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Analogies Won't Stop Terrorism: Ivan Eland
We Just Marched In: Rep. Ron Paul
The War Goes Ever On: Paul Craig Roberts
In Lebanon, Tempers Rise: Dahr Jamail
Iraqis Blame US for Bloody Week: Ali al-Fadhily

 Justin Raimondo

Iraq’s Catastrophic Success: And who’s next on the hit list

 Dilip Hiro

Actions Have Consequences: Iraqi Shia Out of Patience

 Mike McNulty

US Army, FBI Gassed, Shot, Burned and Bombed Branch Davidians to Death: Hillary Clinton pushed for it

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Updated April 24, 2007 - 9:29 PM EDT
Iraq Suicide Attack Kills 9 US Troops
  Baghdad Wall Work Goes On Despite PM's Opposition

Tuesday: Wave of Explosions Heard in Early-Morning Baghdad


Tuesday: 3 GIs, 71 Iraqis Killed; 104 Iraqis Wounded

Jessica Lynch, Tillman Bro Slam Pentagon Lies

Reid: Congress Will Endorse Iraq Pullout


Government Report Slams 'Emergency' War Funding Request

Europe Approves More Sanctions Against Iran

74 Dead in Somali Rebel Attack in Ethiopia

Hundreds of Thousands Flee Mogadishu

A Conservative Case for Replacing Paul Wolfowitz  by Doug Bandow
Is the US Already at War With Iran?
by Charles Davis
How to Infuriate Russia and the EU and Waste $10 Billion a Year  by Fred Kaplan
The War Goes Ever On  by Paul Craig Roberts
The Iraq War Can't Be 'Won'
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Broder Bumbles Again  by Scott Horton

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Iraqis Blame US Occupation for Bloody Week
Iraq, Afghanistan War Vets Find Relief in the Footlights
In Lebanon, Tempers Rise Over Reconstruction

Bush Reaffirms His Support for Gonzales

Wolfowitz Says He Will Change Leadership Style

Wolfowitz Hires Ex-Clinton Lawyer as Board Mulls Fate

US Had Emergency Plan for Attacking Israel in 1967

Sunnis Protest Against Baghdad's 'Prison Wall'
Iraq Today

Iraq's Fate Is in Sadr's Hands

The Story of a Slain Iraqi Journalist

Iraq: Yazidi Minority Demands Protection After Killings

Car Bomb Near Iranian Embassy Kills One in Baghdad

Three Car Bombers Kill 20 in Iraq's Ramadi

British Soldier Shot Dead in Basra

Iraqi Film on War Wins Rave Reviews in Baghdad

Monday: 10 GIs, 1 Briton, 107 Iraqis Killed; 20 GIs, 6 Britons, 161 Iraqis Wounded
Baghdad Wall

US Officials Play Down Criticism of Wall in Sunni Enclave

Outcry Over Wall Shows Depth of Iraqi Resentment

Iraq: Walls Will Increase Violence, Specialists Say

Frustration Over Wall Unites Sunni and Shi'ite

Iraq Occupation

Bush Claims Drop in Iraq Sectarian Violence

Romanian PM Set to Propose Iraq Troop Withdrawal

US Official Urges Investment in Iraq, Says Security Isn't Obstacle in Many Areas

In Twist of History, Kurds Patrol Baghdad

Baghdad Security Plan Puts US Forces, Civilians Perilously Close

The War at Home

Reid Defends Calling Iraq War 'Lost,' Calling Bush a 'Liar'

2007 War Spending Bill at a Glance

Bush Meets Top General as Iraq Showdown Looms

White House Plagued by 'Systemic Neglect' for Security Procedures

US Command Shortens Life of 'Long War' as a Reference

US Military
Iraq War Brain-Trauma Victims Turn to Private Care

Pentagon May Be Shorting Troop Benefits

Texas Soldier Who Wouldn't Serve UN in Macedonia Loses Supreme Court Case

Army Might Cut Europe Troop Force in Half

UK War at Home

Al-Qaeda's 'British Propagandists'

UK Leaker Civil Servant Opposed Iraq War


Afghan Intel Officer Beheaded; Bombs Kill 8

Detainees Detail a Litany of Abuses by Afghan Authorities

Amid Tensions, US, Iran Both Give Lift to Afghanistan City

Canada Debates Afghan Role

After Deadly Week, Canada Debates Role in Afghanistan

Canada Rocked by Fresh Afghan Abuse Allegations

Timeline of Canadian Mistreatment of Afghan Detainees
Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Rebels Say Bombed Air Base

Sri Lanka Aid Worker Killings Probe 'Flawed'

South Asia

Pakistan TV Channel Warned Not to Report on Judge

Bangladesh's 'Begums' Face Exile

Little Hope Ahead of Kashmir-Delhi Peace Talks

In Other News

More Saudi Women Join the Work Force, but Limits Remain Strict

ETA Denies Involvement in Madrid Bombs


Ahmadinejad Offers to Hold Direct Talks With Bush

State Dept. Official Says Iran 'May Be Holding' Former FBI Agent, Gives No Evidence

Iran, EU to Hold Nuclear Talks in Turkey

Ahmadinejad: Iran Does Not Wish to Use Oil as a Weapon

US General Warns Czechs That They Face 'Growing Threat' From Iran

US Sanctions Aim at Iran, Syria Weapons Transfer

US Senators Urge India to Cease Military Cooperation With Iran

US Criticizes Iran-European Gas Deal

Ahmadinejad Urges EU to Act Independently


US Increases Pressure on Syria

In Syria, Choice Is for Shoppers, Not Voters


Israeli Military Denies Leaflets Threatening Impending Gaza Invasion

Peretz: Israeli Military Will Operate in Gaza Again

Hezbollah: Prisoner Exchange Talks With Israel Are 'Serious'

Olmert Vows Not to Repeat 'Past Mistakes' of Prisoner Swaps

Israeli Military Bans Settlers' March to Shut Down West Bank Settlement

Fighting Rages in Somali Capital

Shelling Traps Somalis in Capital

Family's Nightmare Escape From Mogadishu

US Accuses Eritrea of Funding, Training Somali Insurgents


US: Sudan Intimidating Aid Workers

US Says Time Running Out for Sudan Over Darfur

Many Sudanese Want Action on Darfur


Obasanjo's Chosen Successor Wins Nigeria Election

Nigeria Opposition: Worst Election Ever

Press Condemns Nigerian Elections

Africa's Crisis of Democracy


Ethiopia Accuses Eritrea of Kidnappings

Russia vs. Missile Defense

US, Russia Clash Over Missile Shield for Europe

Russia Rebuffs US Overtures on Missile Shield

Echoes of Cold War in Missile Arguments


Former Russian Leader Yeltsin Dead

Boris Yeltsin's Legacy: Mixed Reviews

Highlights of Yeltsin's Life, Career

News of Yeltsin's Death Stirs Mixed Feelings in Russia


Taiwan Extends Range of Cruise Missile

White House Kept Quiet on China Missile

Bhutanese Hold Practice Election

China Announces Rules to Require Government Disclosures


Justin Raimondo
Showdown at the
Congressional Corral

Ivan Eland
Absurd Analogies Won't
Stop Terrorism

Alan Bock
Getting Out With Some Dignity

Doug Bandow
America to George W. Bush: We Can Do Better

Nebojsa Malic
War of Words

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Philip Giraldi
Cheney Does Africa

Charles Peņa
Yankee, Go Home

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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