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Enough Blame to Go Around: Ivan Eland
And Then There Was One: Leon Hadar
Clash of Civilizations Not Inevitable: Jim Lobe
The Colonial Stag in Rutting Season: Ann Berg
Opposition to E. Euro US Base Rises: Z. Dujisin

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Updated February 20, 2007 - 8:50 PM EST
Blair to Announce Iraq Troop Pullout
  Scores Choke in Iraq Chlorine Truck Bomb

Tuesday: 29 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 219 Iraqis Wounded

  Thousands Flee as Iraq's Borders Re-Open

Iraqi Protest Demands Release of British-Held Detainees

Ahmadinejad: If US Stops Enrichment, We Will

  BBC: US Iran Attack Plans Revealed

US Navy Denies Reports of Offensive Military Buildup in Gulf

  US Officials: Iranian Patrol Boats Probe Iraqi Waters
Kabul Loses Control of Another Western Region

Blast Injures NATO Troops at Afghan Hospital


Al-Qaeda Rebuilds Along Afghanistan Border


Afghanistan: NATO Troops Kill 2 Civilians

No Appeals in Court for Gitmo Detainees

The Colonial Stag in Rutting Season  by Ann Berg
The Axis of Evil: And Then There Was One  by Leon Hadar
Terrorists Chip In: The Perils of Tagging Passports  by William Norman Grigg
737 US Military Bases = Global Empire  by Chalmers Johnson
Insurgents: They Buy American
by Rosa Brooks
Iraq: The Sequel?  by Eric Alterman

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Civil War Seems Likely to Be Next Round in Iraq

US Black Ops in Iran?

The Libby-Cheney Connection

Clash of Civilizations Not Inevitable, Poll Finds

Rice's Mideast Talks Yield Little Except a Promise to Meet Again

Opposition to US Base in Eastern Europe Rises

The Real Cost of War
Today in Iraq

Lack of Food Security Threatening Iraq

Iraqi Sunni Lands Show New Oil and Gas Promise

Anger at Foreign Arabs Builds in Iraq

Saddam's Hanging Came Too Soon for Kurds

Iraq Gunfire Answers Reporter's Question

Terrorist Networks Lure Young Moroccans to War in Far-Off Iraq

Militias and Security Forces in Iraq

Monday: 9 GIs, 82 Iraqis Killed; 19 GIs, 124 Iraqis Wounded
Refugee Crises

Syria Relaxes Restrictions on Iraq Refugees

Patience Runs Thin as Iraqi Refugees Flood Amman, Damascus

Iraq Occupation

Democrats Seek to Limit GIs to Training in Iraq

Mission Imperial: Life Inside the Green Zone

Mixed Welcome for Baghdad Surge

Prince Harry Says He Won't Sit Out Iraq

Pentagon to Fill Iraq Reconstruction Jobs Temporarily

Aussies in Iraq

Australia to Send Further Military Trainers to Iraq

Downer Denies 'Political' Troops Boost

Iraqi Official: 'We Could Manage' Without Aussie Troops

The War at Home

Trial Spotlights Cheney’s Power as an Infighter

Small US Towns Bear Scars From Iraq

McCain: Iraq War 'Mismanaged' for Years

Bush Invokes Washington's Resolve in Forging Forward in Iraq

Junior ROTC Under Siege in LA

US Military

Army Fixing Patients' Housing at Walter Reed

Walter Reed Investigates Former Aid Chief

'War on Terror'

Hicks to Haunt Cheney in Australia

Hunt for al-Qaeda Overshadows Repression in Ethiopia, Some Fear

'Anti-Terror Force' for Somali 'Govt'

Spain Terror Suspect Says He Is a Victim

UK Officer Involved in Menezes Killing Promoted

UK Warned Not to Leave Terror Suspects in Legal Limbo of Control Orders

Anti-Terror Laws Exclude Vietnam Allies


Canadian Convoy Ambushed in Afghanistan

Afghan Poppy War Alienates Farmers

UK Forces Claim Afghan Success

South Asia

Indian Blasts Fail to Disrupt Peace Talks

India, Pakistan Undeterred by Train Blasts

Old Foes Join in Anger Over India Train Bombing

14 Myanmar Nationals Arrested in Kashmir

Nepal King Defends Power Grab


Iran Nears Industrial Nuclear Fuel Production

Russia Delays Work at Iran Nuclear Plant Amid Tensions

Iran Denies Russian Claim of Delayed Payment for Reactor

ElBaradei: West Will Probably Ratchet Up Sanctions Against Iran

ElBaradei Wants Sanctions Paired With 'Engagement'

Iran's Revolutionary Guards Send Message With War Games

US vs. Iran: India vs. Pakistan Anew?


Israeli Military Intel Head: Hezbollah Has More Firepower Today Than Before War

Lebanon Opposition Weighs Disobedience Campaign

Lebanon's Eco-Tourism Sector Struggles to Recover From Wounds of War


Hamas Vows to Save Unity Deal From 'US Pressure'

Israeli-Palestinian Summit Ends With Few Signs of Progress

Rice Declares Success After Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Agree to Talk

Slow Start to New US Bid for Israeli-Palestinian Peace

Talks Live Down to Low Expectations

Olmert, Abbas Bicker at Summit

Israeli Officer Shown Threatening Activists

Rice: Muslim Protests Over Jerusalem Dig 'Justified'

Middle East

North Africa Feared as Staging Ground for Terror

Egyptian Prosecutor Frees 48 Islamist Students

Missile Defense Drama

Russian General Threatens Missile Attacks Against Poland, Czech Republic if They Host US Bases

NATO Slams 'Uncalled For' Russian Threats Against Poland, Czech Republic

Czech Republic May Host Missile System

German FM Criticizes US Preparations for Missile Defense System in Europe


US Forecasts Korean Unification Around 2020

Bombings Shatter Thai Peace Initiative


Italy May Not Seek CIA Case Extraditions

EU MPs Divided Over Controversial Kosovo Report

Norway Conference Aims for 2008 Cluster Bomb Ban

ElBaradei: British Nuke Program Is Hypocritical


Harare a 'War Zone' as Police Break Up Rally by Opposition

EU Extends Sanctions Against Zimbabwe's Govt


Tribes Clash in West Sudan, Up to 100 Said Dead

Rebels in Burundi for Peace Talks

Congo-Kinshasa: Child Soldier Recruitment Continues

Rwanda Releases 8,000 Genocide Prisoners

UK Rights Group Worker Held as Spy in Angola

Gunmen Seize Three Croatian Oil Workers in Nigeria


Venezuela Bolsters Military Against US


Justin Raimondo
Murder, Inc.

Ivan Eland
Iraq: Enough Blame to Go Around

David R. Henderson
Does War Make Presidents Great?

Alan Bock
America the Frightened

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Charles Peña
The Future of Terrorism

Praful Bidwai
India-Iran Ties Jeopardized by US Threats

Nebojsa Malic
Ahtisaari's 'Final Solution'

Ran HaCohen
A Midwinter Night's Dream

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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