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Saddam Dead So Are 3,000 Americans: Ron Paul
Israel's Bad Influence: Charley Reese
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?: Bock
Somalia: A State Restored?: William S. Lind
Bonkers Bolton's Legacy: Gordon Prather

The constitution supposes, what the History of all Governments demonstrates, that the Executive is the branch of power most interested in war, and most prone to it.
James Madison
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Updated January 6, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
Report: Israel Plans to Nuke Iran
Bush Surrounds Himself With War Supporters
  Dems Pelosi and Reid Urge Bush to Drop Surge Plans
  Bush's Surge Strategy Faces Heavy Bi-Partisan Opposition
  Poll: 8% Say Dems Have Iraq Plan; 20% Say Bush Has Iraq Plan
Haditha: Marines Gunned Down Unarmed Iraqis
  Maliki Accuses Sunni Clerics of Fueling Tensions
  Sunni Group Says Iraqi Govt Responsible for Militia Violence
  US, Iraqi Forces to Lead Baghdad Assault 'Door-to-Door'
  Saturday: 130 Iraqis Killed; 11 Iraqis, 2 Coalition Soldiers Wounded
Bush Defends Mail-Opening Law
  Bush Warned About Mail-Opening Authority
  Republican Sponsor Wonders Where Bush Got Idea He Can Open Mail
US Ships Block Escape Route as Somalia Assault Readies
  American Passports Found on Bodies of al-Qaeda Fighters in Somalia
  Ethiopia Says Forces to Quit Somalia in Two Weeks
  Zawahiri: Somalis Should Adopt Strategies Used in Iraq, Afghanistan
Saddam Is Dead – So Are 3,000 Americans  by Rep. Ron Paul
Somalia: A State Resored?
Not So Fast
 by William S. Lind
Perceptive Analysis Contrasts With White House Rhetoric  by Patrick Cockburn
Israel's Bad Influence  by Charley Reese
He Takes His Secrets to the Grave
by Robert Fisk
Bonkers Bolton's Legacy  by Gordon Prather

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Text: Pelosi/Reid Letter
US Democrats Mull Trying to Cap Iraq Troops Levels
Two Senators Back Call for More Troops in Iraq
ABC Poll: Senators Regret Vote to Enter Iraq
Army Asks Dead Officers to Sign Up for Another Hitch
Israeli Experts Say Middle East Was Safer With Saddam in Iraq
Execution Memories Refuse To Go Away
Iraqi Politicians Divided Over US Envoy
Kashmir Resolution in Sight?
Somalia's 'Government' Still on the Brink
More Severely-Wounded Troops Being Saved by Battlefield Medics Than in Previous Wars
Today in Iraq
US, Iraqi Forces Launch Assault on Sunni Haven
Iraq: The Fragmented War
AP News Employee Found Shot to Death in Iraq
American Contractor, Two Translators Kidnapped in Iraq
Fate of One Last 'Son' Is the Biggest Riddle of All
Support Grows for Iraq Peace Plan
Friday: 82 Iraqis Killed, 27 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Screaming Eagle to Lead Bush's Iraq Surge
New Ambassador to Iraq: A Diplomat Used to Danger
New Iraq Commanders Differ
Who Is Admiral Fallon
White Small-Town America Pays Price in Iraq
Biggest Challenge for 'Pied Piper of Northern Iraq'
Counter-IED Systems Jam Tactical Comms in Iraq
Global Iraq Fallout
Images of Hanging Make Hussein a Martyr to Many
3 Children Die Imitatating Saddam's Televised Hanging Death
Throngs Protest Saddam Hanging in Jordan
Mubarak Says Execution Made Saddam a Martyr
Iraq War Bred Terrorism, Says Chirac
Lebanese Stage Symbolic Funeral for Iraq's Saddam
EU Condemns Death Penalty as Iraq Executions Loom
The War at Home
The Word on Brooklyn's Arab Streets? Shhh
Bush Picks New Head of Nuclear Weapons Agency
The Iraq War on Trial
With Each Fallen Soldier, a Field of Flags Grows
Pacifist's 50-Year Fight Against War Carries On
US Military
A New Commander, in Step With the White House on Iraq
Casey Tapped for Chief of Staff
Judge Orders Independent Investigator in Iraq 'Fragging' Case
For Female Soldiers, Sexual Assault Remains a Danger
Soldier Challenges Army for Withholding – So Far – a Purple Heart
PTSD Linked to More Sick Call Visits, Missed Workdays
Battles of Britain
UK Army Raises Joining Age to Ease Recruitment Shortfall
Promotion Freezes as Cuts Bite in British Navy
Blair Still Silent on Saddam
'War on Terror'
US Worried About Homegrown Terrorists
Portuguese EU Lawmaker Says Detainees From Alleged CIA Flights Were Seen at Base in Azores
Brother of Avowed Suicide Bomber Pleads
Moroccan Convicted Over 9/11 Attacks Protests Innocence as Sentence Hearing Opens
Two Egyptians Freed From Gitmo
Ex-Guantanamo Inmate to Join Protest Outside Prison Camp
US, Euro Allies Slam British Efforts in Afghanistan
Taliban Leader's Powerful Vanishing Act
Afghan Forces Kill Taliban Commander
Police: Fifteen Taliban Killed in Afghan Clash
North Korea
US Warns North Korea Against New Nuke Test
Japan: No Signs North Korea Preparing Second Nuke Test
US Expects North Korea Nuclear Talks to Resume This Month
Abe Vows North Korea Action
More Coup Rumors Rattle Bangkok
Thai PM Urges Public to Stay Alert
US Downplays US-Japan Emergency Plan
Bangladesh Ex-Ruler Ordered to Turn Himself In
Sri Lankan Bus Blast Kills Five
China Unveils New Fighter Jet
Singaporean Charged for Online Bomb Hoax
Iran: Our Stance on Nuclear Arms May Change if Threatened
Iran's President Says International Sanctions Won't Stop Uranium Enrichment
Iran Cleric: US Using Saddam Death to Stoke Sunni-Shiite Discord
Iran Says No Truth to Rumor of Khamenei Death
China Advises 'Serious Response' by Iran to UN Sanctions
Iran to Maintain Ties With IAEA
US to Give Abbas Forces $86 Million Amid Power Struggle
Gaza Leaders Struggle to Bring Feuding Forces Back From Brink
Hamas: US Is Funding a 'Revolt' Against Our Govt
Cleric Gunned Down in Gaza After Plea for Calm
Fatah Members Mourn Seven Killed in Hamas Attack
A Hamas Leader Calls for a Truce
Palestinians: Israel Raids West Bank Village in Search for Jihad Man
Russia: Israeli Raid in Ramallah Increases Palestinian Tensions
Livni Crushes Olmert in Voter Poll
Peretz Aides: He'll Stay Put Till War Probe Conclusions
Israeli Officials Slam Timing of Deadly Ramallah Raid
Hezbollah to Expand Protest in Lebanon Conflict
Hezbollah Sees Saudis Mediating in Lebanon Crisis
Egypt May Develop Nuclear Weapons
Arab Media: Mubarak Surprised Olmert Regarding Nukes
Middle East
Sanctions Imposed on Iran, Syria Arms Suppliers
Mubarak: US Obstructing Israel-Syria Peace
Horn of Africa
US Envoy Wants Troops in Somalia
Somali President: We Need More Foreign Troops Soon
In Somalia, Confusion Remains in Command
Quick Deployment of Peacekeepers Urged for Somalia; Aid Pledged
US to Seek China Help to Win Peace in Darfur
Somali, Ethiopian Forces Prepare Major Assault on Last Stronghold of Islamic Militias
African Union to Send Forces to Somalia
Uganda to Provide 2,000 Troops for Somalia
Six Killed in Road Ambush in Southern Sudan
100,000 Now Displaced After Violence in East Chad
Nigeria: Five Chinese Telecoms Workers Abducted in Niger Delta
White Farmers Given Leases in Zimbabwe
UN Peacekeepers/Rapists
UN Investigated Over 300 Peacekeepers for Sexual Exploitation in Past Three Years
UN Peacekeepers Accused in Sudan Sex-Abuse Case Get Reprimand
Russian Spy Intrigue
Dead Russian Spy Planned Blackmail: Acquaintance
Litvinenko Inquiry Closes in on Suspected Killers
Serbia's President Asks UN to Postpone Proposal for Kosovo
Belarus to Hold Talks With Russia

Corsican Separatist Killed in Bombing Attempt

Poland Archbishop Tied to Secret Police
A Quirk in Mexican Law Could Keep New President From Traveling Abroad
Colombian Minister Flees Captors
Man Arrested in Peacekeepers Slayings
Police: Sydney Targeted in Terrorist Plot
Former Aussie Soldier's al-Qaeda Links Dismissed as 'Speculation'
Post-Coup Fiji Hopes to Lure Tourists Back

Justin Raimondo
Confronting the Empire

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Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

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Kashmir Resolution in Sight?

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Failure Personified: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice

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Requiem for a Dictator

Ivan Eland
George W. Bush: Islamism's Best Friend

Nebojsa Malic
The Year Everything Changed

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

David R. Henderson
How to Undercut Chvez Peacefully With Less Military, Not More

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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