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It's All About Iran: Justin Raimondo
On the Mideast Escalator: Rep. Ron Paul
The Imperial Presidency: Dahlia Lithwick
When the Devil Creates a Devil: Becky Akers
'Crusade' Against an Evil War: Charley Reese

Our enemies...never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.
George W. Bush
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Updated January 15, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
War Costs Hitting Historic Proportions
  Administration Continues to Mislead on Iraq
  Bush: Congress Won't Stop Escalation
  Cheney Says Critics of New US Iraq Plan Play Into Hands of bin Laden
  General: US Politicians Putting Surge at Risk
White House: Can't Rule Out Attack on Iran
  US Threatens to 'Deal With' Iran Over Insurgents
Row Over Iranians Strains US-Iraqi Relations
  Opening a New Front in the War, Against Iranians in Iraq
  Has Bush Ordered Secret War on Iran?
US and Iraqis Are Wrangling Over War Plans
  Saddam Aides' Hanging Botched
  Iraqi Rebels Make $1 Billion/Year From Refinery
  Mahdi Army Lowers Its Profile, Anticipating Arrival of US Troops
  Bush Plan to Boost US Troop Levels Antagonizes Sunnis

Monday: 83 Iraqis Killed, 69 Wounded

  Sunday: 101 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers Killed
State Dept Terror Official Predicts Terror Attack
  Cheney Admits Expanded Military Spying Role Inside US
When the Devil Creates a Devil
by Becky Akers
A Voice From Gitmo's Darkness
by Jumah al-Dossari
Democrats Keep Playing It Safe
on Iraq
 by John Kass
On the Mideast Escalator  by Rep. Ron Paul
'Crusade' Against an Evil War
by Charley Reese
Bush Channels Nixon  by Robert Dreyfuss

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Iraq Policy Isolates Bush
No Plan B in Bush Iraq Strategy
Adding Kurds to Troop Mix Considered Risky Prospect
Lawmaker Says Iraqi Soldier 'Executed' Civilians in Raid
Shin Bet: Global Sanctions on Hamas Bolstering Iran-Palestinian Ties
Blame for the Top Brass
Guard's Loss of Hardware in War Causes Dire Situation
Baghdad Morgue Took 16,000 Bodies in 2006
Bush's Escalation
Bush Plan's $1b Won't Go Far in Iraq
Officers Look to Past Failures for Clues to Future
Democrats Differ on Iraq Bill's Bite
Democrats Split on How to Oppose Troop Increase
Rebuilding Teams Would Swell Under Bush’s New Iraq Plan
Democrats Feel Free to Defy Bush on Iraq
Opposition to Plan Surprises Bush Team
Iraq Occupation
Bolton Concedes Iraq a 'Civil War,' Says Sanctions Won't Stop Iran
US Military May Join Iraq Against Militia Leaders
Iraq Calls for Release of Iranians Held
Iran Rejects US Claims as Iraq Tensions Rise
US and Iraqi Forces in the Western Desert Look Toward the Horizon
Australian Troops Kill Truck Driver in Baghdad
Today in Iraq
Baghdad Families Imprisoned, Divided by Fear

Violence Against Syrian Refugees Increasing

Sunday: 101 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers Killed; 26 Iraqis, 5 US Soldiers Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Pentagon Chief Gates Meets With Blair
Talabani Meets With Assad in Landmark Visit to Syria
Arabs Look to Link Iraq, Mideast Deal
Several Boys Die Copying Saddam Hanging
The War at Home
Poll: Few Americans Expect Iraq Withdrawal in 2007
Cheney: US Must Show 'Stomach' to Win in Iraq
Spy Case Puts Vice President on the Stand
Newly in the Minority, GOP Shows Signs of Division on Iraq and Domestic Policies
Antiwar Activists Unforgiving of Sen. Clinton
US Military
Back to Iraq for the Third Time
New Law Aimed at Contractors Could Subject Civilians to Military Trial
Soldier Laid to Rest, Mother Has Doubts About Suicide
Citizen-Soldiers Answering the Call – at a High Price
A Conflict's Painful Legacy
'War on Terror'
Brown Aide Admits Errors in Fight Against Islamist Terror
Trial Date Set for Pennsylvania Terror Suspect
Ohio Imam a Man Without a Country
Horn of Africa
Chaos Returns to Mogadishu Streets After Islamists’ Exit
Somalia Vows to Establish Order With Martial Law
Talks Begin on Somalia Peacekeepers
Regional Group Hopes for 8,000 Troops for Somalia
Chad Army, Rebels Dispute Control of Remote Town
Ex-Captive in Colombia Recalls Harrowing Break
Fidel Castro's Son Says Father Is Getting Better
Lawmakers Fault Interpol in Probe of Argentine Blast
Rice: US Not Trying to Provoke Iran by Capturing Officials
Iran Rejects US Military Accusation on Iraq
Rice: Fear of Israeli Strike on Iran Shows Risk of Nukes Issue
Iran and Venezuela Plan Anti-US Investment Fund
Halutz: Talk of Syria War Is Premature
Nasrallah: Israeli-Syrian Pact Unrealistic
Abbas Tells Rice He Opposes Establishing Temporary Palestinian State
Rice Tells Abbas US Will Expand Peace Drive
Rice Visit Leaves Palestinians Gloomy
Palestinians Fear Infighting Dims Statehood Hope
Amnesty for Fatah Fighters a Mideast Hurdle
The Victims of Gaza's Identity Crisis
Israeli Troops Shoot Two in Gaza
Hezbollah Chief: Hariri Probe Political
US Armored Humvees Begin Arriving in Lebanon
Egypt Finds Explosives Cache in Sinai Peninsula
Al-Jazeera Journalist Released on Bail by Egypt
Middle East
Rice Says She Registers Mideast Demands
Kuwaiti Royal Condemned to Death in Landmark Case
Afghan Crossed Signals Lead to Mistakes in Identifying Enemy
UK Military Slams Bureaucrats Over Afghanistan
Sen. Clinton Meets With Karzai, Troops
Warlord Hekmatyar Tells Germans to Get Out of Afghanistan
NATO Says 30 Militants Killed in Afghanistan
Suicide Attack Leaves Attacker Dead, Wounds Civilian in South Afghanistan
Canadian Forces Using Paintball Ranges to Get Ready for Afghanistan
Rules on Japan Military Arms Use May Be Eased
DM: Japan Won't Become Military Power
Bangladesh's New Cabinet Meets to Resume Election Efforts
Bangladesh Opposition Decides to Contest Elections
Bangladesh Army Calling the Shots Amid Turmoil
Asia Seeks Breakthrough on North Korea
Maoists Set to Enter Parliament as Nepal Cabinet Okays Constitution
Sri Lanka Violence Kills 11, Commandos Take Tiger Bases
Hillary Clinton Visits Pakistan During Afghanistan Troop Drive
Belarus Leader Blasts Moscow as Relations Plummet
Poll: Spaniards Want Government to Negotiate With ETA
Far-Right EU Lawmakers Form Coalition

Justin Raimondo
It's All About Iran

Praful Bidwai
Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante

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Where are the Republicans for Peace?

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

Ivan Eland
Say Good-bye to a Future Republican Presidency

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Charles Peña
Requiem for a Dictator

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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