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Botched US Raid Led to Crisis: Patrick Cockburn
Kudos to Pelosi for Visiting Syria: Ivan Eland
McCain in McNamara's Footsteps: Norman Solomon
The Courage to Admit Defeat: Thomas Gale Moore
The War of Humiliation: Robert Fisk

 Craig Murray

The Disputed Shatt al-Arab Waterway: Blair lies when he claims the lines are clear

 Will Grigg

Delaware Local Fights for Freedom, is Executed by Cops: Govt. murder and cover-up in the case of Sgt. Derek J. Hale

 Philip Giraldi

War With Iran?: Better hope not

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Updated April 3, 2007 - 9:22 PM EDT
Britain Calls for Direct Talks With Iran
  Blair: We've 48 Hours to Save Sailors
  Iran Reports Release of Diplomat Seized in Iraq
  US Hinders British Efforts to Free Sailors
Suicide Bombings in Iraq on Dramatic Rise

Snipers Back at Baghdad Market After McCain Visit

  Tuesday: 63 Iraqis, 1 Marine Killed; 43 Iraqis Wounded

Senate Leader Backs Plan to End Funds for Iraq


How a Bogus Letter Became a Case for War

  Army Sending More Units Back to Iraq Early

Somalia Clashes Kill Nearly 400 People in 4 Days

McCain Walks in McNamara's Footsteps  by Norman Solomon
Haunting Image of War: A Dead Woman's Dentures in the Dirt  by Greg Mitchell
Pentagon 'Justice' Is All About Politics  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Courage to Admit Defeat
by Thomas Gale Moore
The War of Humiliation  by Robert Fisk
Don't Idealize Leon Trotsky  by Clive James

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Cheney: Withdrawal Date Means Iraq Defeat

New White House Push for Gonzales to Testify ASAP

Bush Losing Key Adviser on Iraq

Bush's Ex-Aide Loses Faith in President

Pelosi Shrugs Off White House Criticism of Syria

McCain Wrong on Iraq Security, Merchants Say

Putin's Rival Linked to Litvinenko Death

Russia Lifts Lid on Cold War Agent in Britain

Kirkuk Bombing Kills 12, Wounds 192, Many of Them Children
Iraq Today

Iraq's Sunni Arabs Vow to Step Up Battle Against al-Qaeda

Death Penalty Sought for 'Chemical Ali'

Fears of Expert Sniper in Basra

Monday: 3 GIs, 1 Briton, 84 Iraqis Killed; 280 Iraqis Wounded
'War on Terror'

Terrorism on Agenda at South Asian Summit

Terror Group's Threat Raises Dalai Lama Alert

US Helps Fight Against Abu Sayyaf in the Philippines

Yemeni Women Sign Up to Fight Terror

Undercover Agents Slip Bombs Past Denver Airport Screeners

California Man Convicted in Terror Case Begins Quest for a New Trial

Fire Razes Anti-Zionist NY Synagogue, Rabbi Suspects Arson


Hicks 'Turns al-Qaeda Informant'

Hicks' Father Claims Aussie Govt Ordered Him Not to Talk About Son's Detention

Supreme Court Split on Guantánamo

Top Court Won't Decide Guantánamo Prisoner Appeal

Little Redress in US Courts for Detainees


Taliban Deploy 'Thousands' in Afghanistan

Lack of Jobs Hurting Afghan War on Taliban

13 Taliban, Three Cops Die in Afghanistan

German Jets Head for Afghanistan Amid Mounting Concerns

'Walking Dead' Cross Line Into Afghanistan to Kill


10 More Die as Waziristan Tribe Declares War on Foreigners

Waziri Tribesmen Vow to 'Evict al-Qaeda'

NATO General: Pakistani Border Deal Fails

Musharraf Has Critics Lining Up

South Asia

17 Killed in Sri Lanka

India Weighs Troop Reduction in Quieter Kashmir

Four Rebels Die in Assam Clash

Bangladesh Army Chief Insists Democracy Doesn't Work


Britain Sending Envoy to Tehran

Iran Radio Cites 'Positive Changes' in British Negotiating

Iran: No Need to Try Captured British Personnel

On Iran Streets, Diverse Views on Clash Over British Captives

'Many Iranians Feel Proud' in Standoff

US Says Former FBI Agent Missing in Iran

Middle East

Women Plan Levantine Bike Ride for Peace

Jordan Sentences Six for Planned Attacks

Mideast Peace?

Saudis: Israel Should Accept 2002 Deal

Al-Jazeera Absent From Riyadh Summit

Arabs Tell Olmert to Get Serious

Olmert Delaying Peace Negotiations, Syrian Source Says

Ban: PA Govt Must Have Time to Recognize Israel

Abbas to Olmert: West Bank Must Be Included in Cease-Fire


Olmert Denies Syrian War Rumors

Israeli DM Gives Military Go-Ahead to Resume Gaza Operations

Treatment of Arab Foreign Ministry Official at Israeli Airport Spurs Look at Security

Palestinian Journalists Go on Strike Over Kidnapped BBC Reporter

France, Italy Say Palestinians Need to Do More for Aid

Israel Steps Up Security for Passover



Truce Aims to Stem Somalia's Bloodshed

Hundreds of Ethiopian Troops Enter Mogadishu


Five African Troops Killed in Darfur


Zimbabwe Activists Abducted as Strike Called

Tsvangirai Urges South Africa to Act Soon

In Other News

Ukraine Leader Calls Early Poll

Poll Suggests That Cuban Americans' Attitudes Shifting on Sanctions


Justin Raimondo
Libertarianism and the War

Ivan Eland
Kudos to Pelosi for Visiting Syria

Alan Bock
Clumsy Political Process

Doug Bandow
The Waste of War

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Charles Peña
Foreign Follies
a Sobering Read

David R. Henderson
Working With the Left
on the War

Philip Giraldi
Picking on Halliburton

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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