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Libertarianism and the War: Justin Raimondo
The Fake Fight Over Iraq War: Cockburn/St. Clair
How I Know Blair Faked Iran Map: Craig Murray
Tough Week for Bush's Mideast Strategy: Jim Lobe
How to Start a War With Iran: Gwynne Dyer

 Craig Murray

The Disputed Shatt al-Arab Waterway: Blair lies when he claims the lines are clear

 Will Grigg

Delaware Local Fights for Freedom, is Executed by Local Cops: Govt. murder and cover-up in the case of Sgt. Derek J. Hale

 Philip Giraldi

War With Iran?: Better hope not

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Updated April 2, 2007 - 9:25 PM EDT

Iran Opens Way for Deal to Free Sailors


Iran Pulls Sailors Video as Britain Changes Its 'Stance'

  Iran Says All 15 Britons Confessed
  Iranian Officer Reports Incursion by US Warplanes
Crackdown Ups Violence Outside Baghdad
  Arabs in Kirkuk Dismayed at Relocation Plan
  Death of Seven US Soldiers Caps Violent Week in Iraq
  Sistani Opposes Ba'athists' Return

Monday: 3 GIs, 1 Briton, 84 Iraqis Killed; 280 Iraqis Wounded

Obama Says Congress Will Fund Iraq War
  Republican House Members Visit Syria Ahead of Pelosi to Discuss Ties
  White House: Iraq War Fund Delay Could Extend Tours
Olmert Invites Arab Leaders to Talks on 'Land for Peace'
  Israeli Intel Chief: Iran and Syria Preparing for Summer Attack by US
  Tough Week for Bush's Middle East Strategy
  Israel PM Denies Plotting With US Against Iran
Major Portion of US Missile Defense Wiped Out by Rain
How I Know Blair Faked Iran Map
by Craig Murray
The Fake Fight Over the Iraq War
by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair
Blair Has Made Criminals of Us All
by Henry Porter
Call That Humiliation?  by Terry Jones
This Was a Trial?  by Jennifer Daskal
War Never Follows Makers' Script
by Ian J. Bickerton and Kenneth J. Hagan

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Saudi King's Outburst Reflects US Mideast Policy Failures
McCain Called Out by CNN Reporter Michael Ware
CNN: Military Sources Respond to McCain With 'Laughter Down the Line'
Sunnis Surge Beyond Baghdad
US-Backed Political Goals Elusive for Iraq
Half of US Troop Reinforcements Now in Iraq
Death in Diyala
New Leadership Is Seen on Rise Within al-Qaeda
Pelosi to Discuss Captured Israelis With Syrian Leader
Iraq Erupts – in Joy – at Singer's Triumph
Today in Iraq
Iraq Toll Up 15 Percent Despite Crackdown
Gunmen Kidnap 19 Civilians North of Baghdad
Driven by War to a No Man's Land in Jordan
Iraq Town Struggles to Recover After Most Residents Fled
Two Suicide Vests Found in Green Zone
Blast Hits Near Hospital as Violence Tears Across Iraq
Two Truck Bombs Wound 15 at Iraq Army Base
Sunday: 7 US, 1 UK Soldiers, 50 Iraqis Killed, 19 Iraqis Kidnapped
The War at Home
Kissinger: Iraq War Unwinnable
Democrats to Widen Conflict With Bush
Pressure Mounts on Bush as Ex-Aide Criticizes Iraq Strategy
McCain Lauds Baghdad Security Operation
Antiwar Activists to Serve Tea Outside Pelosi's Home
Texas Revokes Antiwar Group's Corporate Charter
US Military
Military Parents Sound Off in Troop-Withdrawal Debate
Grieving Parents, Returning Soldiers Strive to Deal With the Burdens of War
Report: Tuskegee Airmen Lost 25 Bombers
'War on Terror'
Swapping Jihad for Rehab in Riyadh
Theft, Fraud in Europe Fund Terrorist Group, Police Say
Canadian Army Manual Lumps Radical Natives With Hezbollah
Military Observers Absent From Center for Counterterrorism
Guantánamo Ex-Detainee Back in UK: 'Nightmare' Over
Detainee's Plea Deal Angers Some Legal Experts
Video Shows Attack on US Afghan Camp
Prisoner Exchange May Spur Kidnaps in Afghanistan
Journalist Says Taliban Captors Offer Swap
Four Children Killed, Six Injured in Afghan Attack
Seven Police Killed in Taliban Ambush
Resurgent Taliban Hangs Three NATO 'Spies' as Warning
Canada: Pitched Battles in Afghanistan 'Unlikely'
Pakistan Prepares for Onslaught
Four Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Fighting Between Foreign Militants and Tribesmen
Karzai: Pakistan Protecting Mullah Omar
Afghan Refugees Vow to Stay Put
China's Footprint in Pakistan
India Weighs Troop Reduction in Quieter Kashmir
Maoists Sworn Into New Nepal Government
Sri Lanka Says Rebels Kill Six Tsunami Project Workers
Poll: US Is Biggest World Threat for Germans
Serbs Dig Out Their Dead in Kosovo
British Army Plan to Limit Non-British Troops
Chechen Leader Makes Big Bang of Inauguration
Garry Kasparov's Risky Anti-Putin Game Plan
Capture of British Sailors a Gray Area in Application of Geneva Conventions
Ahmadinejad Vows News Soon on Atomic Work
US Veteran Recalls Close Ties to Iran in World War II
California Seeks to Ban Investment in Iran
Clichés About Iran Dispelled at Amsterdam Exhibit
Mideast Peace?
Olmert: What I Say Will Surprise Saudi King
Abbas Calls for Israeli Response to Arab Peace Initiative
Refugees Dream of Right to Return as Israel Holds Firm
US, Egypt Press Israel Toward Arab Talks
Abbas Presses Merkel to Help End Crippling Western Embargo
Merkel: EU Supports Mideast Peace Talks
Palestinian Faction Aims to Unite Its Militias
Sheikh Dead in Gaza Power Struggle
Gaza Seen as Palestinian Shame, Banana Republic
Hamas: We're Ready to Defend Gaza From Invasion
Israel: Hamas PM Channeled Saudi Funds to Militants
Palestinian Refugees Promise to Go Back Home
Israeli Army Seals West Bank
Israeli Acting President Defends Pelosi Syria Trip
Release of Olmert Testimony on Lebanon War Delayed
Olmert Faces Criticism From All Sides
Israeli Army Told to Step Up Action Against Gaza Rockets
Israeli Metal Used for Qassam Rockets
BBC Fights to Suppress Internal Report Into Allegations of Bias Against Israel
Fighting in Somali Capital Continues
Hopes Rise for Truce in Somalia
Ugandans Suffer First Loss in Mogadishu Fighting
Human Rights Watch Slams 'Rendition' of Somalis
Arab Tribe in Darfur Reports 62 Killed, 21 Wounded in Attack
Ground Shifting Beneath Sudan's Longtime Leaders
Official: Darfur Destabilizing Region
Mugabe Seizes Foes From Hospital
Teens Assaulted in Zimbabwe Police Raid
South Africans Vow to Press Zimbabwe
Wedged Amid African Crises, Central African Republic Suffers
Former Head of Algerian Militant Group Wants to Form New Political Party
Scottish Oil Worker Held in Nigeria
Falklands Dispute Far From Over
UK 'Regret' Over Falklands Dead

Justin Raimondo
Libertarianism and the War

Alan Bock
Clumsy Political Process

Doug Bandow
The Waste of War

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Charles Peña
Foreign Follies
a Sobering Read

Ivan Eland
Making Iranians Rally
'Round the Flag

David R. Henderson
Working With the Left
on the War

Philip Giraldi
Picking on Halliburton

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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