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Hundreds of Billions – for What?: Ivan Eland
Afghanistan: Another Bush Success: Tom Engelhardt
Lt. Watada Goes on Trial: Aaron Glantz
One CEO's Dissent: Jim Lobe
What to Ask Before the Next War: Paul Pillar

The politicians in this world... have at their command weapons of mass destruction far more complex than their own thinking processes.
Charley Reese
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Updated February 6, 2007 - 9:18 PM EST

GOP Stalls Debate on Troop Increase


As Bush Asks $700 Billion for War, He Warns He May Seek More


Iran's Role in Iraq Met With Skepticism in US


Bush Denies Budget Sets Out Hidden Iraq Withdrawal

US: Iraq MP is Terrorist, 'Iranian Agent'


Iraqi Police Selling Weapons on Black Market

  Video Emerges of US 'Friendly Fire' Deaths of Brits in Iraq

100th British Soldier Killed in Action in Iraq

  Iranian Diplomat Kidnapped in Baghdad by Iraqis With Official ID

Tuesday: 51 Iraqis, 2 GI Killed; 52 Iraqis Wounded

Where Congress Can Draw the Line: No War With Iran  by James Fallows
Afghanistan: Just Another Bush Success Story  by Tom Engelhardt
They Can Jail the Resisters, but Not the Resistance  by Amy Goodman
Only the US Hawks Can Save Ahmadinejad Now  by Ali Ansari
The Real Purpose of US Mideast Policies  by Robert Higgs
Medievalizing the American Legal Code  by James Bovard

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One CEO's Dissent From the War on Terror

Surging Doubts

An Officer and an Objector: Lt. Ehren Watada

Officer Who Refused Iraq Tour Goes on Trial

US: 'Insurgents' Killed in Airstrike Were Innocent Civilians

Bush's Defense Budget Biggest Since Reagan Era

Bush's Proposed 2008 Federal Budget

Stoicism and Tears as First Wave of Bush's 'Surge Troops' Heads for Iraq
Iraq Today

Two Key Sadr Officials Killed

10-Year-Old Ibraheem: 'Every Day the Kidnappers Said They'd Kill Me'

Kurds Embrace Political Militia

The Death Toll of 31 Days in Iraq

Monday: 83 Iraqis, 2 GIs, 1 Briton Killed; 136 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation

Iraq's Sunni VP Urges US to Speed Up Troop Buildup

US Threatens Crushing Offensive in Baghdad

US Unit Walks a 'Fine Line' in Iraqi Capital


Syria: Talks With US Iraq's Only Hope

Iraq-Syria Relations Strained Anew

Iraqi Refugees Protest in Damascus

Watada's Resistance

Instead of Iraq, a Battle All His Own

Demos as First US Officer Stands Trial for Refusing to Fight in Iraq

The War at Home

Movement Against War Is Growing, Activists Say

Iraq Is Main Issue for Iowa, NH Voters

More Americans Want Immediate End to Iraq War

10 Antiwar Protesters Arrested at McCain's Office

War Debate Goes to Heart of Bush's Power

The Upshot of the Senate's Iraq Debate: No Debate

Back on Capitol Hill, Bremer Is Facing a Cooler Reception

Libby Trial

Testimony in CIA Leak Case Shows Cheney's Hand

Prosecutors Play Libby Grand Jury Tapes

'War on Terror'

Package Explodes, One Injured in Jittery London

Humorless Boston to Get $2 Million from Turner Broadcasting

Saudis Silent on 'Terror' Arrests

Australian PM Vows to 'Harass' US to Make Sure Gitmo Detainee Gets a Speedy Trial


British Worry US Approach to Afghanistan Will Play Into Taliban's Hands

US General in Afghanistan Seen Tough on Taliban

Taliban Prepares Suicide-Bomb Campaign

NATO Drops Fliers Calling on Taliban to Abandon Southern Afghan Town

Germany Mulls Bigger Role in Afghanistan

Afghanistan, Pakistan Would See Boost in Bush's Proposed Aid Budget


Musharraf Hails Kashmir Talks With India

Pakistan Arrests Militant Chief


Central Delhi Sealed Off During Terrorist Shootout

India Calls for Arms-Free Space

Indian Army and Police Implicated in Kashmir Killings


Nepal Maoists to Start Peaceful Protests

Protests Rock Nepal Peace Process

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Marks Independence Day With New Peace Offer

British Tamils Are Intimidated Into Giving Money to Rebels


US Eases Tone on Iran's Role in Iraq

Experts Warn West Against Attacking Iran

Iran Reportedly Has 'Unseen' Uranium Units

Khamenei: Israel Dividing Muslim World

Iraqi Shi'ite Calls for US-Iran Talks

Rivals Iran and Saudi Arabia Now in Talks to Defuse Regional Tensions

In Public View, Saudis Counter Iran in Region


Arab Diplomacy Struggles to Break Lebanon Deadlock

Students Return to Lebanese University

Israel Says Roadside Bombs Found Along Lebanon Border

Israeli Military: UN Troops Enabled Planting of Bombs


Israel Passes Over Lockheed for Missile Project

Prominent British Jews Call for Open Debate on Israel

Hamas-Fatah Truce Enters Final Stage

Hamas PM Hopes for Unity Deal in Talks With Abbas

Fatah Gunmen Abduct Hamas Official in Ramallah

Shin Bet Chief: Israel Shouldn't Intervene in Gaza Fighting

Israeli Lockdown Cripples Nablus Economy

Hamas: Israel Stopped Two PA Ministers Going to Mecca

Egypt Urges Interpol to Arrest Israeli Spies

Middle East

Pentagon Delivers First of 16 Attack Helicopters to Kuwait Under 2002 Deal

Kuwaiti Emir Hosts Iraqi VP for Talks

Tiny Qatar Vies for Big Regional Role

French Police Arrest 13 Turkish Kurds for Guerrilla Fundraising


Doubt Persists on al-Qaeda Casualties in Somalia Strike

Attacks Overshadow Somali Reconciliation Meeting

Somalia: US Mulling First Diplomatic Presence in Somalia in 16 Years


Uganda Conflicts Survive Death of a Mystic Rebel

A Sharp Eye on Ethiopia


Cubans Oblivious to What Goes on at Gitmo

Bolivian Speechwriter Faces Terror Charges in Peru


Serbs Plea for Delay as Kosovo Slips Away

Poland's Defense Minister, Close to US, Resigns

Belarus Youth Group Members Detained

Shackled and Emaciated, ETA Killer Pleads for Peace From His Deathbed

Child Soldiers Still Recruited 10 Years After Pact

Paris Conference Focusing on Ways to Demobilize World's 250,000 Child Soldiers

Criminal Case Likely to Put All of Yukos in State Hands


Thai Coup PM's Popularity Drops Further

Child Soldiers

Child Soldiers Still Recruited 10 Years After Pact

Paris Conference Focusing on Ways to Demobilize World's 250,000 Child Soldiers


Justin Raimondo
Neocons to Iraq: Screw You

Ivan Eland
Hundreds of Billions – for What?

David R. Henderson
Should We Judge Government?

Alan Bock
Cart Before the Horse

Doug Bandow
George Bush as Fifth Columnist: Aiding America's Enemies

Charles Peña
Whither the Surge?

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Nebojsa Malic
And the Winner Is…

Praful Bidwai
Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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