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More Mission Creep in Afghanistan: Ivan Eland
Honest Broker: Philip Weiss
Rick Santorum, American Crusader: Tom Barry
With Friends Like These…: Rep. Ron Paul
Will US Suffer More Than Iran?: Trita Parsi

 Preti Taneja

Assimilation, Exodus, Eradication: Iraq’s minority communities since 2003

 Joe Conason

It Can Happen Here: It is happening now.

 Elizabeth de la Vega

Time to Remove Bush/Cheney: U.S. v. Bush et al.: conspiracy to defraud the people of America.

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Updated February 27, 2007 - 9:25 PM EST

Cheney Escapes Afghan Blast, 23 Dead


Taliban Had Advance Notice About Cheney's Visit


Cheney Demands Pakistan Crack Down on Terror

US Disputes Report That 18 Kids Killed in Blast

  Iraq's Cabinet Backs Contentious Oil Measure

Insider Believed Behind Attack on Iraq VP


Tuesday: 109 Iraqis, 4 GIs Killed; 96 Iraqis, 3 GIs Wounded

Democrats Back Away From Iraq Plan


Majority in Poll Favors Deadline for Iraq Pullout

  Bush Warns Congress Against Touching His War Budget

Gen. Pace: Military Capability Eroding

UK: No Nation Against Iran Having Nuclear Energy


Iran's Conservatives and Reformers Alike Slam Ahmadinejad Stance


Gulf States Deny Giving Israel Air Space for Iran Attack

Israel to Ask US to Jack Up Military Aid

Rick Santorum, American Crusader
by Tom Barry
No End to Iraq's
Southern Discomfort
 by Sami Moubayed
A Trial for Thousands Denied Trial
by Naomi Klein
With Friends Like These…  by Rep. Ron Paul
Dems' Me-Too Iran Talk  by Gareth Porter
Don't Ignore Putin's Warning
by Eric Margolis

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Will Surge Hurt US More Than Sanctions Hurt Iran?

Kirkuk: Sparks Rise From a Time Bomb

Australian FM: We're in Iraq Because We and US Are Mates

Book: During '80s Wargames, Rumsfeld Was Eager to Use Nukes

Perle: Bush Failed by His Own People

Anti-US Group Battles Yemeni Govt

US Doubts Iran Space Launch Claim
Today in Iraq

What Happens in Iraq if Talabani Can't Serve?

Iraq Minorities Face 'Eradication'

An Iraqi Couple Finds Love Amid the Shattered Glass

College Bomber Was Female

Monday: 123 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 88 Iraqis Wounded
Baghdad 'Crackdown'

US Claims Sectarian Killings at Their Lowest Level in a Year

Baghdad Sees Resurgence of Bomb, Mortar Attack Deaths

What Baghdad Residents Say About Crackdown

Aides: Sadr Supports Crackdown, Urges Iraqi Forces to Be More Independent

Iraq Occupation

Iraq Sunni VP Says US Needs a 'Plan B'

US Task: Fight to End Four Wars in Iraq

The War at Home

War Critic Speaks From Heart of Bush Country

US Speaker Pelosi Backs New Iraq War Authorization

Poll: Americans Strongly Support Murtha's Iraq Plan

Marines' Lawyers Had Little Time in Iraq

Rice Decries Democrats' War Control Tactics

Report: Military Mental Health System Overwhelmed

High Court Refuses Blackwater Guard Slayings Case

A Firsthand Report on the Wounds of War

'War on Terror'

Gitmo Inmate Lawyers Target Australian Govt

Lawyer: Police Thought Menezes Was Suspected Plotter

Jury Slaps Defense Giant for Neglecting National Security


UK to Boost Afghan Force by 1,400

Taliban Offensive Awaits British Troops

New Troops Given Extra Firepower in Afghanistan

British Defense Secretary Defends Sending More Troops to Afghanistan

Ruined Poppy Farmers Join Ranks With the Taliban

Cheney in Afghanistan to Meet Karzai

Helicopters Thunder Across Afghanistan Territory

Afghan Governor Detained; Official Killed in Suicide Attack


Cheney Warns Pakistan to Act on Terror

Musharraf to US: Help With Terror Fight, Don't Dictate

In Other News

1,000 Join Scotland Anti-Nuke Protest


Diplomats Hold Key Talks on Iran

Tougher Iran Sanctions on Agenda of London Meeting

Russia 'Worried' About Talk of Possible Attack on Iran

Iran Says It Would Respond Positively to Talks, but Not to Preconditions

Iran's Pursuit of Nuclear Power Raises Alarms

US Forces in Iraq Claim More Iran-Made Weapons Found

Former UN Weapons Chief Says US, Europe, and Security Council Are 'Humiliating' Iran

Iran Says It Launched Suborbital Rocket Into Space, With Eye Toward Lifting Satellites


Hezbollah Builds New Line of Defenses North of UN Zone

Lebanese President Asked to Arab Summit; PM Snubbed


Abbas Says to Meet Olmert Within Two Weeks

Israel to Hold Nationwide Nuclear Attack Drill

Israeli Peace Group's Report: Settlements Annexing Nature Reserves

Two Palestinians Arrested for Murder of Settler

Palestinian Shot Dead in West Bank Raid

Israeli Troops Conduct House to House Searches in Nablus

Rabbi Leads Israeli Campaign for Children to Pray for Ahmadinejad's Death

Middle East

Report: US Intimidates Egypt Into Stopping Civilian Nuclear Program

French Nationals Killed in Saudi Attack


Poll: Russians Would Abolish Conscription

Russia's Bid for 'Competitive' Elections


UN Court Clears Serbia of Genocide

Bosnian Muslims, Croats Disappointed by UN Ruling

Kosovo Albanian Politician, Former Rebel Leader Returned to Hague Tribunal


US Hint on North Korea Sanctions

South Koreans Sue Over Japan's War Shrine

Taiwan to Dismantle Its Chiang Memorials

Japan, Russia Agree to Boost Energy Relations, Trade

Sudan Spillover

Darfur Rebels Look to Unify

Darfur Crisis Spills Over Onto Neighbor

Militias Turn on Each Other in War-Torn Darfur

Sudan Rejects Authority of International Court to Try Darfur War Crimes Suspects


US Navy Heads to UN Ship Off Somalia


From Rifles to Jets, Venezuela Pumps Up Its Military Muscle


Justin Raimondo
America's Alliance With bin Laden

Ivan Eland
More Mission Creep in Afghanistan

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Doug Bandow
The War Lobby Abandons the Troops

Nebojsa Malic
The Unraveling

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

David R. Henderson
Does War Make Presidents Great?

Alan Bock
America the Frightened

Charles Peña
The Future of Terrorism

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