World
Tunneling Grows Into Major Gaza Industry
Israeli PM Falls Further in Popularity
Israeli Army Chief Terms War in Lebanon Success
Israel Marks Turbulent Year Without Leader Sharon
Israeli Jailed for Holding Contacts With Militants Gets Early Parole
Envoy: Mossad Tricked Australia Into Believing Assassination Plot
Olmert, Mubarak Seek Restart Peace Talks
Hezbollah Sees No End to Demonstration
Source: Hezbollah Holds Talks With Saudi King
Pan-Arab Satellite TV Station Airs Interviews With Accused Hezbollah Fighters Detained in Israel
Jailed Hezbollah Fighter Sees Swap as Key to Release
Turkish Prime Minister Warns Sectarian Tensions in Lebanon Will Affect Region
Horn of Africa
Islamist Leaders Elude Somali-Ethiopian Troops
Kenya Sends Troops to Somalia's Border
Kenya Closes Border but Denies Turning Back Refugees
European Union Pushes for New Peace Talks in Somalia
Intricate Mix of Clans and Grievances
War Destroys Somali Healthcare System
Somalis Stick to Their Guns
Nigerian Militants Take Cash, Keep Foreign Hostages
Zimbabwe Poised to Welcome Back White Farmers
Spanish Official Says Basque Peace Over
Outlawed Basque Party Says ETA Cease-Fire Not Broken
Basque Separatists Say Surprised by Deadly ETA Bomb
Basque Denial Clouds Role of Militants in Bombing
Remains Found of One Man Missing in Spanish Blast
Spain Struggles for New ETA Plan
Spanish Police Arrest Five Suspected of Aiding Madrid Train Bombers
Two More Test Positive for Radiation Exposure in Russian Spy Case
Serbia's PM Wants UN to Prevent Possible Kosovo Secession
Mexico Troops Sent to Border City
Chávez Plans One Big Venezuela Leftist Party, Led by Him
Argentines Fear Revival of 'Dirty War'
27 Political Prisoners Among 2,800 Freed in Myanmar
Opposition Pulls Out of Bangladeshi Elections
Philippines Seeks Six Attack Helicopters

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Ends and Means in the New Year

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Readings in the Age of Empire

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The Year Everything Changed

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The Embarrassment of the Wretched

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How to Undercut Chávez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

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