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Blogging With Bush: Greg Mitchell
Backward Thinking: Jay Barr
Forfeiting Nothing: Nebojsa Malic
A Band of Brothers in Iraq: Stewart Nusbaumer
The Democrats' War Funding Debacle: John Walsh

 Les Roberts

More Iraqis Killed than Rwandans in Genocide Attempt of ‘94: UK govt. now admits Johns Hopkins/Lancet underestimated death toll

 Chris Hedges

War is Horrible: Only the inexperienced claim otherwise

 James Bovard

War, Lies, Torture: And those who aid and abet

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Updated March 29, 2007 - 9:26 PM EDT
Blair: Britain Won't Negotiate With Iran
  Iran Suspends Release of Female UK Sailor
  Britain Runs Into UN Headwinds Over Iran's Capture of Crew
  Iran: Britain Must Admit Navy Trespassed
  US Says Not Escalating Tension With Iran
  Russian Intelligence Sees US Military Buildup on Iran Border
Senate Passes War Funds With Pullout
  US: No Decision to Cut Troop Levels Before Fall
  Increase May Mean Longer Army Tours
  Bush to Hold Democrats 'Responsible' on Holding Up War Funds
  Showdown Looms Over Iraq Withdrawal
  Senate's Bold Proposal for Iraq: Protect the Dem/GOP Conventions
Iraq Admits Police Massacred Sunni Arabs
  Deal to Aid Iraq's Ex-Ba'athists Imperiled
  Militants Attack Iraqi, US Forces With Chlorine Bombs
  Thursday: 186 Iraqis Killed; 293 Wounded
  Wednesday: 166 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed; 146 Iraqis Wounded
Pentagon Expands Capability to Attack Websites
Aide: Gonzales Wrongly Denied Involvement in Firings
A Band of Brothers in Iraq
by Stewart Nusbaumer
The Democrats' War Funding Debacle  by John V. Walsh
Yes, Congressman, I Do Have a Problem With That  by Robert Higgs
Pentagon Cowers Behind Wordplay
by Robert Scheer
The Rapist Generation  by David Wilson
Backward Thinking  by Jay Barr

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Afghan Police High on Opium Greet Canadian Troops: 'The Taliban Know You Are Here'
Senate Roll-Call Vote on Iraq Funding
Bush Cites Bloggers He Met 3 Years Ago as Evidence Surge Is Working
For Sadr, a Fracturing Militia
Iraq Needs Money to Spend Money, Official Says
Elite Terrorist Hunters in Iraq
Mideast Leaders to Hold Talks Twice a Month
Guilty Plea Won't Dampen Gitmo Controversy
US Base Revives Cold War Feelings
Baghdad Green Zone Sees Spike in Mortars, Rockets
Today in Iraq
'Iraqi Idol' Contestant Unites War-Weary Iraqis
Iraqi Shoppers Lured to Their Deaths
Iraq Militias Feed on Poverty
Wednesday: 136 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 121 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Saudi King Slams 'Illegitimate Occupation' of Iraq
Iraq PM Says Wants Peaceful End to Iran/UK Crisis
A Syrian's Risky Choice to Help Young Iraqis Heal
Iraqi Refugees Flee Violence Only to Live in Squalor
The War at Home
Comparing House and Senate Iraq Bills
Gonzales Draws Strong Criticism of Prosecutors
FBI Director Blames Agency, Not PATRIOT Act, for Abuses
Email May Provide a Clue to Rove's Role in Attorney Firing
Lawmakers Prod White House About Rove
Bush Meets Russian Faulted for Atrocities
US Military
Tillman Case Could Bring Punishments
Worries Grow Over Mental Health of US Soldiers
Pentagon Buys Gear From Iraqi Factories
Marines, Others Clamor for New Armored Trucks
VA Wastes Millions on Computer Contract
Russia and US Accused of Abusing Men Freed From Guantánamo
Guantánamo Detainee Described as Lost Soul Seeking 'A Way Out'
Father Says Australian Govt Pressured Hicks to Plead Guilty
David Hicks 'Terror Profits' Blocked
North Korea
CIA Chief: North Korea Nuke Test Was a Failure
US Finds Banks Unwilling to Accept Transfer of North Korean Funds
UN Warns on North Korean Food Shortfall
NATO Troops Earn Resentment of Frustrated Afghans
No Evidence of Foreign Fighters Flooding Into Afghanistan: NATO Forces
Italian Troops to Stay in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: The Fight Comes to Helmand's Capital
Suicide Bomber Kills Four in Kabul
Afghan Journalists Face Growing Pressure
Militants Attack Town in Pakistan
Ousted Judge in Pakistan Urges Musharraf to 'Respect' Judiciary
Pakistani PM Defends Tribal Pacts
Pakistan: US Ally, US Dilemma
Sri Lanka
Troops Capture Tamil Rebel Base
Sri Lanka Says Sinks Rebel Boats at Sea
China Urges Ban on Space Weapons
China to US: Halt Taiwan Weapon Sales
Thai Junta Chief Calls for Emergency Rule
Birds Return to Find Peace in War-Torn Land
Iran-UK Standoff
Briton Admits to Trespass on Video Shown by Iran
Furious Blair Piles Pressure on Iran
Britain Steps Up Pressure on Iran, Freezing Business Ties
Britain Releases 'Evidence' Against Iran on Seized Sailors
UK Marine Talks of 'Friendly Captors' but Smile Tells of Her Stress
Text of Letter Said Written by British Sailor
Iran Says British Sailors Seized 0.5 Km Inside Iran
Bush Fully Backs Britain in Crisis With Iran
Oil Soars as Britain Freezes Ties With Iran
Gates Says US Open to Iran Dialogue
The Two Faces of Iran: How Diplomats and Extremists Fight for Control of Foreign Policy
US Warns China to Stop Selling Weapons to Iran
Poll: Most Palestinians See Rice Role as Negative
US to Vet Abbas's Forces Before Training Begins
Saudi King Calls for End to Palestinian Blockade
Canadian Government Snubs Palestinian Minister
Haniyeh: Israel Unlikely to Accept Arab Peace Plan
Gunmen Wound Hamas Commander, Wife, Two Children
Two Gaza Militants Hurt in Israeli Air Strike
Israeli PM Wants Lebanon Testimony Sealed
Israeli Police Remove Settlers From West Bank
Israeli Military Chief Hints at Need to Attack Hamas in Gaza
Organization Demands Israeli Arab MPs Lose Citizenship for Visiting Syria
Film Raises Questions About Israel's Use of Military Power
Middle East
Arab States Unanimously Approve Saudi Peace Plan
Saudi King Laments Failures in the Arab World
Man Tried in Egypt Over Spying for Israel: I Confessed Under Duress
Jumblatt Sees Risk of Wider Lebanon Split
General: US Missile Shield Could Protect Russia
Moscow Ponders Independence Plan for Kosovo
EU Overtures to Asia Hit Obstacles
Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Released After Detention
Mugabe Gags Critics Ahead of Summit
Zimbabwean Leaders Are Accused in Abductions
DR Congo
Congo Tense as UN Mandate Set to Expire
Congo Criticized for Attack on Ex-Rebels
Sudan Pledges to End Darfur Aid Red Tape
UN Appeals to Arab Leaders for Darfur Aid
Colombian Army Says 10 Rebels Killed
In Rio's Slums, Militias Fuel Violence They Seek to Quell

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