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Bush Is About to Attack Iran: Paul Craig Roberts
What if Iran Suspends? A Western Dilemma: Parsi
And the Winner Is… by Nebojsa Malic
Another Dark Era Threatens Lebanon: Antoun Issa
Window Into Pre-War Planning: Gordon Prather

Nothing good ever comes of violence.
Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Updated January 28, 2007 - 9:08 PM EST
US, Iraqi Forces Kill 250 in Najaf
  Sunday: 373 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed; 166 Iraqis Injured; US Copter Shot Down
  Baghdad Braces Itself for US Surge
  Death Squad Chieftains Flee to Beat Baghdad Surge
  Turkey Warns of 'Very Big Civil War' in Kirkuk
GI Deaths Cap Iraq's Bloody Week
  Protests Focus on Opposing Troop Increase for Iraq
  US Plea to Britain: 'Don't Abandon Main Iraq Base'
Nuclear Plans in Chaos as Iran Leader Flounders
  Iranian Nuclear Official Denies Report on Centrifuges
  On Iran, Bush Confronts Echoes of Iraq
US Military: Afghan Leaders Steal Half of All Aid
  US Warns of Bloody Taliban Spring Fightback
Expanding the War to Iran: Another 'Urban Legend'?  by Leon Hadar
No Substitute for Free and Unfettered News Gathering  by Phil Donahue
Stop the Iran War Before It Starts
by Scott Ritter
The Overblown Terror Threat and Islamophobia  by Abukar Arman
Stop the Cannon Fodder  by Charley Reese
Another Dark Era Threatens Lebanon  by Antoun Issa
Window Into Pre-War Planning
by Gordon Prather
Our Mercenaries in Iraq  by Jeremy Scahill

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US Must Explain Mideast Military Buildup: Russia
Ex-Cheney Aide Shares Media Manipulation
Report: US May Cite Israel for Use of Cluster Arms
25 Dead as Palestinian Factional Battles Continue
Iraq PM Says Bush Reiterates Backing in Phone Call
North Korea Denies Sharing Nuke Secrets With Iran
Defense Secretary Gates: Congressional Resolutions on Iraq 'Embolden Enemy'
Today in Iraq
Rocket Blast Shakes US Embassy in Iraq
The Hunted: Iraq’s Forgotten Refugees
US to Reopen Iraq's Factories in $10m U-Turn
It Has Unraveled So Quickly
Saturday: 7 GIs, 92 Iraqis Killed, 83 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
UK's 11th-Hour Bid to Halt Iraq War Revelations
More Palestinians Fleeing Baghdad Arrive at Syrian Border
PM: All Slovak Soldiers Withdrawn From Iraq
The War at Home
President's Disapproval Hits All-Time Record in Newsweek Poll
Clinton Defends War Vote, Touts Security
Libby Lawyers Target Fleischer's Immunity
Bush Rallies GOP on Iraq Plan
Elder Bush Complains About Media's 'Hostility' Toward Son
McCain Seeks Iraq Benchmarks as 'Last Chance'
US Military
Army Gearing Up for Bigger Force
Soldiers Against Iraq War Desert to Canada
'I Don't Have Will to Go Back to War'
US Army Probes War Contractor Fraud
Non-Lethal Ray Gun Aims to Quell Rioters
Navy Searches for Missing Crew of Helicopter
'War on Terror'
Islamic School Raided by Police Stays Open
UK Terror Searches 'To Be Scaled Back'
UK: Parliamentary Committee Pulls Punches on Guantanamo
Lawyer: Guantanamo Inmates Facing Worse Conditions
ACLU Wants Access to Sealed Wiretap Filings
Taliban Warn of Summer Offensive
Afghanistan Can Repulse Taliban, Says US Ambassador
Afghanistan: NATO Begins Fund for Civilian War Victims
Fresh Canadian Troops Depart for Afghanistan
Inside Afghanistan: The Battle for Kajaki
One Year On, Helmand Province Is a Bloody Failure
British Commander in Afghanistan Says Reinforcements on the Way
Bombing Kills 15, Wounds 30 Near Shi'ite Mosque in Northwestern Pakistan
Pelosi, US Congressional Delegation Meets President Musharraf in Pakistan
Kashmir Insurgency-Related Killings Fall by Two-Thirds
Kashmir Leadership Supports Peace Process
Kashmir Plans More Security for Tourists
Chinese Colonel Sees Arms in Space
China Censorship Damaged Us, Google Founders Admit
Experts Debate North Korea's Future
Sri Lanka Navy Sinks Rebel Boats to Foil Port Attack
New Ethnic Violence in Nepal
Bangladesh Warns on New Media, Rally Rules
Cop Killed, School Torched in Thailand
Americans Keep Dying
A Double Shock for Marine's Parents (WI)
Contractor (TX) Killed by Australians in Iraq a Vietnam War Hero
His Worst Fear Came True, Family of Decatur (GA) Soldier Angrily Says
Soldier (OH) Came Home Days Before His Death to See His Newborn Son
US Soldier in Germany Stabbed to Death in Her Barracks
US Medical Chief (CO) in Iraq Killed in Helicopter Crash
Michigan Soldier Killed in Iraq 'Really Felt Called to Serve'
Soldier With San Antonio (TX) Ties Dies in Iraq
California Paratrooper Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Blackwater Pilot (CA) Killed in Helicopter Crash
Wyoming Soldier Was Planning to Marry on Return
Loss of 'Fuzzy' Devastates Little Sister (TX)
Contractor (VT) With Ties to Montana Killed in Chopper Crash
Richmond (VA) Man's Death in Iraq Leaves Five Fatherless
Texas Marine, Native of Tucson (AZ), Killed in Iraq
Sailor (IL) Commits Suicide in Bahrain
Army Sergeant (FL) With Ties to Kentucky Loved Country, Planned to Wed
Virginia National Guard Colonel Killed in Iraq
Texas Guard Flier Died in Black Hawk Crash
Tennessee Man Killed in Blackwater Copter Crash in Iraq
Spokane (WA) Marine Killed in Helo Crash
Soldier (NH) With Ties to Hawaii Nurtured Dream of Being an Artist
Jacksonville (FL) Soldier Killed in Baghdad
Annapolis (MD) National Guard Soldier Killed in Iraq
Bomb Kills Keizer (OR) Soldier on His First Tour in Iraq
Oregon State University Grad Dies in Iraq
US Virgin Islands Mourns Two Guardsmen Killed in Crash
Self-Reliant Marine (MI) Inspired His Family, Could Light Up a Room
Locust Fork (AL) Soldier, Based in Alaska, Killed in Iraq
Temecula (CA) Soldier Killed in Iraq, Leaves Behind Young Family
NY Soldier Dies in Ambush in Karbala
Funeral Services Set for Iowa Guardswoman Killed in Iraq
Brooklyn (NY) Sailor 'Good Hero' in Family's Eyes
Nebraska Soldier, West Point Grad, Killed in Iraq Ambush
Ohio Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Daughter and Twins
Protests Against Iraq War
Tens of Thousands in DC Demand Iraq Pullout
Tens of Thousands of Protesters Turn Out in Salt Lake City
War Opponents Say Rally Will Start Sustained Movement to Bring Troops Home
At Peace Rally, Fonda Reprises a Famous Role
Student Protesters, Fighting Image of Apathy, Call for a Cohesive Movement
Antiwar Demonstrators Say the Tide Is Turning
People Speak Out in Capital
Several Thousand Take Part in San Francisco Antiwar Protest
Mesa Official's War Protest Was Quiet Act, but Hostile Reactions Are Loud and Clear
Thousands March in Downtown Los Angeles in Anti-War Rally
Antiwar Protesters Rally in Downtown Austin
About 50 Protest in Terre Haute, Indiana
Antiwar Rally in Madison, Wisconsin
San Diego Protests Coincides With National Protest
Local Protesters Denounce War in Louisville, Kentucky
Veterans Protest Iraq War in Downtown Portland
Small Protest in Champaign, Il
Locals Protest in Northbridge Massachusetts
South Carolina Residents Protest Iraq War Locally and in DC
Thousands Rally in Seattle Against the War in Iraq
Iran Sends Conflicting Signals on Nuclear Work
Iran Decries Policy on Nationals in Iraq
Iranian Shoppers See Red and President Feels the Heat Over Inflation
US-Israeli Talks Focus on 'Iranian Threat'
Saudi King: Iran Putting Region in Danger
Iran's Top Dissident Urges Open Politics
Fatah Scores Its First Victories in Clashes With Hamas
Livni Warns Abbas Against Striking Deal With Hamas
Abbas to Use Taxes Transferred From Israel to Pay PA Security Forces
Israeli Troops Kill Teen Crawling Toward Gaza Fence
World War III Has Already Begun, Says Israeli Spy Chief
General’s Evidence Could Oust Olmert
Olmert Backs Peres for President
Israeli Government to Appoint First Arab Minister
New Forum to Press Israeli Government on Syria Talks
Having Failed to Achieve Its Goals, Hezbollah Ponders Next Strategy
Former Hezbollah Chief Lashes at the Group's Current Leadership
Leaders in Fresh Bid to Overcome Lebanon Crisis
Balloons Released in Israeli Promotion Sow Panic in South Lebanon
Risk of Civil War Haunts Beirut
Lebanon General Says Army Under Pressure
Brave New World for Lebanon's Refugees
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Officials Seek to Temper the Price of Oil
Saudi King: Spreading Shi'ism Won't Work
Saudi King Rejects Talk of Rift in Royal Family
Egypt's Top Cleric Rules Islam Bars Women From Presidency
In Egypt, a New Battle Begins Over the Veil
Egypt Urged to Free Blogger
Armed Man Held After Turkish Ferry Hijack Bid
Horn of Africa
Ethiopian PM Meles: US Experts Identified Bodies in Somalia
Mortars Fired at Ethiopian Troops in Somalia
Ethiopia to Withdraw Third of Somalia Troops
In Heat of War, a Literary Refuge
Two Dead in Attack on US Embassy Car in Kenya
Sudan's Peace Deal, Seen as a Bush Success, Is Endangered
Aid Workers Tell of Brutal Attack by Darfur Police on Female Colleague
UN Envoy in Sudan to 'Assess' Child Soldiers
Chad to Withdraw From African Union if Sudan Gets Chair
Senegal Police Crush Opposition Election Protest
Barclays' Millions Help to Prop Up Mugabe Regime
Historian 'Assassinated and Not Robbery Victim'
Benin Becomes Unlikely Democracy Leader
UN Chief Praises Congo as Symbol
Guinea's President to Appoint New PM
Russian Intrigue
Russia Calls Uranium Incident a Ploy
The Poisoned Teaplot: Polonium Reading From Hotel 'Off the Scale'
Russian Denies Role in Ex-Spy's Death
Kosovo to Declare Statehood in Months
Kosovo Sovereignty Plan Raises Tensions in the Heart of Europe
US Missiles in Eastern Europe Opposed by Locals, Russia
French Presidential Hopeful Falls for Radio Hoax
World's Oldest Newspaper Ends Print Version for Internet Format
Sinn Fein Votes on Police Support
Militias Grab Colombia's Best Land
Colombia Launches Manhunt for Former Defense Minister Reported in Quebec
Bolivia's State Oil Company Head Resigns
Argentina May Reveal Dirty War Secrets
Ecuador Says New Defense Minister to Be a Woman

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