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Is Bombing Iran Bush's Call?: Pat Buchanan
Lebanon, Again: Justin Raimondo
Gambling on Humanitarian Intervention: D. Bandow
Thelma and Louise Imperialism: Tom Engelhardt
Reprieve for Watada: Aaron Glantz

The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant.
John Stuart Mill
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Updated February 9, 2007 - 9:29 PM EST
US Airstrike Kills Eight Kurdish Troops
  Iraqi Insurgents Offer Peace Deal
  Top Iraqi Official Detained, Allegedly Gave Millions to Insurgents
  US Airstrike Reportedly Kills 45 Civilians, Including Children
  Friday: 3 GIs, 1 Briton, 35 Iraqis Killed; 53 Iraqis Wounded
  Thursday: 212 Iraqis, 4 Marines Killed; 123 Iraqis Wounded
Pentagon: Iraq Intel 'Inappropriate but Not Illegal'
  White House Treads Carefully on Iraq Issue
  US Advised to Avoid Offensive Against Militias
  House Democrats Reach Accord on Debate Over War Resolution
  Officials: All Iraq's Neighbors 'Are Fueling Conflict'
Gates: Iranian Weaponry Found in Iraq
  Iran Says It Will Target US Interests if Attacked
  Rice Disputes Claim of Iranian Overture
  Iran Claims 100 US, Israeli Spies Identified in Border Areas
  White House Emphasizes It Has No Plans to Invade Iran
Palestinians Reach Deal on Unity Government
  Hamas Promises to 'Respect' Deals With Israel as Leaders Strike Accord
  Palestinian Deal Troubles White House
Thelma and Louise Imperialism: Over the Cliff with George and Dick?  by Tom Engelhardt
How Congress Helped End the Vietnam War  by Julian E. Zelizer
Emergencies: the Breeding Ground of Tyranny  by William L. Anderson
Is Bombing Iran Bush's Call?
by Patrick Buchanan
Filibuster to End the War Now!
by John Walsh
Palestine, Bush's Other Civil War
by Seth Ackerman

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Pentagon Report on Prewar Iraq Intel
Arabs Less Worried About Iran
Turkish Official Warns Against Vote on Kirkuk
UK Inquiry Blames US for 'Friendly Fire' Death
Was Israel Tracking Hijackers Before 9/11 Attacks?
Deployment of US Troops to Africa Will Pick Up Pace
UN Boosts Border Presence After
Israeli-Lebanese Clash
Helicopters Down in Iraq
US Reports Sixth Helicopter Downing in Iraq in Three Weeks
Insurgents Targeting US Helicopters
Flying Iraq's Deadly Skies
No Link Found in Iraq Helicopter Downings: Pentagon
Baghdad Crackdown Begins
Iraq Security Plan Starts – With Glitches
New Commander, New Plan in Iraq
An Uphill Battle on Baghdad's Mean Streets
Today in Iraq
How the US Sent $12 Billion in Cash to Iraq and Watched It Vanish
Gunmen Kill 14 Men in Iraqi Family Massacre
Iraqi Arabs Seek Sanctuary in Kurdistan
A Dialogue With the Sunnis Will Not Help the Shia Difficulties
Shi'ite District, Flash Point in Baghdad, Rebuilds
Degrees of Peril at a Baghdad University
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Aide Detained
Thursday: 212 Iraqis, 4 Marines Killed; 123 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Italy to Try US Soldier for Agent's Iraq Death
There Were No WMDs in Iraq, Admits Spain's Aznar
One Man's Escape From Iraq
An American Hero
Mistrial Could Be End of Watada Case
The Watada Mistrial: Here's What Really Happened
Reprieve for Officer Who Denounced 'Immoral War'
Watada Case Could Define Free Speech for Military
The War at Home
Some Dems Want to Shift Intervention From Iraq to Sudan
Antiwar Coalition Launches Campaign to Block Iraq Funds
Poll: Americans Remain Upset Over Iraq Deaths
Prosecution Rests Case Against Libby
Pentagon Limits Pelosi Jet Size
Jury Awards FBI Agent Cash in Report-Retaliation Case
Clint Eastwood Against Iraq War, but Admires Bush 'Tenacity'
Richardson: US Must Lead by Example
US Military
US Air Sorties Up From a Year Ago
Marine Withdraws Guilty Plea in Iraqi Killing
Reports Show Increase in Gang-Related Crimes Among Soldiers and Their Families
General: Idaho Pilots Haunted by Iraq Friendly Fire Death
Fear of Bias Keeps US Muslims Out of Military
Senate Confirms Shift of Gen. Casey From Iraq to Army Chief of Staff
US 'War on Terror'
Could Cold War-Type Campaign Beat Terrorism?
States' Resistance Rises to US Law That Requires Stricter ID Standards
DHS Thwarts Fraud Probes, Watchdogs Say

UK 'War on Terror'

Reid Heckler Arrested Under Terrorism Act
British Deny 'Witch Hunt' in Arrest of Muslim
British Police Charge Five in Investigation Into 'Iraq-Style' Plot
British Court Frees Two Arrested as Suspects in Terrorism Plot
Letter Bombs Are Coordinated, Britain Says
Straw Vows 'No Quarter' Against Those Who Say UK Is a Police State
Weapons Plan Strives to Beat Soviet Readiness
Russia Asks UK to Return Exiled Critics in Return for Litvinenko Investigation Help
Top Russian Aide Likens Putin to FDR
US Assures Russia on Backing of Kosovo
Officers Charged in French Riots Case
Grenade Hits Truck in Mogadishu, Wounding Four
Nearly 1,000 Tribal Militias Trained as Government Soldiers
Somali Islamist Travels to Yemen
Algerian Group Linked to Training Camps
Ethiopia Is Accused of 'Torturing and Illegally Jailing Opponents of Regime'
New Advocacy Group Aims to Point Up Atrocities in Africa
Sudan Child Soldiers Struggle to Give Up Guns, UN Says
Nations Divided Over How and Whether to Hurt Iran
Iran Successfully Test Fires Land-To-Sea Missile
Iran Missile Test-Fire No Threat to US Ships in Gulf: White House
Iran, Russia Urge Negotiated Solution in Nuclear Standoff
Iran Closing Checkpoint to Travelers
Dissent Grows in Iran
Study Says Iran Textbooks Urge Martyrdom
Rice Authorizes Talks With Syria on Iraqi Refugee Crisis
Syria Blames US for 'Humanitarian Catastrophe' in Iraq
Palestinians Cheer Hamas-Fatah Agreement
Israel Says Egypt Is Letting Arms Into Gaza
IDF Has No Plans to Evict Settler Families From Hebron Camp After 10 Years
Olmert Calls for Law Prohibiting Arrest of Israeli Military Officials in UK
Noted Arab Citizens Call on Israel to Shed Jewish Identity
Palestinians Protest Over Jerusalem Mosque Works
Olmert Spurns Bid to Reconsider Jerusalem Dig
Lebanon Slams Border Violation
UN Tanks at Lebanon-Israel Border
Israel Intensifies Flights Over Lebanon Border
Lebanese Army Seizes Hezbollah Ammunition in Beirut Suburb
Hezbollah Demands Army Return Weapons
Israel Says Hopes to Keep Lebanon Border Calm
Israeli Military Believes Northern Border Flare-Up Was Isolated Incident
Tourism Takes a Beating in Crisis-Hit Lebanon
Middle East
Saudi 'al-Qaeda' Airs Plan to Drive Out 'Crusaders'
Yemen's Insurgency Fears
Poll Shows Arabs Dislike Bush, See US as Threat
Civic Groups Seek to Amend Law on Insults to Turkish State
Egypt Summons Israeli Envoy Over Temple Mount Excavation
North Korea
North Korea Agrees in Principle to Take Initial Steps to Dismantle Nuke Program
North Korea Talks Resume on Positive Note
Nuclear Issue Seen Muddied by US
Negotiators Seek Right Chemistry to Curb North Korea's Nuclear Ambitions
'No Bank Account for North Korea Leader in Switzerland'
NATO Fails to Agree on Afghan Troops
Gates Seeks Troops for Afghanistan Offensive
US Urges Wary NATO Allies to Boost Afghan Fight
Eight 'Terrorists' Captured in Afghan City, Two Killed in Clash
South Carolina Troops Take Off in Largest Deployment Since WWII
Pakistan Probes Claims of NATO Shooting
Pakistan Ready to Fence Off Border With Afghanistan: Minister
Turkmenistan Awaits First 'Free' Elections
Turkmenistan Under Fire Over Rights Violations
US Puzzles Over China's Military Might
China Acknowledges Downside in Africa
Chinese Leader's Almost Triumphal Trip to Africa
China Rejects Concerns About Muslim Activist
Malaysia's Mahathir Announces War Crimes Tribunal
US Defense Companies Challenge Old Rivals in India
Aceh's Rebel Governor Sworn In
Rights Group Halts Violent Nepal Strikes
Philippine Anti-Terror Law Delayed Until June
Hindu Priest Killed in Sri Lanka
Venezuela to Help Finance Bolivia's Coca Production
Killing Haunts Colombia's Peace Plan
Anti-Americanism Helps Fuel Terror, Warns Australia

Justin Raimondo
Lebanon, Again

Doug Bandow
Gambling on Humanitarian Intervention

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Ahtisaari's 'Final Solution'

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Hundreds of Billions – for What?

David R. Henderson
Should We Judge Government?

Alan Bock
Cart Before the Horse

Charles Peña
Whither the Surge?

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Praful Bidwai
Doomsday Clock Ticking Faster

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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