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Double Standard: Justin Raimondo
Making an Example of Watada: Norman Solomon
Neocon Strategy Led to Sectarian War: G. Porter
12 Consequences of Attacking Iran: Jon Basil Utley
Pentagon Goes Big With Budget : Jim Lobe

Where is the justice of political power if it executes the murderer and jails the plunderer?
Kahlil Gibran
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Updated February 7, 2007 - 9:25 PM EST

Judge Rules Mistrial in Watada Case

Cost of Troop Buildup Not in Budget


7 GOP Senators Tell Leaders to Allow Debate


5 US Soldiers Indicted in Iraq Kickback Probe


Dueling Agendas Stifle Critical Debate on War


Lieberman: Fund Wars With 'Terrorism Tax'

  Proposed '08 Pentagon Earns Superlatives All Around

Military Wants More Federal Bureaucrats to Help in Iraq

7 Die as 5th US Copter Downed in Iraq in 2 Weeks


Iraqi PM: Delayed Sweep Fuels Insurgents


Iran Alleges US Role in Kidnap of Official

  How Sadr Plans to Ride Out the US Surge
  Video of US Friendly Fire Unleashes Storm in UK

Wednesday: 8 GIs, 86 Iraqis Killed; 61 Iraqis Wounded

NBC's Russert Denies Identifying Plame to Libby


Libby Grand Jury Testimony (pdf)

NATO Allies Reticent on Afghan Troop Pledges


Gates Bracing for More Afghan Violence

Army Depleted Uranium Video Never Shown to Troops
Holding Ourselves Hostage in Iraq
by Steve Chapman
Making an Example of
Ehren Watada
 by Norman Solomon
Bush Pouring Gas on the Fire
He Started
 by Gary Kamiya
12 Consequences of Attacking Iran
by Jon Basil Utley
Iraq Costs Lost in Fog of War
St. Petersburg Times
Retirement Syndrome  by James Carroll

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How Neocon Shi'ite Strategy Led to Sectarian War

Documentary: Iraqi Troop Training May Be Arming Mahdi, Badr Militias

Bush Approves Plan to Block Trade With Sudan

Watada Judge Bans Testimony on War's Legality

Exasperated House Bypasses Senate on Iraq

Iran: 'Give Us Proof'

Bremer Gave Away Billions in
Baghdad Free-for-All
Iraq Today

Iraq Allies Dawdle on Aid for Rebuilding

Neighborhood War Breaks Out

Kirkuk Arabs Face Relocation

Sri Lanka Workers' Iraq Nightmare

Baghdad Diary: First, Worst, Biggest

Children of War: the Generation Traumatized by Violence in Iraq

Tuesday: 51 Iraqis, 2 GI Killed; 52 Iraqis Wounded
Iranian Diplomat Kidnapping

Iraqi Government Embarrassed by the Seizure of Iranian Diplomat

Iran Slams Diplomat's Kidnapping in Iraq

Friendly Fire Video

Pentagon Will Not Discipline 'Friendly Fire' Pilots

British DM Feels Pentagon Wrath at Video Leak


UN Opens Syria No-Man's Land School for Iraq Palestinians

Aid Group: Plight of Iraq's Internally Displaced Worse

US Forms Iraq Refugees Task Force After Criticism

Iraq Occupation

US Advisers Find Joint Patrols With Iraqis Don't Go as Planned

Where Did All the Iraq Reconstruction Money Go?

House to Probe Management of Iraq

Water Deal Illuminates Secret Contracts

US to Pay $5.8 Billion to Expand Iraqi Forces
Iraqi Govt

Shadows of Doubt Hang Over Iraqi Prime Minister

Iraqi Premier Admits Errors in Introducing Security Plan in Baghdad

Maliki Orders Commanders to Launch Baghdad Crackdown

Sistani Advocates Muslim Unity, Renounces Sectarian Strife

US Probes 'Terrorist, Iran-Linked' Iraqi Minister

Maliki: Arab States Fear Iraq-Style 'Democracy'

The War at Home

Democrats to Question Bremer on Iraq Contracts

White House Stifles Victory Cry Over Blocked Iraq Resolution

$2.9 Trillion Budget 'Uses Deception to Hide Massive Increase in Debt'

General Is Front Man for Bush's Iraq Plan

GAO Criticizes Homeland Security Lawyers

Officer in Abu Ghraib Case Gets Trial Date

US Military

Nuclear Officials Seek Approval for Warhead

Legacy of Radiation Illness Stirs Objection to Nevada Bomb Test

10 Years, $1.7 Billion for the Pentagon's Latest Lemon

Woman Sues Raytheon Over Iraq Friendly Fire Death

Libby Trial

Court Hears Libby Describe Cheney as 'Upset' at Critic

Libby Repeatedly Told Grand Jury He Didn't Recall Talking About Plame

Libby Explains Faulty Recollections

Judge Refuses to Block Reporter Subpoena in Libby Case

Libby Speaks on Tape, but May Not in Court


Karzai to Reject Amnesty Bill

Military Probes Alleged Prisoner Abuse in Afghanistan

South Asia

Suspected Suicide Attack at Islamabad Airport

Two 'US Spies' Killed in North Waziristan

Kashmir Shut Down Over Extrajudicial Killings


Iran to Hold War Games in Gulf

American Majority Predicts War With Iran

Germany's Merkel Says Talks With Iran Still Possible

India Steps Onto Tightrope as Talks Resume With Iran

Blair: 'Nobody Planning' Attack on Iran

Former Israeli Military Chief: Iran the Source of Middle East's Problems


Assad: I Need Iran Support

Assad: Bush Is Looking for 'Scapegoats' for Iraq Failure

US: Syria a Negative Force in Mideast


Fears of Lebanon Civil War Increase as Gun Sales Tripled

Lebanese Premier Blames US for Nation's Troubles

War Damage to Power Plant Keeps Much of Lebanon Without Power for 8 to 12 Hours a Day

Lebanese Businesses Ban Political Talk

Cluster Bombs: A War's Perilous Aftermath


Palestinians Leaders Try for Last-Ditch Talks on Forging Coalition Government

PA Infighting Continues Amid Mecca Talks

As Mecca Talks Begin, Gaza Counts Its Victims

Hezbollah: Border Bombs Leftover from Summer War

Defiant Hezbollah Returns to Israel Border With Flags and Bikes

Millions in EU Aid Destined for Palestinians Paid in Bank Charges

British Embassy Funding Study on Impact of Israeli Wall

Middle East

Jordan's King Denounces Israeli Digging

Kuwait Warily Watching US on Iraq, Iran

Saudis Step Up Role in Mideast

Yemen Fears Return of Insurgency


Japan FM Slams 'Childish' US Strategy in Iraq

Philippines Rebels Reject Disarmament Proposal

Thailand to Send Troops to Monitor Nepal Peace Process

United Kingdom

Blair's Defense of 'Special Relationship' With US Has Hollow Ring

Tories Warn ID Card Project Companies They Would Cancel Program

Chagos Islanders Stage Court Protest


Ethiopians Parade Wounded Cleric in Somalia as Anti-Govt Attacks Rise

US Vows 'Strong Measures' in Somalia

US Official: AU Nations Commit 4,000 Peacekeepers to Somalia


US to Get Africa Command Center

Ugandan Rebels Threaten War


Kosovo Deadline Stands, Says UN Envoy

Portugal Probes Alleged CIA Flights

Russia Wants US to Sign Non-Aggression Pact


A Troubled US Military Presence on Ecuador's Coast

US Wants Nicaragua Missiles Destroyed

Embargo Divides Exiled Cubans


Justin Raimondo
Double Standard

Ivan Eland
Hundreds of Billions – for What?

David R. Henderson
Should We Judge Government?

Alan Bock
Cart Before the Horse

Doug Bandow
George Bush as Fifth Columnist: Aiding America's Enemies

Charles Peña
Whither the Surge?

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Nebojsa Malic
And the Winner Is…

Praful Bidwai
Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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