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Show Me The Intelligence: Ray McGovern
Will Congress Stop the Iran Attack: Jorge Hirsch
Israel's Dark Future: Jonathan Cook
Lying About Lying: Gordon Prather
Iraqi Tribes Joining Resistance: Jamail/Fadhily

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Updated January 21, 2007 - 9:25 PM EST
30 GIs, 151 Iraqis Die in Deadly Weekend
  Gunmen Who Killed 5 GIs Were Disguised in Military Uniforms
  Sadr, Shi'ite Allies Reach Political Deal
  US, Iraqi Forces Raid Local Govt in Kerbala
  White House, Under Fire, Warns Iraq to Fulfill Its End of the Bargain
  Support for Bush's Handling of Iraq War Down to 24%
Ayatollah Snubs President, Offers Nuclear Deal
  Iran Plans to Conduct Missile War Games
  Rice Rules Out Talks With Syria, Iran
  Syria Vows to Help Stabilize Iraq, Condemns Rebels
  Iraqi President Urges US to Talk to Syria
CIA, FBI, Aussie Agents Operating in Philippines
China: Satellite Strike Intended to Promote Star Wars Ban
  US Hawks Bolstered by China's Weapons Test in Space: Newspaper
  China's Anti-Satellite Test Criticized, US Says No New Treaties Needed
No Blank Check on Iran  by Ari Berman
Congress Can Stop the Iran Attack, or Be Complicit in War Crimes  by Jorge Hirsch
Escalation Against Iran: the Pieces Are Being Put in Place  by Col. Sam Gardiner
Israel's Dark Future  by Jonathan Cook
Show Me The Intelligence  by Ray McGovern
Lying About Lying  by Gordon Prather

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NY Court: FBI Might Have Violated 1st Amendment in Efforts to Take Down Conspiracy Film
Embattled, Bush Held to Plan to Salvage Iraq
Is This Iraq’s Most Prolific Mass Killer?
Banned Station Broadcasts Voice of Rebels in Iraq
Tired of Paris? How About an Iraq Vacation?
Hamas Chief Renews Offer for 10-Year Truce With Israel
Political 'Untouchables' on Trial in Washington
Another Grim Milestone: 500 Amputee Soldiers From Iraq War
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Cleric's Group Says US Wants Confrontation
Iraq Deploys 8,000 Guards for Shi'ite Mourning Ceremony
Deadly Saturday: 81 Iraqis, 21 GIs Killed; 33 Iraqis, 3 GIs Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US: Brigade Soon Ready for Baghdad
Army Says Improper Orders by Colonel Led to 4 Deaths
Deaths of US Servicemen Blamed on Iraqi Guardsman, but Murder Case Stalls
Six British Soldiers Hurt After Basra Camp Comes Under Attack
Glance at Aircraft Crashes in Iraq War
The War at Home
Conservatives Slam Bush Policies
Carter Defends Mideast Book as Accurate
Antiwar Sign Gets a Rude Welcome
Bush Has Done 'Tremendous Damage', Says Nobel Peace Prize Winner
US Military
FBI Details Threat From Gangs in Military
Deployments Stress Reaction Time
Battles of Britain
Blair to Shun Iraq Debate in Commons
Frontline UK Troops Are Refused Kit to Fight Taliban
Britain's War on Two Frontlines: in Afghanistan and Iraq, Two Missions, One Deadly Outcome
Scottish Executive Wants to Tax Trident Missiles
British to Help Raise Russian Nuclear Sub
'War on Terror'
Terror Watch on Mecca Pilgrims
Guantanamo Fails to Meet Basic British Standards: Lawmakers
Britain Open to Terror Suspects in EU Loophole
Five Algerian Terror Suspects to Leave UK
Russian Spy Killer 'Identified'
Even Libraries in America Are Under Siege by the PATRIOT Act
Czech Republic
US Pushes for Czech Anti-Missile Installation
PM: US Wants Base in Czech Republic
Russia Warns US Over Czech Missile Defense Base
Serbs Fear Losing Soul of Their Nation in Kosovo
Serbian Election Will Decide Stance on Europe
Russia Ends High Security Alert
EU Faces Split on Police Powers
Horn of Africa
More Conflict in 'Postwar' Somalia, Four Dead
Somalians Ambush Ethiopian Convoy
Somali Warlord Hands Over Weapons, Men
US Envoy Urges Somalis to Meet Islamists
Tensions Rise in Ethiopia as Christian Killed and Homes Torched
Sudan Open to UN Force in Neighboring Chad
US Says Darfur Stoking War Between Sudan and Chad
DR Congo
Kabila Allies Win Majority in Congo Senate
Return of Renegade Congo Soldiers Under Way
Foreign Workers Seized in Nigeria
Botswana: Expelled Bushmen Return Home
Two Dead in Guinea Violence
Chavez Says Ailing Castro 'Battling for His Life'
Cuba's Dependence on Dollars Leads to a Divide, Analysts Say
Soldier Fights Cuba Travel Restrictions
Latin American Leaders Debate Role of State in Major Industries
Colombian Government Is Ensnared in a Paramilitary Scandal

Nations Hope to Make Nicaragua an Ally

Iran Says Forces Ready for Any Threat
Iranian Defector: Ayatollahs Will Run if Iran Attacked
Tehran's Envoy Says Iraq's Top Diplomat Promises Release of Captured Iranians
Rift on Government Prevents Abbas-Meshaal Meeting
Chairman of Israel's Central Holocaust Memorial Slams Settlers for Abusing Palestinians
Unknown Assailants Set Fire to West Bank Settlement Synagogue
Israel's Olmert Facing Resignation Calls
An Enigmatic Wild Card in Lebanon’s High-Stakes Politics
75 Rockets Found in Southern Lebanon
Egypt Cracks Down on 'Islamists'
Video Focuses Egypt on Issue of Police Torture
Arrest Over Turkey Author Murder
Turkey's PM Says Armenian Killing Attack on Nation
Middle East
Sunni-Shi'ite Talks Begin With Spat Over Iran, Iraq
North Korea
US Says Arms Talks Productive, Not 'Agreement'
US, North Korea 'Get Going' on New Round of Nuke Talks
US, Japan Hope for Progress at North Korea Talks
North Koreans Cut Off and Freezing to Death
At Border, Signs of Pakistani Role in Taliban Surge
Opium War: Major New Offensive in Afghanistan
Eleven 'Suicide Bombers' Arrested in Afghanistan
Car Bomb Wounds Five NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan
Daring Rescue Mission in Afghanistan
Four Arrested With TNT in Mumbai
Kashmir Separatist Seeks End to Clashes
Report: India's Separatists Behind Deadly Bangladesh Grenade Attack
Sri Lanka
Four Soldiers Killed as Lankan Army Consolidates in Tiger Town
Suspected Tamil Tigers Found Among Fleeing Refugees; Army Captures Major Rebel Base
Sri Lankan Troops Hunt Fleeing Rebels in Jungle
Civil War Haunts Sri Lanka Again
'Officers' Involved in New Year Eve Bombs: Thai PM
DNA Confirms Death of Abu Sayyaf Chief
Report: Myanmar 'Orders Christians to Be Wiped Out'
US Calls on China to Explain Anti-Satellite Weapon
New Kazakh PM Calls for Tighter Control of Oil
Protester Killed in Clashes With Maoists in Nepal
Americans Keep Dying
American Civilian (OH) Killed in Iraq Was Set to Marry
Soldier (KS) Killed by Bomb Was Serving in Same Unit With Wife in Iraq
Guardsman (WA) Killed in Iraq Had Hope for Its People
Military Police Soldier (TX) Loved Being a Dad
Irvine (CA) Man Killed in Iraq Had Volunteered for War
Kentucky Soldier Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Fallen Wisconsin Rapids (WI) Soldier Remembered
GI (TX) Killed in Iraq Espoused Traveling the World
Army Soldier From Peoria (AZ) Killed in Iraq
Family, Friends Remember Fallen Boston (MA) Soldier
Texas Contractor Saving Money for Retirement Killed in Iraq

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Stop the Next War

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Depression, War, and Cold War

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92,000 More Soldiers?

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Escalation Doomed by
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Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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