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An Iraq Interrogator's Nightmare: Eric Fair
The Najaf Massacre: Annotated: Conn Hallinan
Will Watada Mistrial End the War?: Brecher/Smith
Criminals Control Executive Branch: P.C. Roberts
Helping Israel Die: Ray McGovern

Not only is war a form of legalized murder, but it is mass serial killing.
Sarah Bellum
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Updated February 10, 2007 - 8:59 PM EST
Infighting Hampers Baghdad Crackdown
  US Soldiers Kill American Contractor in Iraq
  Iraqis Revolt After Being Offered Money to Leave Kirkuk

US Accidentally Kills Nine Kurdish Soldiers in Iraq

  Saturday: 3 GIs, 63 Iraqis Killed; 4 GIs, 41 Iraqis Wounded
Troop 'Surge' Has Yet to Materialize in Iraq
  Inquiry on Intelligence Gaps May Reach to White House
  Council on Foreign Relations: US Should Leave Iraq
  All 435 House Members to See Iraq Intelligence
Gates: Iran Supplying Bombs to Iraq Extremists
  US Commanders Showed Lawmakers Iraq Bombs That Came From Iran
  Report: Pentagon Has Chosen Targets for Iran Strike
  Rice Confronted Over Iran Evidence
  IAEA Halts Aid on Projects With Tehran
  US in Bind Over al-Qaeda Men Held by Iran
Pentagon to Extend Troops in Afghanistan
  US Bombing Campaign Intensifies in Afghanistan
It Is No Use Blaming Iran for the Insurgency in Iraq  by Patrick Cockburn
Slaughter and Spin in the Battle for Najaf  by Chris Floyd
Criminals Control the Executive Branch  by Paul Craig Roberts
An Iraq Interrogator's Nightmare
by Eric Fair
Helping Israel Die  by Ray McGovern
The Najaf Massacre: Annotated
by Conn Hallinan

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Pentagon Report on Prewar Iraq Intel
Douglas Feith Responds to Criticism
Levin: Pentagon Iraq Intelligence Report 'Very Damning'
Lewis Libby's Complete Grand Jury Testimony
Brzezinski Testimony to US Senate Panel
India-Iran Ties Jeopardized by US Threats
Commanding Officer Alleges Military Cover-Up of Gitmo Abuse
US Copters Downed in Iraq
Iraq Qaeda Groups Posts Video of US Copter Downing
Iraq Insurgents Threaten US Helicopter Fleet
Iraq Helicopter Attacks Take Aim at Major US Asset
Today in Iraq
Iraq's Sadr to Avoid US Battle Despite Arrests
Baghdad Market Struggles as Bomb Fear Cuts Into Sales
For Eminent Iraqi Sunni, Lessons in Weakness
Gated Communities Will Add to Baghdad Security
Iraqi Group Unveils 'Billion-Dollar' Kurdish Trade Centre
Thousands Displaced as Iraq Unrest Grows
Friday: 3 GIs, 1 Briton, 35 Iraqis Killed; 54 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkish FM: Kurdish State May Stir Up Separation
Twin Basra Attacks Reduce Odds of Early British Return
French Criticism on Iraq No Longer Angers US
The War at Home
US Court Blocks Suspect's Transfer to Iraq
Bill Seeks to Limit Justice Power
Judge Bars Suit Against Iraq War Contractor
Rep. Waxman Sees Potential Coverup in Ship Contract
US Military
Army Expects to Retry Watada
Officer to Fight Against Retrial
A Look at US Marines Accused in Killing of Iraqi Civilian
VA System Ill-Equipped to Treat Mental Anguish of War
Air Force Academy Probes Alleged Cheating by Cadets
Army Sticks to Original Date for New Body Armor
US 'War on Terror'
Spain to Hand Judge Documents on Secret CIA Flights
Mystery Notes, Bombs Threaten US Financial Firms
Nuke Detectors to Ring New York, Official Says
Democrats May Seek Guantanamo Shutdown
Lawmakers Accuse Bush Administration of Homeland Security 'On the Cheap'
Head of Cartoon Network Resigns Over Marketing Stunt
UK 'War on Terror'
6 Charged in Connection With Alleged Plot to Kidnap and Kill a British Soldier
British Police Hold Letter Bomb Suspect
Police Release Letter Bomb Images
British Islamic School for Boys Is Closed
North Korea
Deal to Shut Major North Korean Nuclear Facilities Appears Closer
North Korea Nuke Deal Close, but Hurdles Remain: US Envoy
US Sees One Hurdle in Korea Nuclear Talks
Caution on Hope for North Korea Deal
Pyongyang Wants Diplomatic Ties With Washington
North Korea Nuclear Envoys Struggle on Deal
North Korea Could Switch Off Reactor Within Two Months
Britain, US Play Down NATO Differences Over Afghanistan
NATO Allies Question Afghan Troop Surge
Danish Minister Lambastes NATO Over Afghanistan
Taliban Said to Refuse Talks on Captured Afghan Town
Spain Not to Dispatch More Troops to Afghanistan
Military Police Launch Inquiry Into Alleged Abuse by Canadian Soldiers in Afghanistan
10 Suspected Taliban Insurgents Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Russia Pledges More NATO Help in Afghanistan
General Misquoted on Kashmir Plan, Says Pakistani Envoy
Six Pakistan People’s Party Men Killed in Attock Ambush
Concerns Over Pakistan's Missing
Indian Soldiers Face Murder Probe
Pak Seeks European Help in Monitoring Border With Afghanistan
India's Air Force May Buy Boeing Copters
Lockheed Sweetens F-16 Pitch by Offering India Extra Hardware
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Leader in Peace Offer
Rising Tension Over Tamils
Sri Lanka Town Shuts Down to Mourns Slain Hindu Priest
Sri Lanka President Sacks Three Ministers
Calm Returns to Plains of Nepal
Mt. Everest to Replace Nepal King on Currency Note
US Gives Vietnam $400,000 to Plan Clean-Up of Agent Orange Hotspot
China to Hold Sway at G7 Meeting
US Shows Off Missiles in Japan
Army Rules Out Bangladesh Coup
US: Iran 'Digging a Hole' in Nuclear Dispute
ElBaradei Fears 'Chain Reaction' to Iran Conflict
Iranian President Weathers Falling Popularity
Iran Nuclear Negotiator to Attend Security Conference
Palestinian Unity Govt
In Palestinian Peace Deal, Hope and a Political Snare
Unity Government Poses New Problem for Israel as Hamas Comes Out of Cold
Hamas Insists Accord With Fatah Doesn't Mean Recognizing Israel
Palestinians to Form Unity Cabinet
Muted Response by US and Israel to Mecca Deal
Israel: 'Quartet Will Not Accept New PA Govt'
Quartet Members to Meet on Fatah-Hamas Agreement
Russia Welcomes Mecca Deal, Urges Lifting Freeze
Security Sources: Mecca Truce May Speed Up Shalit's Release
Saudi Arabia to Aid Palestinian Govt
Palestinians Celebrate Mecca Agreement
Clashes at Holy Site
Violence Erupts at Jerusalem Holy Site
Police Fight Running Battles With al-Aqsa Protesters
Raiders of the Temple Mount
In Jerusalem Archaeology Is Politics
US Cautions Israel Over Construction at Contested Jerusalem Holy Site
Hamas Wants West to End Blockade
Israeli Hospital Treats Palestinian Fighters
Meretz Faction Head Says Might Back Unilateral Steps
Israeli Foreign Minister: Peace With Palestinians Feasible, Violence Must End First
Border With Lebanon Quiet After Shootout
Lebanon Refuses to Return Confiscated Arms to Hezbollah
Lebanon to Use Seized Hezbollah Arms to Fight Israel
Lebanon Won't Submit Complaint to UN
United in Praise of Army, Lebanese Leaders Split in Reaction to Border Clash
Lebanon's Premier, President Share Rare Handshake at Church
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Removes King's Power to Pick Successor
Militant Islamists See Web as Mouthpiece
Bloggers in Mideast Transforming Dialogue but Face Clampdowns by Authorities
US-Turkey Relations Set to Worsen Over Iraq and Armenian 'Genocide'
Egypt Urged to Have Fair Trial for Islamists
NATO Seeks More Middle East Training Partners
Russians Accuse US of Military Expansion
Russia: No New Arms Race Despite US Missile Plan
Russia: Border Incident Shows Tensions With Ukraine
Khodorkovsky Accused of Stealing $32 Billion in Oil
Chevron Said to Be Interested in Buying Assets of Yukos of Russia
'Occupied' Serbs in Kosovo Would Resist
EU Offers Serbia More Time Over Kosovo
UN Mediator Says Kosovo Talks Put Off
Russia Warns Against Kosovo Independence
Eight US Lawmakers Visiting Kosovo
EU to Stop Short of Serbia War Crimes Concession
EU Warns Macedonia Over Entry
New Government in Bosnia
Somalis Oppose Peacekeepers, Rocket Hits Hotel
Peacekeeping Protests in Somalia
Diplomats Stress Need for All-Inclusive Talks on the Future of Somalia
Morocco Hopes to Host US African Command
Rwanda Plane Crash Probe Halted
Guinea's Leader Appoints New PM
Tensions Rise Between US, Venezuela After Rice Remarks
Venezuelan State Buys Power Firm
Venezuela and Peru Say They Have Resumed Diplomatic Relations
UN Troops Storm Haiti Slum
Eight Hurt in Haiti Clashes
Colombia Stops Disputed Drug Spraying Near Ecuador
Cuba Cracks Down on Illegal Satellite Viewing of US Broadcasts
Mexico Demands US Inquiry Into Migrant Shootings

Bolivia Seizes Swiss Tin Smelter


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Hundreds of Billions – for What?

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Should We Judge Government?

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Cart Before the Horse

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Whither the Surge?

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A Midwinter Night's Dream

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China's Little Capitalists

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