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Iraq: Son Against Father: Ivan Eland
Fatal Conceit in the Mideast: Rep. Ron Paul
The X Factor in 2008 – Iran: Patrick Buchanan
DoD vs. Press Freedom: Norman Solomon
Bush Unites the World Against Him: Jim Lobe

It is part of the general pattern of misguided policy that our country is now geared to an arms economy which was bred in an artificially induced psychosis of war hysteria and nurtured upon an incessant propaganda of fear.
General Douglas MacArthur
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Updated January 23, 2007 - 9:04 PM EST

Defense: White House Set Up Libby

GOP Opposition to Iraq Plan Grows

Three More Senators Say They Oppose More Troops in Iraq


Report: Iraq Insurgents Planned US Attack

Monday Brings Death: 158 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed

Tuesday: 58 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded

  Surge May Bring Early Success, Then Spike in Violence

Crashed US Helicopter Shot Down by Missile


US Says 600 Sadr Fighters Captured in Iraq

2nd US Strike Group to Hover Off Iranian Coast


Iran Tests Missiles as Fear of Attack Grows

  Iran Bars 38 IAEA Inspectors in Retaliation Over Sanctions
  Debate Grows in Iran Over Nuclear Program

Strike Plunges Lebanon Into Chaos

Suicide Bomber Kills 10 in Afghanistan
In New Tape, al-Qaeda Deputy Taunts Bush
The Fatal Conceit in the Middle East  by Rep. Ron Paul
The Dog Ate My National Intelligence Estimate  by Ken Silverstein
What Are We Doing in the
Horn of Africa?
 by John B. Judis
The X Factor in 2008 – Iran
by Patrick Buchanan
The Pentagon vs. Press Freedom
by Norman Solomon
Hillary Clinton and the Israel Lobby
by Joshua Frank

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Bush Continues to Unite the World... Against Him

A US Soldier Speaks Out From Baghdad

Bush to Face Skeptical Congress for State of the Union

US Unwittingly Evolved Superpathogen in Iraqi Combat Hospitals

Poll: Bush Faces Skeptical Nation

Prodi Approves US Base Expansion Over Protests

Surge of Troops, but No Surge of Armored Vehicles
Iraq Today

Sunni-Shi'ite Meet Condemns 'Sectarian War' in Iraq

Carnage in Baghdad as Double Bombing Greets US Troop 'Surge'

Chronology: The Deadliest Bomb Attacks in Iraq

Basra Bomb Might Have Been Revenge Attack Over Police Station Demolition

Karbala Attackers Posed as US Military Officials

North of Capital, a Tale of Two Iraqs

In the Vortex of Baghdad, Staying Put This Time
Monday Brings Death: 143 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed
Refugee Crisis

Mexico Arrests 11 Christian Iraqi Refugees Bound for US

Warnings of Growing Iraq Refugee Crisis

Why So Few Iraqis Flee to Saudi Border

The War at Home

House Republicans Demand More Accountability From Administration on Iraq

Top Democrats Work to Signal Frustration Over Iraq

McCain: Anti-Surge Vote Would Be a Slap to Surging Troops

McCain, Graham May Oppose General Casey as Army Chief

Bush: Iraq War Plan Will Prove Its Worth

Rockefeller: Iraq Drains Security Funds

Libby Trial
Ins and Outs of the Libby Defense

Court Finalizes Jury for CIA Leak Case

UK War at Home

UK Soldier Acquitted of Beating Iraqi Suspects in Basra

Christian Antiwar Campaigner Jailed After Iraq Protest

UK Antiwar Protester Wins Battle Against Police

'War on Terror'

South African Dentist Rejects US Accusations of al-Qaeda Membership

Maher Arar to Remain on US Terrorist Watch List

'Terror' T-Shirt Sparks Legal Row

Secret Services Warn 81-Year-Old Over Letter to the Editor

ACLU Seeks Records on Bush Mail Surveillance


Pakistan: Mullah Omar in Kandahar

600 More UK Troops Set to Bolster Frontline Afghan Forces

Spring to Bring Heavy Fighting in Afghanistan, US Ambassador Says

Afghanistan Criticizes Plan by Taliban to Open Schools


US-Led Forces Fire Across Border, Kill Pakistani Soldier

Pakistan Troops Killed in Blast

Pakistan Senate Slams NATO Attack on Border Post


Civilians Hurt in Kashmir Attack on Indian Army

India to Snub US on Myanmar Arms Embargo

Fifteen Hurt in Grenade Attack in Indian Kashmir

India Urges Myanmar to Evict Separatist Rebels

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Military Says Rebels Forced Out of Key Regions

Fresh Violence Claims 10 Lives in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Demands Peace Talks, Threatens Eradication of Rebels


Nepal Police Fire Shots, Tear Gas to Stem Rural Unrest


Few Nations Follow US in Condemning Cuba

Turning the Tables on Washington, Cuba Says US Harbors Terrorists


Top Dissident Cleric Slams Ahmadinejad

Peres Thanks Ahmadinejad for Helping Unite World Against Iran


Defiance and Homesickness in the Other Fallujah

Strife in Iraq and Lebanon Worries Syria

Switzerland Says It Mediated in Informal Israel-Syria Peace Talks


Siniora Defiant as Lebanon Braces for Strike

Siniora Urges Lebanese to Ignore Hezbollah Call to Topple Govt

US Says Will Be 'Substantial' Donor to Lebanon


Palestinians Cite Deep Divisions After Unity Talks

Abbas Says Early Palestinian Polls Still an Option

Blast Rocks Television Office in Gaza City, No Injuries

Israeli Ex-Army Chief: Palestinian State Won't Solve Conflict


Israel Picks New Army Chief

Peretz: Hamas Negotiations Are Feasible

Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process Shows Signs of Life

250,000 Palestinians Fenced In, Says Report

Israeli Wall Criticized for Trapping Palestinians

Israel DM: Abusive Settler Guts Gestures to Palestinians

Hope, Support Helps Palestinian Activist

Palestinian Jewish Convert Charged by Israel in Terror Plan


Ethiopia's FM Meets Somali 'President' in Mogadishu

Officials Say Top Islamic Leader in Somalia Has Turned Himself In

From Marine to Warlord

EU Somalia Aid Contingent on Including Islamists


Warning of New Rwanda Violence

EU Threatens Sudan With Sanctions Over Darfur

Soldiers Open Fire on Guinea Protesters


China Denies Intent to Militarize Space

Don't Worry About Test, China Tells US

China's Anti-Satellite Weapon Used Simple Technology

China Welcomes Vatican Move to Mend Ties


13 Rebels Killed in Philippine Clashes

Japan, China Plan Military Port Exchange

US Envoy Upbeat About New Korea Talks

Generals Lose Popular Ground With Thais


Serbian Leader Calls for Coalition Rule

Serbia Faces Political Paralysis After Vote

Radicals Shock Winners in Serbia

Something Has to Give, Serb Election Analysts Say


Kosovo PM Seeks Independence

Serb Elections Complicate Kosovo Issue


Russia: US Missile Shield Expansion 'a Threat'

Russian Ambassador to Return to Georgia


UN in Haiti Accused of Second Massacre

Burdened US Military Cuts Role in Drug War

Nicaragua's Ortega to US: We'll Pick Own Friends


Justin Raimondo
Intelligence vs. Evidence

Ivan Eland
Rebellion Over Iraq:
Son Against Father

Doug Bandow
Depression, War, and Cold War

Charles Peña
92,000 More Soldiers?

Praful Bidwai
Ratcheting up the Nuclear Ante

Nebojsa Malic
Sound and Fury

David R. Henderson
Ford: A Lincoln and an Imperial(ist)

Alan Bock
Clearing Decks or Rearranging Deck Chairs?

Ran HaCohen
The Embarrassment of the Wretched

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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