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Getting Out With Some Dignity: Alan Bock
Desperation in Gitmo's Camp 6: Nicole Colson
Ethanol: Threat to Nat'l Security?: Gordon Prather
Basra Splits Between Warring Shi'ites: al-Fadhily
Cutting and Running Is Winning: Sheldon Richman

 Dilip Hiro

Actions Have Consequences: Iraqi Shia Out of Patience

 Mike McNulty

US Army, FBI Gassed, Shot, Burned and Bombed Branch Davidians to Death: Hillary Clinton pushed for it

 Ivan Eland

American Kidnapped and Tortured by US Navy: No mention of Padilla’s ‘dirty bomb plot’ at civilian trial so far

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Updated April 22, 2007 - 9:27 PM EDT
Maliki Stops US Building Baghdad Wall
  Sunday: 3 GIs, 85 Iraqis Killed; 161 Iraqis Wounded
Murtha: 2-Month Iraq Funding Bill 'Likely'
  Pentagon Planning to Extend 'Surge'
Probe: Marines Ignored 'Serious Misconduct'
Blair Set to Quit on May 9
Bush Considering Darfur No-Fly Zone
Week's Toll May Hit 1,000 as Somali Capital Pounded
UK Intel Report: Al-Qaeda 'Planning Big British Attack'
  US, Australia Warn of Major Terror Attack in Philippines
  Al-Qaeda Seeks to Expand Its Operations
Iran, US Take Their Fight
to Afghanistan
 by M.K. Bhadrakumar
Desperation in Guantánamo's
Camp 6
 by Nicole Colson
Ethanol: A Threat to
National Security?
 by Gordon Prather
War Plan B and Situation B
by Elizabeth Spiro Clark
Our Benevolent Surveillance State
by Glenn Greenwald
A Surge in Iraqi Civilian Deaths
by Tom Clifford

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Israel: Syria Readying for War
Soldier Says He Was Deployed With Head Injury
Chávez Arms Community Groups as He Anticipates US Invasion
Congress Skeptical of Nuclear Warhead Plan
First Shi'ite Union Launched in Europe
Fallujah Council Leader Assassinated, 4th Killed on Job in a Year
US Engineer Accused of Taking Codes to Iran
Crisis Mode Grips World Bank Headquarters
After Tillman Death, Army Moved Quickly to Clamp Down and Destroy Evidence
Iraq Occupation
Critics, Dissenters of Early War Strategy Are Now in Charge in Iraq
New Iraq Team Brings a Fresh Look to War
Key Members of New Iraq Team
US Official Criticizes Iraqi Kurds
Today in Iraq
Juba the Sniper Legend Haunting Troops in Iraq
Qaeda-Led Group Claims Attack on Iraqi Shi'ite Politician
Basra: Bloody Storm Before the Calm
US Struggles to Calm Violent Ramadi
Iraq Raid Nabs 'al-Qaeda Smuggler'
Saturday: 3 GIs, 1 US Marine, 1 Polish Soldier, 43 Iraqis Killed
Global Iraq Fallout
Prince Harry Is Militia Target in Iraq, Admits Army
Maliki Assures Australia Over Baghdad Security Plan
Iraq PM to Lobby for Egypt Talks
The War at Home
Blue Angels Pilot Dies in Crash at South Carolina Air Show
Oliver Stone to Create Anti-Iraq War TV Spot
Armenian Genocide Resolution Far From Certain
Battles of Britain
Britons in Secret Radioactive Experiments
Britons Held in Iraq Told to Refund Damages
Hostage Counsellor Attacks MoD for Failing Freed Britons
British MoD Accused of Cost-Cutting on Crash Plane
Germans Monitor Possible US Base Threat
Russia Says Anti-Putin Protesters Faked Injuries
50% Good News Is the Bad News in Russian Radio
Americans Keep Dying
Lafayette (IN) Soldier Leaves Behind Young Daughter, Stunned Family
Soldier (MD) Whose Enlistment Had Ended Dies in Combat in Afghanistan
Sergeant (MN) Only Had Ten Days Left in Iraq Tour
Mother: 'I Just Want God to Bring Him Back to Me' (TX)
Maryland Soldier Planned to Be a Doctor
Alabama Soldier Had Just Re-Enlisted for Another Four Years
In Indiana, a Bittersweet Homecoming
Army Medic (TN) Dies in Roadside Blast in Afghanistan
Marine, Former Honors Student, Killed in Iraq (IN)
'He Had a Passion for Life and Laughter' (MI)
Soldier From Pritchard (AL) Killed in Iraq
Soldier (MO) Dreamed of Becoming a Police Officer
San Francisco (CA) Native Survived by Wife, Young Son
Fallen Soldier Remembered (PA)
Mission Viejo (CA) Marine Was an 'Absolute Joy'
GI Born in Ivory Coast Remembered as Proud Citizen (NC)
Idaho Paratrooper Looked Forward to College
Soldier (OR) Had Set Goal of Helping Iraqi People
Longview Family Mourns Paratrooper (WA) Killed in Afghanistan
Paradise (CA) Man Always Wanted to Be a Soldier
Soldier From American Samoa Killed in Iraq
Family Remembers Granite Falls (NC) Man Killed in Iraq
Montana Soldier Dies in Explosion in Iraq
IED Kills Texas Soldier in Iraq
Venezuela Opposition Protests TV Closing

'Parapolitics' Threatens to Harm Colombia's Ties With US

Bolivian Military Retakes Natural Gas Pipeline
Iran Still Cool on Iraq Conference
Khatami: Iran Nuke Program Has Green Tone
Syrian Opposition Calls for Elections Boycott
Syria's Assad Seeks to Consolidate Power in Parliament Elections
Syrians, Golan Residents Rally in Support of Prisoners Held in Israel
Israeli Forces Kill at Least Six Palestinians
EU Fund 'Embargo' to Palestinians Risks Encouraging Extremism: Abbas
Abbas Says Efforts Being Made to Free BBC Reporter
BBC Reporter's Gaza Kidnappers Want £2.5m
Jailed Hamas Official Decries Abduction of BBC Journalist
Bombers Hit US School in Gaza
Palestinian Forces Suffering From Emotional Issues
Settlers' Defiance Reflects Postwar Israeli Changes
Hamas Demands Jordan Clarify Remarks
Arab Doctors Criticize Security Check at Train Station in Haifa
Israel: 'No Thanks' to Musharraf Offer
US Leaders Speak
Shi'ite Cleric: Lebanese 'Addicted' to 'Foreign Forces'
Lebanon's Cabinet Mulls Sending Second Petition to UN on Hariri Court
Egyptian-Canadian Sentenced to 15 Years for Spying for Israel
Koreas Talks Snag on Nuclear Issue
South Korea to Send Food Aid to North
South Korea to Use 'Smart' Sensors at DMZ
Taliban's Elusive Leader Urges More Suicide Raids
NATO Troops Kill Suspected Taliban Militant in Southern Afghanistan
US: Laws Cannot Be Changed for India Nuclear Deal
India PM Slams Use of Religion for Political Gain After Anti-Muslim CD
Sri Lanka
Seven Killed in Sri Lanka Violence
£30m Fuel Station Fraud Link to Tamils
Bhutan Stages Dress Rehearsal for Democratic Vote
Bhutan: Where Democracy Would Be King
Taiwan Shows Model Missiles to Strike China
Yahoo Accused of Encouraging Human Rights Violations in China
Eastern Indonesia Sees Tribal Conflicts

Turkey Announces Joint Summit With Afghanistan and Pakistan

Bangladesh Party Leader Vows to Return as Rival Faces Exile
Defense Minister Says Sudan Will Fight Foreign Intervention
British Firm Breaks Sudan Arms Boycott

Eritrean President in Khartoum for Darfur Talks

Why Algerian Extremists 'Rebranded'
Algeria PM Says US Attack Alert 'Not Moral'
Violence Mars Nigeria Elections
Polls Stay Open Late in Nigeria
EU Observers Criticize Nigeria Poll
Nigerian Police Foil Blast Attack
Politics, Police Seen Fuelling Kenya Clashes
UK Journalist Arrested in Kenya

Justin Raimondo
Hitchens' Kurdish Sojourn

Alan Bock
Getting Out With Some Dignity

Doug Bandow
America to George W. Bush: We Can Do Better

Nebojsa Malic
War of Words

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Philip Giraldi
Cheney Does Africa

Ivan Eland
Will Current Disasters Curtail Future Interventions?

Charles Peña
Yankee, Go Home

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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