We Fingered This Guy From Day One

The trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby is making headlines now, but here at Antiwar.com we saw the indictment of the vice president's powerful chief of staff coming from miles away. That's because we knew where to look – at the history of the "neocon network," as our Oct. 2, 2003, report put it, and Libby's role in lying us into war.

We do our homework, unlike the mainstream media, which is more concerned with infotainment than with serious issues – such as our foreign policy and those who make it. Since the establishment press seems to have abandoned its role as guardian of truth, Antiwar.com has stepped into the breach. Everybody knows that if you want the scoop on the War Party's latest con games, all you need is our Web address.

Back when everyone else thought the Libby affair was dead, moot, or boring, Antiwar.com kept hammering away at it, and our early coverage and commentary stand up rather well. In this 2005 interview with Antiwar Radio host Scott Horton, editorial director Justin Raimondo presciently portrays the investigation as signifying a split between the Oval Office and the Office of the Vice President – prefiguring Libby defense counsel Ted Wells' opening statement, which accused the president's men of scapegoating his client.

The Libby trial is but a part of a larger picture – the story of how a cabal of government officials lied us into war. You can count on Antiwar.com to give you a clear view of that larger picture, but it doesn't come free.

Oh sure, we get by on a much smaller budget than any of the major media outlets, but unlike, say, Fox News, we don't have big corporate backers. Our only backers are you, the readers, who have supported us through the years – and are being called on to do so again.

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Updated February 14, 2007 - 9:15 PM EST
Bush Insists Iran Is Arming Iraq

US Briefing on Iran Discredits the Official Line


General Clashes With Bush on Iraq-Iran Connection


Questions Arise About Iran Bomb Claims


Bomb Kills 11 on Military Bus in Eastern Iran

Bloody Wednesday: 132 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed
  Baghdad Sweep Meets Little Resistence
  Officials: Sadr Fled Iraq Weeks Ago, Fearing US Bombs

House Begins Limited 'Debate' on Troop Surge


US: Crashed Copter Was Shot Down in Iraq

North Korea Agrees to Nuclear Disarmament


Behind Bush's Reversal on North Korea


Bolton Slams US Deal for North Korea Disarmament


Korea Deal Marks Big Victory for Realists

Defense Rests, Libby and Cheney Won't Testify

National Security Experts Grim on Terror War

NATO Kills Taliban Commander, Several Civilians

The 2nd Most Expensive War in US History  by Eric Margolis
At This Point, It's Kamikaze Strategy in Iraq  by Jonathan Chait
Israel's Provocations: The Method in the Madness  by Uri Avnery
The Road Map to Despotism  by Chris Hedges
Feith-Libby Lies Exposed  by Robert Dreyfuss
Kosovo Gains Independence – Again?  by David Chandler

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Surge in Violence Accompanies Troops Surge

War With Iran? The Experts Weigh In

Libby Trial: What Scooter Didn't Do

Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

Leaked GOP Iraq Debate Strategy Letter [pdf]

Bombings Turn Baghdad Markets Into Places of Dread
Iraq Today

In Northern Iraq, Another War Looms

Iraq Seeks to End Sectarian Cleansing in Security Push

Baghdad Florists Stock Up - but Not Too Much - for Valentine's Day

Iraq: Borders With Syria, Iran to Close for 72 Hours

Bush: Iraqi Children Will Look Back and Thank US for War

Iraq: Armed Groups Occupying Hospitals and Kidnapping Doctors

Iraq Attacks Continue

Bomb Kills at Least 15 Near Baghdad College

'Incident' Destroys British Plane in Iraq

Tuesday: 72 Iraqis Killed; 62 Iraqis, 3 GIs, 2 Britons Wounded
Refugee Crises

Sweden Drowning in Iraq Refugees

Iraq Says Neighbors Must Cooperate on Refugees

British Home Office Deports 38 Kurds to Iraq

The War at Home

House Democrats Bar GOP Vote on Iraq War Funding

Debating Iraq: Voices From the House Floor

Long a Target Over Faulty Iraq Intelligence, Tenet Prepares to Return Fire

Iraq Creates New Genre of War Film

Military Grants More Waivers to Criminal Recruits

Veterans Face Consecutive Health Care Budget Cuts

Senate Bill Would Ban Torture, Restore Habeas Corpus

Los Alamos Scientist Criticizes Federal Approach to Arsenal

Polls: Americans Oppose Iraq Surge

'War on Terror'

US Hopes Dolphins Will Look for Terrorist Swimmers

Guantánamo Prison Comes to Morocco for Film Shoot

US Citizen Charged With Undergoing Terrorist Training in Somalia

Spain Raises Terrorism Alert for Train Bomb Trial

UK Official: Politicians, Not Lawyers, Must Determine Terror Laws

British Police Told to Apologize for Anti-Terror Raids

Libby Trial

Novak: Libby Didn't Expose Plame

Editor Contradicts Reporter in Libby Case

Woodward Tells About Talking About the CIA Agent


To Root Out Taliban, Pakistan to Expel 2.4 Million Afghans

Lockheed Gets $186.5 Million US Navy Contract for Pakistan

It's Dawn, and the Shelling Starts - Time to Go Into the Taliban Maze

Canadians Debate Afghan Pullout

CIA Interrogator Jailed Over Afghan Prisoner Death

Norway Agrees to Send Special Forces to Afghanistan


Uganda Approves 1500 Troops to Help Prop Up Somali Warlord Govt

Somali Minister's House, Port Area Attacked

Somali Govt: Foreign Troops 'Urgently Needed'

Somalia: Explosives Discovered at Border


Sudan Bombards Darfur Villages

Guinea's Conte Sends in Military to Quash Unrest

UN Aims to Send 100,000 Congolese Refugees Home

Uganda Government, Rebels to Restart Talks


NATO Demands More Members Participate in War

Czechs Protest Against US Radar Base

North Korea

North Korea State Media: Pact Requires Only Temporary Suspension

North Korea Nuclear Accord May Be a Historic Turning Point

Pact With North Korea Draws Fire From a Wide Range of Critics in US

Private Talks Held in Berlin Spurred Sides to Reach Deal

Outside Pressures Snapped Korean Deadlock

Tenuous Deal for North Korea

Chronology of North Korea's Nuclear Weapons

Quotes From North Korea Nuclear Talks

Key Points of Nuke Accord

Full Text of Denuclearization Agreement


Rice Says Iran Should See North Korea as Example

Bush Aims to Isolate Iran With Charges on Iraq Arms Shipments

US Aim in Prodding Iran: Negotiation?

Ahmadinejad: Iran Opposes 'Any' Nuclear Proliferation

The Oil Weapon Is Unleashed Against Iran

FM: Iran Keeping Enrichment to Low Levels

Iran Bans Conservative Web Site Critical of President

Iran Seen as Key to Untangling Iraq

Israel's Lieberman: We're Ready to Go It Alone Against Iran


Blasts Rip Through Lebanese Christian Area, 3 Dead

Lebanon Slides Towards Civil War as Anniversary of Hariri's Murder Looms

Region's Strife Tears at Lebanon's Fragile Seams

Lebanon Neighborhoods Turning Into Bunkers


Islamic Jihad Threatens US Targets After FBI Offers $5 Million for Their Leader

UN: Both Israeli and Lebanese Troops Breached Truce in Clashes

Israel Denies Holy Site Work Halted

Abbas Running Into Trouble Selling Unity Deal

US Lawmaker Blocks Money for Palestinian Forces

EU Warns Palestinians Over Terror

PA Fires 'Mutinous' Security Officers

Iraqi-Israelis Warned Not to Visit Birth Country

Settlers Call on US Jews to Buy Settlement Homes

Israeli Sources Doubt Syrian Group That Claims to Be Holding Soldier

UK Protesters Try to Hurt Israeli Flower Sales

Middle East

85 Killed in 3 Days of Clashes in Yemen

Turkish PM: Israel Raising Tensions in Region With Construction Work

Bush Appoints Financier as Envoy to Saudi Arabia

Iraq Reopens Embassy in Saudi Arabia After 17 Years

Wave of Bombings in Algeria Kills Six


China Seeks Talks on Space Weapons Treaty

US Fights China, Russia on Space Arms

Thai Coup PM: Investigation Against Former PM Moving Slowly

Kyrgyz Leaders Question US Deal

Russia Reasserts

Putin Reclaims Russian Clout

US Using Russia 'as Threat' to Get Congress to Pass Funding Bills

Two-Thirds of Germans Back Putin's US Criticisms


Chechen Community in Jordan Hopes for Best From Putin Visit

Six Killed in Chechnya Fighting


Stick to the Plan, UN Tells Kosovo Leaders

Serbs Dismiss Kosovo Plan


ETA Hunger Striker Rejects Cut in Sentence

Spain Sentences Separatist Over 1985 Car Bombing


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Hell-Bent on War

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The Future of Terrorism

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India-Iran Ties Jeopardized by US Threats

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Gambling on Humanitarian Intervention

Nebojsa Malic
Ahtisaari's 'Final Solution'

David R. Henderson
Should We Judge Government?

Alan Bock
Cart Before the Horse

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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