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Updated February 12, 2007 - 9:25 PM EST
US Continues Preparing for Iran War
  US Says Iran Leadership Arming Iraqi Militias
  Target Tehran: Washington Sets Stage for a New Confrontation
  Iran's Reformists Find Threats to Nation Harmful
  Envoy: Iran Ready to Settle IAEA Issues
Bombs Hit Baghdad Markets; At Least 145 Dead
  US Troops Lock Down Much of East Baghdad
  Insurgents Launch Deadly Attacks on Iraq Security Forces
  Sunday: 114 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 130 Iraqis Wounded
Rep. Hoyer: Vote on Iraq Will Be Limited
  GOP Expects Defections as House Debates Iraq Resolution
  Feith Calls Faulty Prewar Claims 'Good Government'
General: Intel on bin Laden Has Gone 'Cold'
  In 'Self-Defense,' US Forces Launch Artillery Into Pakistan
Tentative Deal in North Korea Nukes Talks
Three's a Crowd: Israel, Iran, and the Bush Administration  by Gabriel Kolko
Jonah Goldberg's
Gambling Problem
 by Jeff Cohen
Secrets Bush and Cheney Can't 'Declassify'  by Gordon Prather
Victory Is Not an Option
by Gen. William E. Odom (ret.)
Surging Into Catastrophe in Iraq
by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
The Pentagon's Not-So-Little Secret
by Sidney Blumenthal

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Council on Foreign Relations: The Case for Iraq Disengagement (.pdf)
Across Arab World, a Widening Rift
US: Iran Bombs Have Killed 170 Iraq Coalition Troops
Gates to Putin: 'One Cold War Is Enough'
Hundreds of Thousands of Iranians Rally to Support Nuclear Program
Today in Iraq
More Iraq Forces to Deploy in Baghdad
Derelict Power Plant Symbol of Iraq Woes
Iraqis in Syria Seek Refugee Status
Iraq Court to Decide Fate of Top Saddam Aide
Iraq Trial Features Video of Executions
Attacks Continue
Insurgents Stepping Up Efforts to Down US Helicopters in Iraq
Suicide Bomber Kills 30 Near Tikrit
In Iraq, a Few Seconds Can Mean Life – or Death
Sunday: 114 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 130 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Lawyer: US Forces Shot Michigan Man in Iraq
US Military Denies Reports of Copter Down in Iraq
Thousands of Army Humvees Lack Armor Upgrade
US: 140 Arrested in Baghdad Sweeps
Libby Trial
Cheney Testimony in Libby Trial Would Carry High Risk
Libby Trial Sheds Light on White House
Libby's Dilemma: Testify or Not?
The Libby Trial: Who Said What to Whom, and Who Remembers?
The War at Home
Some Presidential Candidates' Positions on Iraq
Clinton Says She Won't Support Defunding Troops
Voters Seek Clarity on Clinton Iraq Vote
Obama Says He Opposed Iraq War From Start
Dems Skeptical of Starting Row With Iran
Gates: Prisoner Abuse Hurts US Reputation
Australian PM vs. Obama
Australian PM: Terrorists Rooting for Obama Victory in 2008
Australian PM Defends Iraq Deployment After Obama Rebuke
Howard Accused of Risking Alliance With US for Condemning Obama
Gangs in the US Military
Reports Show Increase in Gang-Related Crimes in US Military
Gangs in the Military: How Much Do We Know?
Presentation Educates Military Leaders About Gangs
Pentagon Monitoring Gangs in the Military
'War on Terror'
Militant Islamic Groups Turn to YouTube
Syria Jails Man Linked to Hamburg al-Qaeda Cell
Spain Starts Trial of Terror Suspects Nearly Three Years After Deadly Bombing
More Airline Pilots Toting Guns After 9/11 Attacks
Russia Intensifies Efforts to Rebuild Its Military Machine
Russian Official Says Insurgency in Chechnya Has Been Tamed
Putin Seeks Expanded Ties With Saudis on Arab Tour
Kosovo Leaders Urge Calm After Clashes Kill Two
Police Arrest Over 40 Protesters of Munich Security Conference
Madrid Relives Its Train Bomb Horror
Venezuelan Decree Would Allow Government to Take Over Food Suppliers
US Navy Warned of Iran 'Suicide Drones'
Iran Hits Softer Note Over Nukes
Iran Says Wants to Stay Within Nuclear Rules
Ahmadinejad: No End to Uranium Enrichment
Former US Official: White House Taunting Iran Into Giving Them an Excuse to Attack
Iran: Nuclear Announcement Coming in April
Israel Test-Fires Anti-Missile System in 'Message' to Iran
We Pose No Threat to Israel, Says Iran
Palestinian Unity Govt
Palestinians Call on Israel to Accept National Unity Deal
Olmert: New Palestinian Govt Must Abide by Quartet Demands
Palestinian Deal Faces Global Critique
Jerusalem Mayor Postpones Temple Mount Construction
Olmert: Muslim Opposition Won't Deter Jerusalem Excavation
Israeli Cabinet Approves Jerusalem Excavations
Police Shut Palestinian Schools on Temple Mount Due to Unrest
Israeli Military Warns of Tunnels in West Bank
Desire for Revenge Still Strong in Gaza
Arab League Chief Still Hopeful Regarding Lebanon Mediation
Kuwait Newspaper Says Assad Threatened Lebanese Speaker
Siniora Denies Hezbollah Claim That Blue Line Is Being Moved
Egypt Frees Cleric at Center of CIA Kidnap Case
Egypt Dismisses Israeli Arms Smuggling Claims
North Korea
North Korea Talks Scramble for Energy Breakthrough
Japan Spurns North Korea Aid Demand
US Soldier Dies in Northern Afghanistan
Taliban Prepare for Spring Offensive in Afghan South
Gates: NATO Can Defeat a Taliban Uprising
Pakistan FM: Rhetoric Won't Stop Extremism in Afghanistan
700 Foreign Fighters in South Afghanistan, Governor Says; Town Still Under Taliban Control
Musharraf Denies Foreign Forces Operate From Pakistan
US Defense Secretary in Pakistan for Talks With Musharraf
Dictator's Deputy Tipped to Win Turkmenistan Election
Turkmenistan Holds Carefully Managed Election
High Turnout for Turkmen Election
Facts and Figures on Turkmenistan
US Asks Japan Not to Schedule Cheney-Kyuma Meeting After Remarks on Iraq War
Rebel Faction in Myanmar Peace Deal
Bangladesh Shaken by War of the Dynasties
Bomb Meant for Somali Security Officials Kills 5, Wounds 20
Sudan Says Issues Must Be Settled Before UN Team Enters

Justin Raimondo
Real Special

Praful Bidwai
India-Iran Ties Jeopardized by US Threats

Doug Bandow
Gambling on Humanitarian Intervention

Nebojsa Malic
Ahtisaari's 'Final Solution'

Ivan Eland
Hundreds of Billions – for What?

David R. Henderson
Should We Judge Government?

Alan Bock
Cart Before the Horse

Charles Peña
Whither the Surge?

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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